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The Printer's Devil in L.A. Noire (Xbox 360)

The Printer's Devil27 (20)

Complete 'A Slip of the Tongue'.

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Achievement Guide for The Printer's Devil

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--------------------------------******* SPOILERS BELOW*******-----------------------------------------
To complete this you need to get the following questions and clues, in addition to completing the Case objectives:

Case Objectives:
Investigate Stolen Vehicle Report
Investigate Coombs Automotive
Investigate Jean Archer's Address
Trace Address for Marquee Printing
Investigate Marquee Printing
Interrogate James Belasco
Apprehend Jean Archer
Investigate 58 Industrial Street
Apprehend Gordon Leitvol

Total Questions: 21
Total Clues: 18

Capt. Gordon Leary, the head of the Traffic Desk, gives you the briefing for your case. A stolen green Kaiser Frazer is reported seen on 6 West Second Street, and its registration apparently is on the LAPD's hot sheet. A cop on his beat spotted it in the driveway, so you and Bekowsky are tasked to investigate.

Clues: 6 West Second Street:
Stolen vehicle (given during briefing)

When you get there, the car makes a run for it and you have to ram the vehicle to get it to stop. While chasing the car, you radio in for backup. If you ram the vehicle before the backup catches him, you should get the 20G secret achievement "Nowhere In A Hurry".

L.A. Noire (Xbox 360)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in L.A. Noire (Xbox 360) worth 29 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

You stop the guy and ask why he was in such a hurry, and he said that he saw "two tough guys bearing down" on him and got scared. You then start to question him:

Cliff Harrison:
Vehicle reported as stolen: Truth
Motive for flight: Doubt
Vehicle purchase details: Truth

Clues - Cliff Harrison:
Receipt (given before questioning of Harrison)
Harrison's ownership papers (given during questioning of Harrison)

The car was bought legitimately from Coombs Automotive Co. for US$2,450. He bought it directly from Richard Coombs, the owner of Coombs Automotive Company, and Coombs made out the bill of sale personally, having the original copy at his office. He was in such a hurry because he had some weed stashed in the glove compartment, but you'll let it slide.

After questioning is finished, you have an officer apprehend him for Grand Theft Auto and the possessions in the vehicle until the case is closed. You and your partner are then tasked to investigate Coombs Automotive Company.

When you get to the auto lot, Richard Coombs, the owner, tries to sell you a Buick for your car. Ignoring his humour, and his offer, you proceed straight to questioning him in his office.

Richard Coombs:
Details of transaction: Truth
Description of suspect: Truth
Association with Marquee: Truth (WARNING: This question is missable if you don't turn over the back of the pink slip - Archer's ownership papers - when he gives it to you to examine)
Cheque payment details: Doubt
Suspicious transaction: Doubt

Clues - Coombs Automotive Co.:
Archer's ownership papers (given during questioning of Coombs)
Bill of sale (given during questioning of Coombs)
Cheque (given during questioning of Coombs)

While speaking with him, Bekowsky is so annoyed with his demeanour he begs Phelps to shoot him laugh. Anyway, you are then told that the car was sold to him from a slightly plump woman named Jean Archer, who apparently appeared to do so in a hurry, and only getting a cheque instead of cash for her car as she hoped. Coombs wanted to have enough room to back out if she was bogus with the money, and while not they typical car he will take at his lot, the price was enough for him to accept her offer. As you leave, he asks you to take it easy on Harrison.

Bekowsky suggests you put out an APB (All-Points Bulletin) for Jean Archer. An APB, for those who are not familiar with police terms, is a broadcast put out from a law enforcement agency about a person of interest or a possible suspect that is to be arrested if sighted. In the UK it's known as an APW (All-Points Warning), and in Australia as KALOF (Keep A Look-Out For). As you head out, you're tasked by dispatch to come to Central Station, as someone by the name of James Belasco is held on suspicion that he stole the green Frazer, awaiting your interrogation. You are also tasked to investigate the Marquee Company, which makes the pink slips, located on Aliso St. First, go to see Jean Archer to apprehend her.at her home address......

