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Earn enough fans to achieve the Superstar title

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How to unlock the Super Star achievement

  • Nameless SaintNameless Saint1,447,831
    31 May 2011 29 May 2011 10 Feb 2012
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    I found a very quick way to level up to 35,but you need 8 players, all you do is start up 2 teams of 4 in gymkana pro tour and search at same time.( it works best if the host of the teams live close together) when you get in a game together with everyone,have everyone hit the gas(go fowards a bit), then go in reverse(go backwards abit), hit gas(go forwards), than go in reverse.Do this ontell game is done, BUT NO ONE CAN GET A POINT"
    after the time is up ever body will get 1000 point for 1st place,200 extra point if there driver rating is cautious,and 500 team bonus which add up to a total of 1700 point in 1.5 mins this is the fastest way to level up online I and 7 other player can confirm this works.Also you can get your 10 games won and play 25 games achievement this way.

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    Mr DopeGamingLol people like callum shouldn't be on this site. Thank you for the awesome solution!
    Posted by Mr DopeGaming on 02 Apr 19 at 17:36
    Racer 6981Great guide. Callum can do one!
    Posted by Racer 6981 on 14 May 20 at 14:52
    Duo Zero SevenWho still needs this? I see 247 people want to boost it but everytime I set up a session (On weekends) no one joins? I need 8, so like the solution, we can get this done nice and quick!
    Posted by Duo Zero Seven on 10 Jun 21 at 10:06
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  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    You need to reach Level 35 in Multi-Player (250.000 Fanbase).

    How more people their are in the Match how more points you get. For a full lobby you get 1.000 if you become first, their is a -100 for every spot you finish lower or every player less in match. It don't matter anymore if the others are higher or lower ranked as you (like in GRID).

    Also you have the Clean Driving bonus, you see this Dot by your name in Multiplayer (only changing in Rallycross & Landrush). For a Red Dot you lose 20% of your winnings, with a Orange Dot you don't lose or win extra (0%), for a Green Dot one you get 10% bonus and for a Platinum Colored Dot (Cautious) you get 20% Bonus each race.

    Also driving in a Team gives a bonus if your Team finished overall better then the other one (reward +500 FB).

    Edit: "Gymkhana" takes the less time, so you can do more of them, but lobbies are mostly not full (in Teams).
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    thomasemperorWe found out that if you are experiencing problems with finding and connecting the two teams, try to let two persons from the same country host the lobbies.
    Maybe someone can add this to the guide.
    Posted by thomasemperor on 09 Sep 11 at 18:04
    LeiChatMade a note of the number of fans as I hit a few levels... might not be exact, just when the levels popped for me.
    (Starts at level 27 as I'd already reached 26 just playing for fun)
    Figured it might help others estimate how many boosting sessions they'd need.
    27 - 92k
    28 - 99k
    29 - 120k
    Posted by LeiChat on 08 Jan 12 at 00:38
    xSt0n3dxD3athxalright i'm doing the rubber band thing in gym khana currently, leaving it up over night and i'll probably will be having it up til 10am eastern time possibly later, and until i get acievement will be doing so if anyone needs this achievement go to team gym khana under pro tour and we'll get it at some point but i'll be doing every night til i have achievement any way so add if u need help or want to work on it in the day
    Posted by xSt0n3dxD3athx on 15 Mar 12 at 05:14
  • IllCl0wnIllCl0wn303,523
    22 Jan 2012 22 Jan 2012
    24 8 8
    The best and quick way to reach it is the solution from Nameless Saint, but if you've a minimum amount of time to be right in front of the Xbox and boost it, you can leave it turned on, in a gymkhana pro tour team and rubber band the pad to accellerate and turning right...if you have the luck to get in a boosting session you have the 1700 point and doing nothing! In the worst case, you have 300 point for last place and an extra 60 point if your rating is cautious, always doing nothing!
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    NaberiosYeah, that was more for the guys who were complaining of disconnects. I have a feeling they weren't using wired controllers. I know (now) how old the posts are, I never tend to look at that before responding for some reason.
    Posted by Naberios on 13 Jan 16 at 15:15
    techie76can you double box it in a private match ?
    Posted by techie76 on 27 Jan 16 at 19:50
    NaberiosI used backwards compatibility to bring my alt into a lobby with a couple of my friends to increase the rep they were getting per event. As far as "private" matches go, I'm not sure how the xp/rep works in the game. But you could team up in Head 2 Head I think. Just know that the XP grind is already REALLY slow in the 8-player boosting method. Going for it with only 2 will take forever.

    Also, there may have been an update that prevents you from deadsticking online. I haven't tried with a wired controller, but the thing that causes the game to kick you out of events seems to be based on movement. If your car stops for more than about 20 seconds, you're gone. But like I said, I never tried it with a wired controller.
    Posted by Naberios on 27 Jan 16 at 20:25
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