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The Simple Art of Murder

Complete all cases on the Homicide desk.

The Simple Art of Murder0
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How to unlock the The Simple Art of Murder achievement

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    Requires you to complete all of the cases on the Homicide desk.

    The following cases are all apart of Homicide:

    The Red Lipstick Murder
    The Golden Butterfly
    The Silk Stocking Murder
    The White Show Slaying
    The Studio Secretary Murder
    The Quarter Moon Murders

    Answers and evidence required to get all question complete. I'm assuming you are capable of throughly searching for clues.

    The Red Lipstick Murder

    Dick McColl
    1. Suspect Seen With Victim - Truth
    2. Knowledge of Husband - Doubt
    3. Ring Stolen From Victim - Doubt

    Jacob Henry
    1. Movements of Victim - Lie - Bamba Club Lighter
    2. Last Contact With Victim - Truth
    3. Motive for Murder - Lie - Death Threat Note

    Jacob Henry (At police station)
    1. Lipstick Markings - Truth
    2. Deterioration of Marriage - Lie - Martial Problems
    3. Access to Murder Weapon - Lie - Husband's Alibi
    4. Missing Jewelry - Truth

    The Golden Butterfly

    Michelle Moller
    1. Last Contact with Victim - Doubt
    2. Missing Watch and Rings - Truth
    3. State of Parents Marriage - Doubt

    Hugo Moller
    1. Footprints at Crime Scene - Lie - Size Eight Work Boot
    2. Missing Persons Report - Doubt
    3. Alibi For Hugo - Lie - Husbands Alibi
    4. History of Violence - Lie - Butterfly Brooch

    Hugo Moller (At police station)
    1. Disposal of Evidence - Truth
    2. Access to Braided Rope - Doubt
    3. Access to Tire Iron - Lie - Bloody Tire Iron
    4. Victim's Vehicle Recovered - Lie - Overalls

    Eli Rooney
    1. Footprints at Crime Scene - Doubt
    2. Place of Employment - Doubt
    3. Access to Braided Rope - Truth
    4. Motive for Moller Murder - Doubt

    *I'd charge Rooney with murder, personally.

    The Silk Stocking Murder

    Barbara Lapenti
    1. Possible Suspects - Truth
    2. Movements of Victim - Doubt
    3. Evidence of Break in - Lie - Broken Window/Iron Picket

    Angel Maldonado
    1. Last Contact with Victim - Lie - Husbands Alibi
    2. Jewelry Taken from Body - Truth
    3. Divorce Proceedings - Lie - Attorneys Letter/Divorce Papers
    4. Bloodstained Shirt Found - Doubt

    Diego Aguilar
    1. Movements of Victim - Truth
    2. Missing Jewelry - Doubt

    Clem Feeney
    1. Distinctive Necklace - Doubt
    2. Contact with Victim - Doubt
    3. Movements of Victim - Truth

    The White Shoe Slaying

    Catherin Barton
    1. Suspicious Persons - Truth

    Lars Taraldsen
    1. Possible Suspects - Lie - Bow Rope
    2. Alibi for Lars - Doubt
    3. Victims State of Mind - Doubt
    4. Last Contact with Victim - Lie - Wet Jacket/Muddy Boots

    Benny Cluff
    1. Last Contact with Victim - Truth
    2. Vagrant Male Suspect - Doubt
    3. Yellow Cab 3591 - Truth

    Richard Bates
    1. Contact with Victim - Doubt
    2. Account of Movements - Doubt

    James Jessop
    1. Contact with Victim - Doubt
    2. Incident with Bates - Doubt
    3. Cab Ride with Victim - Doubt
    4. Movements Prior to Murder - Doubt

    Stuart Ackerman
    1. Motive for Murder - Lie - Bloodstained Rope Piece
    2. Contact with Victim - Doubt
    3. Alibi for Stuart - Lie - Purse

    The Studio Secretary Murder

    John Ferdinand Jamison
    1. Discovery of Victims Body - Doubt
    2. Interference with Evidence - Truth

    Grosvenor McCaffrey
    1. Last Contact with Victim - Doubt
    2. Criminal History - Doubt

    Mr. Robbins
    1. Contact with Victim - Truth
    2. Relationship with Victim - Truth
    3. Knowledge of McCaffrey - Doubt

    Grosvenor McCaffrey (at bar)
    1. Relationship with Victim - Lie - Book

    James Tiernon
    1. Relationship with Victim - Lie - Victim Last Seen
    2. Victim's Book Found - Doubt
    3. Alibi for James - Lie - Liquor Purchase
    4. Access to Murder Weapon - Doubt

    Grosvenor McCaffrey
    1. Alibi for McCaffrey - Lie - Torn Letter
    2. Access to Tire Iron - Lie - Tiernan's Accusation

    James Tiernan (second time)
    1. Events Prior to Murder - Lie - McCaffrey's Accusation

    Grosvenor McCaffrey
    1. Military Service - Lie - McCaffrey's Criminal Record

    *Charge McCaffrey

    The Quarter Moon Murders

    No interviews just gotta decipher excerpts

    1. Pershing Square
    2. Hall of Records
    3.LA Public Libary
    4.Westlake Tar Pits
    4. LA Count Art Museum
    5. Intolerance Set
    6. Christ Crown of Throns

    *This should be everything. Playing through a second time to confrim 'em. You see anything wrong, please comment or send a message and I'll fix.
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