MX vs. ATV: Alive

MX vs. ATV: Alive
MX vs. ATV: Alive

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Record Chaser

Reach Rider XP level 50, chasing records is all that is left

Record Chaser0
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    16 May 2011 17 May 2011 30 Mar 2012
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    You gain XP by completing challenges and races during your career and on Xbox Live.

    To easily boost XP, pick the short track Kinoko (5 Laps, Both Assists Off, Amateur Difficulty) This setup will give you around 1000-2000 XP per race. Keep repeating this track until you reach level 10.

    Difficulty does affect the amount of XP you gain from each race, if you are able to consistently win at a higher level of difficulty you can expect a significant amount of extra XP per race.

    An alternate way of doing this is to join Xbox Live matchmaking, and leave the game on overnight. Your rider will never leave the starting gate but will still gain XP from this strategy. Be sure to equip the bonus XP rider skill to make this go faster.

    The Champion80: To reach level 50 requires a total of 263,000 xp. Having the "xp boost" skill equipped will add 20% to your xp and then turning both assists off add another 30% to your xp in a race. Another thing, make sure you know what the race goals are and what ones you can accomplish while in a race. These are worth quite a bit for finishing and if you can complete a bunch just while racing it will save you having to do a few races.
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    07 Jan 2015 05 Jan 2015 05 Jan 2015
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    If you want to do this achievement fast! You can do it over night! It might take a few nights to do but it's worth it as you don't have to do anything!

    Iv gone from level 33 to 39 over night so another night should do it for me!

    You can do it on a MX bike but I chose to do it on an ATV as I thought you'd be more sturdy not fall off as much! but the choice is up to you!

    All I did was go on free ride and Sellotape cn_RT down and cn_LS to the right and cn_RS to the left to all your rider will do is big doughnuts!

    Leave it all night and in the morning the achievement will be yours!

    You will average 5 miles every 15mins but the good thing is at the end of every 15mins you get (XP)
    I got 500 points for the 5 miles covered and an extra 20% online bonus! So this will all add up to your level 50 xp achievement.
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