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Stand-in achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops


In Call of the Dead, send the crew to Paradise in solo or co-op.

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How to unlock the Stand-in achievement

  • coreymawfcoreymawf97,632
    06 May 2011 05 May 2011 09 May 2011
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    This is the SOLO easter-egg method for the ‘Stand-in’ achievement and takeo gamer picture. It WILL NOT unlock the 'Ensemble Cast’ achievement and nikolai gamer picture. I therefore suggest that you complete the co-op method instead and unlock both achievements and both gamer pictures at once: Solution for Ensemble Cast in Call of Duty: Black Ops
    Still want to do this solo?!? Read on.

    The clip at the bottom of this solution is all you should really need
    however I have still explained the steps in detail below.

    Remember ~ if at any point you become stuck:
    a) Listen for more dialogue by knifing the vault door, holding (x) on it and standing close to it for longer. Many people rush to the next task too early and then fail the achievement.
    b) If you realise you have done something wrong, re-do the process in the correct order. If it still does not work then complete the next round and make more crawlers and try again. If this does not solve the issue then you may need to restart the game.

    What you will need in order of use:
    + Quick revive [optional, but highly recommended - remember quick revive can only be used thrice!]
    [!] Any explosives to destroy the generators [frags/semtex/scavenger/crossbow]
    + Juggernog [optional]
    [!!] VR-11 from the random box to change a zombie into a human [standard - no need to pack-a-punch]
    [!!!] Any weapon or explosive to kill the human who runs to the lighthouse once he is in the green beam

    1. Follow the chalk lightning bolts to the ship's bridge. 2750 points are required to clear obstacles. Switch the power on by holding (x). Proceed to the vault near the base of the lighthouse [in the room below the PHP Flopper machine], take the spring-loaded catwalk on the ship if you want to get there quickly. Stand right beside the vault door and knife it, a dialogue will begin. Wait for the heroes' dialogue to end.
    2. The fuse will then spawn in the flopper room [directly above the vault room] in one of three locations; on the ground lying against the left side of the locker to your immediate right as you enter the room, on the desk beside the batteries or on the desk in front of a pin-up wall [directly opposite the battery desk]. Retrieve the fuse by holding (x) on it. When you have the fuse it will appear in your inventory to the left of your ammunition HUD readout. Place the fuse in the panel to the right of the vault door by holding (x) beside it. Wait for the heroes' dialogue to end.
    3. Blow up all 4 generators with explosives
    [!], they are vulnerable to damage only when each has a bright red light upon it. When the red light goes out, it has been destroyed. They do not need to be destroyed in order.
    gen1~ Two metres from the vault door, right in front of it.
    gen2~ At sea level, off in the distance on the inaccessible side of the double tap half of the ship.
    gen3~ On ground level, between the two catwalks that are betwixt the juggernog half of the ship and the double tap half [for which the red light is visible as soon as u exit the flopper room and look towards the ship].
    gen4~ At sea level, behind the staminup hut - accessible from the bottom floor of the lighthouse [visible from the rear window of the hut].
    Cook your frag nades off else the water may prevent them from exploding. If you are experiencing difficulties in destroying the generators you can purchase semtex from the deck of the ship directly above juggernog. Think of the metal parts of the generators as indestructible then simply aim your explosives at the red light, not the body of the generator.
    4. Return to the vault and wait for the heroes' dialogue to end. When complete a FLARE WILL APPEAR in the sky between speed cola and juggernog and a MORSE CODE sequence WILL SOUND continuously. If not, you have done something wrong. Repeat the process.

