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Doll Collector in F.E.A.R. 3

Doll Collector57 (20)

This is a rare achievementFind the Alma Doll on every Mission

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NOTICE - I will not be maintaining this solution for much longer. Its too much hassle to deal with a flood of comments and PM's, most of which are repeat locations. These dolls are not hard to find in the least bit if you just look around closely.

There are 8 dolls in the game that you need to collect, 1 on every Interval. NOTICE - There is only 1 per mission, BUT the doll will spawn in a few different places at random. This guide will attempt to list all of these locations as they're discovered. If you can't find a doll in a specific location you can restart the level or checkpoint to try and reset the doll spawn.

Data for this achievement provided by the following people -

xThe Armory Wars, DEFQON, JAGERMEISTER TX, Dats Rayciss, Steve007101, monndo, ginuwine_import, srdemosthenes

This list will be updated regularly or you can see the original thread over on x360a.


Interval 01 - Prison.
During this mission you will be going down a set of stairs in the dark and can barely see. You will come to the door that you can open part way down the stairs. To the left of the door is a body that you can do a Psychic link with behind a fenced door with a lock (destroy the lock). Continue down to the bottom of the stairs and once you get there crouch and go below the stairs. The Doll is in the corner below the stairs. (Thanks to xThe Armory Wars)

Interval 02 – Slums. (There are at least 3 locations)
A. After you move through the first house after coming through the sewers, look at the first wall of cinderblocks and turn to your right. (Thanks to Redskinsfan26)

B. You will open a door at one point and see 3 enemies talking straight ahead of you in a building with no wall on the second floor. Kill all the enemies in this area. When you do you will have to walk up a set of stairs that almost like an alley. You will take a left to end the building at the top of the stairs and it is pretty wide open. You will see some weapons near the back to the right beside a fence and boxes. You will also see some stereo like speakers on a table. There is a door in the room that an enemy kicks open. If you don’t see him kick it open that is fine. Go down the stairs and you will see another door you have to go through to continue on with the mission. Don’t open the door. Instead go inside the other room and look to your left. The doll is in the corner. (Thanks to xThe Armory Wars)

C. You will come to a road going uphill and a transport vehicle will arrive at the top and drop off enemies. There will also be a small mech you have to fight. There are rocket launchers in the buildings to your right. To the left of the street you should see a hole in the wall in a shape of a square on the second floor. The hole is to the left of the first care you see on the street about halfway up the street. The doll is in the hole in the wall. To get there continue up the street and take a left before the transport vehicle. Do no go in the door because it closes! Go on the higher elevated ground and jump on the ledge. Then jump in the hole. (Thanks to DEFQON1 and Jagermeister TX)

Interval 03 – Store. (There are at least 2 locations)
A. After exiting the Mens washroom you will go down a few hallways and come to a door you can open. When you open the door you will enter a room with Shelves and boxes/crates. Right when you go through the door turn to your right and you will see a shelf in the corner. The doll is on top of it. You have to climb to the top of the shelf beside it and sprint jump across to it. (Thanks to xThe Armory Wars)

B. The last area of the gardening department, on the 2nd level shelf, must climb to the top of the shelves in order to reach the ladder bridge leading to the doll. (Thanks to ginuwine_import)

C. On interval 3, there is one across from a TV with alma's face painted on it. The TV will be on your left, when you see it, stop and look to your right. Should be in one of the middle shelves next to the knocked over one. This will be after the ambush in the garden center and the meat locker section.(Thanks to SmorgasBorgnine)

Interval 04 – Suburbs. (There are at least 2 locations)
A. You will be fighting in backyards of houses with fences everywhere. Eventually you will come to a fence that is partially fallen down and will walk over it to enter a house. Once you exit the house you will see a shed about 20 feet away. The doll is inside the shed. If you see a table that is on top of an air conditioner so you can go over a fence, don’t go over it! You have gone too far. (Thanks to xThe Armory Wars)

B. Right after the mech suit you fight and have to run into a house with a hole in the wall it closes after you get in you walk forward and go through another hole in the wall then you will go up a set of stairs in this room you will see a tv when you go around the tv will say I HATE YOU you then go up those stairs and you will come to two doors on your right one of the doors you will open to a bedroom that is the room closest to the stairs you came from once in the room their is a closet you open the door you will see a baby carriage on its side and a dead body on it the doll is to the right of that. (Thanks to DO6U6CDEZNUTZ6Z)

B. Just before going through the hole in wall to get to the street where the Mech fight is, go to the right and it will be in that nook. (Thanks to InfiniteRefrain)

C. Once you exit the mech you will go through the little electrified area with enemies and into a small building. Once you clear the enemies you will end up in a room with a big roll up door you need to hit the switch to raise. In this room in the back corner is the doll. This is right before the big fight at the end of the mission. (Thanks to Jagermeister TX)

D. When you drop down over the fence into the basketball court with the mech you use, facing the mech from the drop in the far left corner is a doll. (Thanks to srdemosthenes)

E. Behind the mech after the playground area. (Thanks to Steve007101)

Interval 05 - Tower. (There are at least 5 locations)
A. This is in the very beginning of the mission. When you start the mission you will see the ground sink in front of you and an ambulance will fall in. Go down the road to the left and you will enter a building with an open door. There will then be a door that is partially open towards you and you must open this door. Continue down the hall and as you walk down things will fall such as pipes. Near the end of this hall to the right is a locked door. To unlock this door go through the open door and go to the right. Open the door and it will get stuck. Look at the door that is locked and you will see a lock. Shoot the lock and then go backed to the door that was once locked. Go through the door and behind the door that got stuck is the Doll in the corner behind the desk. (Thanks to xThe Armory Wars)

