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Shooting on Location achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Shooting on Location

In Call of the Dead, kill 10 zombies with one Scavenger shot from over 100 feet away.

Shooting on Location0
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How to unlock the Shooting on Location achievement

    04 May 2011 04 May 2011 14 Jul 2011
    60 9 16
    Solution is for Solo play and for those that can run circles, if you were good at running circles on Ascension this is for you...

    if the box starts in front of the lighthouse then continue if not you can restart or just spend more time and money and better risk of dying, buy quick revive, after the 2nd round open the 1 boat (not the one towards the ship, the one towards the cave) and go to the lighthouse, hit the box and get a good smg, lmg, assault rifle. Build up a few thousand points then open the top door of the lighthouse and head down the stairs to the bottom, you can run around the bottom in a circle and avoid all of the zombies, then just turn around and spray to build points.

    if you lose quick revive go buy it again, at the end of every round or two throw a grenade and knock down a zombie and turn him into a crawler. now you can choose to hit the box and try and get the scavenger (it looks like a really long smiper rifle), or you can go get Juggernaug, or both. Jug can come in handy depending how long it takes to get the scavenger...

    once you get the scavenger you can either upgrade it or head back down to the bottom of the lighthouse and run circles, you don't have to upgrade the weapon but it helps because it becomes more powerful, i'd choose to upgrade because it has the opportunity to kill more people, run circles at the bottom of the lighthouse until you have all the zombies you can get, run to the top floor where you came in and run to the right and down towards that cave and the boat that you paid 750 to move and back to the starting area, once at starting area look towards cave while scoped in with scavenger, once you see a zombie shoot him and run towards the ship, you just have to be 100 feet away when it kills the zombies, 100 feet may not be as far as you think it is, its not that far.... achievement should pop right away after explosion...

    if it didn't work then, then keep running to the ship, once on the ship look towards the starting area and shoot the group again... again, it should pop here if you have a good group.

    **2nd solution**

    just did this and helped a friend out, 2 players.

    play normally, the person that needs the achievement gets the scavenger out of the box, once this happens use all grenades you have to make crawlers, get 10+ crawlers near the bottom of the lighthouse outside, the person with the scavenger goes to the top of the ship and shoots the pile of zombies when fog has cleared and when the group of zombies is all together, achievement unlocked.

    *one person run circles at bottom of lighthouse and throw grenades at the floor to get the most crawlers possible

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    South Park TFBWThumbs down, Doesn't work. They re-spawn.
    Posted by South Park TFBW on 15 Feb 14 at 21:47
    PunzleyGreat solution, worked first try :)
    Posted by Punzley on 06 Feb 15 at 23:30
    The fact that there is 20 solutions is a joke laugh
    Posted on 04 May 15 at 05:31
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  • GMichaelCGMichaelC599,331
    17 May 2011 17 May 2011 01 Jun 2011
    37 1 14
    Got this one solo in round 5. I made sure the mystery box was near the lighthouse. First round I shot the zombies 3 times then knifed them. Second round I shot them three time with the pistol (that is all you need the first two rounds) then knifed them twice. Leave one alive this round. You will run out of ammo. You should have enough money to clear the boat next to the cave and hit the mystery box twice. If you do not get the scavenger this round start over. Next round I went back to the beginning point and once the round started I ran in circles until all of the zombies were close together in the water. I did not kill any of them. I then ran to the lighthouse platform and looked down to the beginning spot. I waited until the zombies started into the cave and then shot the scavenger. Once I shot the scavenger I turned toward the lighthouse and ran to the other side of the platform away from zombies. [EDIT: As pointed out in the comment, if you have enough money open the bottom door to the lighthouse at the top of the steps. Once you take the shot run up the steps and into the lighthouse. This should solve any distance problem you may be encountering] This did not work rounds 3 and 4 but I got it on round five. I know I killed enough zombies in round 3 and 4 so the distance may be why it did not pop. Just make sure you are near the back part of the platform when the shot explodes. The hardest part is getting the scavenger in round 2. Took a couple of hours but eventually got it.
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    ChristianPerfect and easy guide. Once I got the Scavenger, I got it in my first try. Thank you!
    Posted by Christian#2729 on 04 Sep 13 at 22:16
    Hamfam9598FINALLY!!!! This worked on first try. Got scavenger by round 3 and got cheevo on round 4. I did an extra circle or two to allow time for the fog to clear. Tried other methods but this one is the best +1
    Posted by Hamfam9598 on 10 Oct 15 at 01:00
    EarthboundXWell after about 4-5 hours of trying I finally got the Scavenger after 50+ box attempts. Tried it on wave 5, didn't kill enough as it was foggy so I couldn't see, hit George and pissed him off, and I was screwed. There's just no way to get back down to the spawn point after that.

    Total luck based achievements can go f themselves.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 11 May 20 at 02:02
  • SchluballybubSchluballybub640,871
    04 May 2011 03 May 2011 23 Jun 2011
    33 2 7
    Open both the ship and the lighthouse areas, to do this you have to open up all the doors in the lighthouse area and open up the back of the ship (You will see where once you look down from the top of the lighthouse). Make sure have the Scavenger rifle equiped (Random Box) and make your way to the top of the zipline (Top of the Lighthouse), make sure there 10+ Zombies close to you and shoot one with the Rilfe, as soon as you shoot the Zombie take the Zipline down and you should unlock the achievement.

    Use the video below for another pretty simple way on how to get it in Solo.
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    Reaper08RI've done the zipline strategy (i.e. clustering a group of roughly 20+ zombies then shooting at the group right before jumping onto the lighthouse zipline) at least 20 times now with both a regular or upgraded scavenger and still no achievement. And yeah, i definitely had the distance, as i was near the bottom of the zipline prior to the explosion. So, basically, don't get your hopes up with this guide ;(
    Posted by Reaper08R on 22 May 11 at 04:23
    McGubbaloI can't believe this guide has 16 thumbs up and only 1 thumbs down.
    Posted by McGubbalo on 23 Jun 11 at 09:37
    Adz j74that video makes it look far easier than it actualy is,or,i could be just crap.
    Posted by Adz j74 on 09 Aug 11 at 21:40
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