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From the main menu go to Scoring > Rank/Challenge > Click RB to view the list of Challenges.

DF Legend created a Challenge guide at xbox360achievements.org

It can be viewed by clicking on this link:

********ALL CREDIT GOES TO DF LEGEND**********

This guide will be written assuming you're getting these all in the campaign (which to the best of my knowledge is the only way to get most of them). I recommend playing on Recruit. Challenges must be completed during a single level and will be recorded once the game saves. You can check the challenges you've completed in the main menu under Score, Rank/Challenge. Progress bars for most challenges won't pop up onscreen until you're half way there and certain increments above that. Reloading a checkpoint returns all your challenge progress back to what they were at that checkpoint except for The Killer and Hard Boiled which reset whenever you die or reload a checkpoint.

Note the following about the names of the challenges:
TEAM means must be done in co-op and both players will get the challenge if the requirements are met.
FE means the challenge requires that you're playing as Fettle
PM means the challenge requires that you're playing as Point Man

The Killer: 50 kills in a row 5000 xp
Hard Boiled: 100 kills in a row 10,000xp

Just go through a level with enough enemies and kill the required number of enemies without dying. Level 5 is ideal as it is the longest and has more than enough enemies. If you're killed the counter resets.

Sweet Science: kill 15 enemies with any melee attack 3500

Just kill enemies with melee (click right stick).

Et tu, Brute?: Kill 3 enemies using special back melee attack 2000

Just melee 3 enemies in the back, there's a special downward knife stabbing animation that'll let you know it counts as a special back melee. They can be alerted already and it will still count if you're behind them (you can occasionally slow mo behind them to hit their back after they're alerted) but it's easier when they're not alerted. The groups just standing around inside the house on level 4 work well.

Pop gun: 20 Strader Mk.VII kills: 4500

Get 20 Kills with the standard pistol. Found near the beginning of and occasionally throughout most levels.

The Standard: 25 Briggs SMG kills 3000

Get 25 Kills with the SMG. Found everywhere.

Assault Pro: 25 G3A3 AR kills 3000

Get 25 Kills with the burst fire assault rifle. Found everywhere.

Bullet Hope: 20 Dual MP-970 kills 3500

Get 20 Kills with the dual machine pistols. Found in levels 2 and 7.

Butcher: 20 EL-10 CAS kills 4500

Get 30 kills with the shotgun. Found everywhere.

Ghost: 15 Shuller LDR50 kills: 4000

Get 15 kills with the sniper. First found on level 2, also found on levels 5 and 7.

Ventilation Expert: 25 S-HV Penetrator kills 5000

Get 25 kills with the Penetrator. Easiest on level 7.

Like A Hurricane: 3 Goliath kills 4000

Get 3 kills with the rocket launcher. First found on level 2 (you must get at least 1 kill with each shot if you want to get it on this level), also found on level 7.

Laser Pointer: 10 Arc Beam kills 5000

Get 10 kills with the beam weapon. First found in the courtyard area with the phase commander and mech on level 5.

Quiet Riot: 10 Riot gear kills 3500

Get 10 kills with the riot shield weapon, first found on level 5. Melee kills with it do not count, you have to use the gun that comes with it.

Hot Potato: 10 frag kills 3500

Being higher level which allows you to carry more grenades can help with this. Level 4 is a good level for this because there are a lot of grenades.

The Shocker: 3 Shock grenade kills 1500

Easiest done with normal enemies, try to get them grouped up when you use it. Level 4 is also good for this.

Indecent Exposure: Blind 5 enemies with flash grenades 2500

Group enemies up and let them have it. You can re-flash enemies but only after it wears off. Level 4 is yet again a good choice.

Slaughter: Kill 20 enemies in a PA or EPA without getting out 5500

Get 20 kills with a mech without getting out. First found on level 4.

What?!: Melee or stomp 5 enemies while in the PA or EPA 2500

Just melee 5 enemies with the mech.

Little Brother: FE: 20 Fettle blast kills 10,000

Kill 20 enemies with Fettle's basic attack. If you're suspending them at the same time that will occasionally kill them instead.

Headhunter: 25 headshots 2500
Executioner: 50 headshots 5000

Aim for the head, any level will do. SMG or Assult rifle and slow mo helps.

Menage: 3 kills with 1 explosion 1500

There's a good bunch standing around talking around a burning barrel on the second floor of a building at one point in level 2, just slow mo and throw a grenade right at them. Another easy spot is after the shelf collapses next to you in level 3, just run around grouping up the enemies, use slow me, and throw a couple grenades at them. Exploding suicide cultists or using rockets can also get you this challenge.

Detonation Expert: 5 kills by shooting explosives 3000

It's extremely hard not to get this just running through level 3 shooting the suicide cultists.

