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Ensemble Cast achievement in Call of Duty Black Ops

Ensemble Cast

In Call of the Dead, send the crew to Paradise in co-op.

Ensemble Cast0
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How to unlock the Ensemble Cast achievement

  • coreymawfcoreymawf96,962
    06 May 2011 06 May 2011 15 May 2011
    158 12 70
    This is the CO-OP easter-egg method for the ‘Ensemble Cast’ achievement and WILL also unlock the ‘Stand-in’ achievement if not already attained in solo zombies, as well as a gamer picture for each.

    The clip at the bottom of this solution is all you should really need

    however I have still explained the steps in detail below.

    This entire method can be done in 2, 3 or 4 player co-op. The ONLY STEP that you actually need two people to work in harmony for is the vodka bottle. I've done the generators, lighthouse dials, radios and horns a few times by myself and never rushed it and it never didn't work.

    Remember ~ if at any point you become stuck:
    a) Listen for more dialogue by knifing the vault door, holding (x) on it and standing close to it for longer. Many people rush to the next task too early and then fail the achievement.
    b) If you realise you have done something wrong, re-do the process in the correct order. If it still does not work then complete the next round and make more crawlers and try again. If this does not solve the issue then you may need to restart the game.

    What you will need in order of use:
    [!] Any explosives to destroy the generators [frags/semtex/scavenger/china-lake/crossbow]
    + Juggernog [optional, but highly recommended for all players in the game]
    [!!] VR-11 from the random box to change a zombie into a human [standard - no need to pack-a-punch]
    [!!!] Any decent weapon or explosive to kill the human who runs to the lighthouse once he is in the green beam

    1. Follow the chalk lightning bolts to the ship's bridge. 2750 points are required to clear obstacles. Switch the power on by holding (x). Proceed to the vault near the base of the lighthouse [in the room below the PHP Flopper machine], take the spring-loaded catwalk on the ship if you want to get there quickly. Stand right beside the vault door and knife it, a dialogue will begin. Wait for the heroes' dialogue to end.
    2. The fuse will then spawn in the flopper room [directly above the vault room] in one of three locations; on the ground lying against the left side of the locker to your immediate right as you enter the room, on the desk beside the batteries or on the desk in front of a pin-up wall [directly opposite the battery desk]. Retrieve the fuse by holding (x) on it. When you have the fuse it will appear in your inventory to the left of your ammunition HUD readout. Place the fuse in the panel to the right of the vault door by holding (x) beside it. Wait for the heroes' dialogue to end.
    3. Blow up all 4 generators with explosives
    [!], they are vulnerable to damage only when each has a bright red light upon it. When the red light goes out, it has been destroyed. They do not need to be destroyed in order.
    gen1~ Two metres from the vault door, right in front of it.
    gen2~ At sea level, off in the distance on the inaccessible side of the double tap half of the ship.
    gen3~ On ground level, between the two catwalks that are betwixt the juggernog half of the ship and the double tap half [for which the red light is visible as soon as u exit the flopper room and look towards the ship].
    gen4~ At sea level, behind the staminup hut - accessible from the bottom floor of the lighthouse [visible from the rear window of the hut].
    Cook your frag nades off else the water may prevent them from exploding. If you are experiencing difficulties in destroying the generators you can purchase semtex from the deck of the ship directly above juggernog. Think of the metal parts of the generators as indestructible then simply aim your explosives at the red light, not the body of the generator.
    4. Return to the vault and wait for the heroes' dialogue to end.

