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End career with 1 000 points achievement in Top Spin 2

End career with 1 000 points

Finish an entire career and score more than 1 000 career points to receive this achievement

End career with 1 000 points0
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How to unlock the End career with 1 000 points achievement

  • Scud1888Scud1888
    21 May 2009 20 May 2009 27 Nov 2009
    In your first season aim to win all the minors and possibly a major or two, concentrate on training and max out power,forehand, backhand, speed and precision. In your second season continue to train and distribute the stars as desired (serve, stamina and reflexes id recommend personally) but aim to win all the majors and any "special" matches such as the tennis academy naming one etc, this will give you silver and gold stars.
    When you max out 60 bronze stars you will get an invitation from a billionaire to a private match, its vs your rival and winning it is almost essential to maxing out all your stars in gold. By the end of your second season or beginning of your third you should have all gold stars and be well prepared to compete in slams and masters. Keep entering and winning minors and majors as well as the slams and masters.

    If youre losing a match or training session quit to dashboard BEFORE the game can autosave.

    At the end of every season youll be presented with your career points up to that point, hopefully by the end of the 4th or 5th 1000 will have been earned and you can sim to the end of the fifth season.

    As DenXD pointed out, playing as female also makes it much easier both as you dont have to play as many sets and or have to face Federer.

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    King GBFMy opponent after maxing out 60 bronze medals is just unbeatable. Not even gonna win one point against her, in 15+ tries now.
    Posted by King GBF On 26 Apr 20 at 16:48
    CHERRY CHEERIOSFor anyone who is still going for this below are my career points for each season.
    Season 1 - 78
    Season 2 - 317
    Season 3 - 449 Hit #1 in this season
    Season 4 - 116 Lots of simming won all minors and majors.
    Season 5 - 74 Lots of simming won a couple minors and majors.

    The points shown at the end of each season are your overall points you do not need to add any numbers together.

    Good luck and make sure you pick a female character it makes the completion much easier.
    Posted by CHERRY CHEERIOS On 01 Jun 21 at 20:47
    The GlobalizerNothing beats the endless joy of spending all Sunday afternoon simming my max stat player against rank 131 players that consistently double-donut me in a minor tournament, just to get those last 50 points in my career 😅

    EDIT: In case this helps anyone, I got 107 points in my last year, by:

    * Winning all Minors
    * Winning all Majors
    * Winning 2 Masters
    * Winning the first two matches of each Slam and the other Masters

    FYI, it's safe to assume that if you sim against a licensed player, you're likely to lose badly. You may also need to play against some lower ranked players to keep your wins up because the game seems to super power some players in some tournaments. Shout out to the fake player ranked in the mid-100s in a minor who was substantially harder to beat than Sharapova or Williams (I won 3-0 3-0 vs Williams 10 of 11 matches).
    Posted by The Globalizer On 10 Apr 22 at 13:46
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    05 Apr 2010 05 Apr 2010
    First off i would like to warn people about the points system in this game. It is not related to the leaderboard in anyway. Dont think oh i have enough points the leaderboard says so. It has nothing to do with that. The points system is a season based points system and you can only check your points after each season.

    Now on to the training make sure you have max stars in speed,power,forehand,backhand,at least 6 to 7 in spin,5 in focus,and stamina.

    The cpu is very beatable with the stategy i came up with you can usually beat most opponents using the safe shot a button however against guys like Coria you must use the slice shot its your friend when they hit it to you always use the slice shot x button towards the sides at an angle once they have to stretch to get to it they are open for th e safe shot. Once you come across people that like to camp the net you must use the lob y button to beat them.

    You must win as many tournaments as you can up to the 5th season once you get to the 5th season try to win all the tournaments up to Wimbelton then just enter the games and sim game by game if you are winning your chances of winning by simming go up.
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    MagmaticNevada8this is a shit guide
    Posted by MagmaticNevada8 On 07 May 21 at 11:58
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