Covert Op: 10 kills from active cover 3000
Cover-Up Artist: 25 kills from active cover 6000

Press B to take cover behind certain things, move your analogue stick to pop out and get the required number of kills while still behind the cover.

Pitching a Tent: Use cover for a total of 100 seconds 1000
Sir Camp-a-Lot: Use cover for a total of 200 seconds 1500

Press B to take cover, just stay in that cover position for a total of 200 seconds.

Nimble killer: 5 kills immediately after mantle techniques 1500
Parkour Deadly: 10 kills immediately after mantle techniques 3000

Mantle techniques are whenever you have an action prompt to vault over an object or boost up to something. Just run toward something you can vault over that's next to an enemy, vault, turn on slow mo and kill an enemy or two. Kills within a few seconds still count when you're in slo mo.

Slideshot!: 10 kills immediately after slide kick 2500

A slide kick (unlocked level 2) is done by sprinting (clicking left stick) and then melee-ing (clicking right stick). Make sure not to kill the enemy you want to register towards this while slide kicking. After you get up just slow mo and blast whoever you can. Kills within a few seconds still count while in slo mo.

Invincible: 10 kills in a row without taking damage 5000
Godlike: 20 kills without taking damage 10,000

This is easiest done on level 3 since the majority of the enemies can't damage you until they get right next to you. Use a lot of slow mo and just reload a checkpoint if you get damaged.

Gatherer: 15 ammo and nade pickups collected 500
Junk Collector: 30 ammo and nade pickups 1000
Collection Agent: 60 ammo and nade pickups 2000

All ammo and grenade pick ups count towards this, even for just 1 bullet which means you can grind this easily by getting a gun with a lot of ammo like an assault rifle or smg, finding one on the ground and just repeatedly shooting 1 bullet, reloading, and picking up more ammo.

Death from Below!: 3 kills during 1 last stand 1500

Must be done in co-op. Purposefully get downed in front of 3 enemies, kill them and get picked up by your partner.

Pick-Up Artist: Perform 3 quick revives on your brother 3000

Must be done in co-op. Just review your downed partner 3 times.

Helping Hand: 15 Assists 3000
Harm Aid: 30 assists 6000

Must be done in co-op. Damage an enemy and have your partner deliver the killing blow.

Supersonic: PM(Point Man): 30 slo mo kills 5000
Hypersonic: PM: 50 slo mo kills 10,000

Any level can work. Just make sure to be in slow mo whenever you're killing enemies.

Perfect Soldier: PM: 3 headshots during 1 slo mo 3000

Easier to do when you're high level and have a bigger slo-mo meter. It's a good idea to get this in the poker room on level 1 since you automatically go into slow mo when you enter the room and there's an achievement for it as well.

Slow Your Roll!: PM: 5 kills during 1 slo mo 4500

A good way to do this is to run around getting a lot of enemies to chase you after the shelf falls down in level 3 then go into slow mo, throw grenades to take out a few and then finish the rest off with bullets or melee.

Highlight Reel: PM: 3 unique melee kills during 1 slo mo 3000

3 unique melee kills means you have to get 3 melee kills in one slo mo using 3 different melee animations which include the back stab melee, the normal front knife melee, a jump kick (jump and melee, level 2), or slide kick (sprint and melee, level 2). Just group up 3 enemies and make sure to kill only 1 with each different melee during the slow mo. Some enemies require more than one melee to kill.

All in the Reflexes!: PM: attain a total of 60 seconds in slo mo time 2500
Nothin or Double: PM: attain a total of 120 seconds in slo mo time 3500

Just keep burning through your slo mo to get this.

Big Spender: PM: Drain slo mo from full to empty 3x 1500

Use your entire slo mo bar in one go 3 times.

Borrowed Time: FE (Fettle): 30 total kills while possessing bodies 5000
Rent to OWN!: FE: 50 total kills while possessing bodies 10,000
Showing Off: FE: 5 headshots during 1 possession 3000
Time Efficient: FE: 15 killls during 1 possesion 4500

While playing as Fettle hold L to levitate an enemy and then you will have a prompt to press Y to take over him assuming your possession meter has at least 1 full bar. Just meet the requirements while possessing bodies throughout the level for kills or total possession time. The higher your level the easier possession challenges are because it extends your possession meter which extends the time you have to possess enemies. If the requirement says to do it during 1 possession make sure not to get your possessed body killed before they're met. You can replenish your meter by picking up orbs enemies drop when they are killed or simply being alive while not possessing a body.

Enemy Within: FE: 5 suicide kills 1500

To get a suicide kill possess a body and then hold Y.

Body Snatcher: FE: Attain a total of 120 seconds of possession time 2500
Head Intruder: FE: Attain a total of 240 seconds of possession time 3500

Just keep picking up orbs dropped by killed enemies to extend your possession time for each possession. Can be done with as many possessions as needed.

