Online Master achievement in Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Online Master

Reach level 50 in online battle.

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How to unlock the Online Master achievement

  • One Eyed TighOne Eyed Tigh560,363
    17 Apr 2009 20 Apr 2009 16 Jan 2013
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    It takes a while, but it can be done over the course of a couple of sessions. You just need one other player...all of the multiplayer achievements can be done with just two total players.

    If you are going for all of the other online achievements, you can knock out a lot of progress towards this achievement as you go.

    First, do your ten wins in each gametype. That will net significant experience along the way AND give you about 40 matches towards Online Century (100 ranked matches). My first match, where I killed my opponent 16 times in a row (finishing Chain Killer) and captured all of the posts, got me all the way to level 14 (I also scored about a dozen headshots once I found the rifle, which was progress towards another achievement).

    As you progress through winning ten of each gametype, the amount of experience needed for each level increases. By the time I was done with my 40 matches, I was at level 34. But each subsequent match only propelled me a little further towards each new level. I discovered that Fugitive matches offered the best experience bonus in the shortest time frame.

    Simply start a Ranked Fugitive match with 2500 points. After spawning, make sure to capture posts and have your opponent commit suicide/stand still and be killed. Each post capture brings you closer to filling out your overall points meter, as does each death/suicide by your opponent.

    I managed to finish each match in two minutes or so, netting about 4000 experience each time. Four or five matches were needed to push into the next rank level. It took a while, and was VERY boring, but I managed to do all of the multiplayer achievements in two evenings.

    PM/Send message through LIVE if you have any questions. However, I can't help you with gameplay, since I sold the game right after finishing the online achievements. 800/1000 was good enough for this game. Best of luck.

    EDIT: Lord Grenade posted this technique in the comments. Give it a try: "I strongly suggest to play fugitive on island 902. your opponent usually respanws near VSs tell him to get inside one and jump to the cliff to suicide. IN THIS WAY YOU GET UP TO 3x MORE POINTS THAN NORMAL SUICIDE. It is much faster and yo get an average of 5700 points per 2min match." Please let me know in the comments if it works. (And thank, Lord Grenade, for the tip).

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    EarthboundXYep, Fugitive on Island 902 is the way to go. We'd switch who was the host every 5 matches.

    Still confused how the point system works though. Sometimes we'd get about 5,800 points, but most of the time we got around 5,100-5,200, or around 5,300-5,400. Sometimes we'd have time to get a data post or two, but other times we didn't, but still got 5,800 points.

    It seemed totally random.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 22 Dec 19 at 02:22
    The S bot 9000Island 902 is in Map Pack 1 which is currently FREE and still available for those who haven’t yet started the multiplayer. Unsure if they’ll be removing it soon however since I was having a hard time buying it from anywhere except the actual 360 marketplace
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 02 May 21 at 18:10
    KnoellFYI for anyone getting this in 2022, to get the map pack you have to go to manage games and add ons tab when long pressing the game title on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X. Click on the Lost Planet game here and itll show the map packs as uninstalled and unselected. Select them to install.
    Posted by Knoell on 04 Aug at 04:08
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  • EffordEfford740,103
    31 Jan 2012 31 Jan 2012 31 Jan 2012
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    With this method I went from Level 1 to Level 50 in about 4 hours.

    This achievement requires 2 or more players. The more players you have the quicker the achievement will unlock, but it is not a necessity.


    With the account that is going for the achievement, host a...

    Ranked Match
    Stage : Canyon 810.

    When your friend/dummy joins the game, go ahead and start it.

    When the game load get your friend/dummy to jump off the bridge. The hunters will automatically spawn on the bridge so you only need to move 10-15 feet.

    You must do this 7 times. This is the fastest method because you do not need to wait for the spawn shield to go away, you die instantly when you hit the ground/water.

    With 7 second respawn time each game should roughly take a minute.

    You will net between 4500-5200 every 2 minutes. This achievement took me a total of 106 matches.(without having any other online achievements.

