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How to unlock the Maximalist achievement

  • MonDabMonDab958,362
    07 Mar 2012 08 Mar 2012 08 Mar 2012
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    This achievement is OFFICIALLY not broken.

    It is however evidently glitched. For the final achievement I got Grandmaster. Where as TSG Dwaggie got Perfectionist for his final achievement. I would recommend doing the online last to possibly prevent this problem.

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    MonDabThat is what I think causes the glitch to occur, hard to say for sure though. I know that I did online last and it unlocked for me as well.
    Posted by MonDab on 06 Jun 14 at 22:53
    TrapMuzik99Ok, so save Grandmaster for last? I am getting the game on two pc's so I can knock out some of the other achievements that you can do online - will that have any effect on it not popping?
    Posted by TrapMuzik99 on 18 Jun 15 at 14:03
    MonDabThat depends on how you do it. If you are using the same profile on two different PC's that might mess things up for you. Sorry for the delayed response.
    Posted by MonDab on 30 Jul 15 at 13:19
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  • CosminiionCosminiion800,071
    28 Sep 2019 28 Sep 2019 18 May 2020
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    Alright, time to debunk the mystery surrounding this achievement and its "Buggy" flag, only over 8 years late laugh Of course, this is gonna be very long, but maybe an interesting read for some. This is going to include my personal story with this achievement, but it also includes objective explanations of what happens to this achievement when it doesn't unlock at 35/36 achievements and what it takes to unlock it in the end. Of course, the explanation is a technical one. Files will be talked about, but just as an understanding of the quirks of this achievement. There is no file manipulation needed to unlock this achievement whatsoever.

    First off, unlocking this achievement does not have anything to do with which achievement you unlock last as your 35th. So all the speculations about which achievement should be your last in the other solution here and its comments are irrelevant (no offense to anyone, of course, just stating the truth).

    THE only thing this achievement has to do with is the LOCAL game/profile save file located at "C:\Users\[user]\Documents\My Games\battle vs chess\live_profiles\[count].prfl". The count starts at "0001" for the first profile to sign in the game, then 0002 for the second, etc. If you have multiple .prfl files in there, open them with Notepad and at the beginning you will see the gamertag to which they are tied.

    That .prfl file, aside from serving as a save file for your profile's single player progress and stats, also tracks progress for achievements, triggers them a single time to unlock when requirements are met and also records which achievements were triggered and unlocked. Kinda like Xbox Live does, but locally and only for this game.

    The main gist is that all achievements need to be unlocked under the same .prfl file for Maximalist to recognize that all other achievements were obtained. Maximalist does NOT look at the unlocked achievements in your Xbox Live profile.

    Now I'll go ahead and tell my personal story which will further help in understanding this achievement and what it takes to unlock it. This includes my thought process on how I figured out all this.

    Many years ago I did all the achievements that could possibly be unlocked offline. I could not play online at that time. I ended up with 32/36 achievements. Since then I lost my save file. Fast forward to one week ago. I launch the game with a fresh save file and the ability to go online. I boost the online achievements, but upon unlocking my 35th, "Grandmaster", "Maximalist" did NOT pop alongside it. Now I am stuck with 35/36 achievements.

    Here's what I test (the technical part for the knowledgeable): I move away the game's .gpd file and now all this game's achievements appear locked again, 0/36. I play one more online match after which I know for sure a bunch of achievements will pop. Nothing pops however... Then, in addition, I move away my save file, start the game again with a fresh save file, still 0/36 achievements, I play one more online match and this time a bunch of achievements DO pop, no Maximalist though. Then my achievements get synced from Xbox Live back to 35/36. I move back my save file containing my unlocked online achievements. At this point I understand the save file is key and I figure out the stuff I explain above.

    So what to do though? I already have properly unlocked 35/36 achievements. Well, I figure since the save file tracks and triggers the achievements, it also holds a checklist of which achievements are unlocked for "Maximalist". So then I proceed to BLINDLY REDO the TASKS of all the rest of achievements, the 32 which I already have unlocked on my profile. I say blindly because of course they won't pop again since they are already unlocked.

    However I wasn't looking for them to re-pop, I had only planned to redo the TASKS of the achievements, because I knew that once the task for an achievement is done, the save file sends a trigger to unlock the achievement and also registers that the achievement is unlocked. I wasn't looking for the trigger, but just for the save file to record that achievement was "done".

    So then in the following week (the current week, as I'm writing) I blindly redo the rest of the 32 achievements. Basically I redo the entire single player. I personally keep track of every achievement and judge when it SHOULD'VE popped. Fast forward to the current day. According to my own tracking and notes, I should have a single achievement left to redo (I left "Fritz Killer" for last). I win the Skirmish match and "Maximalist" pops. Myth busted!

    Tl;dr = all the tasks of all 35/36 achievements must be accomplished under the same local save file for "Maximalist" to recognize them and pop after the 35th. If you ever lose your save file, if it gets corrupted, or if you ever start fresh for whatever reason, you need to redo the tasks for all your previously unlocked achievements for Maximalist to recognize them. This also applies to the 360 version and is the reason why some people on the 360 version are also stuck with 35/36 achievements.

    Further notes about blindly redoing the achievements:
    - First I redid the campaigns, getting gold in all 30 missions. No need to track those achievements manually
    - Then I went for "Explorer", I won the following: Battlegrounds Duel and Slasher (both only Classic placement), One timer puzzle - Execution&Menace, Skirmish (placements: Classic, Random, Tactical, Madness, Recruit, Madness Recruit), all the Tutorials
    - Finished everything there is in Minigames: Challenge - Treasure Hunt 20 levels, One timer puzzle - Execution&Menace, all Standard Puzzles and all Hard Puzzles
    - I redid exclusively in Skirmish Classic all the following achievements in their entirety, not necessarily in this order: Bewildered, Strategist, Revolutionist, Catcher, Torturer (made check by more than 5 pieces), Fritz Killer (left for last), Fighter, Sacrifice (won with exactly 2 pieces less than the opponent), Annihilator, Sprinter, Promoter (across multiple games), Reckless, Persecutor, Immortal (captured more than 5 pieces in one game), God's Beloved (promoted exactly 3 pawns in one game), Universal Soldier
    - No need to track "Adventurer" and "Traveler", as by the time you redo everything, you'll have them done for sure, unless you feel like you really haven't played enough matches or taken enough turns, but very unlikely.
    - If you already have over 1200 online rating (check Leaderboards), winning one match will be enough to satisfy "Grandmaster", but you gotta win 20 online matches anyway for "Overmind"
    - If you embark on this journey, don't mark any achievement 'complete' unless you are 100% sure, without a shadow of doubt that you successfully re-did the achievement and it would've normally popped.
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