Time to start a new character achievement in Brink

Time to start a new character

Reach Rank 5

Time to start a new character+0.7
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How to unlock the Time to start a new character achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,399,092
    16 May 2011 14 May 2011 15 May 2012
    72 5 12
    This achievement asks you to reach Rank 5, which is the max rank obtained at level 20. To get this rank, it is a cumulative 300,000xp.

    12,000-16,000+ XP every 10 minutes.

    The information below is also clearly (and visually) explained within the video located at the bottom of the guide.

    If you select "Invite Only", you can gain an extra 20% (2000+) at the end of the match.

    Make sure you are a heavy class, with the Chinzor MG as a primary weapon. Add attachments to suit your personal needs. Buy the Caltrop grenade for the Operative class, if possible, and set Operative as your default class.

    Start the last Security Mission (Day 8: Fallout), on solo easy. As an operative, make sure you select "Defend Vent System" on your objective wheel, and run to the room where the vents are located. Now you will wait until enemies come to attack these points, and whenever you kill them, disguise yourself for a 125xp bonus. You will also be getting "defending" points for being near the objective. Keep running between the two rooms, and disguising yourself whenever you get the chance. Try to stay away from dying. Also, make sure to throw a caltrop grenade into the doorway of one of the vent rooms, to get points when enemies walk into the room. It will also warn you that they are coming. You should be able to about 1,000 xp every minute, and get a bonus for being successful (15%). At the end, just "retry" the mission if you want to continue boosting.

    Video Solution Guide:

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    HanxI don't understand why you would put it on easy and not versus, you get 20% XP for being online.
    Posted by Hanx on 10 Aug 11 at 16:46
    Maka91the descriptions say to change that setting. already made the video by then though.
    Posted by Maka91 on 10 Aug 11 at 16:52
    SantaUndercoverThis method works, but I have to say they method suggested by xX Anji Xx works much better and faster since you can go afk while getting exp.
    But it is what ever you prefer.
    Posted by SantaUndercover on 22 Dec 12 at 09:20
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  • xX Anji XxxX Anji Xx587,938
    23 May 2011 28 Sep 2011 13 Apr 2012
    35 0 12
    I did this by mistake, I was still going to the reactor and hiding for about 27-30,000 after 30 minutes............. that's the wrong way to boost.

    You need to make an objective game and make it friends and invite only.
    Min players1
    Max players1
    Map reactor
    Overtime On
    Switch teams to Resistance if you don't start as that team
    Select an Operative Class

    I always went after the right vent(probably can go left if you want) and it works much better with a character lower tier 2 or under.(level 13 and down)

    What you do is you run in and hack the vent, when the AI comes (usually from the top middle the first time) you kill him.

    If you stand right behind the hack box with the vent blocking your view from the door, the AI will always come in the room from that side and start to defuse if he doesn't see you. He will lock into the defuse even if he sees you after he starts (happens at level 20 too but the AI can stop defusing after a 1 minute or so if he is looking right at you). kill him and start hacking again.

    Do this until the hacker hits 70-75%. After that you continue to hide on the left side of the vent right next to the hack box but about 3 steps back, with your characters body completely hiding from the site of the bot but don't kill him when he locks in.

    Again seeing no enemy, the bot will run up to the vent and hack. Even if he sees you after starting he won't stop hacking (at lower levels), but to be safe you should hide to the opposite side of where the bot comes to defuse at. If he is to the left, you're to the right of the vent. And if he is in the middle just hide straight behind the Vent. Basically keep the vent between the you and the AI.

    Now this is the important part, you start to back away from the Hacking vent until the percentage in the right goes from yellow to orange/brown. This means the AI is defusing more than you are hacking. It happens around 4 bars of connection or when you see your hack points are at +12 or +13.(At higher levels the AI could have engineer skills that let him defuse faster, so tier 3 players might have to sit closer)

    Once you are in a sweet spot of inching forward and backwards in this range, make sure you leave it just in the orange/brown range. This will likely freeze the counter or worse case it will take the bot hours to defuse from 95%. After that you just walk away, go to sleep, change your car oil......what ever.

    Because if you get this right the game will go into Overtime and keep going, after 120 minutes you should have about 170,000 exp if you stop hacking and let the bot defuse. Never Quit.

