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Personal Vendetta

Kill every Templar.

Personal Vendetta0
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How to unlock the Personal Vendetta achievement

  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter827,065
    13 Mar 2008 05 Aug 2008 08 Jan 2013
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    You must kill all 60 Templars found throughout the world of Assassins Creed.

    Please visit this website for an INCREDIBLE guide to the Templars, one of the best online guides i've ever seen, be sure and drop him a line on his great work.

    Note: The Templars are the green dots found on the flag maps.

    Note #2: Often one or a few of the templars will glitch and not be there.

    There are a few things you can try to make him appear, leave the area (preferably the city you're in) and then come back and approach where he is again (maybe even from a different direction).

    Also you can try jumping to your death nearby the templar and when you respawn he should be in his spot. Thanks to x1001x Puppys for this tip, he did this and the glitched templar was there

    I have left videos of the templar locations in case of the website going down, credit to youtube user TheGameStory

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    The maps website is broken and down
    Found another website:
    Posted by hi3gie12 on 14 Feb at 18:02
    R3V3NGFound what looks like a mirror of the original website:!/
    Posted by R3V3NG on 12 May at 14:14
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  • IndieBRIndieBR106,292
    30 Aug 2009 01 Sep 2009
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    There are 60 Templars divided as follows:

    Damascus - 10
    Acre - 10
    Jerusalem - 10
    Kingdom - 30

    If you have already killed some Templars and want to use a guide I strongly suggest you to write down every Templar you find from now on. That way if you miss some you can go back and double check only the ones you didn't wrote down.

    You can use the picture guide:

    NOTE: There's a bug with the Templar #16 in Kingdom which causes it to disappear. It happened with me and I had to double check each one again. If he's not there, leave the area and come back in a few seconds.

    The fastest way to do ( specially for Kingdom ) is to use the youtube guide ( also work for the flags. ). It uses the same templar/flag ordering as the assasinscreedmpas website.
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    Dr Javiciithanks for the #16 tip, I was at 59/60 and finally unlocked it. Thanks a lot!
    Posted by Dr Javicii on 21 Aug 17 at 22:20
    Charlie LimaNice videos. Thanks!
    Posted by Charlie Lima on 17 Jul 18 at 17:07
    MasterTimosI salute you for the tip on templar #16 kind sir toast
    Posted by MasterTimos on 20 May at 19:30
  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead529,698
    16 Jun 2013 16 Jun 2013 16 Jun 2013
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    So the reason you have reached the bottom of the list of solutions is because you have 59/60 and none of the other solutions helped you find the last one.

    I had 4 kills when I started using the maps. I visited every spot and either killed a Templar or found his chest (so I knew I was in the right place) and yet I only had 59/60.

    Finally I got 60/60. What I think happens is if you catch their attention they will chase you. Perhaps you are already being chased and didn't realise a Templar had joined the pursuit. If you manage to hide and break off the chase, the Templar will not go back to their chest. The best thing to do is exit the map and then re-enter the map and they should all be back in position.

    Here is how I discovered this. I keep at least one backup of my save game and made a note of how many Templars I had killed at that point. This is really what saved my life. I wrote down the location of each one as I killed it and made a note of which ones were just a chest. I was then able to load up my backup save and re-visit all the locations that should just be a chest. There was a Templar at the last location that I needed to check, so I loaded up my current game save and went back to that spot and sure enough that was the last one.

    1. Ideally don't kill any Templars without writing down the location they were in when you killed them (but most of you are here because like me you didn't know to do that before you started).
    2. Try and kill each Templar with an assassination, that way they won't be able to run off after you and you won't lose them.
    3. If you are missing one, exit the map you are on, then recheck each location (finding the chest each time), starting with the 10 in each city, then the 30 on the Kingdom map.

    Good luck, and I hope that helps you track down your missing Templar.
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