    If you have more then one person jumping off the edge it will significantly decrease the time of each match.

    NOTE: If a random joins your game dont bother backing out and trying again. It is VERY unlikely that he/she will make it to your guy before your friend/dummy kills themselves 7 times.(You also receive more points if there are more people in the match)

    Also, if you spawn next to a post you can capture that as well. As that will shave off a little time from the match.

    I hope this works, good luck!
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    EffordNo problem bro
    Posted by Efford on 28 Nov 12 at 18:30
    ModernTwist329Thumbs up!!
    Posted by ModernTwist329 on 21 Dec 12 at 01:17
    Malicious FuryWith this method, I got from almost 44 to 50 in three and a half hours in a standard 2/3 player session. Thanks!
    Posted by Malicious Fury on 18 May 14 at 05:27
  • Evil ToastEvil Toast946,557
    30 May 2013 06 May 2013 23 Oct 2015
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    My friend & I were tying out the various ways mentioned above, and while they all work, they're insanely tedious (& tiring in the case of the post grab one)

    This is very similar to Dakotathrice's hunter medal solution.
    But instead of hosting 1 on 1 fugitive and suiciding, we thought: "what if we had a group of people taking turns suiciding as the fugitive?"

    (Th following paragraph is now irrelevant with the discovery of The Dark Town map)
    Have a session with 8 people, take turns hosting (host is always fugitive). Settings: have 9 hunters not 7 (you often get 1 or 2 randoms). Equip rocket launcher (use grenades for suicide, unless you get plasma grenades, in that case rocket yourself). Time & stage don't matter too much, but if you all have the free dlc maps then you'll get fewer randoms.

    You only earn 1300-1400 per match, each match taking 30 seconds (or less) But you're earning xp nearly every round, not every other round. Plus you all get the hunter medal in minutes

    June 27, 2015 edit. Island 902 *was* the fastest, each map took 5-25 seconds for fugitve to jump into the water, match instantly ended.

    However my friend Hords discovered DarkTown (push left once on map select) is even faster: fugitive spawns next to dummy grenade. Press B to pick it up, left trigger to throw, suicide, match instantly ends. No need to change weapons, so you save time creating the match.

    Using dark town each map lasts 5 seconds.

    Yes, like my wedding night

    *forgot to mention: ranked match -> create match
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    WastedDeerVery quick... like your wedding... oh you've done that joke already laugh
    Posted by WastedDeer on 21 Oct 15 at 16:50
  • AgentCastleAgentCastleThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    25 Apr 2011 25 Apr 2011
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    If you have a dummy account you can use one of three equally painful strategies:
    1) Team elimination:
    a. Hosting with dummy account: create a team elimination match (unlike with standard elim, dummy will spawn in roughly same location after each kill), 2 teams, 10 min limit, rifle, training facility, and loadout #1.... battle guage varies as below (i)
    b. Wait 3 seconds after launch to search with your main account with above settings under custom match
    c. Once main account spawns, turn to left and grapple yourself onto platform; run/grapple your way forward (parallel to map wall on left) until you come to the tower
    d. Activate the tower
    e. Run forward again, grapple yourself across to red platform, and then run straight off the ledge – you wont fall
    f. Lower yourself a bit and kill the dummy account
    g. Raise yourself back to ledge and then run towards the second tower (it should be to your left after having raised yourself)
    h. Just before reaching the tower, lower yourself a bit and kill the dummy again; raise yourself, activate the tower, and then resume killing
    i. Battle gauge setting of 2500 takes about 2.5-2.75 minutes and nets you 3174 points (1160-1260 points per minute, usually closer to 1220); guage setting of 5000 takes about 3.5-3.75 mins and nets you 4497 points (1200-1240 ppm); guage setting of 7500 takes about 4.75 min and nets you 5820 (1225 ppm); guage setting of 10000 takes about 6 min and nets you 7143 (1190 ppm)
    j. When you take into consideration the inherent loading times and the period needed to set up each match, the guage settings of 5000 and 7500 pan out better
    k. Each tower is worth 250 points, it adds 10 seconds to your time for the first one, and given the delay in spawning it adds no time for the second tower

