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Wardrobe in The First Templar

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Find all collectible outfits in the game

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Posted on 05 April 12 at 22:23, Edited on 06 April 12 at 18:07
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This solution will list only the locations of the various costume pieces in the game. There are many other chests, collectibles, boons, and XP rewards to find, but I will only be listing the costume pieces here. They are listed by Chapter for easy reference, with a description of how to find/obtain it. I will also list all Treasure Clues as there seems to be little way of determining which clues lead to which treasures. Collectible weapon pieces and their locations are listed in my solution for that achievement.

***Important note***
If you, at any point, use the Reload Checkpoint option from the pause menu, be sure to go back and check the last collectible you picked up or the last bonus objective you completed, etc. The game has a really crappy checkpoint system and does not always save the last thing you did. Also, if you happen to miss a costume piece, DO NOT use Chapter Select to go back and get it until AFTER you have completed your playthrough. If you do, it will reset your difficulty achievement progress for all previous Chapters.

Chapter 1: Cyprus - 1 costume piece

Commander Cloak
-After speaking with the Grand Master in the church, exit the building and follow along the path to the right to find a chest containing the Commander's Cloak.

Chapter 2: Misty Forest - 1 costume piece

Commander Armguards
-After passing the lodge near the beginning of the level, continue on until a second group of dogs attacks. Watch for a torch on the right side of the road that marks a small path leading to a house. Examine the dead body in the yard to reveal a treasure area. Go around to the back of the house and open the chest there to get the Commander Armguards.

Chapter 3: The Inquisition - 2 costume pieces

Inquisition Tunic
-When you reach the prison cell area, keep taking left turns until you reach the end of the cell block. Go in the room on the left (this is the same room with the lever to free the prisoners) and examine the torture rack to reveal a treasure area. Now look on the other side of the room near the desk that is by the door for a chest. (I couldn't see it until I used RB to make it flash). Open the chest for the Inquisition Tunic.

Spiked Armguards
-Exit the torture room and go downstairs to the tunnel area. Go left at the fork and kill the enemies in the next room. Check the alcove in this room for a chest containing the Spiked Armguards.

Chapter 4: City of Acre - 1 costume piece

Commander Tunic
-After using the trebuchets to defend Acre, follow the gold marker through the tower and then follow the white marker to a chest containing the Commander Tunic.

Chapter 5: Acre Tunnels - 1 costume piece

Rogue Boots
-Near the end of the level, when you get to the room with four levers on the floor to open the four consecutive gates, manipulate the levers until they are all facing away from the gates. Go through the open gates, pass by the floor spikes, and enter the door on the right to the third Memorial Hall. The chest in this room contains the Rogue Boots.

Chapter 6: Siege of Acre - 2 costume pieces

Dark Blossom Blouse
-After burning the first trebuchet, exit the area the way you came in (not to the supply area) and head right down the stairs. Go around the right side of the base of the tower and look for the door. Go in and open the chest to get the Dark Blossom Blouse.

Brigand Corset
-After burning the final supply cache follow the gold marker down the stairs and defeat the Saracen Knights. Search around the tents in the area to find a chest containing the Brigand corset. If you get to the final two trebuchets, you went too far.

Chapter 7: City of Ascalon - NO costume pieces

Chapter 8: Ascalon Citadel - 2 costume pieces

Blue Silk Blouse
-Near the beginning of the level, you will reach a series of gates where one character needs to hold a lever while the other goes through the gate and holds the next lever, alternating until you get through all the gates. After passing the gates, go up the steps and through a door. Look left under some bookcases for a chest containing the Blue Silk Blouse.

Hunting Boots
-Near the very end of the level you will fight some Hashishins and archers. After killing them, make your way through the room and follow the gold marker down some steps to the next room. Take a left and open the chest containing the Hunting Boots. This is the room where the two gates come down on either side, trapping you in the room, and you have to get out by breaking down the wall.

Chapter 9: Ibelin Mansion - 1 costume pieces

Golden Laced Corset
-At the beginning of the Chapter and after running and/or sneaking through the winding streets where you need to avoid the archers, pass through the arches with the red banners and look just to the right for a wood ramp going up. Go up, kill the archers and continue a short ways to a wood ramp going back down. At the bottom of the ramp look immediately left for a chest containing the Golden Laced Corset.

