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How to unlock the Moon Traveller achievement

  • ForcefulOliver2ForcefulOliver2625,591
    06 Feb 2014 07 Feb 2014 10 Feb 2014
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    I tried to make this as simple as possible, here is a guide that will tell you ALL the possible way around, with all MC combination locations, you need to be the host for it to count if you play online(i know cause i had to do some again cause some i wasnt host and the achievement pops as soon as your in the last room you need so if you do 2nd,3rd or 4th runs, you can die on next room to be on safe side, thats what i did).
    I even made a map for the stages that are in straight line,no detour.
    For the collectible, they will be shown this way, top to bottom/left to right, for exemple, 9/1 means from top to bottom is the ninth, from left to right its the 1st and you dont need to be the host for those to count.
    i will state the fastest route for the stage you need multiple runs so you dont end up doing it too many times

    And just one thing to mention, this WILL be time consuming.

    u = up
    d = down
    uu = up up
    dd = down down
    SR = secret room
    yellow square = room with MC combination
    white square = room with nothing to find
    debris = stuff in your way you need to clear(with 10 pts in your POW plus the MC for attack up you should be fine, i was using hitori and it was fine that way)

    ACT 1
    stage 1: Counterattack
    External image

    1-1 - Ninja Assault
    Secret Room - Heresy, right on top of the hill at the start of the level(you will need to destroy debris in your way, crouch, hold attack and release)
    1-2 - Monstrous Army
    1-3 - Fallen City
    1-4 - I thought I told you not to come here!!
    1-5 - Outpost Dome
    1-6 - Asterios Ruins

    MC combination collectible:
    1-1, 9/1 - halfway up the giant ramp, stand on a platform and double jump to another small platform on the left
    1-1, 8/1 - hovering over the highest platform above the giant ramp
    Secret Room, 15/2 - complete the sub-stage to acquire this
    1-2, 4/2 - above the highest platform after the first locked encounter
    1-3, 10/1 - once at the top of the ramp, slide underneath the wall and jump to the right, over a pillar of fire
    1-4, 15/3 - instead of jumping up the platforms right away, jump down to the right side of the pits of miasma; destroy the second tier debris, slide under the wall and cross the room
    1-4, 7/2 - don't destroy the crates after the second locked encounter; jump to the first one (on the platform) and jump up
    1-6, 9/3 - after breaking the wall, slide down the left side of the first pit you see

    stage 2:day of destruction
    External image

    2-1 - SZk Air Torpedo!
    2-2 - Run! Ha ha ha!
    2-3 - Mosquito Museum

    MC combination collectibles:
    2-1, 14/2 - jump up the tower of platforms above the third pit and it's above the tower
    2-1, 12/1 - after climbing the ventilation shaft out of the warehouse, break the wall on the left
    2-2, 11/2 - jump off the end of the giant downwards slope to snag this MC; if you miss it, you can jump to the platform beside it, jump to it and air-dash right back to the platform to avoid falling into the miasma
    2-2, 6/2 - after exiting the valley that began with the giant slope, double jump up to the first of three ice platforms and the MC's above the last one; alternatively, once you're told to climb upwards, double-jump to the platforms on the left, above the locked encounter

    stage 3:abandoned guardians
    External image

    3-1 - Sheer Wall
    3-2 - Rain
    Secret Room - Destruction, destroy the wall on the right side of the second pit of miasma
    3-3 - We Have Descended
    3-4 - Temple of the Wicked

    MC combination collectible:
    Secret Room, 13/2 - complete the sub-stage to acquire this

    stage 4:closed paradise
    External image

    requires 3 runs
    1st : 4-1, 4-2, 4-3u, 4-4u, 4-5u, 4-6u, 4-7u, 4-8, 4-9, 4-10
    2nd: 4-1, 4-2, 4-3d, 4-4d, 4-5du, 4-6u, 4-7u, 4-8, 4-9, 4-10
    3rd: 4-1, 4-2, 4-3d, 4-4d, 4-5dd, 4-6dd, 4-7dd, 4-8, 4-9, 4-10

    4-1 - Madness
    4-2 - The End of Fiction
    4-3u - Lost
    4-4u - Broken Dreams
    4-5u - Broken Future
    4-3d - Evolutionary Purpose
    4-4d - Humanity's Future
    4-5du - Killing Machine
    4-6u - Anarchy
    4-7u - Yell! Scream!
    4-5dd - Fruit of Paradise
    4-6dd - Prison of Delusion
    4-7dd - Escape to Reality
    4-8 - Existence
    4-9 - Prototype Model
    4-10 - Planet Blaster Cannon

    MC combination collectibles:
    4-5du, 4/1 - climb to the top of the third dome, where you fight the laser array mini-boss
    4-7u, 2/1 - in the second block of cars, destroy the second car in the second-highest row
    4-6dd, 1/2 - head down the staircases to the bottom right of the sub-stage

