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How to unlock the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED achievement

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    There is a list of all missions with guides at http://bullygame.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Missions

    You can still get the random missions once you've completed the story and enter the 'Endless Summer'. So if you've finished the game, take a good wander around the map at different times of day to mop up those last few.

    This achieve took a long time to pop. I completed the last mission and had 76 completed showing on my stats, but no achieve. I ran around for a while collecting bands, cards and gnomes waiting for another star to appear on the map.
    Eventually, after about 45 minutes, the achieve randomly popped while I was walking around the school. So if you find yourself in the same situation, don't quit till it pops.

    From the comments below, it may be worth trying to pop this once you've done all the missions by saving, going to the dash then reloading the game.
    Worth a try if leaving it running doesn't work.
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    PRlSTlNEI just hit chapter 3 and i have only completed 26 missions. I have seen on other guides that i should be at 27 at the beginning chapter 3. Are any of the missions miss able in the first 2 chapters? On the sight it says none of the achievements are miss able. I did the Halloween prank mission as well, the one where they give you the option to go to sleep. Can someone help me out, or confirm whether i don't have the correct amount of missions completed.

    A quick reply would be nice, iv'e put twenty hours into this play through so far and would hate to see it go to waste.

    Posted by PRlSTlNE on 24 Jun 14 at 18:26
    Blazing Noblei was on 74 so went to blue skys after 7pm and got the last 2 I need making 76 but the achievement didn't pop so I dashboarded and it didn't pop when I came back. then i turned the xbox off and back on, loaded up started playing and it still it didn't pop.
    then I played the next day again and went straight to the carnival and was doing the mallet/bell/strength game (as its easiest to earn tickets) and after my 5th or 6th go it decided to pop. very weird. the only achievement I had any issues with, all the rest were spot on. 100% was a breeze for me. within 8 days I have done 0-100%. I have also done Red Dead Redemption 100% in 6 weeks a couple of months ago.
    now I will wait and see what will come next Bully2 or Red Dead Redemption2 as 1 of these games is definitely being made right now but rockstar wont say which. maybe both of them. either way I cant wait
    Posted by Blazing Noble on 05 Dec 14 at 20:38
    Barker Guruit didn't pop for me until I had done all the red star challenges
    Posted by Barker Guru on 20 Jan 15 at 09:05
    Rashid 2I played all missions except NERD CHALLENGE, this is impossible for me to win :( pity that this mission is associated with the storyline .... Unfortunately, because I can not finish the game ... :(
    Posted by Rashid 2 on 18 Apr 15 at 19:31
    varkylfusFinished Complete Mayhem and pop MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. 76 completed missions.

    Time for the Final Showdown.
    Posted by varkylfus on 09 Oct 17 at 21:50
    Boots OrionI just thought I'd add my experience.

    I'm playing it on the XB1.

    I completed the last mission (76) during Endless Summer and it didn't pop. I walked around for a while, doing a few miscellaneous things over a two in-game day period and it didn't pop.

    I then quit the game (i.e., dashboarded to the XB1 home screen) and then reloaded the game and it popped right after my save loaded.

    I know that some XB360 games lose some functionality when you play them on the XB1 so I thought I'd confirm that simply reloading the game appears to work in this case.
    Posted by Boots Orion on 30 Nov 17 at 00:08
    NaywynJSo i had 75 missions completed and no more missions showed up so i decided to go do other achievements and after i did the paper route intro the achievement popped.
    So if you have 75 missions check if you have done the first paper route.
    Posted by NaywynJ on 15 Aug 18 at 23:18
    xxMacLellanxxSo for anyone who is still struggling to do this, or maybe cannot figure it out. I had all 76 missions completed and it would not pop, so I ran around doing everything I could. I found out that I had not completed the lawn mowing tasks for the "park" and the "house"(they show up as a green money symbol on the map). and the "little help" missions (they show up as a yellow H symbol on the map) where you bring the guy the radio transmitters. Once I finished the final "little help" part and learned the new combo move my achievement popped.
    Posted by xxMacLellanxx on 15 Nov 19 at 20:05
    iiRasterrrrrI was stuck on 75 missions complete, turns out i had the last Hobo mission. so if you have one mission missing, make sure you have given all of the transmitters to the homeless person at the broken school bus.
    Posted by iiRasterrrrr on 10 Sep 21 at 18:52
    ASUnknown1I think The Big Prank counts as an extra mission for this achievement, so if you've done that, you can afford to miss one mission. I did every single mission, including The Big Prank, whilst going through the game, and this popped for me before the final mission (to be more precise, after the cutscene in Final Mayhem where you go to the school, at which point my missions had jumped from 75 to 76; I guess that mission is considered complete at that point).
    Posted by ASUnknown1 on 29 Sep 21 at 14:49
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