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Conqueror in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

Conqueror741 (90)

Earn a G rank in every chapter at the HARD difficulty level.

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Achievement Guide for Conqueror

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Achievement won on 24 Nov 14
TA Score for this game: 3,686
Posted on 25 January 12 at 10:17, Edited on 14 March 13 at 19:03
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WARNING: English isn't my Native language so please don't flame, be nice i'm trying to help :).

Don't copy this Guide without MY Permission. If you want to use this Guide for your Website / other Achievement Pages please ASK :) and give me Credit for it.

Some People Love to Downvote Solutions just because the Site says "Achievement not yet won" i can assure you i've won this Achievement on my Old Profile.

You Obtain Ranks by getting a certain Amount of Points in a Chapter.
The Lowest Rank is D the Highest is G (Godlike)

First things first! before you Start working on your Ranks you have to Complete the Story on any Difficulty.

To Unlock this Achievement you must obtain a G-Rank on all 11 Chapters except Chapter 0 on Hard Difficulty.
this is not an Easy Task and may be Easier for some Players while it is Hard for others.
It wasn't Easy for me but it wasn't to Bad either... Estimated Difficulty: 8 / 10

Going for this Achievement also Unlocks

El Shaddai: Ascension of the MetatronAdeptThe Adept achievement in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron worth 241 pointsEarn a G rank in every chapter at the EASY difficulty level.

But hey Good News you can Save your Game in a Chapter Multiple Times and you have an Autosave! so make good use of it! without Saving this would be a 9/10.

DO NOT WEAR THE ISHTAR SUITE or you will Void your RANK G!

G RANK Requirements:

Chapter Points (Hidden Bonus)

Chapter 01 = 990,000 (290.000)
Chapter 02 = 1.700.000 (820.000)
Chapter 03 = 2.730.000 (1.100.000)
Chapter 04 = 2.590.000 (1.310.000)
Chapter 05 = 4.100.000 (1.780.000)
Chapter 06 = 1.510.000 (690.000)
Chapter 07 = 3.070.000 (1.170.000)
Chapter 08 = 2.480.000 (1.120.000)
Chapter 09 = 2.090.000 (880.000)
Chapter 10 = 3.830.000 (1.520.000)
Chapter 11 = 2.330.000 (1.070.000)

there is also a Time Bonus but don't worry to much about it, but also try not to waste to much Time.

In Order to Obtain G-Rank I would Recommend that you Focus on getting all Hidden Bonuses while getting as much Points in Combat as you can, also try to Break all Objects and Pick up all Orbs.

Hidden Bonus;

- DO NOT Fall
- DO NOT Recover
- Steal all Weapons from your Enemies
- Find all Fruits of Wisdom ( Big Red Question Marks)

If you Fall / lose all your Life / Die / Accidently kill an Enemy without Stealing his Weapon. Quit to the Main Menu and Reload your most Recent Save. Also don't miss a Fruit! I don't know if it is Required to kill all the Enemies in a Chapter so I Disarmed and Killed all of them to be safe.. you should do the same :).


Combo Counter: The higher your Counter the more Points you will get but also weaker Attacks gives you less Points so try to use your most Powerful Attacks.

Aerial Attacks: You will get more Points by using Aerial Attacks.

Multi Hits: If you hit 2 or more enemies with your Attacks you get even more Points!

Perfect Guards: Hard to Perform but give you even more Points but don't worry you don't have to be a Master at Guarding to Obtain a G Rank :).

The Arch: Good Weapon overall: Try to use Aerial Attacks (Jump X-X-X-X or RB + Direction + X-X-X-X). Jump + hold X works pretty good for Disarming.

The Gale: Ranged Weapon, gives less Points so a High Combo is Recommended. Press X ,short delay , X works good for slower Enemies, RB+X for Close encounters , Jump + Hold X works great for Disarming.

The Vale: to be honest at first i didn't like this Weapon at all, but it is very Powerful and give you lots of Points.

RB+X to stun and mash X works good, Jump RB+ Hold X , Jump + X , holding down X & Release works fine too.


Most of the Enemies won't give you to much trouble but... Armored Enemies can be a real Pain...
Be Aware your Enemy Spawn Depends on which WEAPON you wield...

if you wield an Arch: Gale Enemies will Spawn
if you wield a Gale : Vale Enemies will Spawn
if you wield a Vale : Arch Enemies will Spawn

Arch Enemies:

The hardest Enemies imo, they are fast and Hit Hard...repeatedly... if your not good at Guarding don't get to Close! Two at once can be a Real Pain.