Extended Stay: FE: Remain in a single body or 2 minutes 3000

Keep picking up those orbs and avoid dying when you're possessing an enemy for 2 minutes.

Damage Resistant: Team: PM absorbs 300 total damage during Shield 5000

Must be done in co-op, what character you are doesn't matter. Fettle has to press L when aiming at Point Man to give him a shield. Simply have the shield absorb enough damage.

Hangman: Team: PM kills 15 suspended enemies 5000

Must be done in co-op, what character you are doesn't matter. Fettle has to suspend an enemy with L and Point Man has to kill it 15 times.

The Crusher: Team: Fettle kills 5 enemies with special slo mo melee 5000

Must be done in co-op, what character you are doesn't matter. Whenever Point Man activates slo mo Fettle's melee changes into a slower but more powerful small area effect melee. Kill 5 enemies with it.

This Isnt so Hard!: Team: Fettle Kills 15 enemies during slo mo 5000

Must be done in co-op, what character you are doesn't matter. Fettle just has to rack up kills whenever Point Man has slo mo activated.

Solo Psychic Link Attained: 1500

Simply hold X over specific glowing bodies to achieve this challenge. If in co-op you must select the steal option.

TEAM: Shared Psychic Link attained 1000

Must be done in co-op, what character you are doesn't matter. Simply hold X over specific glowing bodies and select the share option.

Mommy!: Collected the Alma doll 5000

An Alma doll can be found on every level although there are different locations it can spawn. See (this thread).

Ghost Offender: Kill 5 ghost soldiers with the G3A3 AR 2500
Ghost Cowboy: Kill 5 ghost soldiers with the Strader MK.VII 2500
Ghost Hoser: Kill 5 ghost soldiers with the MP-970 2500
Woah! I know Kung Fu: Kill 3 ghost soldiers with any melee attack 2500
Buster of Ghosts: FE: Kill 5 ghost soldiers with the Fettle Blast 2500
Ghostly Cover-Up: Kill 5 ghost soldiers from active cover 2500
Head Dead Prevention: Kill 5 ghost soldiers with headshots 2500
Substitute Killer: FE: Kill 2 ghost soldiers during 1 possession 2500

Ghost soldiers are the glowing soldiers that spawn in the final area of level 8. They normally spawn in two waves, each between the 3 appearances of the giant creep but if you don't damage the giant creep 4 waves will appear (thanks StaticVito). If you're playing solo each wave will normally have 3 of them, if you're playing co-op the waves have 5-6 of them. Simply kill them however the challenge specifies. You start the level with the MK.VII pistol and you can find the MP-970s in a small locked gated section in the first area of the level. In the area you fight them you can find plenty of G3A3 ARs, the soldiers themselves drop it too, occasionally one will have a CAS and the rocks there can be used as cover.

Ghost Eraser: Kill 5 ghost soldiers with the CAS 2500

Easier to do on co-op since more enemies spawn with each wave but it's possible to do solo if you don't damage the creep and one spawns with a shotgun by at least the third wave. Just reload the last checkpoint if one fails to spawn.

Nightmare Ninja: Fight back the creep 3 times without getting hurt 2500

The creep is the feral looking enemy that attacks you periodically throughout the campaign although I believe this challenge is specific to level 8. Before you make it to the outdoor area with the giant creep you are attacked by the creep a good number of times. Its appearances are not random and can be memorized. It makes a stepping sound and comes at you as a trail of black smoke before it appears next to you and tries to attack you aside from the scripted appearances it has running along the walls which don't seem to count. You have to shoot it to keep it away 3 times in a row when it appears without taking damage from it. It's easier to do this by backing up as it comes toward you and going into slo mo right before it appears so you can get a good couple shots in before it hits you. An easy trick to this if you're having trouble is to stand right in front of the glowing door to the outdoor area when it appears and turn to your right. A creep will continuously spawn in front of you, just make sure you get the timing right.

Hurt Him: Damage the giant creep 2500
Nightmare Warrior: Damage the giant creep 3 times before he vanishes 2500

The giant creep is in the last area of level 8. You can damage it by shooting the glowing spot on its neck when it opens up. You'll have to be quick to damage it 3 times before it goes away but it appears 3 times during which you can get this (assuming you damage it during each of its appearances). Slo mo helps.

Exorcist: PM: Kill 6 ghost soldiers during slo mo 2500
Lucid Dreaming: PM: Kill 3 ghost soldiers during a single slo mo 2500

Easier done on co-op since more ghost soldiers spawn but you can just not damage the creep to spawn more waves on solo. If playing solo you will have to kill all three enemies in one of the waves with a single slo mo and kill 3 more enemies in slo mo. If you mess up just reload the checkpoint.

Possessive: FE: Kill 6 ghost soldiers during possession 2500

Easier done in co-op but if you don't damage the creep more waves will appear and you can get this on solo. Can be done with multiple possessions.
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