Super Monster Bouncer achievement in Doodle Jump (WP)

Super Monster Bouncer

Jump on 30 monsters in one game

Super Monster Bouncer-1.0
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How to unlock the Super Monster Bouncer achievement

  • Chicago AJChicago AJ563,217
    29 Jun 2011 30 Jun 2011
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    I would suggest playing on the Jungle level for this achievement.

    I noticed that if I DID NOT hit any springs/jetpacks/trampolines I saw a lot more monsters than if I was hitting power-ups. If I did not see a monster by the time my score was at 3,800-4,000 I would die and start over.

    There will be times when you will get lucky and see a monster around 1,800 but then it's likely that you will not see any monsters until 50,000 or so.

    If you get into a situation where you see 4-5 monsters at once and are unsure, try shooting one of them to make a path for you to safely progress, but I suggest bouncing on AT LEAST 2 of them, 3 is what I did most of the time. I don't think 4 is possible.

    After you play the game a while you will start to notice patterns and should be able to anticipate where the monsters will be and how many of them there will be.

    Tips: Once you get to the quick moving platforms around a score of 50,000-55,000 that's the hardest the game will ever get. If you see UFOs, kill them as quick as you can since they will likely kill you AND they do not count towards the achievement. I made it to a score of 106,000+ and saw 46 monsters, bounced on 34 of them and saw 16 UFOs, many of which nearly killed me.

    This achievement took me about 3 and a half weeks of about 3-4 hours of playing per day, so practice, practice, practice.

    Hope this helps.

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    Kikoo123I got super good rng heaps of monsters and then I got even luckier when I should of died but didn't, got this at 91k
    Posted by Kikoo123 on 31 Aug 19 at 04:19
    DaOverUnderJumping on springs and trampolines doesn’t effect monster spawns.
    Posted by DaOverUnder on 11 Jan at 23:44
    VisibleRaptor5No, they do not but this is tough. You just got to be alert and anticipate. Some monsters can be jumped on but it is very risky. Shoot them and keep going.
    Posted by VisibleRaptor5 on 06 Mar at 19:55
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  • lucas1987lucas19873,864,808
    01 Apr 2013 01 Apr 2013
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    **Many thanks to Chicago AJ for all his tips first of all. He definitely helped me get this achievement. **

    First of all, start on the level Jungle of course. You will get the achievement for jumping past 30 enemies also so try to land on as many as you can.

    My number 1 tip is to play with the sound as loud as possible. I played mine with headphones so nothing else could disturb me, but I think it helps. With the sound loud, you will hear when your coming up to any UFO's and enemies so your well prepared.

    Something else I think helped is to have lots of time and don't stop playing. I played for 8 hours straight and I think thats the key. I had every part of the enemies memorized and found ways to get 3 of the 4 monsters in every scenario. Near the end I didn't chance it and only got 2 at a time. Just play for long periods of time and find patterns to kill the monsters.

    I avoided all jetpacks (sometimes you will have to get 1 to advance), avoided as many springs as possible, but jumped on any trampolines because I would always be afraid I would fall off.

    The thing I did differently is if I didn't encounter enemies in the first 2k, I would keep playing anyway. I didn't see much of a different. There was times that I got 10 monsters in the first 15k, and there was times I would only get 1, but in the end, I would always be around 90k when I was around 30 enemies bounced on.

    Patterns start repeating and you'll encounter the same enemies multiple times in a session. I would get excited when I came upon the 4 monster section 3 times. Like Chicago said, around 40-50k is the hardest the game gets. Patterns will start repeating around 50-60k also.

    I got my 30 monsters bounced on at 88k, and once i got the achievement, I only encountered another 3 monsters and died at around 139k.

    Good luck everyone, and don't give up. Just takes lots of practice and some time.
  • VisibleRaptor5VisibleRaptor5114,753
    07 Mar 2022 09 Mar 2022 15 May 2022
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    This solution will take some time to post. I will do some editing too. So bear with me. I will use bullet points to keep things concise.