Arch: The Hardest Weapon to fight them because you have to get Close to them, Jump + Hold X Works for Disarming.

Gale: Jump + hold X works great for Disarming.

Vale: Avoid him and wait for his Spinning Attack (looks like Whirlwind in Diablo 2) Jump in the Air and Press RB+ Hold X to Launch them in the Air, now all you have to do is
wait for him to hit the ground and constantly Launch him in The Air with your HOLD X and Release Attack and steal his Weapon. Cheap Strategy but Works. Try to Time your
Jump RB+ Hold X at the Moment he stops Spinning.

Gale Enemies:

Two at Once can be Annoying , try to Guard / Dodge .

Arch: Again Jump + Hold X is your best Bet also RB+X to Launch them in the Air works.

Gale: Jump + Hold X but also Focus on Dodging .

Vale: RB+X & mash X works good but also makes you Vulnerable, Launch attacks as Mentioned before works good.

Vale Enemies:

Arch: Again Jump + Hold X

Gale: Jump + Hold X, the big and Slow Vale Enemies can be easily Destroyed just keep your Distance and Press X ,short delay, and press X again...Rinse and Repeat.
this will insanely Raise your Combo Meter if Performed correctly the Enemies don't stand a chance but don't forget to Disarm them!

Vale: RB+X Mash X works good , launch attacks too :)

Chapter Guides:

I've watched Videos Recorded by Japanese Players, these guys are really Good at this Game but don't worry you don't have to be as good as they are to obtain Rank G. Please do yourself a Favor and don't try to Fight Naked if your not a Master at Guarding:). Try to Adapt some of his Strategy especially in Boss Fights! You can Rack up lot's of Points so Watch Carefully!
Also Watch out for Fruits of Wisdom!

Some of this Videos are Recorded on EXTRA Difficulty.

Videos to be given credit to whomever created them

Chapter 1: ( 1 Fruit of Wisdom)

FoW 1: 6:35 in the Video.
After your 3rd Encounter with Enemies Move to the Right and Jump down 2 PLatforms , smash the Object and Pick up the Fruit.

Chapter 2: ( 3 Fruits of Wisdom )

FoW 1: 13:42 in the Video.
After your First Encounter with Wisps there will be 4 Big Spinning Platforms and 1 Small in the Centre. It's on the Centre Platform.. Unmissable

FoW 2: 15:32 in the Video
Shortly after the First Fruit you will go trough a Teleporter and you will Encounter Enemies after the Fight there is another Spinning Platform with breakable Objects it's on the Next Platform Top left break the Object and Pick up the Fruit.

FoW3:: 20:58 in the Video
After Fighting the Miniboss (Watcher Sariel) go trough the Teleporter it's on the Top Left.

Chapter 3: ( 3 Fruits of Wisdom)
Part 1: http://nicoviewer.net/sm16032901
Part 2: http://nicoviewer.net/sm16053869
Part 3: http://nicoviewer.net/sm16057258

FoW 1: 11:32 in the Video (part1) *****Gale Required*****
At the First Sidescrolling Part pick up a Gale. You will encounter a Big laughing Face . Climp the Platforms quick and Dash Jump (RB+A) with your Gale on the Top Platform the Fruit is on the Platform.

FoW 2: 2:53 in the Video (part 2)
At the very Start of the 2nd Sidescrolling Part carefully Jump to the left and a small Platform will appear, continue to the left and Pick up the Fruit

FoW 3: 11:00 in the Video (part2)
After the 2nd Sidescrolling Part you have to Fight some Enemies after the Fight follow up the Stairs and you will encounter another laughing Face move on and kill the small Enemies , you will move trough a small Tunnel with Holes in the Wall and as you exit the Tunnel 3 Breakable Objects will Block your Path.Crush the Objects Turn arround an Jump on Top of the Tunnel and follow the Path crush the Breakable objects and pick up the Fruit.

