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Late to the Party in Hunted: The Demon's Forge

Late to the Party143 (50)

Adventure Mode - Free all bound prisoners throughout the game

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Achievement Guide for Late to the Party

Mickey Burns
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Mickey Burns
Achievement won on 07 Oct 12
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Posted on 07 October 12 at 16:45
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Chapter 1 (Chapter total: 5)

Chapter 1.1: Town Entrance (total prisoners: 2)

Prisoner #1 – After the close quarters combat in the alley where you get the Not On My Watch achievement, turn to the right and the first prisoner can be found hanging behind a half-wall. You can hop this wall and take the gold, as well as break the weapon rack.

Prisoner #2 – Pass through the co-op gate and once you pass the magic portal and the pedestal where you can switch characters, follow the path to the left and you will see the second prisoner hanging in front of you a bit.

Chapter 1.2: Smithy (total prisoners: 2)

Prisoner #3 – After clearing the courtyard (where you are introduced to explosive barrels) and after moving upstairs and jumping to the platform that crashes, you find yourself in a small alley. Move to the left and when you reach the courtyard look to your right. Aim for the rope holding the sign above the door and shoot it down … which will send the sign crashing into the door allowing you to enter. The third prisoner is just inside this house.

Prisoner #4 – After exiting the “dungeon-like” area where you hear Caddoc talk about taking the thing that killed the dog to lunch, you will enter another courtyard. Kill the Wargar in this area. To continue with the story, you will exit to the left through a doorway … DO NOT DO SO YET. Facing the exit, look left and you will see a wooden cart. Hop the cart like you would a short wall, run forward to another cart you can hop, run around the right wall and hop over the next wall. The prisoner is just over the wall and to your left.

Chapter 1.6: Keep Entrance (total prisoners: 1)

Prisoner #5 – Upon entering this level, you will run up the hill until you reach to the top. To your right, two armored Wargar will burst through a door. Defeat them but do not enter that door yet. Turn around and head towards the other barn on top of the hill. There will be one live prisoner hanging and three dead ones. Shoot down the live prisoner.

Chapter 2 (Chapter total: 7)

Chapter 2.1: Well of Sorrow (total prisoners: 1)

Prisoner #6 – At the beginning of the level, press B to squeeze through the tight passage. On the other side you will come to the purple obelisk. Turn left and then round the corner to the right. Go to the end, but instead of turning the next right, look forward through the broken wall into the lit chamber. Hanging there will be the next prisoner.

Chapter 2.2: Prison (total prisoners: 4)

Prisoners #7 and #8 – After the cut-scene, pass the purple obelisk and drop down to fight some baddies. After mopping them up, flip the switches on the long wall. One will open a cell where you can get a Deathstone, while the opposite wall’s switch opens the cells of two prisoners … on just to the right of the switch and another a little to the left of the switch.

Prisoners #9 and #10 – After using the first turn crank to enter the second room … the room with the ramp that leads to the second floor … go up to the second floor. Make a left at the top and follow the path around until you reach what is the second floor of the first room you were in. Find the pressure switch on the floor. From here, go right and follow that around until you get to a switch on the wall … flip it. Look to your right and there will be a prisoner. The other prisoner is at the other end of the second floor in this same area on the right hand side.

Chapter 2.4: Descent (total prisoners: 1)

Prisoner #11 – During this section you will pass through several areas. Eventually you will come to a part where you have to cross a couple rickety bridges, then a bit further take a short curved wooden ramp. A bit further than that you will have to step through a passage partially blocked with wooden beams where you pass B to navigate through. On the other side of this, look to your immediate right and you will find the prisoner hanging there.

Chapter 2.5: Ballista City (total prisoners: 1)

Prisoner #12 – After the bit where you face off against an enemy on the ballista, you run around the corner, up the stairs and through a co-op door. There will be a bridge ahead of you with enemies coming at you and a set of downward stairs to your left. Kill the enemies and run down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, look right and there will be a prisoner hanging there.

Chapter 3 (Chapter total: 15)

Chapter 3.1: Bridges (total prisoners: 2)

Prisoner #13 – At the start of the chapter, as you cross the first bridge, Wargar will toss some poor schmoe off of the cliff. Quickly run to them and kill the Wargar before they execute the prisoner you can save. He will be hanging to the left behind the tree.

Prisoner #14 – After prisoner #13, cross the next bridge, duck under the fallen tree, run towards the obelisk and portal and continue on the path ahead. You will see this prisoner wench tied to a post just to the left as you round the bend towards the right.