But wait! What do we get when we arrive? An empty lot! The address given on the pink slips was a bogus one!

Clues: Jean Archer's "Residence":
Fake address (discovered upon arrival)

Having been duped, you head back to the police station.

When you return to Central Station, Watch Cmdr. Mel Flesicher tells you he's in Interview Room Two, and says that this is "another stolen car with legit papers."

Go in the room to begin the interrogation. He already is pissed at you, insulting you and saying his papers are legit. He also demands a lawyer. You look at the pink slip and claim it's a forgery, but it appears legitimate.

James Belasco:
Stolen auto courier: Doubt
Association with Archer: Lie
Evidence: Archer's ownership papers
Auto theft racket: Doubt
Stolen vehicles warehoused: Doubt

Clues: James Belasco
Belasco's ownership papers (given before interrogation)
Stolen auto courier (given during interrogation)
Auto theft racket (given during interrogation)

After the interrogation, you find out that Belasco was an auto courier as part of a auto theft racket that crosses state lines, and that Archer schemed with him as part of the racket by having the same addresses on the ownership papers. He drives the cars out of state, and they get sold in Chicago or places on the East Coast. (Note: Listen to how Phelps convinces him to cough up one of the answers laugh) Belasco picks up the cars at a warehouse somewhere on Industrial St., in East Downtown Eventually Belasco cooperates but you keep him in interrogation while they follow up on the leads.

As you exit the interrogation room you're stopped by Ray Pinker from Technical Services, who tells you that the Marquee Printing Company is the only company in California that makes the pink slips, which are all valid and not forged. The one in charge of the company is a proprietor named Gordon Leitvol, so plan to pay a visit to see him soon.

Clues: Central Police Station:
Note from Ray Pinker (given by Pinker)
Pink slips (given by Pinker)

Before you see Leitvol, go and see Jean Archer. Cmdr. Fleischer tells you that a patrolman spotted her at the Western Union Office on 253 South Hill, less than a minute away down the street if he ran, so you now have to run to catch her. WARNING: If you do not quickly run after her, you will miss her, and will not be able to get three questions and find one clue needed to complete the case. If you miss her, restart from your last checkpoint.

As you get to the Western Union Office, you confront Archer, where she is trying to quickly get money cashed, but you stop her just in time. She tries to seduce Phelps to avoid questioning, but unfortunately, Phelps is a married, faithful man wink, and begins questioning Archer.

Jean Archer:
Stolen Kaiser Frazer: Doubt
Association with Belasco: Lie
Evidence: Belasco's ownership papers
Stolen auto courier: Doubt

If you asked all the questions and correctly branched them during questioning, you should get the 20G secret achievement "Femme Imbecile."

L.A. Noire (Xbox 360)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in L.A. Noire (Xbox 360) worth 30 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

By selling the green Frazer, Archer was stupid enough to have blown the auto racketeering operation, and won't get any money for it. Det. Phelps reminds her that if the others involved find out, she'd be dead, and tries to convince her to give more details. She at first denies knowing Belasco, but fails in lying when she accidentally slips his first name when the detectives didn't. She admits the pink slips are legit but the home addresses were always vacant lots, and was told to stick to her story by someone named "Bigelow" on a warehouse at 58 Industrial St., and not sell the car. The warehouse is where she and Belasco pick up the cars from. Phelps advises her to mariy someone "boring who has money" and who will find her "capitvating." She gets taken aback by his comments, but Det. Bekowsky says he takes a little getting used to, Det. Phelps "generally means what he says."

Clues: Western Union Office:
Known associates of Archer (given during questioning of Archer)

After apprehending Archer, go to the Marquee Printing Company to speak with Gordon Leitvol. His company is the only one that prints state vehicle titles. He suggests forgery when asked if any of his goods or equipment were stolen recently, and Phelps says the police will keep it in mind. He then begins to question him:

Gordon Leitvol:
Knowledge of theft racket: Doubt
Pink slip supply: Doubt
Coombs auto deliveries: Doubt

According to Leitvol, this problem happened two years ago, where several used car lots were selling blank documents to a criminal organisation. While he doesn't recall Harrison or Belasco, he does remember Coombs, and he says they may have been involved in stolen documents in the past. When Phelps convinces Leitvol to show the Marquee Delivery Ledger, he notices that the one most frequently involved in placing orders comes from a "S. Bigelow" of 58 Industrial St., where the warehouse might be.

