Legion Hunter achievement in Shadows of the Damned™

Legion Hunter

Complete all chapters on Hard difficulty setting

Legion Hunter+0.6
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How to unlock the Legion Hunter achievement

  • phoemphoem188,395
    28 Jun 2011 27 Jun 2011 27 Jun 2011
    29 5 22
    I am only on chapter 5-1 so not done with the entire game yet, but most attacks you can roll away from, including boss attacks. You seem to be invincible while rolling (probably programmed that way) so what I did a lot of the time was when I felt an attack coming, I just hit A and the left joystick and rolled out of the way repeatedly.

    Oh and anytime there are ammo crates that respawn (usually during boss battles), I recommend just rolling around the room repeatedly while you fill up on ammo.

    Also if you save your red gems, do your health upgrades during boss battles when your health is low, it automatically fills up your health meter.

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    Raze them allAchievements don't stack?? Well fuck that there goes my 1000pts
    Posted by Raze them all on 07 Apr 13 at 17:31
    phoemyea, it pissed me off too. i played on the hardest difficulty, was not about to go back and replay all the other difficulties. don't have the time.
    Posted by phoem on 16 Apr 13 at 18:45
    poochz0rzThank you guys for the information on the glitch, I was able to break it following NeXuS23's advice by letting him break the shield on his own and then blasting into him with 4 skulls.
    Posted by poochz0rz on 20 Feb 14 at 15:33
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  • AgentLebowskiAgentLebowski154,035
    09 Sep 2012 10 Sep 2012
    12 1 6

    Previous guides help through the vast majority of the game, I'm only going to focus on the last 2 Chapters of Act 5. I will say that upgrading weapon damage and capacity are key, I didn't increase reload speed on any weapons, they all reload just fine by default. And once damage/capacity were fully upgraded I used all white crystals to purchase health bottles instead of red gems. There's also really no need to spend white crystals on ammo, there's plenty throughout the game. Trust me, this difficulty is not the one to use when going for the achievement where you acquire all red gems in the game.

    The boss fight against Fleming is so BUNK, I tried every solution mentioned here and in the comments, and none worked. I was excited about other suggestions to allow the green dome shield to be destroyed by Fleming, but that didn't work for me because if I let Fleming destroy the green shield himself, he never reached the damaged state where he stands slumped and still. And no matter how many times I hit him with my hot boner, sticky payload, shotgun and/or macine gun (all upgraded, mind you), I couldn't get him to show the gold cracks in his armor. What eventually worked was the following.

    I made sure my shotty (with max upgraded damage and capacity) was fully loaded. I launched a cannonball into the green dome and immediately charged forward to it without taking the time to reload. This is important because there's not much time between shield destruction and Fleming resuming his attacks. When the green dome exploded I was not harmed as it took all the damage, and I was positioned only a few feet from Fleming. While advancing I held LT/RT to load up 4 shells into the shotgun for max damage, and the 4th was in the chamber just as Fleming got into the stunned state. I hit him with all 4 shells, at which time the gold cracks appeared. DO NOT hold RT long enough to allow the cannonball to fire, make sure you release all 4 shells at him then immediately switch to the Hot Boner. He shoud show gold cracks at this time so stick him with a sticky payload and hope you have time to detonate it. I had to do this about 15 times before I could perform all the steps quickly enough, and after a long, hard fought battle, he finally went down. This was VERY frustrating to say the least, just an aweful way to (nearly) finish a game. Part of the problem was sometimes, even after hitting him with all 4 shotty shells, he wouldn't show gold cracks. The other problem was that the controls are also glitchy and many times, when the gold cracks did appear, I would hit left on the D-pad and it often WOULDN'T SWITCH to the Hot Boner at all. UGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

    The very last boss fight against Paula isn't all that tough IF it's managed correctly. The problem is that ammo for the Dentist (machine gun) becomes somewhat scarce and while they provide ammo crates every minute or so, she needs to be killed within a certain time frame and you need a lot of ammo to do it. The key, I believe, is finishing her off in her 1st form with as much ammo left in your Dentist as possible. In the enclosed room where you first face her, there is an infinitely respawning blue ammo crate. Make sure you fill up the Dentist with as many rounds as possible before taking her out so that when you hit the check point, your gun has a lot of ammo left, preferably more than 150 bullets. That way you'll be able to widdle down her 4 wings quickly and the 50 bullets at a time you get from subsequent crates will be enough to defeat her. The first time I got to that checkpoint I only had 11 rounds in my Dentist and I always ran out of time and died because I couldn't damage her quickly enough. I reloaded the whole chapter, went into the checkpoint with plenty of bullets as described above and down she went, first try, bleep-bloop, achievement unlocked.

    Hope this helps any who are struggling to complete this game on Hard. Seems a shame to have to endure all those cutscenes, likely for the 2nd time, only to not finish a game due to glitches that really SHOULD be patched.
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    Shadow XBLJust wanted to drop in and say I got it my third try tonight, at the very last moment before I would have died. So, it's possible but it's really touchy. Phew!
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 13 May 14 at 05:29
    AgentLebowskiWell glad you got it, hope that negative vote wasn't from you wink
    Posted by AgentLebowski on 01 Jun 14 at 14:56
    Shadow XBLnope, just got frustrated. thanks for the solution :)
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 02 Jun 14 at 18:23
  • Tony StarcTony Starc460,878
    17 Jul 2011 07 Jul 2011 07 Jul 2011
    16 8 0
    I'm going through on hard now and it's relatively easy if you've played through the game once already and know what you're doing.

    Your gems should go into upgrading the damage/capacity for the machine gun and the reload/damage of the shotgun. Every 3 red gems you pick up, put a point in health (make sure you only upgrade health when you're low on it so you get a free heal)

    Don't worry about upgrading anything else. The boner and torch are useless. I'd put a point in the light shot's rate of fire and enemy stun time, but no more than that.

    There's a reason you shouldn't be putting all of your points into health (if you're not going for all of the red gems, which you probably aren't on hard). Instead of buying a ton of red gems with your money, buy the absinthe packs at the shop. You can get 6 absinthe's for the price of one red gem, and they heal for 200hp (basically a whole maxed out life bar). You will save a ton of money this way. Tequila's come 3 in a pack for the same price and heal for 70hp, so those of you with smaller life bars will benefit more from those.

    Be aware of this: if you collect a red gem and hit a save point, and you're able to go back to the location of the red gem, hit start and quit. when you load your game back up, the red gem will have respawned and you can cheat the system this way sometimes.

    If you still find it too hard and want a cheap way to grind, in chapters 3 and 4, there are enemies that teleport around. If you can hit them with a light shot in the legs, sometimes they'll fall down. when they're on the ground, you can hit x to stomp them until you have 999 white gems.

    As far as boss strategies go, there's no new patterns on hard. Enemies do more damage and take a little bit more. Overall relatively easy once you know boss patterns.
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