Chapter 4: (3 Fruits of Wisdom)
Part 1: http://nicoviewer.net/sm15561946
Part 2: http://nicoviewer.net/sm15565709

FoW 1: 7:23 in the Video (part1)

2nd Sidescorlling Part. Nephilim will start falling from the Sky you will see small Orange rotating Platforms (look like Mushrooms) the Fruit is in the Centre of the 2nd set of Rotating Platforms.

FoW 2: 15:23 in the Video (part1)
3rd Sidescrolling Part. Gabriel will tell you to go UP, you will see a Nephilim with a Beach ball on it's tail , continue up Gabriel will tell you to Search the Area you will see another beach ball Nephilim the Fruit is on the Top left.

FoW 3: 3:30 (part2)
Right after the 3rd Sidescrolling Section you will be back at the Starting Area of the Chapter and Fight Enemies. After the Fight it's in a Breakable Object to the Right.

Chapter 5: ( 7 Fruits of Wisdom)
Part 1: http://nicoviewer.net/sm15488607
Part 2: http://nicoviewer.net/sm15496325
Part 3: http://nicoviewer.net/sm15499611

FoW 1: 9:25 in the Video (part 1)
2nd Area of the Chapter, after a Fight Meteors will start falling from the Sky and Crush Platforms as you Move forward you will see 3 breakable Objects on the Top Right side of the Screen. The Fruit is in the Breakable Object. This is Right before you Fight a Miniboss (Watcher Ezekiel)

FoW 2: 14:38 in the Video (Part1)

After the First Miniboss mentioned before you will fight more Enemies. After the Fight you will meet up with Lucifel. At the end of the Walkway is an Elevator and some Breakable Objects, smash the objects and Pick up the Fruit BEFORE you Enter the Elevator

FoW 3: 5:15 in the Video (part2)
After the first Sidescrolling Section you will Fight Watcher Azazel. After the Fight smash the Breakable Objects and Pick up the Fruit.

FoW 4: 8:50 in the Video (part2) ****Gale Required!*****
2nd Sidescrolling Section Pick up a Gale and get past some Spikes. you will see a Moving Platform above you, Jump on that Platform and go up. Jump on the second Moving Platform and from the 2nd to a 3rd Moving Platform. from the 3rd Platform Jump to the Right as high and far as Possible and DASH (RB+A) to Reach a Higher Platform. Move to the Right and Pick up the Fruit.

FoW 5: 10:55 in the Video (part 2) ****VALE REQUIRED****
Right after Fruit Nr.4 Pick up a Vale and Continue to the Right. Ride a Platform to a Higher Level and continue until you can see the Fruit behind a thin crushable Wall (Unmissable). Crush the Wall with the Vale and Pick up the Fruit.

FoW 6: 11:25 in the Video (part 2) **** VALE REQUIRED****

Right after Fruit Nr.5 Move Up you will see another breakable Wall to the left and 2 breakable Objects behind it. Smash the Wall and Continue to the far left and Pick up the Fruit.

FoW 7 2:25 in the Video (part 3)
After the 2nd Sidescrolling Section you have to fight more Enemies , after the Fight you will meet up with Lucifel again. The Fruit is in one of the Breakable Objects right as you pass him.

Chapter 6: (2 Fruits of Wisdom)
Part 1: http://nicoviewer.net/sm14915303
Part 2: http://nicoviewer.net/sm14915827

FoW 1 0:05 in the Video (part 2)
After the Motorcycle Section you will meet up with Lucifel. Move to the right and go up the Hidden Stairs, crush the Breakable Objects (looks like a Machine) and Pick up the Fruit.

FoW 2: 0:18 in the Video (part 2)
Right after the First Fruit go to the Left down some stairs and break the Objects. Again the Fruit is inside a Machine looking Object.

Chapter 7: ( 4 Fruits of Wisdom)
Part 1: http://nicoviewer.net/sm14953237
Part 2: http://nicoviewer.net/sm14953952

FoW 1: 3:00 in the Video (part 1)
You will encounter a little Girl Riding a Nephilim crossing some Platforms right after that you will fight some Enemies, don't Cross the Platforms yet instead Move up and Break the Object to your Right. Fruit is inside :).

FoW 2: 4:45 in the Video (part1)
Cross the Platforms mentioned above and you will meet up with Lucifel right beside him is a White Tree and some breakable Objects. The Fruit is inside.