Clues: Marquee Printing Company:
Delivery ledger (given after questioning)

Bekowsky thinks it is time to "bust open the warehouse" on 58 Industrial St. and as you enter, guns are drawn. There are eight people clustered in the back, two behind the gutted cars, and five others on the oppsite side, one of them in the first window you see when you initially ask them to give up.

Instead of going through the main door, go through the door Det. Bekowsky enters, and shoot the chain holding the hanging engine quickly, where it will drop on a flammable barrel and explode, killing a couple of people. It will also net you the 20G secret achievement "Chop Shop." One of the gunmen has a Thompson so pick up that weapon during the firefight for the extra firepower.

L.A. Noire (Xbox 360)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in L.A. Noire (Xbox 360) worth 34 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Up the stairs there are two more gunmen, watch your aim, use cover and take them out.

After the gunmen are killed, one guy is in the office you storm in, Steven Bigelow, the warehouse operator. While Bekowsky watches him, you search his office for clues.

Clues: 58 Industrial St. Warehouse:
Box of pink Slips (on a table behind Bigelow)
Delivery note (on a table near Bekowsky)
Betting slips (on a table near Bekowsky, near the delivery note)

The box of pink slips shows they have enough to keep stealing vehicles for a while. If you have already seen the pink slips for Jean Archer, Cliff Harrison, and James Belasco, when you reach this box, the 20G secret achievement "Racing For Pinks" will unlock.

L.A. Noire (Xbox 360)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in L.A. Noire (Xbox 360) worth 27 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

The delivery note is directly coming from Levitol and his printing company, with horse betting slips made out by Levitol, where he doesn't appear to be winning.

Phelps adds pressure on Bigelow, knowing he's involved in the operation of stolen cars and pink slips, but Bigelow just says he works on cars for "customers." The questioning begins.

Steven Bigelow:
Pink slip supply: Doubt
Association with Leitvol: Lie
Evidence: Note from Ray Pinker

Clues: Steven Bigelow:
Gambling Debts (given during questioning of Bigelow)

Leitvol apparently is the guy that's been supplying them with pink slips, and likes spending big at the track. He's accumulated apparently US$20,000 in debt to people, and if the government finds out he loses his contracts. He has Bigelow use the slips to help him take part in the auto racket to help pay off the debts. Phelps tells him that if he cooperates he'll be in prison for a reduced sentence, and has him arrested.

Now that you have Bigelow in custody, it's time to pay Leitvol a visit.

When you go to arrest Leitvol, he starts to accuse you or harassment, and he's getting irritated. Bust out the question book and ask him his final question.

Gordon Leitvol #2:
Deliveries to Industrial St.: Lie
Evidence: Betting slips

Caught in the lie, Leitvol admits he has a "small" betting problem, but says he's willing to cooperate and name names, and requests to have it kept away from the press. Det. Phelps refuses and places him under arrest for conspiracy and fraud.

Later, Capt. Gordon Leary reads an article to them praising the work of the LAPD's Central Traffic division in how it broke a "nation wide auto theft ring" and how more than a dozen criminals were "removed" (read: gunned down) from the scene. He congratulates you for your work and urges you to get back on the streets and nail more bad guys while he continues to read the article.

Soon, the achievement should pop for a good 20 G! Hope this helps!

L.A. Noire (Xbox 360)The Printer's DevilThe The Printer's Devil achievement in L.A. Noire (Xbox 360) worth 27 pointsComplete 'A Slip of the Tongue'.

Those who wish to vote negative, at least please give the courtesy of explaining why you voted it down. I simply explained my method of what worked for me to get the achievement.
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