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Popcorn Party achievement in Plants vs. Zombies (WP)

Popcorn Party

Defeat 2 Gargantuars with Corn Cob missiles in a single level.

Popcorn Party0
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How to unlock the Popcorn Party achievement

  • YAT0YAT0704,213
    20 Jul 2011 20 Jul 2011
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    I had to play through the campaign twice to get this achievement. You need to buy the corn missile from the store before getting to level 5-8. You may be able to do this in one play through however I had insufficient cash to buy the item on my first play through.

    The best level for this is 5-8 on adventure mode, you cannot get this in mini play.

    When you are ready to start the level ensure you have selected the kernel putts, corn missile, sun flowers, two head sun flowers, flower pots and pumpkins. Start the level with the rake.

    Once the level starts plant sunflowers until the second zombie appears. Now plant a kernel putt in the that lane and continue planting sunflowers (one line is sufficient). When you see a cone head zombie you'll need two kernel putts to take it down,

    Now spend your time upgrading your sunflowers to enable you to store up sun to buy the first corn missile. This needs to be placed on top of two kernels that are in a horizontal line. Obviously choose a line that is empty before doing this and build defences in front of the corn missile to protect it. Pumpkins come in useful here to hold off any unwanted zombies.

    The first Gagantuar comes along around half way between the first and second huge wave so you'll need two kernel putts in place ready to fire before then. Aim both at him straight away to kill him. I read you have to kill the imp he carries with the corn missile, however I can confirm this is incorrect - I killed the Gargantuar with the corn missiles and the imp with my kernel putts and the achievement unlocked no problem once i killed the second one.

    The second Gargantuar comes between the second and last huge wave.

    My end line up looked something like this:

    SN KN KN*
    SN KN KN*
    SN KN KN*

    SN = Sunflower (four out of five two heads)
    KN = Kernel Putt
    KN* = Kernel Putt with Pumkin around
    CM = Corn Missle

    Good luck - i had to restart the level a couple of times to get the hang of it.

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    JyejitsuHad no troubles with this at the end of the wave I had 6 Corn missles (6th was just to use my last few points for fun (1 zombie left) and had on all rows 2/3 kernels with the front 2 having pumpkins. 1 Line of Double SF :o easy peasy first try :o
    Posted by Jyejitsu on 18 Jun 12 at 14:01
    Bears Scare MeGot it first time. Good solution
    Posted by Bears Scare Me on 17 Aug 14 at 02:53
    Senior ChuponThanks, good solution! I also like to use potato mines in the beginning to help with early zombies.
    Posted by Senior Chupon on 03 Nov 14 at 17:35
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  • DeviSlatorDeviSlator463,251
    06 Sep 2012 06 Sep 2012
    9 0 2
    This needs to be done on level 5-8 on the roof and on a 2nd playthrough after you have purchased the Corn missiles for $20k.

    Crazy Dave will give you 3 packets at random so it helps if these are useful for you. Restart the level over until you are happy with what he has given you (I didn't use any of Dave's seeds but a chilli or a cherry bomb can save you if things take a turn for the worse).

    You will want to select Sunflower, Sunflower Upgrade, Plant Pot, Kernelputt, Corn Missile Upgrade and Pumpkin Shell. Make sure you purchase the rake before starting the level.

    Here's the strategy. Start building sunflowers in the 3rd column until you know the 2nd zombie is due to appear. Look to see which row he is coming in and build a kernelputt in that row. Build another sunflower then another kernelputt for the 3rd zombie and so on. By this point you should have something resembling this

    X K S
    X X S
    X K S
    X K S
    X X S

    X= blank
    K= Kernelputt

    Now, instead of upgrading the sunflowers, you will want to start putting extra pots in the lanes already with the kernalputts and put a sunflower in them. This is because it costs 75 sun to do instead of 150 and is quicker. Make sure you are also continuing to cover your lanes with kernelputts so then, before the coneheads start arriving you should have something like

    X K S S
    X K S
    X K S S
    X K S
    X K S

    When a cone head arrives, make sure to have 2 kernelputts in that lane. While this is going on, if a zombie gets close and starts munching on your sunflowers put down a pumpkin.