    > > >

    This vodka bottle segment is the ONLY ONE for which two people are required the rest CAN all be easily completed by one person, however two or more people must still be in the game.
    The vodka bottle will now spawn in one of four[?] locations. The bottle appears in a clump of ice frozen onto a railing. One player must stand directly below the vodka bottle in order to catch it, there is some room for error in perpendicular judgement. A second player must then crouch and knife the bottle down to the other player, it cannot be shot down. You do not need to press anything to catch the bottle, it must just touch you before it touches the floor. Only ONE vodka bottle is needed however it is needed intact so if a vodka bottle is not caught but smashed instead it will spawn at one of the other locations detailed below.
    bottle1~ On the corner of a railing overhanging the catwalk from the flopper room to the lighthouse [right beside the random box spawn].
    bottle2~ On the rail of the metal catwalk steps from the flopper room to the lighthouse, overhanging the steps of the boardwalk near quick revive [just below bottle1].
    bottle3~ Attached to a bright yellow railing near where you cleared the boxes and other debris on your way to the power room, close to the ship's smokestack.
    bottle4~ On the left railing on the catwalk on the way to juggernog which has a boat in the way that costs 1000 points to move, the only catwalk from which you can jump from the double tap half of the ship to the juggernog half.
    bottle5[?]~ Fourth level of the lighthouse, on the railing near the zipline and deadshot[?].
    bottle6[?]~ [?]
    6. When you have the bottle it will appear in your inventory as the fuse did. Take the vodka bottle to the vault and place it in the vacuum tube on the wall to the left of the vault door by holding (x). Wait for the heroes' dialogue to end.
    7. This step may be hard to memorise and as such I suggest you print it out or copy it down. The lighthouse has four floors with a dial on each. The dials can be moved by pressing (x) on them. Each dial is connected to the dials on the floor above and below it and therefore they must be set in a certain order. The combination is 2-7-4-6 [from TOP TO BOTTOM]. The most efficient way to set the dials is to start from the one on the 4th floor.
    Change the 4th floor dial to number (2).
    Change the 2nd floor dial until you get a (7) on the 3rd floor dial.
    Change the 1st [ground] floor dial until you get a (6).
    Change the 3rd floor dial until you get a (4) on the 2nd floor.
    Change the 4th floor dial until it is at (2), making the 3rd floor dial return to (7).
    Check the dials are correct with the list below. If not, you have done something wrong. Repeat the process.
    _(2)__ - _yellow__- 4th [top] floor, zip-line, box spawn and deadshot machine, incandescent [yellowish] lighting.
    _(7)__ - _orange_ - 3rd floor, one exit, incandescent [yellowish] lighting.
    _(4)__ - _blue___ - 2nd floor, one exit, fluorescent [bluish] lighting.
    _(6)__ - _purple__- 1st [ground] floor, 2 exits and an icy floor, fluorescent [bluish] lighting.
    Nothing is supposed to happen as yet when you have the dials in the correct position.
    8. The radios must be activated IN ORDER by looking at them and pressing (x) once. When a radio is activated it will make a short beeping sound.
    radio1~ In the room below the power room atop a console, easy to miss.
    radio2~ Near staminup to the right on a barrel. NOT THE RADIO UNDER THE ROLLER DOOR.
    radio3~ Lying sideways in a shipping container between the mp40 and the end of the lighthouse zip line.
    radio4~ Vault room, under the stairs.
    When complete a FLARE WILL APPEAR in the sky between speed cola and juggernog and a MORSE CODE sequence WILL SOUND continuously. If not, you have done something wrong. Repeat the process.
    9. Return to the ship's bridge [where you turned on the power].
    10. The morse code that is being transmitted decodes to: 2 right, left slow, right full. So, assuming you have not as yet touched any of the ship's controls, turn the wheel twice to the right by holding and releasing (x) while standing near and looking at the right hand side of the wheel [so that the brown handle is in the five o'clock position or 150 degrees if you will].
    11. Pull the left leaver [on the console to the right of the wheel] once by holding (x).
    12. Pull the right leaver on the console three times by holding and releasing (x). [middle leaver cannot be moved]
    If done correctly the ship's CONTROLS will be LOCKED into position, the morse code will STOP transmitting and a SUBMARINE WILL SURFACE in the sea between speed cola and juggernog [not visible until the fog clears]. If it has not surfaced, you have done something wrong. Repeat the process.
