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Stuntman achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops


In Call of the Dead, make a zombie explode using the V-R11.

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How to unlock the Stuntman achievement

  • Clubmau5Clubmau5138,867
    10 May 2011 04 May 2011 11 May 2011
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    To get this achievement you must upgrade the V-R11 and shoot a zombie with it until he explodes. Here's a good video guide. All credit goes to the author TehVGG.

    Edit: The pack-a-punch machine will spawn approximately every 5 minutes in 3 different locations. Just look for where the lighthouse beam is pointing.
    -Behind the lighthouse in the water
    -Inside the ship down in the water just before juggernog
    -Right next to the quick revive in the water

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    Fallout JackalWhen I did this, I shot the zombie only once. Then it ran away and I didn't even get the second shot off before I had to switch weapons quickly before I got over-run, although he did divert the other zombies for me so I was able to use my HK21. Anyway after about 30 seconds the achievement popped. So I killed the rest off and left two crawlers and tried it again on one and ran after him, he did explode on his own. Although the way in the video is much
    Oh and I also noticed that if he explodes with any zombies around him it will also do damage to them.
    Posted by Fallout Jackal on 23 May 11 at 12:30
    Rowdawg88Great guide. My only question is if done in a group, does everyone get it or only the person with the weapon?
    Posted by Rowdawg88 on 12 Apr 13 at 16:22
    CanadianWhizKidI'm working on this as I type right now. I finally got the VR-11, I have 5100 points, and the PaP machine spawned in the 2 locations I can't get to. Like wow game, what a piece of shit. Guess i'll train this zombie for 10 more mins, yup.
    Posted by CanadianWhizKid on 14 Aug 13 at 21:03
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  • Arcane InsanityArcane Insanity871,891
    04 May 2011 04 May 2011 04 May 2011
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    For this achievement you will need to pack-a-punch the V-R11. This weapon can only be obtained from the mystery box.

    To get to the pack-a-punch machine you must first turn on the power. To do this, head right from where you start and remove the debris (750 points). Go up the stairs and follow the lightning bolt images on the walls, you will come across more debris blocking some stairs, remove the debris (1250 points) and keep following the lightning bolts. When you get to the top of the structure, open the door (750 points) and inside you will find the power switch, hold X to turn it on.

    Now that the power is turned on if you look up at the lighthouse you will see that a yellow light now shines from it, if you wait a few minutes the light will start moving around, when it eventually stops it will shine on the location of the pack-a-punch machine. This location is random and will only last for a couple of minutes, after which point the pack-a-punch machine will disappear, and after more time has passed the light will once again shine on a different location. As usual the pack-a-punch machine is 5000 points.

    Once you have pack-a-punched the V-R11 you must shoot a zombie with it, this will turn it into a human. Do not try and do this to a zombie who is standing in the ice water. Once the zombie is human, shoot him again and he will explode, netting you the Stuntman achievement.
  • UncouthTruthUncouthTruth186,264
    19 Dec 2012 19 Dec 2012 08 Jan 2013
    18 0 1
    This achievement requires that you shoot a zombie twice with a pack-a-punched VR11 weapon. The weapon can only be obtained from the random box and in my experience rarely spawns. The following solution is a long term solution and not a check & restart solution. Here goes:

    Round 1 & 2 - Knife only.
    Round 3 - Shoot Zombies 7 or 8 times in chest and knife. Near the end of the round, clear the debris leading to the ship and pick up the gun near the power sign.
    Round 4 & 5 - Run circles starting from the Quick Revive island all the way around the bridge and back. Shoot zombies in a line to maximize points. Near the end of round 5 you should have about 7500pts to proceed. x2 points helps here.

    Create a crawler and head back up to the ship. Clear the debris on the stairs to the power room for 1250, head towards the power room and open the door for 750, then turn on the power. Turning on the power will activate the pack-a-punch machine and it will always be at the end of the beam of light from the lighthouse. The location will change every few minutes.

    Head back down the stairs that you cleared for 1250 and turn left. Walk out the side of the ship and clear the debris blocking the second half of the ship. Jump onto the broken part of the ship and purchase the mp40 for 1000. If you have 4250 left at this point you can get Juggernog, because you need 750 points to get to the lighthouse, jug is 2500 and the door to jug is 1000. Jug is not 100% necessary in rounds 6 & 7 to run circles, but WILL BE NECESSARY in later rounds. I will assume that you got Juggernog.

    From where you jumped down onto the second half of the ship, turn left and drop off the edge. Use 750 points to clear the path to the lighthouse. Here is where you will be running circles. (Check a video to see how to run circles here). Basically, you create a train of zombies and when you have them lined up you turn and fire into the group picking up loads of points because of multiple hits.

    I opened up the door to the bottom floor of the lighthouse because I found it was easier to create a crawler at the end of each round in here when there was 5 or 6 zombies left. Of course if you get the ray gun from the box you can create crawlers easy by shooting the ground at a zombies feet and the splash damage will take out their legs.

    After you create a crawler at the end of each round, hit the box until you get the VR11. Once you have it, save 5000 and pack-a-punch it. use the pack a punched VR11 to shoot a zombie twice and the achievement is yours.

    - When hitting the box, always have 500 pts left to buy ammo for the mp40, unless you lucked into a max ammo.
    - DO NOT get the death machine power-up as your run really slow with it and it can cause more grief than benefits.
    - When you create your crawlers, bring them and George close together and then shoot George. He will swing his camera and turn them into shock zombies that won't die in water. Then run George to the water.
    - Best arsenal I found for up to round 18 is mp40 and ray gun. Hopefully you won't have to go that far.
    - DO NOT shoot the zombie with the VR11 while it is in the water.

    EDIT - To date I've hit the box about 150 times using this method, and no VR11. The solution is valid, it's just down to dumb luck at this point.

    EDIT 2 - After getting to round 16 a few times in a row with no VR11, I got it on round 7 in the next game. Woo hoo!
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    EarthboundXYep, this works really well. I'd add I found more success, by training outside the lighthouse, but also into the first floor of it as well.

    It gives you more time to get farther away from George, as pretty much every time I failed, was because I accidentally shot George, and then got cornered trying to enter the water to calm him down. If you travel from between those two training spots, he won't ever get as close to you, so you're much less likely to accidentally shoot him.

    Then of course you'll have to get lucky with the damn box, took me till round 15(On my last attempt of course, had quite a few failures beforehand)untill I got the VR11, but it was literally the last 950 points I had, so I had to kill till near the end of round 16 before I had the 5000 to pack-a-punch it. I would have failed if I hadn't bought Quick Revive twice.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 28 Apr 20 at 03:41
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