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The Hunch

Use four intuition points in a single interview session, correctly branching each question.

The Hunch+0.1
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  • MFMegazeroxMFMegazerox146,207
    22 May 2011 22 May 2011 06 Aug 2011
    130 6 5
    The quickest way to get the achievment if you already beat the game is to replay the first traffic desk case. When you replay a level, you automatically start the case with 5 intuition points.

    The intro cutscene will be a bit long, but after it is over let your partner drive you to the crime scene. You can skip your partner's conversation while driving by pressing the "a" button. Examine the wallet and glasses next to the tree behind the car, which is next to "C". Then you can examine the pipe which is next to "B". Finally, you can examine the car. Talk to the person who discovered the scene.

    At the beginning of each question, use an intuition point. The answers are all truth except the wallet question, which you should doubt.. When you finish the achievment will pop.

    I would like to thank snugglebait, ClansR4diks, napoleon1066, and JusZen for correcting errors I have made in this solution. I also would like to thank OCChoppers for leaving constructive feedback.

    Please leave comments on how I can improve this solution. I am always open to suggestions. Also, if you give this solution thumbs down, please comment why.
  • H2O PsyH2O Psy378,361
    17 May 2011 17 May 2011 17 May 2011
    48 6 6
    You gain intuition points by lvling up. You level up by asking the right questions in cases,doing street crime missions and exploring the city(so save em up and make sure that u got enough at this point).

    In the third case as a traffics investigator u will get a case about a young girl and a woman driving into a sign while being drugged(i choose it this late to make sure that people had enough intuition points).

    Go through the case until u come to the part where u go to mark bishop(the movie producers) home, where some bullies have wrecked the place.

    Before asking Marks wife u need to look at the following clues in the apartment

    A picture of a movie set (The room close to the wife)
    A picture of a prop store(same room the wife is in)
    A check for 20 k dollars (bedroom)
    A movie set replica(its right beside the picture of a movie set)

    In every question u ask her u need to use a Intuition point(makes a option go away... just like who wants to be a millionaire :P). The options u need to take after using a intuition point in each question is :

    Domestic disturbance Doubt (X)
    Whereabouts of Bishop Truth (A)
    Check for 20 k dollars Doubt (X)
    Abuse of Jessica Hamilton Doubt (X)
  • packerbacker16packerbacker16155,232
    17 May 2011 17 May 2011 17 May 2011
    22 5 3
    Once you complete a mission, back out and quit to the main menu. Then click down until the Cases option comes up. Click on it and redo one of the missions and u will have an automatic 5 points to use from the begginning. Now just wait until a conversation with a P.O.I. comes along with 4 possible questions and go with the "Ask Community" option. If it has a high percentage of correctly answered located to the left which is usually above 90%, then go with the top answer. If the community has a low percentage then go with the eliminate an answer option then go with ur gut feeling. Just do it 4 times in one set of questioning and it will pop.
  • WabbbitWabbbit86,914
    22 Jun 2011 22 Jun 2011
    16 1 0
    If you missed this earlier in the game, you can get this during the 3rd Vice case "Manifest Destiny". (After "Naked City" if you have the DLC)

    Wait till you interview your fellow ex-serviceman Kelso at the police station. There are 4 questions to ask.

    Use intuition to either "Remove an Answer" or "Ask the Community"

    Either way, once you have chosen an option the correct sequence from top-to-bottom is : D, T, T, D.

    Good luck with your achievement!
  • ReliantGung hoReliantGung ho483,540
    21 Aug 2014 21 Aug 2014 14 Sep 2014
    8 0 0
    I'll put in my two cents on this solution.

    Managed to get it on the Traffic Case: A Marriage Made in Heaven

    Go interview the bartender, Dudley Lynch at Ray's bar at the beginning of the game.

    At the beginning of each question, use a intuition point for each question:

    Hit and run incident - Doubt
    Association with victim - Truth
    Argument overheard in bar - Doubt
    Joint business venture - Doubt

    No need to worry about finding clues to get this one right. As soon as the interview with Dudley is over, you got yourself a achievement.
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