    - Best theme to use is the Jungle theme. As it lacks black holes 🕳, several monsters spawn to compensate.

    - There are 7 different monsters in the game based on their movements. They are effectively the same across the themes. They just look different to match the theme that is played.

    - Sticking with the Jungle theme, here are your seven monsters.
    1. Big Hippo - Blue hippo 🦛 like monster that jumps up and down on two platforms.
    2. Blue Pinecone Fly - Blue fly 🪰 monster that resembles a pinecone. Stays put.
    3. Hon-E-Bee - Honeybee 🐝 monster that stays put.
    4. Ladybugg - Ladybug 🐞 monster that stays put. Has 8 legs.
    5. EleFant - Big elephant 🐘 monster that stays put.
    6. Orang'Tun - Big orange monkey 🐒 monster that moves left to right.
    7. Palm-Phly - Dragonfly monster that moves diagonally up in alternating directions as you jump up.

    I just added names for the fun of it.

    Appearances and strategies to take them out.

    1. Big Hippo (BH)
    - Appearance 1: Right hand side usually in the early stages of the game.
    - Strategy: Take platforms on left to get over him. Get into space above him and jump on him.
    - Appearance 2: Just left of center.
    - Strategy: Seeing two slightly spaced platforms should tell you that he is there. You won't see him as yet. Get on those two platforms and wait for moving platform to come. You will see him on his two platforms above (the gap between his platforms are smaller). Get on moving platform, and clear him and jump on him. Alternatively, get one of Doodle's feet on the platform with BH and then jump. Avoid platforms above him.
    - Appearance 3: Far left with UFO on right (after 10000 score mark).
    - Strategy: Recommended to have sound on. Prepare yourself. If you are on the left side of the screen, stay there and carefully land on the left side of BH's left platform to get above him and jump on him. If you are in the middle or right of screen, get (or stay) in the middle close to BH. Avoid going right or you will be sucked into the UFO. Shooting is not recommended as Doodle will direct the shots to BH rather than the UFO. Once you get safely in the middle, you can jump on him and keep moving. There is no need to attack the UFO.
    - Appearance 4: Center or just left of center with little to no platform support (especially in the moving platform region).
    - Strategy: Due to the setup, it is rather easy to run into BH. Pay attention to the moving platform under his platforms as there is no stationary platform to help you "catch your breath". If you are on the right of the screen, you can either jump on his right platform (while avoiding him to get the jump). Or you may want to wrap on the right side of the screen and get him from the left. Ensure your jump is high enough for this. If the platform is going towards BH, warp away in the opposite direction. If this is too risky, using two fingers, make the shots rain by tapping quickly and take him out and keep going.

    2. Blue Pinecone Fly (BPF)
    - Appearance 1: Right hand side (usually early in the run).
    - Strategy: He is surrounded by platforms, use the ones on your left to get near to him and jump on him. There is a small gap to help you. However, there are times where it is tricky to jump on him because there are platforms above that catch you, robbing your chances of taking him out. You might have to either jump over some of these platforms or tilt your phone to the left and tilt it back to the right almost right away to move up and down in that same diagonal direction to jump on him. Requires practice.
    - Appearance 2: Left hand side (early in the run as well).
    - Strategy: BPF can be reached using the platforms on the right. But be careful if you are on the left-hand side when approaching him. The multiple platforms can catch you as you jump, and you may not have time to plan your moves too well. While you can avoid him, it can be a bit tough to jump on him. If he shows up on this side later in the run (between a score of 10000 and 20000), he is more likely to get jumped on. Just navigate through the spaces and you will get to take him out.
    - Appearance 3: In the middle of the screen (as early as the 15000-score mark but more likely in the section with the moving platforms).
    - Strategy: BPF can appear suddenly, and this position can be particularly annoying when you have to navigate the moving platforms. Because of his sudden appearance, you can find yourself colliding into him and ending your run. To deal with this, ANTICIPATE his sudden appearance in this position. Have your sound turned on. He has three stationary platforms at the sides of him (one on the left and two on the right). If you spot him before getting close, head towards one of the side platforms (focus on your platforms as looking at him can cause you to fall). After landing, get Doodle to jump past him, line up in the middle (avoid platforms above Doodle), land on the monster and keep going. If you don't have time to think (especially when he appears in this position right after another monster), shoot him and keep moving.