B. When you first come back outside you will see enemies with guns (the first time you encounter enemies that try to kill you). Kill the enemies is this area and wait for the gate to open. Continue down and you will see the ground break apart and cave in. If you look straight you will see the tower and the sign labelled “Harbor Market”. You can’t continue forward because there is a fence with green sheets on them blocking the road. There will be 3 entrances in the fenced area on the other side of the caved in ground. In the middle one is the doll. There is enough pavement to make it to the doll if you stick close to the fence. (Thanks to Dats Rayciss).

C. You will come to a part where you have to climb two ladders to the top of a building. When you look down on the other side you will see a street with a bunch of cars. There will be a soldier retreating and a bunch of zombies chasing him. Drop down on the ledge below. The doll is on ground level below the two ledges. It is in between a brick wall and a building at the very back. (Thanks to DEFQON1)

D. You will access a control panel but the gate won’t open and you have to defend for a while until it does. There will be a Sniper Rifle on the opposite side of the control panel. When it does open you will have to access another control panel. Go through the gate that opens and you will have to open some fenced doors to continue. The fences surrounding you will have green sheets on them. When you exit the last fenced door you will be on a road that leads to a building with a sign “Harbor Arket”. Walk in the direction of the building but before going through the gate that opens by itself take a right to enter an area between a fence and a building that represents an alley/hallway. The Doll is at the end of it. (Thanks to xThe Armory Wars)

E. You will be facing the HARBOR MARKET which reads "HARBOR ARKET". There will be a gate that is closed but opens up by itself shortly after the tower sends a shockwave. Continue forward and the ground will cave in. Go around it and continue. The ground will cave in again beside the FAIRPORT TERMINAL. A bus will fall partially in and you need to jump on the bus to climb to the top of FAIRPORT TERMINAL. Before you jump off HARBOR MARKET's sign gets even more destroyed with the lights going out and it reading "H R O A ET". Jump off and hug the wall of HARBOR MARKET as another hole appears in the ground. Move forward and yet again the ground will cave in and a bus falls in facing almost vertically. To the right of this hole and the white delivery truck along the building of HARBOR MARKET is the doll. (Thanks to xThe Armory Wars)

Interval 06 - Bridge. (There are at least 3 locations)
A. In the very beginning of the level a train will slide down beside you to your left and there will be a train balancing on some rocks to your right further ahead. The Doll is on the right side of the train balancing on rocks (the second train you see). You can either walk up behind the train on the right side and squeeze through or walk around the train. (Thanks to xThe Armory Wars)

B. You will be crouching below trains after a while and see 2 enemies (first time you encounter enemies) on a walkway as you get out from underneath the trains. A helicopter will come and crash into them. Go into the train straight ahead of you and take the first door which is to the left inside the train. Go into the other train and to the right in front of the left set of seats beside a door is the doll. (Thanks to xThe Armory Wars)

C. After fighting your way through the first demon dog area early on in the level, you come across a train car spread all the way across the bridge, there is also a set of stairs to the right off the bridge. Instead of going through this car, look to your left and you will see another train car, the doll is in the back of it. (Thanks to Jagermeister TX)

E. As soon as you are on top of the bridge you will encounter a fight with a blue guy. After that fight there will be immediatly another fight with a blue shielded guy who spawns enemies. This is also the first place where you can get an EPA armor. At the far left next to a power generator is the doll. There is a light post attached to the generator. (Thanks to HonorguyXNL)

F. In the area where you see the second EPA (first one you should just have got). There is a doll on the left side wall just as you get off the bridge, at the very edge of the area opposite 3 yellow bins. (Thanks to Knux 2)

Interval 07 – Port
A. You will come to an area with restaurants on the second floor and an elevator in the middle of the circular room. In between the stores Janus Cafe and Sophie’s Pizza there is a door. To get there you have to go down a set of stairs and then go up a set of stairs. The door is to the right of the ATM Machine and near the set of stairs you just went up. Open the door and it is in the corner to the left. (Thanks to xThe Armory Wars)

B. Doll can be found in the shop "Sophie's Pizza" as you crouch under the shutter to get inside it should be right in front of you.

C & D. In the food court area, check behind all of the boxes on the floor. Both up and down the stairs. The doll can spawn in a few random spots behind the crates in and in the corners. (Thanks to JAGERMEISTER TX)

Interval 08 (There are at least 2 locations)
A. In the very beginning of the level go when you go down the first stairs you encounter go to the right. If you look at the wall it will say Gymnasium to the right and Medical to the left. Go towards the Gymnasium. Just follow the hall and at the end of the hall there will be a room with a cage door. Open the cage door and it is right in front of you (Thanks to xThe Armory Wars)

B. Head down the first set of steps and continue forward, the doll is around the corner on the left. This is the medical direction if following the wall signs. Its in the corner behind some tires. (Thanks to Jagermeister TX)

C. This is in the operating room, when you are destroying the memories and you come to the coloring book that says "Can you find the way?" in it..go inside the back room, as soon as you enter the doorway turn to your right, it's in the corner. (Thanks to monndo)
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