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Score 500,000 Points in a Gymkhana Event

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Achievement Guide for Gym-Carnage

  • Jimmy Two PiesJimmy Two Pies779,689
    29 May 2011 29 May 2011
    65 3 16
    The best level I found to do this achievement is on the level Boulevard Albert, Monaco map. This level is good due to the large number of smash blocks that are available.
    First thing work your multiplier up to 3x by pulling off tricks and be careful not to smash as you will reduce the multiplier. Once the 3x multiplier is reached drive through the level going for all of the yellow smash blocks as fast as you can without crashing. You will net 27,000 for each group of three and will quickly gather a large score. Smashing all the blocks should get you over 500,000 but if not just pull off another couple of tricks to get over the line.
    I easily got a score of 550,000 using this method
  • Maka91Maka91988,113
    24 May 2011 25 May 2011 17 Aug 2012
    35 5 0
    The first opportunity at this achievement is the event at the end of the gymkhana tutorial.

    Make sure to build up that 3x multiplier, and do as many tricks as you can, trying to not repeat the same thing too many times. Aim for the smashes, air and drifts as they give you the most points for the time.
    Alternatively, you can wait until you rpogress through the game, and unlock the Monaco - Hercules map. Just chain together as many different tricks as possible in a run on this map,a nd you can easily attain over 700,000 points!

    Here is an example of what you are trying to do:
  • Railer wKaRailer wKa72,998
    30 Jun 2011 30 Jun 2011
    8 0 0
    I did this on Monaco - Port Hercule, following the order. If you collide with anything, no matter how minor, use a flashback. You don't need to get perfects in each of the tricks but try for as many points as possible. Note that after the start I went to the right; the same can be done on the left side which is effectively a mirror-image of the side I focused on.

    1. Air Jump off the start, then straight into second air jump
    2. Drift straight ahead and to the right (first drift chute)
    3. Spin in the zone right out of the drift
    4. Drift back through same chute going other way
    5. Drift through zone on either left or right
    6. Smash one of the two rows of blocks
    7. Donut (or spin)
    8. Smash other set of blocks, repeat on other side
    9. Donut (or spin)
    10. Return over air jump to first drift chute
    11. Drift through, then drift through trailers
    12. Spin
    13. Drift through trailers second time
    14. Spin
    15. Drift through chute
    16. Donut
    17. Drift through trailers once again
    18. Spin (if there's enough time)

    YouTube link below shows part of the 500,000 run I had (game only lets you upload 30 seconds).
  • Chicago AJChicago AJ501,002
    23 Jul 2011 25 Jul 2011
    9 2 0
    This was my run that awarded me the achievement. If you keep the 3x multiplier by doing a trick every 3-4 seconds you should easily be able to get the achievement with some patience.

    I wasn't sure if I'd get this achievement by the time I was done with the single player game but as I kept playing the gymkhana championships I would get closer and closer to 500,000 every run.

    This run was well over 600,000. Sorry there are no scores, I had to record the replay from my WP7.
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