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Finish the Campaign on INSANE difficulty

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Achievement Guide for Man Mode

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    Main warning/requests:
    - If people leave dislikes please leave a comment why so i can improve the walktrough
    - This walktrough can be used for solo and co-op, but it is mainly written during
    co-op gameplay and thus it is best to use this guide when playing in co-op.
    - Currently F.E.A.R 3 contains a MAJOR difficulty bug: when you continue
    from an mission and select Insane difficulty, then the chance is big that the
    game will just start on Commando(or any other) difficulty. To confirm that
    you are really playing on Insane, you should start a/the game and pause
    your level and goto to options and check the difficulty there. If the game
    states any other difficulty than Insane here then it could be solved by
    dieing and selecting the insane difficulty here. But please aware when
    this bug happens and you need to switch this way then there is a possibility
    that the game will not count you entire playtrough as Insane and you will
    need to replay a couple of levels. If this bug happens please do not
    down vote my solution but make a statement on the F.E.A.R 3 forum
    so that they will finally fix this annoying bug.

    I can tell previous F.E.A.R gamers that the difficulty Insane
    on F.E.A.R 3 is ALLOT easier than the previous F.E.A.R
    games in the series, you can find help/info about (possible) difficult Intervals
    underneath the Main Gameplay tips.

    Main Guidelines for easier Insane play-trough (Short Version)
    - Complete the campaign at least once to unlock Insane difficulty.
    - Level up to level 21 before starting on Insane for several reasons:
    * - Double health
    * - Double regeneration
    * - Double slo-mo/special ability
    * - Carry more ammo and grenades.

    - Play co-op for several reasons:
    * - You can revive each other so you don't need to reload checkpoints.
    * - You can backup each other.
    * - You can take on enemy's together by techniques explained bellow

    Important co-op revive TIP/NOTICE:
    When you revive or get revived in co-op USE slo-mo because everything
    will slowdown but you revive speed will be the same as when you revive
    without slo-mo, giving you a large advantage against your enemy's.
    technical seen you revive will speed up by 50-60% compared when using it
    without slo-mo. because the enemy's will still move slow.

    Main Gameplay tips for Insane difficulty (longer version)
    To complete F.E.A.R 3 on Insane i do advice to play it with
    a friend and that you Level-Up to level 21 first because you are
    way more powerful when you reached level 21.
    You get double slo-mo time, double health, you can carry much
    more ammo and grenades etc. One of the things that is really important
    that you take allot of cover and let you slo-mo/special ability recharge
    allot. also use your ability/slo-mo allot!

    And when you play it on Insane with a co-op teammate it is
    way easier because you can really help each other out,
    Fettel can hold-up the enemy's while you shoot them, or he can
    provide a "shield" for you so you can take WAY more damage.
    The other advantage of playing Insane on Co-Op is that you can
    revive each other so you don't have to reload checkpoints all the time.
    If you want to collect all dolls, Challenges, body's, kill related achievements
    etc then i would recommend to do this on a earlier difficulty, i must say that
    it is fairly easy to search for dolls and do some of the challenges on Insane.

    Interval 1 to Interval 4
    For these intervals isn't really a guide necessary, these are still quite easy,
    but please keep in mind that you need to play in co-op to make it allot easier.
    Because when playing in co-op you can really backup each other like mentioned,
    in the Main gameplay tips for insane. If someone needs help or a walktrough
    for one of these intervals please let me know by a comment or PM and
    i will make one for the desired interval/section!

    Interval 5
    SmorgasBorgnine gave us a extra very useful tip for the beginning of
    Interval that we missed to point out, so thanks to SmorgasBorgnine:
    "For the first part of interval 5, you may also want to point out that there are
    a lot of shock grenades in the crate that will stop the mech dead in its
    tracks. I used them to stall it and unload on it. Made it much easier, as I
    was playing solo. Thumbs up on the guide."

