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Star Coins MAX to the MAX power! achievement in Trouble Witches Neo

Star Coins MAX to the MAX power!

Maximise Star Coins in ARRANGE 360 MODE SIGLE PLAY, Score attack + Boss attack of CHALLENGE MODE.

Star Coins MAX to the MAX power!0
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How to unlock the Star Coins MAX to the MAX power! achievement

  • SnapDragonSnapDragon
    01 May 2011 01 May 2011 01 May 2011
    The achievement description isn't very good. I think you need to maximize your star coins in all 3 modes before the achievement will count. To get star coins, kill enemies while using a card; all their shots will turn into star coins and get sucked in.

    Single play: I found it easiest to hit MAX (2500 coins) on Mind Blowing difficulty, surprisingly. There are so many shots that you'll hit MAX in either the first or second level. Use Louie since her barrier lasts so long. Buy 3 cards from the shop each time you visit, and use them immediately, leaving your barrier up as much as possible. (Note that entering the shop refills your magic, which is handy!) A handy trick if you're getting hit before you reach MAX is to lose two lives right at the start of the game, before the first shot. This is because losing a life reduces your star coin count by 25%, but continuing doesn't! Strange but useful.

    Score attack: Really easy to hit MAX (5000 coins) on. Play 5 minute mode with Louie, leave your barrier up as long as possible, and keep entering the shop and buying cards. You shouldn't be in much danger since the shop comes by so often.

    Boss attack: Annoying to hit MAX (2500 coins) on. You basically need to get up to round 7 or 8 without getting hit more than once or twice, killing each boss with a card. See my boss attack achievement guide for some good Louie strategies (mostly for bosses past round 10, but they should still help for killing these much easier versions safely). It's a bit annoying killing the snake boss (boss 3) with a card, so don't bother, which gives you some spares. For bosses 5 and 6, you might want to leave them alive with a sliver of health while your barrier accumulates shots, since they'll all turn in to star coins when you kill the boss. (You can often get 300-500 coins from a boss 6 kill this way.)
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    Robster80For single play, I tried your suggetsion. Didn;t work. I got it finally playing as the faerie princess (forget her name) on the easiest setting - only died once, and that was early in the game. Got the max in the final level of Arrange mode.
    Posted by Robster80 on 08 May 11 at 04:50
    Think SpinkJust a note for boss attack, you get the cards in the same order, so using 1 card per boss gets you 2 roll cards in a row around the end of round 7 (you may have to kill the previous boss without using a card). Use both of these, 1 after the other to stand directly in front of boss #6 (but not damaging it) in its 2nd phase to net several hundred coins.

    And I found it easier to use Lyla than Louie on the single play. Louie was best in the boss attack though.
    Posted by Think Spink on 25 May 11 at 22:11
    Mr TeallOnce you hit 2,500 on single play are you ok to just quit out or must you complete the game through?
    Posted by Mr Teall on 18 Oct 11 at 00:03
    SnapDragonI don't think you need to complete the game, but you might want to get a game over, just to be sure.
    Posted by SnapDragon on 18 Oct 11 at 02:50
    Mr Teallgood idea thanks.
    Posted by Mr Teall on 19 Oct 11 at 22:59
    OldMateClownDo you know if we need to use default settings for this or can I bump it up to 9 lives etc?
    Posted by OldMateClown on 12 Nov 11 at 16:35
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