    3. Hon-E-Bee (HB)
    - Appearance 1: In the middle (early in the run).
    - Strategy: Platforms will spread out towards the side and expose a gap in the middle; vertically moving platforms will appear (only time they do so). Use those on the left or right to get above HB and jump on her and keep going.
    - Appearance 2: Slightly off center in front of a single use platform (SUP). The SUPs are the orange platforms that disappear once you land on them.
    - Strategy: One SUP will appear on the left with another one above it towards the center and a third slightly off center (to the right). Above this third one, there are four SUPs. The third one from the left (in this row) is slightly lower than the first two next to it. HB is directly in front of that one. She CANNOT be dodged. Just shoot her and keep moving. After jumping on the first three SUPs, prepare to shoot before hitting that row. That way, you will take her out.
    - Appearance 3: On the left in front of an SUP.
    - Strategy: Like the previous case, the first SUP you jump on is on the left. However, the second SUP above, is located slightly more to the left. After jumping on that, there is a bit of a gap. There, you will see HB in front of another SUP. Again, she CANNOT be avoided. Shoot her and keep moving.
    - Appearance 4: On the left-hand side between two stationary platforms.
    - Strategy: You should see her before getting near to her. As soon as you see her, warp to the left of the screen. Do this before you land on another platform. Once you warp, you will come on the right side and catch a platform there. Two things can happen here. You can simply shoot her and keep going. Or you can attempt to jump on her. She can be jumped on, but it requires some serious timing and precise angling of your phone. You have to land at the edge of the platform just underneath her, tilt your phone to the right to get an inclined jump of about 45 degrees and then tilt it back to the left to come down that same angle you jumped. This way you can actually catch her and keep moving. If you come back down at a steep angle (close to vertical), you will end up underneath her and jump straight into her. If you can pull this off properly, good for you. If not, do not risk it.

    4. Ladybugg (LB)
    - Appearance 1: On the left-hand side just off the center of the screen (early in the run before the 20000-point mark, usually around 6000 to 10000).
    - Strategy: By herself, LB has some moving platforms (left to right motion) above her. While it is easy to take her out, the moving platforms can catch you and spoil your chances of doing so. The best thing to do is stay on one of the stationary platforms on the right. Jump on it repeatedly and monitor the position of the two moving platforms. Once there is a space, jump away from or over (preferred) them and land on LB and keep going.
    - Appearance 2: Similar as above but on the right-hand side just off the center of the screen.
    - Strategy: The same as above but you stay on a stationary platform on the left of the screen until you can dodge the moving platforms and land on LB and keep going.