    These are all projections because I was done with the game after 1 hour.

    If you left for 2 hours it you should have 240,000 and a 15% bonus 3600.
    3 hours would be 360,000 bonus 54,000.
    4 hours would be 480,000 bonus 72,000.
    So in 3 1/2 to 4 hours, you can go from level 1 to 24.

    Sidenote: for level 13 and higher tier 3 plus players, the computer will be more aggressive because he has more skill/skills. The engineer will be much more likely to stop his hack to look for you if you are too close or to put down a turret or mine.

    Level 20 players should check after 30 minutes to a hour to see if they are dead on the ground. You can get it to where he will leave you alone depending on the AI they set for that match, but things can go wrong with the super aggressive Bot.

    He usually has the ability to shoot after you down him. Watch out for that bot if you are level 20 or higher.

    *******Update:To avoid the aggressive Bot- " Start up Brink offline. This disables the DLC which is important. I can verify from testing that the so-called "smart" or aggressive AI only appears when the DLC is active. In the menus, now sign back into XBL and set up the vs. match, but this is the great part - the DLC will remain disabled."

    The Level caps at 20 and exp at 300,00 but it saves all exp earned and it will unlock the next time you log in to the DLC


    The Video pretty much explains it all, but with 2 players.
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    MichuThanks mate that helped a lot! By far the best method out of all the ones which I have looked at :) great job!
    Posted by Michu on 01 Sep 13 at 16:15
    RickyGBirdAmazing sir. This should be top of the tree!
    Posted by RickyGBird on 20 Nov 13 at 11:39
    Living LegendsI just got this with a level one character. I just set up the game and went to do errands, chores, cleaning, and cooking for 3 hours 30 mins and it unlocked. Will be buying dlc later to see how much xp I got left to 24.
    Posted by Living Legends on 27 Apr 15 at 17:59
  • DastardlyMutleyDastardlyMutley270,713
    05 Aug 2011 07 Aug 2011 07 Aug 2011
    32 1 4
    OK. Firstly this will get you just under 100,000 XP in one go !!! With absolutely minimal effort required. Note: 2 players are required to boost !

    Firstly, props to KamiKazeKore and Tatakai no Kami. this is a modification of their strategys

    So setup the game in the following manner:

    Freeplay - Private Match - Versus - Only Invation (+20%)
    Map: Reactor
    Min Player: 0
    Max Player: 1
    Overtime: Yes

    Player that needs most XP as Resistance, other players as Security

    Resistance: Operative
    Security: Engineer

    Both go to the same vent

    Resistance player starts hacking

    Security waits until percentage is at 20% then simultaneously starts to remove hackbox (they will have to hold the X button down to accomplish this, perhaps some sticky tape ?)

    IMPORTANT: Both players are hacking AND removing at the same time so BOTH players get XP at the same time

    Now, in this setup, you will notice that the hack percentage still goes up. In order to combat this, the Resistance player that is hacking simply needs to move further back so that the hack is less effective

    Back by how much ? Well the easy bit is to move back until the hack percentage counter in the top right of the screen turns from yellow to orange. Once it has done this move EVER so slightly forward until it goes back to yellow, no more

    Once you have this setup, the percentage will no move, the timer will run to 0 and then overtime will continue, there is NO end game in this situation (I've had it up to 1h34m like this)

    No further effort is required AT ALL until the game ends (unbelieveable I know)

    CAUTION: The XP counter will RESET once it gets to 99,999 XP. Therefore you MUST stop the game at approx 90,000 XP in order to allow for the end game bonus (yes I found out the hard way, lost over 100k in XP :( )

    Remember, the security player will get MORE XP than resistance, but considering you can get approx 80-90k EACH in one go without any effort, easy to repeat

    Best of luck
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    ReV BlackouTzGreat solution worked for me and a mate in less than 2 hours from level 1
    Posted by ReV BlackouTz on 28 Aug 11 at 22:08
    Pukey UKi need someone to boost this!
    Posted by Pukey UK on 07 Sep 11 at 20:06
    keanosmagicim up for this.....msg me if interested in sorting out
    Posted by keanosmagic on 07 Sep 11 at 21:58
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