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China Shop achievement in Plants vs. Zombies (WP)

China Shop

Get to a streak of 15 in Vasebreaker Endless.

China Shop0
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How to unlock the China Shop achievement

  • xPut Name HerexxPut Name Herex1,090,074
    07 Jul 2011 12 Jul 2011 14 May 2014
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    Tough achievement. It will take you a multiple attempts based on developing your skill/pure luck.

    General Strategy:

    Start by smashing the vases on the right-most column. Some of these (most likely) will be zombies, the others plants. Place the plants in the correct positions to take out the zombies, depending on the direction they are facing. Destroy the zombies before moving on to the next column. Place any Squash or Wall-Nut at the end of the row. Continue moving over a column at a time. Try not to use plants in a row unless you know zombies are there, empty rows are possible and happen a surprising amount of the time. If a plant starts flashing however, plant it immediately where it is most likely to benefit you (usually in a row with a lot of unbroken vases). Use the green vases if there are too many zombies for you to handle based on your plants, they should be a back-up, not a first option.

    As much as possible, try to clear a row of zombies before breaking any more vases in that row.

    Gargantuars will throw their imp if hit with a Mine or Squash in the 7th, 8th, or 9th column, so try and wait for them to cross into the 6th column before hitting them. The Cherries should only be used as a last-resort, and preferably only on the later levels (10+).

    Advanced Strategies

    1. Selecting a plant's card before planting it will stop it from disappearing, so keep one selected if you are waiting for rows to clear up. You can also touch the shovel to deselect a plant.

    2. Mutli-squashing: Particularly useful when a row contains a lot of buckethead zombies. By touching vases precisely when another zombie is above it, you can get line up the zombies in the same location. You can then proceed to squash both of them at once (or use the Mine, which is slightly tougher to pull off). You can also use a Wall-Nut or any other plant to slow down the zombies as they destroy it, and then squash them once they have all gathered in the same location.

    3. Clear a spot for the Lantern-plant so that it can see into the greatest possible amount of vases. Nothing is better than knowing exactly what containers contain plants, zombies. Even if you find plants with the lantern, you do not necessarily have to break them yet; for example, if you find a Squash but have not yet found the Gargantuar, wait until you find him before breaking the Squash vase.

    4. Wild-clicking: Used in an effort to find a plant after you have exhausted your two green vases. Start with the right-most column, and proceed to the next column if you do not find your plant. Only do this is rows that are not currently overwhelmed with zombies. You can also try to set up a multi-squash if the situation presents itself.

    5. Column-points: A general idea of how many columns a zombie can walk across while being shot at by a single pea shooter. The Snow Pea and Repeaters cut this number approximately in half, and the Mines/Squashes do approximately 15 column-points of damage.
    Zombie - 3
    Buckethead - 15
    Gargantuar - 30
    Imp - 6 Pea-shooter shots

    Again, these numbers are approximate. You will develop a feel for how well your defenses can handle a certain zombie throughout your play-throughs.

    And last but not least, what you should expect from the 35 vases:

    6 backwards facing Repeaters,
    2 Threepeaters
    1 Peashooter
    2 Snow Peas
    6 Squashes
    1 Wall-nut
    1 Plantern
    1 Potato Mine
    1 Sun vase (25, 50, or 75)

    7 Basic Zombies (6 starting on level 10)
    5 Buckethead Zombies
    1 Gargantuar and Imp (2 starting on level 10)
    1 Jack-in-the-Box Zombie

    Now that you know what to expect and some strategies for dealing with those pesky zombies, you should be able to get this achievement. There is some luck involved, especially on the later levels depending on where the Gargantuars and Jack-in-the-Box spawn, but this achievement is still doable being patient, not wasting plants, and letting zombies get destroyed before breaking more zombie-containing vases.

    Sorry for the length as well. Leave any comments and I'll be sure to get back to you. Good luck!

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    Proeliatoris JYeah, thanks everyone for the tips.. Slowly getting better.. Knocking around level 8 now! Just occasional bad luck gets me..
    Posted by Proeliatoris J on 20 May 14 at 13:14
    Proeliatoris JUrgh, this is doing my head in! Got to 13 a couple of times..
    Posted by Proeliatoris J on 09 Jun 14 at 00:58
    tornprince2012Great solution!
    Just to write that I use Lumia 920 as well and it worked perfectly. The main thing is to understand how and when to save and re-save it. Same worked for I, Zombie minigame.
    Posted by tornprince2012 on 02 Apr 15 at 13:11
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  • ScottybonzoScottybonzo269,106
    24 Sep 2014 24 Sep 2014
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    All the previous hints and tips are great and very helpful. So I will not be talking about that.

    After a good few hours and getting to streak 10-12, I did it using the LOCK SCREEN/CHECKPOINT method.

    You must make sure that in the game options the RUN WHEN LOCKED button is ticked.

    What you do is once you start a new round from round 2 - lock the screen then unlock it again. This creates a checkpoint. You can now play level as normal. If you look like you will lose THEN ACTUALLY LOSE. When it says try again instead hit the main menu button on top right corner and then reselect the game mode and you should have option to continue the level from the start again. LOCK THE SCREEN AGAIN TO CREATE ANOTHER CHECKPOINT. You should now have a better idea where zombies appear from to complete the level.

    Just remember to create a checkpoint at start of new (or replayed) level. Take your time not to get overrun and you should have this achievement in no time.

    Also whenever your screen locks that overwrites the checkpoint so make sure you quit at a point you are happy with. And create a new one once you start back up again.
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    Y2Kasper10I must be retarded... I can't figure out how to use this exploit?
    I am doing this method, but when I restart the game... it always goes back to level 1
    Posted by Y2Kasper10 on 25 Aug 17 at 17:13
    ScottybonzoIt was 3 years ago stop perhaps it maybe has been fixed? If I remember correctly dont hit RETRY.

    I don't have a WP anymore to check sorry
    Posted by Scottybonzo on 03 Sep 17 at 07:59
    KugareThis method still works. Thx for the great solution.
    Posted by Kugare on 28 Jun 19 at 13:21
  • YAT0YAT0705,335
    11 Jul 2011 11 Jul 2011
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    Ok - this is a tough one - took me around 15 hours to complete.

    The green vases are your first ones to open - I used these to set up defence on one line and then aimed to clear it. Any items you unlock start thinking about the next line you wish to clear and so on.

    You may read this is 50/50 luck and skill. I would defiantly agree with this. Problem is if you open a Gargantuar early on your going to struggle. I found that when this happens I could not find anything to kill it with.

    Few key things to remember:

    1) If you only have one Zombie on the screen wait for it to be killed before moving on. No time limit so use to your advantage.

    2) Place a squashe at the end of a line and as a zombie walks past a vase open it. Zombies tend to walk together so one squishy could take out six zombies. Risky tactic however essential to progress. Of course you could stumble across a Garantuar along the way however this is a risk worth taking!

    3) You can hold on to an item by simply selecting it... again this is essential to save wasting items. You can hold and still open vases. This really helps, especially if you only have one or two vases left in a row.

    4) After level 10 you will get 2 Gargantuar's... therefore saving your collected sun up to here is essential. If you are able to make it to level 10 with around 500 sun you should be good for the achievement. I actually got here with only 200 sun however was blessed with the placement of items / Zombies. Of course if you use a cherry feel free to wait for it to recharge before carrying on.

    Hope you find this useful - any questions / help let me know
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