    5. EleFant (EF)
    - Appearance 1: In the center of the screen with a few SUPs around him.
    - Strategy: Use your sound to help you prepare. As soon as you see EF and the SUPs, tilt the phone so that you can get on one of the SUPs on the right or the left of him. Jump up to get over him. Do be careful here. As EF is actually in front of an SUP (like HB at times), there is a glitch that kicks in when you land directly on top of EF. Avoid doing so as the glitch causes the game to register the jump on the SUP rather than EF. Instead, land on top of him but more to his shoulder area (top left or top right) rather than on his head. In other words, do an off-center land. That will cause the game to register you jumping on him instead of the platform that he is in front of. The good thing is that there are two stationary platforms to the left above him. You can land on these for a while, catch your breath and keep going.
    - Appearance 2: Same as above but with the Timed Flower Platforms (TFPs) surrounding him.
    - Strategy: Quick thinking is needed here. Once you spot him, do not hesitate. Get to the left or the right of him. Going to the right is a bit better as there is at least 1 SUP that you can land on. On the left of EF are some timed platforms. If you hesitate, they will disappear before you land on one of them. TFPs begin to disappear as you get near them. There are cases where you can still "land" on them even after they disappear, but you literally have one second to do that. Once your mind is made up, get around EF and jump on him and keep going. Do be mindful that like BPF's appearance in the middle, EF's appearance with the TFPs can be a potential run ender especially at the point where you have to navigate the fast-moving platforms. Sometimes, after jumping on EF, you might be given a broken platform below a good moving one. What's worse is that the good platform cannot be reached after successfully navigating through the TFPs and jumping on or past EF. That can be frustrating. Fortunately, this sort of thing rarely happens but be mindful of it nevertheless.

    6. Orang'Tun (OT)
    Appearance 1: In a gap above a horizontally moving platform early in your run (before the 10000 mark).
    Strategy - You need to follow OT's direction and get above him so that you can land on him. Just below the horizontally moving platform, there is a stationary platform to the right. While it is good to get on this platform, you do not want to stay on it for too long as OT comes towards you or else you will jump into him and the run will be over. If you are coming from the left, you can jump to the moving platform and get to the stationary platform without hitting OT. Alternatively, you can warp to the left and catch the platform on the right. If OT is going away from you, stay on it until he comes back. Move slightly to the right to avoid him and land on him. Do not hesitate too much or else the two platforms on the left above OT will catch you and you will miss him. While it is possible to perfectly land between the gap of these two platforms, it requires some degree of precision. If you are coming up from the right, you can get on the stationary platform as he comes to you. Avoid him, then jump on him (as I explained earlier) and keep going.

    Appearance 2: Above three SUPs and below one in the middle of the screen.
    Strategy - The three SUPs are arranged in a triangular pattern. The middle SUP is above the other two SUPs. If you are coming from the middle, get to the right or left SUP. Focus on where OT is going. You then jump up over him and land on him and keep going. If necessary, you can jump to the next low SUP (by warping) to get enough reach to jump on OT. If you are coming from one of the sides, you can jump up from the nearest SUP over OT and land on him. Alternatively, you can warp to get to the other low SUP (on the opposite side) and use that to help you jump on OT. Avoid the middle one as you might risk jumping into him or past him. Above OT is another SUP. Avoid that one as it can mess up your chances of even landing on OT.

    Appearance 3: In a huge, empty gap after the fourth "Lone Spring" Platform (LSP).
    Strategy - You have to be very careful when dealing with him in this part. An LSP is a platform that seems to have nothing near or after it. They appear with no other green platforms near it. Your first LSP (on the left) will have no other green platforms after it (for a while). When you jump on it, move to the right. If you see another LSP, you will meet OT later on. If you see a TFP however, that is something else which I will explain later on. When you get on your second LSP, move to the left. There are some SUPs to help you catch your breath and head towards the third LSP. At this point, you have to make up your mind on whether you want to take out OT or not! After landing on the third LSP, move to the right to land on the fourth LSP. Next, you WARP RIGHT! Do NOT go left or you will make contact with OT (who will seem to have come from out of nowhere) and your run will end. Warping right will bring you to the left of the screen. Depending on your angle, you can align yourself over OT and jump on him or land on the fifth and final LSP. By the way, hitting all 5 LSPs with nothing in between (except for landing on OT) will get you that 5 consecutive spring achievement. If you are nervous and do not want to take the chance, you can warp left after the fourth LSP and shoot OT to keep going. Ensure you land on the fifth LSP so that your run does not end.