    13. There are four fog-horns in total in the area between the end of the ice slide and the lighthouse. Two are in the open snowed over area near the lighthouse and two are in the area near the ice slide and speed cola. They must be activated IN ORDER for the submarine to shine its green beam on the lighthouse.
    horn1~ lighthouse area, by the water further from the lighthouse than horn3.
    horn2~ speed cola area, right beside the speed cola on the immediate right as you come down the slide.
    horn3~ lighthouse area, right beside the lighthouse and the wall of the vault room.
    BEFORE YOU PRESS HORN4: check that the lighthouse dials from step 7. are still correct. They will occasionally move for no discernable reason and may then prevent you from completing the easter egg.
    horn4~ speed cola area, further from the slide than horn2, walk straight after you come down the ice slide to find it.
    14. After doing this, a green beam of light will be cast onto the lighthouse by the submarine and reflected/refracted down the centre of the spiral staircase in the lighthouse's interior. If not, you have done something wrong. Repeat the process. IF THE GREEN BEAM APPEARS BUT DOES NOT REFLECT/REFRACT DOWN THE LIGHTHOUSES INTERIOR then you do not have the lighthouse dials in the correct position ~ refer to step 7. Once you do have them in the correct position the beam is active within the lighthouse. The beam may now be invisible but a loud humming noise should be heard within the lighthouse meaning that it is in fact there and you can proceed.
    GOLDEN ROD of infamy
    BEFORE YOU CONTINUE: create THREE or so crawlers. In doing so; you will be able to attempt steps 16. & 17. multiple times without a new wave of zombies spawning. In order to create a crawler simply aim any explosive at a zombie's legs. If you do not wish to have to babysit your crawlers to prevent them from dying simply electrify them by knifing george while he is near them and then cool george off again by leading him to the water. Now your crawlers will not freeze to death in the icy water.
    15. Hit the random box until you get the VR-11 it will cost you 950 points per attempt but from my experience it seems that at this point the probability of someone receiving a VR-11 from the box MAY have changed to being rather high or possibly even 100%.
    16. Once you have the VR-11
    [!!] shoot any zombie [not george] with it to turn him into a human and then follow him. He will run to the bottom of the lighthouse and into the green beam.
    17. Kill the human with any weapon or explosive
    [!!!] as he rises. The best place from which to shoot the human is from the 4th [top] floor of the lighthouse as your line of sight is not blocked by the spiral staircase as it is on every other floor. The human takes considerably more damage than an average zombie yet not so much that it becomes difficult. For reference; two scavenger shots or one set of explosive dolls will be enough. Personally, I believe cooking off some cluster bomb dolls and using them to kill the human is the easiest. When he is low on health he will stop screaming and when he is dead he will fall onto his back and his body will go limp. He will rise to the very top of the lighthouse and then drop the elusive gold rod and it will float to the bottom of the beam.
    18. Retrieve the rod by holding (x) on it. When you have the gold rod it will appear in your inventory as the fuse and bottle did. Take the gold rod to the vault and place it in the vacuum tube on the wall to the left of the vault door by holding (x) as you did with the vodka.
    19. Wait for the heroes' dialogue to end then knife the sparking fuse that you placed in the panel to the right of the vault door earlier.
    20. Wait for the heroes' final dialogue to end and your achievement(s) ‘ensemble cast’ [and ‘stand-in’] will pop! You will also unlock a gamer picture of nikolai [and one of takeo if you did not already complete ‘stand-in’ solo] and be given the wunderwaffe [a wonder gun from the classic waw zombie maps] as a gift which will appear as a death machine power up beside the vault door. Its ammo can only be replenished by a 'max ammo' power-up. Whilst the wunderwaffe is in use / until its ammo is depleted players are unable to; switch to either of their weapons, purchase perks-a-colas, use the pack-a-punch machine, use the random box or purchase weapons off the wall. In light of this, it seems the wunderwaffe is only an effective weapon if used while kiting zombies. 'Cutting the lights' on george [what some people like to call killing him even though he doesn't die] will now award you a random perk and a wunderwaffe in place of a death machine however, all other death machine power-ups dropped by zombies will not be wunderwaffes.
    21. You did it! Go crack open a virtual frozen vodka bottle and celebrate!