    ACT 2
    stage 5:dead sea
    External image

    5-1 - North Atlantic
    5-2 - Buoyant Travel Bags and Shipwrecks
    5-3 - Battleship "Great Union"
    5-4 - Ghost Fleet
    5-5 - Rudderless Voyage

    MC combination collectibles:
    5-4, 5/2 - complete the sub-stage to acquire this
    5-5, 7/1 - as soon as you can jump onto the platform above you, keep climbing upwards and to the left, and the MC is atop the ship's mast
    5-5, 3/2 - if you're still on the ship's mast, double jump and airdash to the right and you'll fall right through it; otherwise, double jump to the right from that first platform I mentioned

    stage 6:Hades opens
    External image

    6-1 - Cruiser "Revolutia"
    6-2 - Great Ocean Waterfall
    6-3 - Underwater Space Base

    MC combination collectibles:
    6-1, 10/2 - while jumping down the side of the whirlpool, the MC will be above the hull of a red ship, sinking in the background
    6-1, 9/2 - same as Motaht's Attachment but halfway down the ship's body
    6-1, 14/1 - slightly below and to the right of Ceno's Therapy
    6-2, 2/2 - halfway down the first waterfall (its beginning is marked by a blue crane in the background)
    6-2, 4/3 - just after the plateau halfway through the sub-stage, to the right of the second crane
    6-2, 8/2 - halfway down the body of the blue sinking ship

    stage 7:Enormous route
    External image

    requires 2 run
    1st:7-1, 7-2, 7-2u, SR2, 7-3, 7-4u, 7-5u, SR3, 7-6, 7-7, 7-8
    2nd:7-1, 7-2, SR1, 7-4, 7-5, 7-5d, 7-6d, SR4, 7-7d, 7-7, 7-8

    7-1 - Infiltration
    7-2 - Escape Velocity
    Secret Room 1 - Unhinged; instead of ascending the vertical shaft, break through the walls below it
    7-2u - Reconnaissance
    Secret Room 2 - Complications; after climbing the shaft, destroy the walls to the left of it
    7-3 - To Space
    7-4u - Hijacked Battleship
    7-4 - Flash From Space
    7-5u - No Survivors
    Secret Room 3 - Oblivion, instead of descending the shaft, destroy the 2nd-tier walls to the right
    7-5 - Lunar Orbit
    7-6 - Autopilot
    7-5d - Blaster Cannon
    7-6d - The Target Is Always Straight Ahead
    Secret Room 4 - Rigid, instead of ascending the second shaft, break the 2nd-tier walls to the right
    7-7d - Bullet Nest
    7-7 - Freight
    7-8 - To The Moon

    MC combination collectible:
    Secret Room 1, 1/4 - complete the sub-stage to acquire this
    Secret Room 2, 7/4 - complete the sub-stage to acquire this
    7-4, 12/2 - break the pair of walls to the left after descending the shaft, then work your way through the tunnel and walls; crouch or wall-climb on the opposing wall to hit the last pair
    Secret Room 3, 13/3 - complete the sub-stage to acquire this
    7-5d, 3/3 - break the wall to the left after descending the shaft, cross the room and break another
    Secret Room 4, 8/4 - complete the sub-stage to acquire this
    7-7d, 11/3 - instead of ascending the vertical shaft, break through all the walls and swing down below the floor when you're standing above the MC
    7-8, 15/1 - immediately to the left of the first laser cannon you see, you can jump above the ceiling to grab this MC

    stage 8:Battle planet
    External image

    requires 4 run(need SR1 in only 1 run but will include in all)
    1st:8-1, 8-2, SR1, 8-3, 8-4, 8-5, 8-5u, 8-6u, 8-6, 8-6d, 8-7
    2nd:8-1, 8-2, SR1, 8-3, 8-4, 8-5, SR2, 8-6, 8-6d, 8-7
    3rd:8-1, 8-2, SR1, 8-3, 8-3d, 8-4d, 8-5d, SR3, 8-6d, 8-7
    4th:8-1, 8-2, SR1, 8-3, 8-3d 8-4d, 8-5d, 8-5dd, 8-6dd, 8-6d, 8-7

    8-1 - Planet Blaster Satellite "Luna"
    8-2 - Look Down on Treacherous Countries
    Secret Room 1 - Suspicion, instead of ascending the second shaft, break through the wall at the bottom
    8-3 - Earth Watcher
    8-4 - Cannon Control Room
    8-5 - Heavenly Sniper
    Secret Room 2 - Hollow, instead of ascending the shaft, slide underneath the root-covered wall
    8-5u - Ruler of the Earth
    8-6u - Moonlight Destructor
    8-6 - Burning Light
    8-3d - Humanity's Weapon
    8-4d - Lunar Gaze
    8-5d - Domination
    Secret Room 3 - Shiver, instead of descending the shaft, break through the walls and walk through the roots at the far right of the following room
    8-5dd - Endless Battle
    8-6dd - Moon of Extinction
    8-6d - The Door Has Been Closed
    8-7 - Firebird In The Void