FoW 3: 8:56 in the Video (part 1) ****GALE RECOMMENDED****
First Sidescrolling Section. Pick up a Gale or an Arch and Jump the Gaps ( DO NOT FALL DOWN) to the far Right. You will find a Free Man. As you walk back to the left stay on the Edge of the Platform until it breaks and falls down. As you fall down with the Platform you will see small Platforms to the right quickly Jump to the Right and Pick up the Fruit.
Note: If you Fall down go back to the Menu and Reload your Autosave.

FoW 4: 10:25 in the Video (part1)
Right after the Sidescrolling Section you have to cross a lake. you can see Lucifel in the Background. instead of Crossing the Lake jump on the Swimming Platforms and go to the left and break the Objects, one of them Cotains fruit nr. 4

Chapter 8: (0 Fruits of Wisdom)
Part 1: http://nicoviewer.net/sm14981740
Part 2: http://nicoviewer.net/sm14982618

Chapter 9: ( 0 Fruits of Wisdom)

Chapter 10: ( 7 Fruits of Wisdom)
Part 1: http://nicoviewer.net/sm15003242
Part 2: http://nicoviewer.net/sm15003938

FoW 1: 4:55 in the Video ( part1)
After the first Sidescrolling Section with Nanna and Ezekiel fighting in the Backround
You have to Ride Moving Platforms. Ride the Platforms Up, Up , Right, Up and smash the Bridge to your left so you can Cross it. The Fruit is in the breakable Object.

FoW 2: 5:18 in the Video (part1)
From the 1st Fruit Cross the Bridge again and Ride the Platform, Right , Right , Up , left.
Jump on the 3 Trampoline Platforms you can see another Trampoline Platform arround the Corner right before Trampoline nr.4. Jump on the Platform and Move left there is a hidden hole in the wall and inside is Fruit Nr.2

FoW 3: 5:47 in the Video (part 1)
Back to Trampoline Platform Nr. 4 Jump on the Platform and you will Meet up with Lucifel. Ride the next 4 Trampoline Platforms and Jump down a hole. You will find a free Man and another Hole. Jump down and Pick up Fruit Nr.3.

Fow 4: 9:05 in the Video ( part 1) **** GALE REQUIRED****

This one is Tricky and very Hard to Explain.After Fruit NR.3 you have to Fight 2 more Groups of Enemies move Right and Ride the Trampoline Platform and you will Encounter a 3rd Group of Enemies.

WARNING: You have to END the Fight with a GALE.

Watch the Video carefully and don't Screw Up. Hit the Switch to the Right and Move to the Next Sidescrolling Section. Now Dash (RB+A) to the Right..don't Jump Dash.. Ignore all Enemies / Breakable Objects.. just Dash.. shortly after Ezekiel says "Your Fanatism Blinds you" break the Objects and Pick up the Fruit. this one can be Missed if your not fast Enough because this Section it timed!.

*****Note*****: This is a Timed Section once they Stop Fighting in the Background you will Progress to the next Section, but you have a Checkpoint right at the Start! If you Fail quickly go back to the Dashboard or Shut down your Xbox because your next Checkpoint is right after this.

FoW 5: 17:20 in the Video (Part 1)
After you Ride an Elevator while Fighting Wisps ( Nanna & Ezekiel Fighting in the Background) you will Meet up with Lucifel again. Go down the Cube Formed Platforms, underneath is a breakable Object... it Contains Fruit Nr.5

FoW 6: 6:00 in the Video (Part2)
After you Meet up with Lucifel once again. you have to Ride Cubic platforms. Ride the Platforms and Jump on a Platform to your left. Move left and Break the Objects. One of the Objects contains fruit nr.6

FoW 7: 8.15 in the video (Part 2)

After the Cube Plaform Ride Gabriel will tell you to go Up.Jump on the two Up Moving Platforms until they transform into Solid Ground. Fruit Nr.7 is inside a breakable Object to your Right

Chapter 11: ( 1 Fruit of Wisdom)
Part 1: http://nicoviewer.net/sm15012439
Part 2: http://nicoviewer.net/sm15013521

FoW 1: Right after you Pick up a Weapon the Voice will say " Don't you Unterstand" and something about this tower is Supperior to the World God made. You will see a Big Grey Globe and a small Globe Move Up and there is another Big Globe. Move to the left and break a small Red Globe. Fruit is Inside the Globe.

Useful Links: http://elshaddai-game.com/?SCORE%20RANKING
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