    7. Palm-Phly (PP)
    Appearance: Among a series of SUPs.
    Strategy - As you move upward, you will come to the first SUP on the left. Move to the right to get to the second SUP and then go back left again. When you land on the third SUP, you will see PP moving in a zigzag manner. You too will move in the same manner as well. Neither of you will be in the way. Eventually, you will come to three SUPs on the right, stacked on top of each other. At this point, you and PP will come into contact with each other. Land on these three platforms towards the right! Do not land on them in the middle! Landing on the right will cause you to land on PP's wing which will count as a jump. Failure to do this will cause the game to record you jumping into PP which will end your run. After landing on PP, navigate the other SUPs above him and keep moving.

    Groups and how to tackle them.

    There are two groups of monsters:
    - 4-monster Group
    - 5-monster Group

    You can take out 2 or 3 monsters in each group. This is how you do that.

    1. 4-monster Group
    Lineup from bottom to top: BPF, OT, OT, BH.
    Appearance: You will come to a spring in the middle which will send you pass a few broken platforms to the left. You then come to three platforms on the right. The two end ones have springs while the middle one does not. Stay in the middle. Above them are the 4 monsters.

    To take out two of them, shoot both OTs. When you jump from the middle platform, move left to land on BPF and warp left to come on the right. Ensure you are high enough to get over BH so that you can jump on him. Do that and keep going.

    However, if you want to take out three of them, shoot the first OT. Just as the second OT is about to come towards the right, jump from the middle platform, move left to land on BPF and warp left to come on the right. Kill your momentum by straightening up to land on OT. Move left (not too sharply) to get enough height to clear BH. Try not to jump too high or else you will "off-screen" him. You then jump on BH and keep going. It may be tough at first because of possible platforms above him. If there are none (or you can dodge them), you will take three of the four of them out by jumping.

    2. 5-monster Group
    Lineup from bottom to top: HB, BPF, LB, EF, OT.
    Appearance: After landing on the LSP on the left (which I explained about earlier), you will come to a TFP on the right. You will see HB on the right and BPF above it to the left. They are all among SUPs. As such, you must be fast on what you want to do.

    To take out two of them, quickly shoot both HB and BPF for clearance as you jump left from the TPF. Move right after landing on the SUP with enough height to get over LB. Land on LB and move to the left (do not warp) to get enough height to clear OT. You have two options. You can land on EF or OT. If you land on EF, move up and avoid OT and keep going. Shoot him if necessary. If you land on OT instead, just keep going.

    However, if you want to take out three of them, quickly shoot both HB and BPF for clearance as you jump left from the TPF. Move right after landing on the SUP where BPF was with enough height to get over LB. Jump on LB and try to move left to take out EF. Be careful here and ensure you have enough height to get over EF to jump on him. Do your best to avoid OT after taking out EF. Once you do that, line yourself over OT and land on him to take him out. This is doable but it can be a bit challenging as there are platforms that can mess up the chances but the group will show up again later on in your run.

    There you have it. I am sorry for the late post but much of the tips have been up for about a month now and there may be an overflow period for you to get this. Better late than never.

    Some final tips when going for this.
    1. Play with your sound on so that you can hear when they are around and you can prepare yourself. Use headphones 🎧 for further assistance.
    2. Take out the UFOs 🛸 except for the one near BH. That one is not necessary to take out.
    3. Do NOT count the monsters as your jump on them. You could get anxious and mess up your playing. Just relax and play.
    4. Keep an eye out for the moving platforms, especially when you are at the 50,000 score mark.
    5. Have fun.
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    AxmaterasuThank you for the info helped me a lot to know more about them and i finished it today :)
    The biggest enemy if you are close to the 30 is yourself because of the fear of screwing up imo laugh
    Posted by Axmaterasu on 08 Apr at 15:48
    VisibleRaptor5True. I want to finish this solution up before the 14th so that folks have one month to get this. Just relax and do not attempt to count. Just play and you won't even realize when you pop this. That is why I gave the strategies.
    Posted by VisibleRaptor5 on 08 Apr at 17:43
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