    MC combination collectibles:
    8-2, 5/3 - after ascending the second shaft, destroy the wall to the left
    Secret Room 1, 6/4 - complete the sub-stage to acquire this
    8-5, 8/3 - instead of ascending the shaft, slide underneath the root-covered wall and it's at the far right end of the following room
    Secret Room 2, 15/4 - don't destroy the crates! After the locked encounter, jump on one and double jump to this MC at the apex of the mountain of items (As long as you stand on the crates, you shouldn't destroy them, even with Nive's MC on)
    8-6u, 7/3 - instead of descending the shaft, climb up and head to the right
    8-6, 1/3 - halfway down the shaft, break the wall on the right and cross the room; it's behind the roots covering another breakable wall
    8-3d, 10/3 - walk through the roots to the left after descending the shaft; head to the alcove at the far left, across the ice platforms
    8-4d, 1/1 - in the open ceiling of the third dome, with the laser cannons clinging to floating pillars
    8-5d, 5/1 - break through the wall to the right, above the shaft, and it's at the far right end of the following room
    Secret Room 3, 14/4 - complete the sub-stage to acquire this
    8-5dd, 11/1 - after descending the shaft, slide underneath the root-covered wall to the left and cross the room
    8-6dd, 3/1 - instead of ascending the second shaft, run to the end of the room to the right
    8-6d, 12/3 - between the two shafts, destroy the walls on the left to get to the MC

    Act 3
    stage 9:Ruin wanderer
    External image

    9-1 - The New World
    9-2 - Treacherous Moonlight
    9-3 - Moon Drivers
    Secret Room - Despair, on top of what looks like a ventilation shaft, destroy the second-tier debris and flip beneath the floor
    9-4 - Ragnarok

    MC combination collectibles:
    9-2, 6/1 - immediately after the locked encounter with the laser array, double jump to the small platform above the floating ones
    9-3, 2/3 - below the laser array in this sub-stage; beat it, head right and destroy the debris, then destroy the second tier wall to its left
    Secret Room, 13/4 - complete the sub-stage to acquire this

    stage 10:Birth
    External image

    requires 2 run
    1st:10-1, 10-2, 10-3u
    2nd:10-1, 10-2, 10-3d

    10-1 - Skyscraper Barrage
    10-2 - Beneath the Full Moon
    10-3u - Wrecked Labyrinth
    10-3d - Lonely Orchard

    MC combination collectibles:
    10-3u, 14/3 - destroy the second tier wall at the bottom right of the first pit of miasma

    stage 11:A new world created
    External image

    requires 2 run
    1st:11-1, 11-2d, 11-3d, 11-4
    2nd:11-1, 11-2u, 11-3u, 11-4

    11-1 - Lunar Eclipse
    11-2d - Breath, not a Secret Room but obscure enough to be one, destroy the second tier debris on top of the first hill (the house, not the staircase before it)
    11-3d - Early Summer Garden
    11-2u - Humanity's Descendants
    11-3u - Ask Their Name Again
    11-4 - The Black Horse of War

    MC combination collectibles:
    11-2d, 10/4 - at the end of the second floor, run off the lowest platform and double jump back up after grabbing it
    11-2d, 13/1 - when Faust's magic first appears on the (usual) top floor, double jump off of the vents to the ones above, and climb to the actual top of the sub-stage
    11-2d, 6/3 - at the end of this sub-stage, don't jump over it
    11-2u, 9/4 - break open the ceiling of either of the first three domes, jump up and slide your way to the end; double jump to the platform attached to this new room's ceiling
    11-2u, 2/4 - in the same room as Ceno's Revival; jump down the third gap (from the left) between the pillars
    11-3u, 4/4 - near the beginning of the winding passageway; on the first floor, destroy the second tier wall on the right and jump up (you can also drop down from the third floor)
    11-3u, 5/4 - in the same passageway, there's another second tier wall at the left side of the highest passage; break through it and flip down where the blue jail bars are

    stage 12:The halls of Hades
    External image

    requires 2 run but wont state it all, the only reason you need 2 runs are the rooms SR and 12-6dd cause once you killed the boss in 12-7dd you cant go back down there cause a wall will block you in 12-5d