Chapter 3.2: Descent (total prisoners: 2)

Prisoner #15 – After two “down-hill” battles with Wargar archers and their melee buddies, drop down to the next area. There will be a purple-lit cave on your left. Enter this cave and the prisoner will be hanging towards the back of the cave. Freeing this prisoner initiates an attack by a few Wargar … then run up the stairs to the central platform where you will face several waves of Wargar.

Prisoner #16 – After the battle that came after prisoner #15, go through the co-op gate and continue on the path. Hop the gap and continue to the Wargar camp … they will discuss whether to sneak attack or frontal assault, it doesn’t matter which you do. After the battle, enter the newly opened cave. Fight the Wargar and spider guys inside, and towards the rear of the cave smash through the wooden door. There you will meet the story-related prisoner and you will be treated to a cut-scene.

Chapter 3.3: Encampment (total prisoners: 11)

Brace yourselves ……….

NOTE: From my experience, freeing these 11 prisoners is a little easier if you come back and replay this section after getting more skills and kills. It is also easier to free the prisoners and keep them alive if you wait until after you kill the Wargar in each camp to free them from their bindings.

Prisoner #17 – At the first encampment area you come across, the prisoner will be bound to the left of the camp … near the horn. Kill all the Wargar here, keeping them away from the horn. Kill the Wargar that come through the opened gate and then free the prisoner. This will be a common theme for freeing the prisoners in this part of the game (Chapter 3.3).

Prisoner #18 – At the next encampment, the horn will be right in front of you and the prisoner will be towards the right of the camp. Defeat the Wargar without allowing them to sound the horn, and then defeat the Wargar that come through the gate. Then free the bound prisoner.

Prisoners #19 and #20 – The next encampment will have one horn to guard, which is near the rear left side of the encampment, and two prisoners to free. Rush to the horn to keep the Wargar from sounding the alarm and defeat the Wargar, including those that come through the newly opened gate. Then free the two prisoners … one on the side of the camp near the horn and the other on the opposite side of the camp.

Prisoners #21, #22, and #23 – This next encampment will have one horn on the right side of the camp near the big tree and three prisoners to free. Rush to the horn and defeat the Wargar before they can sound the alarm. Defeat the few Wargar that come through the gate and then free the three prisoners. One is near the horn (standing in front of the horn and facing away … to the right), one is on the other side of the big tree from the horn, and the other is on the other side of the campfire from the previous prisoner.

Prisoners #24, #25, #26, and #27 – The fifth encampment is a little bit different. Not only are there 4 prisoners to worry about, there are also 2 horns. Rush to the center campfire and guard the two horns … one on each side of the fire. I found that it helps to use a fully upgraded dragon’s breath (if you have it). Clear out the Wargar, keeping them from the horns, and then deal with the Wargar that come through the gate. Afterwards, free the four bound prisoners. One was right in front of you on your way in, two side-by-side are (facing the campfire) to the right, and the last one is on the way to the camp exit.

There, now … take a deep breath. The hard part is over.

Chapter 4 (Chapter total: 4)

Chapter 4.2: Black Hearts and Red Blood (total prisoners: 1)

Prisoner #28 – This is a fairly short sub-chapter. Towards the end, after you progress through the building and fall through the floor, you come out into a courtyard where you fight a Harridan (one of those enemies that teleports around and leaves magic-spewing totems). There may be other enemies, depending upon difficulty. Now, after killing your enemy (enemies), do not go through the co-op gate. Facing the gate, turn around and go into the ruined building in front of you. The prisoner will be bound in here.

Chapter 4.4: The Scarlet Maid Tavern (total prisoners: 1)

Prisoner #29 – This sub-chapter is very brief. Upon reaching the fourth floor, make you way across to where you drop back down to the third floor. Kill the enemy that pops out and turn the corner. The prisoner is hanging in the next room … off towards the right.

Chapter 4.5: The King’s Tale (total prisoners: 2)

Prisoner #30 – After sprinting from certain doom on the aqueduct and navigating through the building you end up in, you find your way into a street filled with baddies. Take care of them and make your way down the street. Before going under the stone archway, look to the ruined building on your left. The prisoner will be hanging inside.

Prisoner #31 – After the scene with the king, head up the stairs and make your way along the path going left. You’ll come across a chest of gold, turn left and you will come into a street battle where an enemy with a flachette gun is firing away. From the short alley that you came from go left (away from the gunner). In the ruined building on the right at the end of the street you will find the prisoner hanging.

Chapter 5 (Chapter total: 1)

Chapter 5.3: Sewer (total prisoners: 1)

Prisoner #32 – After the third room you are attacked by skeletons and aracklings, you go through a co-op gate only to end up in a cell. The only way out is to shoot the explosive barrels through the grated ceiling. Run out the exit you created and right in front of you the prisoner is hanging.

And that is it … all 32 prisoners freed. Congratulations.
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