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How far will you make it?! in Trouble Witches Neo

How far will you make it?!62 (20)

Beat the 20th round's Draupnir. boss attack mode of CHALLENGE MODE.

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This is by far the hardest and most time-consuming achievement in the game. You need to win 20 full rounds of all the bosses (except Draupnir, whom you only fight every 5 rounds). The bosses' abilities change up every round - they get EXTREMELY tough towards the end. Also, you can't continue mid-round; you have to do all 6/7 bosses in a row getting hit at most twice. (EDIT: Apparently you can set your lives to 9 while working your way up to round 20! You'll have to set them back to 2 to unlock the achievement, though, so it doesn't make things easier, just less time consuming.) Fortunately, you can start from the beginning of any round you've reached.

You'll need to practice a LOT, but here are some of the strategies I used. I recommend using Louie because her magic barrier is ridiculously overpowered, and can outlast almost any boss's health bar. Also, her shots may not be the most powerful but they're focused, and her companion's shots are the same way (and penetrate through obstacles, which is very helpful).

Boss 1: Utterly trivial from round 1 to round 20.
Phase 1: Throw up a barrier in front, wait for him to open, and let him have it.
Phase 2: Recharge your magic, throw up another barrier as soon as he fires, wait for him to open, and kill him. Not a single bullet ever needs to be dodged. :)

Boss 2: This boss is quite different depending on the round, but isn't too bad. Try not to use a card or get hit.
Phase 1: One non-obvious trick is that the rotating green vines DO NOT hurt you once you've cleared the blossoms off; you can mostly ignore them. This phase is usually pretty easy, except you may want to focus fire on the center blossom that is throwing out blue spikes.
Phase 2: If it's full of orange spikes I don't recommend using a barrier (because your companion's shots will be needed to damage the boss). Just focus on Louie's damage pixel (ie, the star), weave between the spikes, and dodge the green shots as much as possible. If it's full of green shots, you might want to throw up a barrier instead, as they're a bit annoying.
Phase 3: Again, decide whether or not to throw up a barrier depending on the ratio of orange spikes to green shots. In some rounds it's almost impossible to survive without a barrier; on round 20 you'll need the companion's shots to damage the boss, so you'll have to do some intricate dodging (or get lucky).

Boss 3: Probably the second-hardest boss. In both phases, he alternates between two attacks. In the first, he forms a question-mark shape, pauses, his eyes glint, and then he lunges. This is a really easy attack to avoid; you'll use this attack to do a lot of damage to him. Try to focus fire on the first and last links in his chain (they're usually the last to die). In his second attack, he picks a random pattern out of 4 or 5 different choices, and wanders slowly around firing various attacks at you. Learn all of the patterns; the most common cause of stupid death is having him run into you. Once you know the patterns, Phase 1 is trivially easy right up to round 20. However, Phase 2 is a bitch. Make sure you end Phase 1 on his random-pattern attack so that Phase 2 begins with a question-mark attack. Then when he goes into his random-pattern attack, you might want to use a card just in case you get hit. You can usually finish him off after a question-mark attack, random-pattern attack, and another question-mark attack, with maybe a brief random pattern afterwards.

Boss 4: Easily the hardest, longest, and most annoying boss in the game. Note that you can brush up against the surrounding circle without fear, but you can't touch the central floating castle's main rectangle. (The pillars above and below are safe to pass through, however.)
Phase 1: Where you start is very important. For the later rounds, I recommend starting at either the top or the bottom (which one's safer depends on the round). Kill the turret in front of you as quickly as possible, and then wait around and safely kill the 6 fire-spitting bits on the circle. There's no rush. The most dangerous thing, as long as you stay out of the range of turrets, is the shots the top/bottom pillars shoot. Learn the timing, know when they're coming out, and dodge them with one quick move. It's possible (but difficult) to dodge them even if you don't have much space. Anyway, once the fire-spitting things are dead, wait around and use a well-placed magic barrier (or a card, if you want) to safely move through the frontal turret's shots and to the front of the boss. DON'T destroy the walls shielding the boss yet. Throw up a magic barrier so your companion doesn't shoot, and take out all 3 remaining turrets as safely as possible. Now that the only source of danger is the pillars, you can take out the walls and start damaging the boss. He'll start spitting bouncing blue spikes, more and more as the fight goes on; just dodge them as best you can and stay in front of him to keep up the damage. Be patient; the phase takes a long time, and on later rounds you'll be dodging 4-6 spikes by the end. Don't take big risks.
Phase 2: I usually just use a card here for safety. The boss normally dies without too much hassle. On some rounds you may want to also throw up a barrier to help with green shots. On round 20, the outside shots are green for some reason, so you can actually do pretty well just by throwing up a barrier and shooting, and then using the F-bomb or Bubbles card at the end so it carries over to the beginning of boss 5.

Boss 5: Surprisingly easy with Louie. Don't bother using a card.
Phase 1: Dodge a couple of shots, throw up a barrier in the middle of the screen, then back off and shoot from a distance, dodging the red lasers. You'll kill him without much trouble ... except in round 20, where he has a little too much life and he goes into his brutal circular attack. That's why I try to have the effects of a card left over from boss 4.
Phase 2: Weave between blue spikes for a little bit, dodging the first few green shots up, then down, then up, then down. Then throw up a barrier (in the center, preferably), weave up and down through the remaining blue spikes and to avoid the blue lasers, and you should end the phase long before your barrier runs out.
Phase 3: Trivial. Just stay in the center and shoot, and he won't get a shot off.

Boss 6: Also fairly easy with Louie.
Phase 1: Dodge a couple of shots, throw up a barrier in front of her, and then shoot her while moving up and down to avoid the orange spikes. Note that your shots don't go through the spikes; try to move quickly to maximize your damage. When she throws out her blue portals, retreat to the back for the safest dodging (or use a card if you're a wuss!). You should end the phase before your barrier runs out.
Phase 2: Hang out at the back of the screen. Dodge a wave or two of shots while your magic recharges, then throw up another barrier. Weaving between the blue shots is pretty easy since they're so slow. You can usually end the phase before your magic runs out (if not, use a card).
Phase 3: Trivial. Hang out in the center of the screen, between two vertical lines of shots, and throw up a barrier. You'll basically only have to dodge one set of blue spears and then she'll die.

Draupnir: Not too bad, honestly. And you'll probably have lots of cards saved up to cheese him out.
Form 1: Move from the top of the screen to the bottom while he shoots little green shots. Move from the bottom to the top during his flamethrower move. Dodge the fireballs (a little tricky but easier than most of the things you've had to do so far!). Finally, throw up a barrier to catch his fast shots and finish him off.
Form 2: A barrier is useless. Hang out at the back of the screen in the middle, where the blue lasers won't hit you. Move slightly up or down so you fit in between the spears (again, a bit tricky but not too bad). He'll die quickly.
Form 3: Can be pretty hard; blow your cards here. His most dangerous attack is his eye-beams, which he does at the start, then every 10 seconds or so. Make sure you're moving vertically when they come out or you'll die (even when using a card). Throw up a barrier and hang out in the center in phase 2 ... but honestly, you should be cheesing him out with a card (F-bomb on round 20) anyway so shots shouldn't be a problem. :)

If you learn these strategies and the bullet patterns, you should have a fighting chance. It's not TOO bad once you're practiced, and rounds don't take too long so you really just need a few minutes of focus. Good luck!
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