    On Interval 5 near the end you'll have to fight a "blue-guy" and after
    him a PA or EPA "robot" this could be a potential obstacle for some players.
    The technique for this one in co-op is that one player (Point Man) shoots
    as much as possible at the EPA while using allot of slo-mo. And at the
    same time Fettel needs to take care of as much as enemy's as possible
    by possessing them. When he does not possesses an enemy use his
    Fettel blast as much as possible on both enemy's (Blue-guy and the EPA).
    How longer you will take to take them out, the more enemy's (human) will
    appear, Also keep running around in circles in this area to avoid getting hit.
    The weapon (for Point Man) i can advice to use is the Arcbeam/LaserRiffle,
    because this weapon is quite powerful, doesn't overheat and doesn't need to
    reload clips. Later-on in Interval 5 you will encounter a fight against 4 or 5
    Blue-guys with Penetrator riffles (Nail guns), to make it trough this fight,
    Point Man needs to use allot of slo-mo and Fettel NEEDS to possess
    body's especially one from the big-guy. To make it possible to possess a
    body from one of the big-guys you both need to damage it enough to lower
    his blue shield. After this Fettel can posses his body. other tips for this
    section are to run around allot and play aggressive here, attack allot and
    try todo this as much as possible in slo-mo. there will also spawn some
    normal human enemy's, the best way to deal with them is to melee/slidekick
    them as fast as possible (preferably on their spawn), DO NOT waste any
    ammo on these humans if it is not necessary.

    Interval 6
    After the section underneath the railroad and between/in the broken train-carts,
    you will encounter a fight against a blue-guy on a old bus, he will spawn
    "normal" human enemy's, the longer he lives the more enemy's he will
    spawn, so get rid of him as soon as possible. You can do this as fast as
    possible by letting Point Man shoot him non-stop in his head until his
    shield drops. At the same time Fettel can suspend him and posses him
    when his shield has dropped. But don't forget about the other guys
    you will need to take some down from time to time else they will kill you.
    just stay in the back as much as possible in this section (on the stairs where
    you came up.). Immediately after this fight you will go trough a building and
    fight another blue-guy, at this part it worked the best for us to be as aggressive
    as possible and push towards the second building across the field. When
    you get here one player unlocks the EPA (from within the building) and the
    other player can then take control of the EPA and start kicking some ass!
    BUT don't forget if Fettel wants to use the EPA he must posses a body,
    and this must be a NORMAL human body, the body of those blue-guys
    do NOT fit in an EPA/PA! Further on in the chapter you'll have to fight some
    smaller power armors (PA's) and some helicopters, if you did well both
    players now should have an EPA and you could take turns on firing missiles
    on the helicopters while taking cover behind the higher allocated bridge/highway.
    If only one player has an EPA or in the worst case no player has an EPA:
    then use Fettel blast on the helicopters, this turns out to be highly effective.
    (Thanks to HonorguyXNL for the Fettel blast find).

    Interval 7
    This interval isn't that difficult at all if you use some tactics but there are
    some tips for some areas. At the very beginning of the Interval just rush as
    fast as possible to the interior of the terminal and fightback the Dog-wave.
    Near the end of the level you will encounter two big blue-guys again. The
    trick here is to take out one guy as fast as possible and let Fettel posses
    his body. After that take out the second one (they appear together at the
    same time, so be careful here). Short after this fight you will go outside and
    you will need to fight a big EPA, there are two smaller EPA's (PA) located
    outside, both players need to get a PA and circle around the big EPA,
    this way you can distract him and fire missiles on turns so the other player
    can reload his missiles. Directly after this big EPA two blue-guys appear again,
    but these guys are a piece of cake (if you still have your Power Armor off course).

    Interval 8
    This interval isn't that hard either, in the hallways between the memory's you
    need to destroy you just need to melee or shoot at the "Ghost" appearances
    in order to stop them before the grab or hit you. when you destroyed the three
    memory's all you need to do left is to take care of the Big Ugly Creep as
    fast as possible, you really need to shoot him three times in his throat before
    he attacks of spawns another group of Ghost Soldiers, if you manage to hit
    him multiple times before he vanishes then he only will spawn two groups
    of Ghosts soldiers. Manage all of this and the 100G is yours.

    Other achievements
    To take away some "stress" while playing on Insane I would advice to
    completely ignore all challenges and other achievements on insane.
    The only other achievement you really need to worry about on insane is
    the achievement to complete an entire interval on insane without reloading
    checkpoints or going into last stand. I posted a guide for this achievement
    F.E.A.R. 3ExtremistThe Extremist achievement in F.E.A.R. 3 worth 60 pointsComplete any campaign level on INSANE without reloading checkpoints or going into Last Stand

    But if you manage all of this, then F.E.A.R 3 is really a fun
    challenge to take on Insane, its not that bad as F.E.A.R 1
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