    12-1 - De Ludel Tactique!
    12-2 - Premonition
    12-3 - Divine Door
    12-4 - Duty
    12-5 - Ancient Covenant
    12-5u - Humans
    12-6u - And Spirits
    12-6uu - Fighting Together
    12-7uu - Alliance
    12-8uu - Promise
    12-9 - Changing Species
    12-10 - Static Species(brings you back to 12-2 premonition)
    12-5d - Memory Without Record
    12-6d - Verge of Extinction
    12-6 - Assembly
    12-7 - Guardian
    12-5dd - What is the enemy's name?
    Secret Room - From Bad to Worse, instead of jumping up the moving platforms, run into the shipping container at the bottom of the exit wall
    12-6dd - What are your names?
    12-7dd - Ancestors and Descendants
    12-8dd - With Evolution and Pride

    12-11 - room unlocks when you have beaten all 3 boss(i dont remember the name of it, sorry, but it brings you to final boss, no alternate way)

    MC combination collectibles:
    Verge of Extinction, 12/4 - climb up the walls in the ceiling of the second dome, then jump above the ceiling of the left-most dome on the second floor
    Verge of Extinction, 11/4 - same as Thor's Arc Army+, but above the ceiling of the right-most dome on the second floor
    Secret Room, 3/4 - complete the sub-stage to acquire this.

    thx for using my guide, i hope it helped you guys, i doubt i forgot anything but, if i did, plz state in the comments or send me private msg, thx again and happy hunting to all you guys/girls :-)

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    EarthboundXHmm, I've been to every area, but it hasn't popped. Are you sure it counts if you die and don't finish a level?

    I have all the MCs, so I can't think of any place I could have missed. I checked off each and every area as I went through them.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 09 Oct 17 at 09:26
    EarthboundXOK, got it to pop. Seems I missed either 4.5u or 4.6u in Stage 4. I must have died before reaching one of those, and assuming I got them I just decided to start the second run of the stage, because I'd get both MCs that way and save some time for a full first run. It popped right after finishing those, didn't even need to save.

    Either way it's done, great guide!
    Posted by EarthboundX on 09 Oct 17 at 11:32
    ForcefulOliver2Well, that sucks, I don't know why but the map doesn't seem to appear anymore, sorry about it, I will leave the guide as it is and won't make new maps, it was a real pain first time I made them, don't want to go through that again.
    Posted by ForcefulOliver2 on 31 May 19 at 21:57
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  • rastal66rastal66150,832
    28 Sep 2011 29 Sep 2011 29 Sep 2011
    3 0 3
    I would repost this excellent guide here, but this fellow does deserve absolute full-credit, and it is very well-formatted, and if you happen to not have this achievement pop when you expect it to, it's near impossible to tell which area you didn't visit unless there was a MC there you didn't collect.

    Follow this guide's directions for visiting all areas from top to bottom- he re-lists them if you have to start the stage over to hit all the areas. I would open up the level/split-path/secret area guide on one tab/window and the MC location by area in another tab and constantly cross-reference them as you progress through with your first character (I'd recommend Seyfert and dropping points into POW until you can kill the yellow exploding enemies with a regular attack without Frezo's atk increase MC on easy, but you'll need plenty of HP and a decent MP pool to survive the laser cannon heavy stages. Use Niltor's Chorus or others in that line to deal with those- they are are practically mandatory to survive(these are the "freeze all enemies for x seconds" MC's).

    By level 60 my seyfert was well-balanced to handle most stuff with about +19hp, +16mp, and +20pow, although early on I was dropping more into pow, and later more into mp, because you end up needing to use Niltor's freeze MC's a lot, and you are going to get tagged by lasers and they hurt like hell, so you are going to be casting Ceno's heal MC's quite a lot too. Stick to the 2p Ceno's MC once you get it, unless you're playing Hitori and have MP to spare- it's more efficient than the 3p.

    Once you get through the game on your first playthrough with Seyfert (which most people recommend), you should have collected all the MC's and gotten Moon Traveler achievement for visiting all areas. And now if you are going for 100% completion you can rush through the stages with the other characters and only go out of your way to pick up particularly useful MC's like Niltor's etc. The first run, making sure you hit alllllll the gobs of side-paths and secret areas will take quite a while, but if you don't follow the guide posted above to the letter, you are going to be left wondering which area you missed and there is usually no way to tell at all what that area might have been.
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    DROGTURISTYou post awesome tips for this game, thanks! Just wanted to add a little detail I didn't see noted anywhere; you don't have to actually beat a level for the area visit to count.
    Posted by DROGTURIST on 24 Oct 11 at 08:41
    rastal66from what DROGTURIST posted I believe so, but personally I finished out the stages if I could just to make sure. Also, if you are going for 100% completion the avg lvl achievement takes quite a bit of grinding anyway.
    Posted by rastal66 on 29 Nov 11 at 13:02
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