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Place your opponent in Check by Castling (Classic Game)

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How to unlock the Revolutionist achievement

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    I recommend going for this achievement when going for the "Torturer" and "Bewildered" achievements.

    The "Revolutionist" achievement requires you to put the opponent into Check whilst Castling.
    The "Bewildered" achievement requires you to become stalemated.

    First thing to do is bring out your queen and most of your pawns, to get rid of the foot soldiers.
    Make sure you're playing on the easiest difficulty of computer opponent, "0".
    When most of the pawns are gone, I suggest trying to get rid of all of your opponent's pieces, except one pawn (which should not be a pawn on the side columns, it has to be a pawn on Columns B, C, D, E, F, or G, which is to be used on the "Bewildered" achievement). When you've done that, you can move your own non-pawn pieces up to Check the King, then when the King moves, sacrifice that piece, so you can bring the next piece up. Try and keep your Queen alive, to position the opponent's King. Following this method should get you the "Torturer" achievement.

    Remember, DO NOT MOVE YOUR KING OR YOUR CASTLES UNTIL YOU ARE GOING TO CASTLE, because if you move your King or Castles, you WILL NOT be able to Castle.

    Once all of the opponent's pieces are gone (except for the single Knight), position your Queen to force the King to move into the 4th column from the left side of the board, or the 3rd column from the right. When you've done that, and there's no other piece on those rows, Castle, to pop your "Revolutionist" achievement.

    Now sacrifice all of your pieces except for your Queen & King. To sacrifice them, move them into a taking position next to the opponent's King. Make sure you don't Checkmate him.
    With the opponent having King & Pawn, and you having King & Queen, you should be able to move into a Stalemate position. What you need to do is position your King on B1, C1, D1, E1, F1, or G1, dependant on which column the pawn is on. You need to position the King on Square #1 of the column the pawn is on. You want the pawn to be able to move to Square #2 of the column, so that your King is blocking it's promotion. To get the computer to move the pawn, you need to trap the King in a corner, by putting him in A1, A8, H1, or H8. You need to move your Queen into a position near either corner so that the King is not in Check, but can't move. So for example, if the King was in A1, you'd want to put your Queen in either C2 or B3, because those positions block movement of the King. Once the pawn is in position, move your queen out the way, and try to move the King into a position right above the pawn, and to the side by one square.
    For example, if your King is on E1. The opponent's pawn would have to be on E2. You want to get the opponent's King into such a position that it would be on D4, E4, F4, D3 or F3. You want the King to be in one of those positions, at the same time where you can move your Queen into E3. This will force the King to take your Queen, and cause a stalemate.

    Good luck. "Bewildered" is a VERY fiddly achievement, but if you follow the above instructions, you should get it.
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    Sir Stratsavvyim no chessmaster, what the hell does castling mean? i was hoping it would explain it in the solution but no luck.
    Posted by Sir Stratsavvy on 20 Feb 12 at 18:34
    DwaggieniteI was expecting people to play this to know chess :)

    Castling is when you move the King two spaces horizontally, and put the castle next to it, assuming that the castle and king haven't moved so far in the game. That's the best I can explain it, but have a wikipedia link that explains it.
    Posted by Dwaggienite on 20 Feb 12 at 19:10
    BOUGHANMIcan you make a video
    Posted by BOUGHANMI on 06 May 12 at 08:12
    DwaggieniteUnfortunately, I can't make a video as the game must be played in full screen and I have no idea how to record whilst doing that.
    Posted by Dwaggienite on 06 May 12 at 08:50
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