Chapter 10: La Roshelle Night - 2 costume pieces

-Make sure to complete the Bonus Objective to find the hideout where you examine the blood stains. After killing the soldiers, examine the door for a treasure clue.

Royal Cape
-After checking the third Templar house, follow the gold marker back to the stairs, then follow the white marker to the chest to get the Royal Cape.

Royal Tunic
After checking the fourth Templar house, look for the small round building with a well out front. The chest by the well contains the Royal Tunic.

Chapter 11: Burning Forest - 2 costume pieces

Torturer Gloves
-Right at the beginning, follw the white marker to a chest on the left containing the Torturer Gloves.

-During the 2nd section of burning forest, watch on the left for a dead Templar. Examine the body for a Treasure Clue.
-After that go up the wooden ramps to the enemy camp. Kill everyone and examine one of the tents for a Treasure Clue.
-After crossing the bridge, go down the stairs and follow the gold marker to find another dead body. Examine it for a Treasure Clue.

Royal Armguards
-From the last Treasure Clue above, go uphill from the house and go right to find a chest with the Royal Armguards inside.

Chapter 12: The Swamp - NO costume pieces

Chapter 13: Desert Town - 1 costume piece

-Right as you begin to escort the allied forces, follow the gold marker and go left. Go up and defeat the bandits and save the merchant, then examine the door for a Treasure Clue.

Scarlet Rose Corset
-After using the trebuchet to destroy the 2 barricades, take a right in between the barricades and open the chest in this area for the Scarlet Rose Corset. This is also a Bonus Objective.

Chapter 14: Marauders' Camp - 3 costume pieces

Lion's Pride Tunic
-In the first, lower part of the enemy camp sneak down to the beach and kill the guards around the campfire. Use RB to reveal the trail and follow it out through the water to an island. Open the chest here for the Lion's Pride Tunic (part of a bonus objective).

Lion's Cunning Gloves
-In the upper part of the camp, make your way up the ramps to the large wooden platforms. Follow the white marker a chest containing the Lion's Cunning Gloves (this completes a Bonus Objective).

Crimson Blouse
-At the very end of the Chapter, you will be in an area where you use a lever to activate the spike traps on the two bridges. After killing everyone, the chest containing the Crimson Blouse is in this area.

Chapter 15: Temple of the Nine - 2 costume pieces

Butterfly Mask
-Very near the beginning you will reach a room with 3 sets of matching pressure plates and levers. Use your two characters to match them all up and follow the blue marker to the next room. Manipulate the 4 floor levers here until they all point away from the gate. Enter the Chamber of Remembrance and open the chest in here to get the Butterfly Mask.

Lion's Might Armguards
-From the room with the huge statues, follow the gold marker through the gate. Go around and use the lever on the right to open another gate. Use the torch lever on the wall to open another gate. Go through to a hallway with pressure plates on the floor marked with Roman numerals. Use your characters separately to stand on the numbered plates, switch characters and advance to the next row of numbered plates, etc. The code is "1312" which can be found on the tablet that's right there. So stand on plate "I" in the 1st row, plate "III" in the second row etc. Advance through to the Vault of Prophecies to open the chest with the Lion's Might Armguards. (Use the code in reverse to exit the chamber).

Chapter 16: Templar Hideout - 1 costume piece

-After passing the French barricade, head down to the river and follow the gold marker to the footprints indicator and use RB to reveal the trail. Follow the prints to a dead Templar and examine the body for a Treasure Clue.
-Go into the ruins just to the right and examine another dead Templar for another Treasure Clue.

Red Leather Boots
-Exit the ruins and follow the gold marker to a chest on the right containing the Red Leather Boots.

Chapter 17: Montsegur Outskirts - NO costume pieces

Chapter 18: Castle Courtyard - 1 costume piece

Lion's Fury Mask
-Midway through the Chapter you will come to the top of a large staircase and Celian will tell you to stop and not alert the guards below. After sneak killing the guards, follow the gold marker to the next area. Head left and defeat all the waves of Black Knights. After the fight, open the chest in this area to get the Lion's Fury Mask.

Chapter 19: Montsegur Castle - NO costume pieces

Chapter 20: The Sanctuary - NO costume pieces

Credit: The walkthrough guide created by nyiaor2, and posted on, was used as reference material to help ensure the accuracy of this solution.
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