    > > >

    5. Return to the ship's bridge [where you turned on the power].
    6. The morse code that is being transmitted decodes to: 2 right, left slow, right full. So, assuming you have not as yet touched any of the ship's controls, turn the wheel twice to the right by holding and releasing (x) while standing near and looking at the right hand side of the wheel [so that the brown handle is in the five o'clock position or 150 degrees if you will].
    7. Pull the left leaver [on the console to the right of the wheel] once by holding (x).
    8. Pull the right leaver on the console three times by holding and releasing (x). [middle leaver cannot be moved]
    If done correctly the ship's CONTROLS will be LOCKED into position, the morse code will STOP transmitting and a SUBMARINE WILL SURFACE in the sea between speed cola and juggernog [not visible until the fog clears]. A GREEN BEAM of light will be cast onto the lighthouse by the submarine and reflected/refracted down the centre of the spiral staircase in the lighthouse's interior. If the sub has not surfaced and projected a beam, you have done something wrong. Repeat the process.
    GOLDEN ROD of infamy
    9. Hit the random box until you get the VR-11 it will cost you 950 points per attempt. Now is the time to buy juggernog if you don't think you'll get the VR-11 any time soon but from my experience it seems that at this point the probability of receiving a VR-11 from the box is rather high.
    10. Once you have the VR-11
    [!!] shoot any zombie [not george] with it to turn him into a human and then follow him. He will run to the bottom of the lighthouse and into the green beam.
    11. Kill the human with any weapon or explosive
    [!!!] as he rises. The human takes considerably more damage than an average zombie yet not so much that it becomes difficult. For reference; two scavenger shots or one set of explosive dolls will be enough. Personally, I believe cooking off some cluster bomb dolls and using them to kill the human is the easiest. When he is low on health he will stop screaming and when he is dead he will fall onto his back and his body will go limp. He will rise to the very top of the lighthouse and then drop the elusive gold rod and it will float to the bottom of the beam.
    12. Retrieve the rod by holding (x) on it. When you have the gold rod it will appear in your inventory as the fuse did. Take the gold rod to the vault and place it in the vacuum tube on the wall to the left of the vault door by holding (x).
    13. Wait for the heroes' dialogue to end then knife the sparking fuse that you placed in the panel to the right of the vault door earlier.
    14. Wait for the heroes' final dialogue to end and your achievement will pop! You will also unlock a gamer picture of takeo and be given the wunderwaffe [a wonder gun from the classic waw zombie maps] as a gift which will appear as a death machine power up beside the vault door. Its ammo can only be replenished by a 'max ammo' power-up. Whilst the wunderwaffe is in use / until its ammo is depleted players are unable to; switch to either of their weapons, purchase perks-a-colas, use the pack-a-punch machine, use the random box or purchase weapons off the wall. In light of this, it seems the wunderwaffe is only an effective weapon if used while kiting zombies. 'Cutting the lights' on george [what some people like to call killing him even though he doesn't die] will now award you a random perk and a wunderwaffe in place of a death machine however, all other death machine power-ups dropped by zombies will not be wunderwaffes.
    15. Most definitely give yourself a pat on the back! You did it! ...aaand now you have to do it all over again in co-op with extra steps and you would've unlocked this achievement as well as the co-op one at the same time if you only completed the co-op method... but hey you did it!!!...

    The clip below truly speaks for itself, watch it!

    Hope this helps
    Happy gaming


    All credit for this youtube video demo goes to the champs over at Rooster Teeth.
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    thank you coreymawf
    Posted on 05 May 11 at 05:44
    LAFTAThis doesn't work for co-op. The wheel/levers on the boat do nothing in co-op...
    Posted by LAFTA on 05 May 11 at 07:42
    z I ScReaMz I zDamn i was the first person too do this, BeAsT!
    Posted by z I ScReaMz I z on 27 Jun 11 at 16:16
    B rizzle098damn evrything was perfect apart from gettin the vr-11. bought a weapon from the random box at least 20 times, but always givin me wat i didnt want so i gave up on round 15. Oh well, i'll get that achievement another time.
    Posted by B rizzle098 on 23 Jun 12 at 21:19
    DarKenshin13Do you know approximately how much money you need for opening all doors needed for the Easter egg ? Not counting the failed tries on the mystery box ofcourse
    Posted by DarKenshin13 on 11 Aug 12 at 23:34
    coreymawfits been too long mate, sorry cant remember.
    Posted by coreymawf on 11 Aug 12 at 23:52
    sonnyforpleFlawless guide except VR-11 should be acquired ASAP before wasting time with the various steps. Thank you!
    Posted by sonnyforple on 02 Jan 13 at 08:14
    FightclxbPerfect, thanks mate!
    Posted by Fightclxb on 26 Jun 20 at 21:57
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