    2) Post Grab (borrowed from Kol Kavs)
    a. I would still advise using Training facility and layout #1 as the two towers are each near a spawn location
    b. When trading captures, dont actually capture the post with your dummy, just ensure that your primary account “loses” the post – this will save some time
    c. You can either keep trading the post at the five minute warning, start killing your dummy, or kill your dumy and then hop down to activate the last 2 posts
    d. In 27-30 minutes i could net 16-23000; the variation occurred because i would invariably fall asleep or stop paying attention and capture the post with my dummy – either way the ppm was lower than options 1 or 3
    e. If you have 2-4 live players, this method is the best way to collect points

    3) Fugitive Suicides
    a. Set up a fugitive map with your dummy as the host (essentially any setting will do so long as your custom and create are the same)
    b. Once your dummy spawns, have him commit suicide twice
    c. This method usually takes just over 45 seconds (unless get thos shitty electric grenades) and nets you 1460 points (1920-1950 ppm)
    d. Biggest drawback is that the ppm decreases greatly as it requires much more frequent match creation/loading and in the long run approaches the ppm of method 1
    e. I would use this one as a pace-breaker, or in the VERY unlikely scenario that you’re near level 50 without your 100 games played
  • Kol KavsKol Kavs445,609
    13 Feb 2011 14 Aug 2010 16 Aug 2010
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    One Eyed Tigh has a great solution, not to take away his glory, I have another solution that can give multiple players a chance to gain a mass amount of Exp. Found it out by accident with a friend going for the 10 medals of each match and each type.

    Going for the 10 medals per game type will help boost your lvl immensly as mentioned before.

    If you have done these, Do post grab last...

    When we did this it was just the two of us an were more focused on gaining our 10 wins in post grab. Our results were consistant regardless. Described below is what we did.

    1) Set up match:
    a) time- any
    b) stage- Lost Coast
    c) layout #1 ( layout can be any one that you are familiar with, as long as everyone knows where each post is located)

    2) At the start I was spawned either at the Destoyed building on the hill by Post #3, or Underwater by the platforms. Or vice versa.

    3) Go for your closest post to your spawn. (layout #1 is used for my reference). Spawn at hill building closest will be post #3 and spawn underwater will be post #2. Capture the post.

    4) After capture of the post meet up with friend/ opponent at post #1.

    5) Here comes the fun part. First person to reach #1 begins to capture it. As soon as the post is captured the other person begins to capture it. The whole Idea is to capture post let other person capture then recapture it. Rinse and repeat.

    We did this till the 5 minute mark, then pulled a train on the rest of the posts, allowing one person to win, by the end of the match.

    The results were quite satisfactory. The winner massed over 5k exp, and the loser had a lil over 3k.

    Using the same method with multiple people with couple of changes.

    6) Set a time limit that you want.

    7) Dependent on the number of players: instead of trying for the objectives have a person on each team pair up at each post and go through the motions of capture and recapture, till time runs out.

    Played a 30 min match, with one other player, on Lost coast, Layout 1,
    Each of us took turns capturing the post. at the end of the match each of us amassed between 14350 - 16110 exp. Even at lvl 34, we were able to lvl up every match.
  • BalnazzardBalnazzard162,268
    13 Oct 2016 11 Oct 2016
    4 1 0
    I dont know how you guys can claim that DarkTown method is the fastest....we tried every method, and the one that Efford suggested on Canyon 810 is definitely the fastest way to do it....Idk how he did it in 4 hours with just 2 ppl, but either way to put it in perspective, you could go from lvl 32 to lvl 33 in just few minutes/ 2 matches, where using DarkTown method it would take maybe even 30 minutes.

    So in short forget about any other method, Efford's suggestion is the best one.
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