    The clip below truly speaks for itself, watch it!

    Hope this helps
    Happy gaming


    All credit for this youtube video demo goes to the legends over at RoosterTeeth.
    Guess what guide Geoff's reading from @ 3:55 for the lighthouse dials =D

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    A Dreadful ShotGreat solution, very easily doable solo with a second controller.
    Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 19 Jul 19 at 23:33
    jimmyclutchmanAnyone still looking to do this lol
    Posted by jimmyclutchman on 17 May at 01:12
    CollectShrimp2Somebody can help with that achievement
    My GT: CollectShrimp2
    Posted by CollectShrimp2 on 14 Aug at 22:02
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  • I ATR0P0S II ATR0P0S I114,762
    06 May 2011 06 May 2011 09 May 2011
    31 3 15
    This is how my friend and I got the achievement.

    I would like to start off by saying thanks to my friend, gamertag: messina145, who played with me, my friend, gamertag: ELLRIC, who gave me a link to a video to get the golden rod, and to a friend who was helped look up stuff to figure stuff out (he doesn't have an xbox).

    Part 1: Obtaining Fuse

    a) First you'll need to turn on the power.
    b) Go to the room that is directly below PHd Flopper. There is a steel door that you can't open.
    c) Knife or shoot it and voices will begin talking. They will ask for power and say that a fuse is blown.
    d) After listening to this, go up the stairs to the room above this one and a fuse will spawn on either the desk next to PHd Flopper, the desk across from Phd Flopper, or in the cabinet that is in this room. Hold x to obtain.
    e) Go back to the door and hold x next to the right side of the door to place the fuse. They will talk for a bit and ask you to complete another task.

    Part 2: Destroying Generators

    There are four (4) generators total.
    (1) The first generator is across from the door where you hear the voices. (2) The second generator is between the two halves of the ship.
    (3) The third generator is outside the map on the front half of the ship. It's toward the front near Double Tap, but you don't need to buy that area where Double Tap is.
    (4) The fourth generator is behind the shack that Stamin'-Up is in. If you look out the window you can see it. You can also see it from the top railing of the lighthouse.
    a) To destroy these you must use either regular hand grenades, the crossbow, the new scavenger sniper, or semtex grenades. The Ray Gun, the Law Rocket Launcher or any other weapon will not destroy them. (The red light on the generator will go out if it's been destroyed.) b) After doing this go back to the door and knife or shoot it have them start talking again.

    Part 3: Obtaining Vodka

    a) They will ask for vodka. Vodka can appear anywhere on the map where one player has to knife it so that it falls and another has to catch it. To catch it, just stand underneath where it will fall.
    b) Once you have the vodka, go back to the door and place it on the left side where there is an open tube (hold x to place it). Again, knife or shoot the door.
    NOTE: Places where I have seen it appear will be in the video I will post.

    Part 4: Obtaining the Golden Rod

    They say this will require some work, and it does.
    a) You'll need to change the dials in the lighthouse, from top-down, to 2-7-4-6.
    a.1) To do this, change the top (yellow) dial to 2.
    a.2) Then change the third dial from the top (blue) so that the second dial from the top (orange) is 7.
    a.3) Then change the fourth dial from the top (or the bottom dial) (purple) so that it reads 6.
    a.4) Change the second dial from the top (orange) so that the third dial from the top (blue) reads 4. If it does not read 2-7-4-6, then change the top dial (yellow) so that it reads 2.

    b) You'll need to activate four broken radios (will make weird sounds) in this specific order:
    b.1) the radio in the room that is below the power switch
    b.2) the radio in the shack where Stamin'-Up is held
    b.3) in a container near the end of the zipline from the top of the lighthouse to the back of the ship
    b.4) the radio that is on top of a cabinet in the room where the voices are.

    c) You'll need to go where the power switch is. There are 3 levers and a wheel with a brown spoke on it.
    c.1)Turn the wheel until the brown part is in the 5 o'clock position (to turn it clockwise, aim your reticle on the right side of the wheel, to turn it counter-clockwise, aim your reticle on the left side of the wheel) (to turn hold x).
    c.2) To the right of the wheel are 3 levers. The middle lever does not need to be moved and can't be moved. Move the left lever down one notch (hold x) and move the right lever down three notches (hold x 3 times).

    d) You'll need to activate some speakers. There are four total. There is a couple near the slide that takes you to Speedy Cola and a couple near the base of the lighthouse. These must be activated in this order (as far as I know):
    d.1) with the couple at the base of the lighthouse, activate the one farthest away from the lighthouse
    d.2) with the couple at the end of the slide, activate the one closest to Speedy Cola
    d.3) with the couple at the base of the lighthouse, activate the one closest to the lighthouse
    d.4) with the couple at the end of the slide, activate the one farthest away from Speedy Cola. This will cause a submarine to appear and shoot a green light toward the lighthouse.
    NOTE: this step needs to be completed quickly (my friend and I both bought Stamin'-Up)
    UPDATE: I have been informed (by LoveMySonGabe) that it does not have to happen fast but just in the right order. I had trouble with this part the first time, so, as I said earlier, we both got Stamin'-Up and got it that time. I advise just doing it quickly just in case.

    e) Bring a zombie near the ground floor of the lighthouse and shoot it with the VR-11 to humanize it. The green light will begin to pull the human up. We killed him with the scavenger. When he reaches the top of the inside of the lighthouse, the golden rod was dropped.
    NOTE: I do not know if he must be killed.
    e.1) Pick it up and put in the same tube as the vodka next to the door. Knife or shoot the door so they finish up the conversation.

    f) After giving them the golden rod, you need to knife (or maybe shoot) the fuse that you placed earlier next to the door. After some more words, the achievement is yours.