    By the end of the first wave you should have something like this

    K K S SP
    K K S SP
    K K S SP
    K K S SP
    K K S SP

    SP= Sunflower with Pumpkin

    Now you want to build Kernelputts in a couple of lanes and some protection (Dave's seeds could be useful here) so by the time the first Gargantuar arrives you have something like this

    K K S SP
    K K S SP
    K K S SP

    CM= Corn Missile
    KP= Kernelputt with pumpkin although any defensive or offensive plant will do.

    To fire the cornmissile, firstly click on the pulsating tip and then on the gargantuar. It will take 2 missiles to kill him.

    Now you can start upgrading your sunflowers, storing sun and fighting off the hoard until after the 2nd huge wave has passed. During this time, dig out the old cornmissiles and replace with new ones and you are ready to take out the 2nd gargantuar and get your chievo! :-)

    *Be quick in setting up, by this point you should know how to get past the first 10 zombies without breaking a sweat
    * Keep some money in reserve for emergencies
    * Watch the condition of your pumpkin shells - the last thing you want is the zombies eating your cornmissile before it's fired
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    VixyNyanFirst try with this setup~ toast
    Posted by VixyNyan on 02 Apr 15 at 13:25
    DeviSlatorGlad to help!
    Posted by DeviSlator on 06 Feb 17 at 09:29
  • Hexa FoxHexa Fox1,080,978
    02 May 2012 02 May 2012 08 Aug 2012
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    This is the last achievement I got in the game as it does require you to beat through the campaign once to get the Cob Cannon which will cost you 20,000 coins. Also to make this harder you have three seeds locked in you can not control and for me they were totally useless. I took the Kernel-Pult and then used the Imitater to get a second one to plant them faster. I also took the Pumpkins, Sunflowers, Flower Pots and obviously the Cob Cannon.

    Now make sure you buy the Gutter Cleaners and the Rake to buy you a much needed advantage. Whether or not you get this achievement is totally based around luck since you are relying solely on the Kernel-Pult. You just need to hope that they throw Butter instead of the Kernel's which do major damage and stop the Zombies.

    Starting the level you first need to know that it takes two Cob Cannon shots to kill a Gargantuar. The first one came out for me just after the first big wave, which in fact was indicated by the red flag but I don't know if it will be the same for everyone. It is possible to shoot a Cob Cannon shot at him right when he comes out and to get another before he even reaches your defense.

    I had seven Sunflowers that was just barley enough. Before the second Gargantuar appeared I was in major trouble because the Zombies had already broken through a couple rows. This was indeed the attempt that I got my achievement which was my third try. So you are probably always going to be in a tight spot on this level.

    Caution: Make 100% sure that if you screw up especially on the second Gargantuar that you immediately hit menu and restart because if you happen to complete the level you will be forced to play through the entire campaign again. Also pay attention and make sure your Kernel-Pults do not kill one of the Gargantuars.

    This is level 5.8 of Adventure Mode. Although as said you can not get the achievement until you are back on it a second time. Also guys again keep in mind that if you screw up you must quickly pause, and restart as if you kill the last Gargantuar and it ends you will have to play through the entire campaign again. The campaign might also get tougher, and tougher every time you restart. Thus Crazy Dave locking in more seeds screwing you over. Making you totally restart to beat the campaign two more times. So make sure this does not happen to you. Most of the time this will take at least a few tries.

    *Comment if you need anything and I will see if I can help.
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    barneyrobble1What level is this on?
    Posted by barneyrobble1 on 08 Aug 12 at 08:56
    Hexa FoxSorry about that I edited the solution. It is level 5.8 of Adventure Mode. Good Luck!
    Posted by Hexa Fox on 08 Aug 12 at 16:03
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