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100% completion.

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How to unlock the PERFECTIONIST achievement

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    So here we go

    * * * Remember to do number 28 in chapter 5 as soon as you can cause this is missable * * *

    Comments by members of the TA community
    Been told by "MrSkillzzzz" & "Miksel" in the comments that number 28 (gravestones) can still be done once the game has been compleated! Thank you for this, my mistake lol.

    Hey can there be added that there are 19 tombstones and 27 pumpkins. I had missed a tombstone and went from 98.97% to 100% because I overlooked it.
    I also want to add that only the front door of the spencer warehouse is locked. If you go around back and smash the wooden gate you can enter through an overlooking area.
    Posted by Segendary Ty on 05 Jan 14 22:02:12

    1. Complete All Story Missions
    2. Complete All Side Missions

    3. Complete All Classes To Level 5
    ((See here for a list of class answers))

    4. Collect All 75 Rubber Bands
    5. Collect All 40 G + G Cards
    6. Smash All 25 Garden Gnomes

    ((To get all collectables to show on the big map you'll have to finish -Geography 5-))

    7. Collect All 6 Transistors & Learn Hobo Fighting Moves
    (( Agen just compleate -Geography 5- and all collectables will show on the map.

    8. Win All Go-Kart Races
    Check your progress:
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Go Kart Races---> Carnival Games Won (out of 5)
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Go Kart Races---> Street Races Won (out of 3)

    9. Win All Bicycle Races
    Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Bike Races---> Bike Races Won (out of 14)

    10. Complete All Lawn Mowing Jobs
    11. Complete All Paper Route Jobs

    Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Jobs---> Paper Routes Completed (out of 5)

    12. Complete 40 Errands
    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Errands---> Errands Succeeded

    **Glitch Note**
    Sometimes, the game will not require you to complete all 40 errands. Some games will stop at 30, and the game will stop giving you errands to complete, and will not require any more for the 100%. Other times, you will have to go the whole 40, and others' games will stop somewhere in between. Keep this in mind if the game stops sending you errands. If the game does completely stop giving you errands, but you still need a few for completion (worth .03% each), restart the game a few times to get the errands to appear again

    13. Collect 330 Clothing Items
    (( See link ))

    14. Take All Yearbook Photos
    (( See both links for help ))

    15. Win All Boxing Matches
    These are performed at the Prep's Boxing Arena in the Vale. There is a blue circle next to the ring, press to join a fight. There is also a boxing competition you must complete and win as well.

    16. Ride Each Carnival Ride Once
    You must ride the Ferris Wheel, Rollercoaster, and Octopus each at least once.

    17. *WIN* Each Carnival Game Once
    The only difference here, is instead of simply playing the games, you must do well enough to at least win some tickets. This is easiest done during the "Carnival Date" mission, as you are forced to play carnival games for tickets to win a bear.

    18. Buy All Items From Carnival Shop
    Full list:

    Angel Halo Hair Band, 15 tickets
    Devil Horn Hair Band, 15 tickets
    Girlie/Car Poster, 10 tickets
    Some incredibly strange hat, 40 tickets
    Clown Trousers, 40 tickets
    Scooter, 75 tickets
    Clown Shoes, 40 tickets
    "I'm with Stupid" T-Shirt, 20 tickets
    Big Novelty Watch, 10 tickets
    Clown Wig, 40 tickets
    Rock Band poster, 10 tickets
    Beaded Bracelet, 15 tickets
    Checkered Party Hat, 20 tickets

    19. Fail Any Five Classes

    20. Pull Twenty Fire Alarms
    Start---> Stats---> General---> Props---> Fire Alarms Pulled

    21. Travel 100 KM On Foot
    22. Travel 50 KM On Skateboard
    23. Travel 100 KM On Bicycle

    24. Get High Score On Arcade Games
    Beat the scores in ConSumo, Monkey Flying & Nut Shots

    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Arcade Games---> ConSumo High Score (beat 1010)
    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Arcade Games---> Monkey Fling High Score (beat 333)
    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Arcade Games---> Nut Shots High Score (beat 69,900)

    25. Play Penalty Shootout & Keep Ups Mini Games

    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Keep-ups---> Played
    Start---> Stats---> Games---> Penalty Shootout---> Played

    26. Buy 500 Sodas

    27. Smash All Pumpkins From Halloween

    Randomly scattered around campus on Halloween night are lit up pumpkins. Run up to each one and press to smash it. They are only out on this one day. Don't worry about doing it this way though, it takes too much time. After Halloween, when Gary invites you into the basement at the end of Chapter 1 on your way to fight Russel in the hole, you will go through a room filled with all the pumpkins. This is where they were moved. It's easiest to smash them all now, instead of trying to hunt all over campus

    28. Smash All Gravestones From Halloween

    Same as with the pumpkins, but now they have been moved to the warehouse in the Blue Skies Industrial Park. You will be there in 2 missions callled "Smash It Up" and "Preppies Vandalized" with Zoe during Chapter 5, so again, don't worry about getting them Halloween Night.