    Once you get the achievement, there is a unique weapon outside the door. It is the WunderWaffe. Only one person can get it (that I know but everyone might get it) and it can be used for a limited time (like the death machine).

    The credit for the speakers part goes to TheDualRevolver, whose video is posted in the solution by Ace the EMT.

    My friend and I will redo this achievement, make a video, and post it. It should be up within a couple days.

    NOTE: I have shot the wall outside the cave with the VR-11, the PaP VR-11, Ray Gun, Scavenger, Pap Scavenger, and an RPK and nothing happened.

    NOTE: Killing George does not give you the golden rod. You only get a random perk and power-up. He also comes back.

    UPDATE 5/6/2011: (thanks to LoveMySonGabe)
    1. I guess you do not need to hold X to catch the vodka, just stand underneath it
    2. If the vodka does breaks, it will respawn in another place. (Possibly the next round though)
    3. You need to kill the CIA Agent when he is in the green light. (This can be done though while running up the spiral stairs and shooting him, not just with a power weapon.)

    UPDATE: here's the video I promised
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    fritz ownz youSo can this be done in split screen?
    Posted by fritz ownz you on 07 Sep 11 at 18:40
    I ATR0P0S I@sa666ath yes it can
    Posted by I ATR0P0S I on 09 Sep 11 at 18:32
    Lila OwOYour wrong the Scavenger and Semtex will destroy the generators. <3 MLSxGHOST
    Posted by Lila OwO on 09 Oct 11 at 20:39
  • BigWorthlessBigWorthless265,788
    06 May 2011 05 May 2011 06 May 2011
    21 4 5
    Alright, since the dials in the lighthouse have something to do with this achievement so I am going to post a guide on the best way to get the dials to 2746.

    There are 4 dials that are Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Purple (from top to bottom)
    Yellow moves Yellow and Orange
    Orange moves Yellow, Orange, and Blue
    Blue moves Orange, Blue, and Purple
    Purple moves Blue and Purple

    Alright now I will do an example to explain how to get a number. Lets say you want 2746 and the dials are at 9127. First you want to figure out the difference between the first two digits and then the last two digits. So
    Now start on either Orange or Blue, I'll start with Blue. Rotate blue until the orange knob (1 right now) is 5 more than yellow (9 right now). So you rotate blue 3 times to get 9450.
    Now go to the other knob which is orange for me. Similar to the last step you will want to rotate orange until the blue knob (5 right now) is 2 less than the purple knob (0 right now). So you rotate orange 3 times to get 2780. Once you have done this part (the tricky one) you are ready to finish.
    Now you will rotate the Yellow and Purple knobs. DO NOT touch the other two. Simply rotate Yellow until you get the first digit of the desired number (2, so it is already there). Then rotate purple to the last digit of the desired number (6, so rotate it 6 times). Then you have 2746.

    I know this is confusing and a bit wordy but hopefully it helps someone to unlock this piece of the puzzle. Feel free to comment for questions or tips to improve my guide and, as usual, if you vote negative, please let me know why. [EDIT] I have revised this since it is now part of the puzzle so if you voted negative please re-read this and let me know if you still think its crap and how I can fix it.
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    kukardakgoyalDon't get mad at randy, that guy been posting the same comment on all threads. He is just Trolling. probably doesn't even have the game or an xbox.
    Posted by kukardakgoyal on 06 May 11 at 06:22
    KillieExileGood guide, 2 ppl had this achievement when went to bed now there's 46? wow
    Posted by KillieExile on 06 May 11 at 10:10
    Ar1bo ---- heres a video showing how the dials should be done using a split screen demonstration
    Posted by Ar1bo on 04 Jun 11 at 21:04
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