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Quiet on the Set achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Quiet on the Set

In Call of the Dead, cut the lights on the Director.

Quiet on the Set0
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How to unlock the Quiet on the Set achievement

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    Alright folks.. time to put in my two cents.. I believe my way is the easiest when doing it on solo or even with two ppl.. but solo is the way to go. I got this achievement by round 4 on my own.

    1./ start up a game. When the game starts, look up to see if the weapon box is in front of the lighthouse. If it is not, RESTART. Keep restarting until the box is infront of the light house. You can tell if it is there by a beam of blue light!!

    2./ Start by killing zombies. To get max points, shoot them 3X and then knife them. Leave ONE zombie in round 2, you should have enough points to clear the boat (750) and buy one weapon out of the box.

    2B./ Here is the tricky part. If you get a Ray Gun/Scavenger, you are set. If you do not, beat this round and play the next round and save up money for the box. Again, leave ONE zombie in round 3 and check the box. You should have enough money to buy 2 weapons. If you DON'T get the ray gun or scavenger, I suggest start over as round 1-3 are very easy. Round 4 and 5 are too but some ppl. aren't that good.

    3./ Now, that you have the Ray Gun or Scavenger. You can almost kill George with it. However, neither of these weapons is still enough to kill him. I had the ray gun and by the time I unloaded the whole thing on him, he started to flash orange. I was on round 3 and I also had the FN FAL. I unloaded this on him and it still was not enough. So I had to go to round 4 and get enough money to buy 2 more guns and unloaded them on him and he DIED!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a REALLY EASY achievement to do on your own.. it just takes a long ass time.
    Here are some tips...
    a/ When using the ray gun or the scavenger, BE CAREFUL NOT to kill the loan zombie as he gets really close to George, especially if you have the scavenger. One way to avoid this is to shoot George when he is on land and let him chase you around the circle (start area) and make your way to the REVIVE machine, turn around and unload on him. This way, he will run fast pat the loan zombie.. keep doing this until he dies to avoid killing zombie.

    b. You DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have to upgrade anything. Upgrading takes time and money and you have to turn on the power, find the PAP which means you have to open doors, save more money, kill more zombies, get to harder waves.. its stupid.

    I hope this helps you ppl. Trust me, its an easy achievement and much easier doing to solo as you can restart fast if the box is not infront of the lighthouse. :)

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    RubberTypeXDid it in about 10mins. Got the AUG then Scavenger from box. After emptying scavenger in to Geoage, I was lucky enough to get a max ammo, finished him about half way through the reloaded scavenger ammo :)
    Posted by RubberTypeX on 18 Nov 12 at 20:15
    Rowdawg88does anyone know if you do attempt this with a party if everyone gets it or just the one to put the killing bullet in him?
    Posted by Rowdawg88 on 12 Apr 13 at 16:59
    Red Thunder 86Took me 8 rounds in solo, several sniper rifles, a LAW, 3 Galils and a couple other weapons that escape me at the moment, along with 3 uses of the Quick Revive pistols. I would've preferred to use the Ray Gun or the Scavenger, but after approximately 30 attempts without getting them, I got tired of waiting.

    I found the best way to prevent your final zombie from dying was to get the slowest one possible (crawler works) and lure both it and George up to the box (near lighthouse). Then, shoot George, have him electrify the zombie and chase you back down to the water. Then you have plenty of time to fill him with lead before the zombie makes it back down to you.
    Posted by Red Thunder 86 on 10 Aug 13 at 23:48
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    10 May 2011 10 May 2011
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    For anybody struggling to get the scavenger i found this method on youtube which seems easy enough it just takes up to a hour to get it. But it looks like a easier and safer way to do it just remember to leave one zombie alive while u try killing george.

    full credit goes to "killer kenny nl"
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    P4PA SMURF XOk first things first some people prefer video guides as its easier to see it for themselves than read a description. I also I posted this method 4 months before you posted your solution and this was over a year ago so who cares?
    Posted by P4PA SMURF X on 14 Jul 12 at 00:43
    P4PA SMURF Xif this method works then who really cares who posted it, as long as we can all get the achievement that's all that should matter.
    Posted by P4PA SMURF X on 14 Jul 12 at 00:45
    TheBlackxRangeri got lucky and got like 3 death machines and a ray gun in the same round. 7 ish.
    Posted by TheBlackxRanger on 11 May 13 at 00:33
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    For this achievement you have to shoot George Romero until his spotlight hammer flickers and dies. You're going to want to be on Solo because Co-op buffs his health to ridiculous levels.

    Ok, so the first step is to start up a Solo game and keep hitting "Restart Level" until the mystery box is in front of the lighthouse, so you only have to clear one obstacle to reach it. This is going to cost you 750.

    Make sure you have enough points to use the Mystery Box 3 or 4 times before you clear the obstacle, since once its clear zombies will start to spawn towards the lighthouse. A general rule of thumb is to wait until round 5 or 6.

    Once you have a decent amount of points (I was sitting at about 6000 by the end of round 5) cook a grenade and throw it at your last zombie to turn him into a crawler.

    At this point clear the obstacle and go use the Mystery Box until you get either a Revolver, Ray Gun, VR-11, Scavenger, any LMG, or Launcher. Other weapons DO damage him but these do the most per shot/clip. Preferably use the box until you get two of these. These do NOT need to be pack-a-punched, you just need to make sure all your shots connect.

    George will take all the ammo in these two weapons and any grenades you have, so do another round if you need points, or if you still have extra money go get another of the weapons listed above from the Mystery Box.

    EDIT: Also, if you lead him into the water, it DOES NOT restore his health, so cool him off whenever he starts to freak out. Best bet is to lead him from shore to shore in the beginning of the map.

    After you've gone through these 3 weapons he should either be dead or a few shots from it. You'll be able to tell by the color of his spotlight. It will change from BLUE, to flashing BLUE/Orange, to flickering Orange, and finally it will go out. Your character will also comment whenever George's status changes so listen carefully if you're wondering how much longer you've got.

    He CAN be in the water when he dies, so again, don't worry about leading him back and forth at the beginning of the level.
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    ArgylbergNote that if the crawler comes into the water it may freeze and die, ending the round, which would cause problems! It's best to get the crawler and George far away from the water and then open up on George and he will chase you (a lot faster than the crawler) back to the water! Rinse and repeat!
    Posted by Argylberg on 10 May 11 at 12:46
    SpadesThe crawlers only freeze (usually) if they are made into crawlers while in the water, but yeah...
    Posted by Spades on 16 May 11 at 22:22
    A Dreadful ShotGreat solution, ended up using two full Scavengers and a full sniper.
    Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 13 Jul 19 at 22:31
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