    29. Beat Up The Secret Pirate

    In the southwest of the map, you will see an island. Swim around it, and on the south west side, you will find a half sunken pirate ship. Right next to this, you will see a small beach on the island (can be seen in tan on the map). Run up there, and you will be attacked by a pirate. Defeat him in combat, and you get his outfit, and satisfy this requirement.

    30. Spray A Tag Of Each Clique

    After the tagging mission in Chapter 3, you will have the ability to spray graffiti tags on walls. In order to tag, you need to have a can of spray paint in your inventory. Cans of paint can be found laying on the ground, pulled off the bodies of rival taggers, or purchased at the Yum-Yum Grocery Store. You will see where you can tag because you will see a red ring on a wall with a white dot in the center.

    The tags for each of the gangs you'll be painting will be found in the location the gang hangs out in, i.e. New Coventry for the Greasers, Vale for the Preppies, etc.

    Check your progress (each must have at least 1 tagged):
    Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Tagging---> Nerd Tags Sprayed
    Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Tagging---> Preppy Tags Sprayed
    Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Tagging---> Greaser Tags Sprayed
    Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Tagging---> Jock Tags Sprayed

    Small comment i thought should be added to the solution:
    Hey sorry, the day after i posted my percent i completed it. All i can say is, is that the carnival gave me the last 3 percent i needed, buying everything is worth roughly 1 % plus so just make sure you do that!!!
    Posted by MrSkillzzzz on 13 Feb 11 03:55:14

    Another small comment that this gamer thought should be added to guide:
    yep it helped me :) got the achievement. I think you should add it to the guide that you should try to do the Lawn jobs again if you stuck at 99.xx %.
    Posted by HardstyleIdefix on 14 Jun 11 20:27:35

    I got some of this from but the rest i done myself.
    I hope this helps :)

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    Inquirer 1717Quite good solution though definetly incorrect on 25! You have to win both the keep ups as well as the penalty shootout minigame. Just playing them isn't enough. I was stuck @ 99,42% desperately looking for errants (worth 0,03-0,06% each) & redoing stuff.
    Btw thx a lot illMaTic BUTCH3R 4 pointing that out!
    Posted by Inquirer 1717 on 27 Jan at 03:36
    Inquirer 171726 should say drink rather than buy 500 sodas. So random pickups count as well towards the clothing piece awarded for that. As there is an achievement tight to it, I bought 100 sodas with hard cash (1$ each). However I drank almost every of the surplus 400 required cans during chapter 6 "Eternal Summer". The vending machines don't charge anymore. So the drinks are on the house in chapter 6.
    Posted by Inquirer 1717 on 27 Jan at 03:55
    Inquirer 171713 - collecting the clothing really gave me a pain. The guide/list linked is well done in general. However just collecting 330 pieces is apparently not enough. I had 331 pieces collected before getting the incognito hat (reward from an errant). On top I was missing out on the bandit mask (Zorro). Nevertheless it's definetly worth looking into the guide/list linked.
    What I can claim is that I needed the "prisoner outfit". It was awarded for beating the 3 stages of the detention/punishment minigame. Each stage has 3 levels. During summer you get to maw the school lawn. Basically maw 3 different sights, each 3 times with increasing percentage on fullfillement like the job's @ the park or house.
    Aforementioned guide/list says the outfit is not required towards the 100% or it is not confirmed if. Well for me it was required (worth almost 1% alone).
    After every 3 times you get busted on the academy ground (beyond the very 1st time), you get to maw the lawn. Busts need to take place either before-, between or after classes, but before 7pm( 19:00) in order to count.
    Posted by Inquirer 1717 on 27 Jan at 04:26
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    Edit* This is not really a guide. It is just to help you to unlock it if it glitched on you.

    This achievement kind of glitched out for me, but I have a solution if it happens to you. So I was at 98.84% (somewhere around there. Don't really remember.) and all I had to do was complete Art 5, So I completed Art 5 and when it spawned me in the hallway after I was done I looked at my completion 100% but no achievement. So what I did was I saved then quit, then went to dashboard, Reloaded bully (don't turn off your xbox!!!) loaded my save then the Achievement popped. Hope this works for you and let
    me know in the comments if have any questions.

    Edit 2* If the above solution does not work for you then turn off your xbox completely and load the save.
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    ReD S1Xworks for me by dashboard the game. playing it on xbox one.
    Posted by ReD S1X on 06 Feb 18 at 12:00
    Posted by IAMYOURWIZARD on 17 Aug 19 at 20:57
    Damir Maliceworked for me, thanks man toast
    Posted by Damir Malice on 18 Jan at 20:33
  • ilMaTic BUTCH3RilMaTic BUTCH3R507,826
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    In addition to completing all of the requirements included in the excellent guide created by DA CYBER TIGER, make sure you WIN both Keep-ups and Penalty Shootout or you will not achieve 100% completion. Winning these games are worth about 0.8% each, so if you are stuck around 98.40%/99.20%, you may have lost one or both of the activities.
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