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Beyond the Grave achievement in Plants vs. Zombies (WP)

Beyond the Grave

Beat all 19 mini-games.

Beyond the Grave0
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How to unlock the Beyond the Grave achievement

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    Okay, so this achievement is to beat all the mini-games in PvZ.
    **To unlock mini-games: complete the adventure mode, then beat the mini games which you have, to unlock more.**
    You beat the mini game when you finish all the flags and get the trophy.
    The mini-games start off easy, but some of them can be quite challenging.

    (Comment if you need help on a certain mini-game and I'll update the solution with some tips.)

    The games which I found most difficult were:
    Bobsled bonanza
    Last Stand

    **Some of these tips may seem obvious but I'm just trying to help**

    Invisi-Ghoul Tips:
    When starting out, try to build shooters as far back as you can.
    Use Ice-Shrooms to not only slow down zombies, but also to determine the location of the oncoming zombies.
    Try to get at least 1 projectile plant (Pea-shooter etc.) in each lane, firstly focusing on the lanes with zombies.
    When you are given a lily-pad try to fill it with anything asap until the pool is sufficiently defended.
    Having the sound turned up helps massively, you can hear if a bucket-head is being hit or if a dolphin rider is coming.
    Look + Listen for splashes in the pool.
    If you can hear your shooters hitting a bucket-head, try to get more ammunition on that lane or slow them with an ice-shroom.
    Try to save Squashes for emergencies, and have them in the pool to take care of Dolphin Riders.
    By the 2nd wave, try to have a wall-nut in most lanes and start to work on building up the shooter/catapult plants.
    The Zomboni (One which leaves an ice trail) is a pain and it is best to try and Squash him.
    This one will probably take you a few attempts, but eventually you will have a good game where good plants are given.

    Bob-Sled Bonanza Tips:
    The main tip I have for this one is to use Spikeweed and its upgrade Spikerock (Bought from Dave's shop).
    These plants instantly kill the vehicles (In this case the Zomboni, ice trail zombie)
    I chose to take the sunflower and the upgraded sunflower (Bought from Dave's shop) so I had ALOT of sun.
    The tall-nut, jalapeno and an imitator of the jalapeno are must haves for this one.
    Use a jalapeno, to clear the ice and then try to get a spikeweed / if possible a spikerock set up at the start of each lane, where the zombies come from to prevent the lanes getting iced again.
    My set-up was to have tall-nuts protecting the sunflowers with rows of spikerock in front of the tall-nuts.
    On the pool, I used Kernal Pults which were good enough to keep the zombies back.

    Last Stand Tips:
    For Last Stand I suggest 2-4 Cob-Cannons at the back, with some kernal pults.
    Each lane protected by a tall-nut.
    In the pool are 2 of the Cob-Cannons and in front I used 2 cat-tails, followed by the tall-nut.
    It can also a good idea to set up some magnet-shrooms, if using less than 4 cannons, (using the coffee bean to wake them) behind the tall-nuts.
    By the second flag you should be able to create/have a set-up like:

    K=Kernal Pults
    Y=Cat Tails on Lilypads
    For the rest of the game just try to maintain the field and make sure to use the cannons effectively.
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    Rhino Van DamAnyone got tips for zombotamy 2? Can't figure out a good way to do it
    Posted by Rhino Van Dam on 15 Nov 11 at 00:09
    RhoBearToeI'm obviously late here, but for zombotony 2, it's useful to combine plants that lay low to the ground and then use tall-nuts to protect your sunflowers. I used spikeweed/spikerock and a BUNCH of potato mines, even used an imitator potato mine to cut down on the recharge speed. It got easier once I set up sunflowers in two rows and protected them with a tall-nut instead of spreading them out along the back column like I usually do. In the pool, I think I just used tanglebushes mostly.

    Just have the bobsled level to go now...
    Posted by RhoBearToe on 15 Feb 12 at 23:10
    Chris1984ukI hate this achievement! Bobsled Bonanza is just fucking relentless. I got hammered with 4 of the Zombonis and then they were followed by Bobsleds!

    Good guide though!
    Posted by Chris1984uk on 13 Nov 13 at 13:08
    HASANYBODYGOTGreat guide! Massively helped me get past Bobsled Bonanza, but Zombotony 2 is brutal! I keep getting to about half way and then it all screws up when a chilli zombie comes.
    Posted by HASANYBODYGOT on 21 Mar 14 at 21:42
    IanuvanFor bobsled i found it easier to use squashes rather than nuts. At the start just go for sunflowers until the first zomboni. Stick a squash in the lane straight away and continue with sun. If you save your chillis for the bobsleds and use squashes for zombonis until you can get ultra spikes in each lane. I ended with

    ds s r r sr
    ds s r r. sr
    ds r r r r
    ds r r r r
    ds s r r sr
    ds s r r sr

    ds - double sun
    s - sun
    r - repeater
    sr - spike rock

    i could idle the last 2 flags this way. You can keep building repeaters if you want
    Posted by Ianuvan on 21 May 14 at 07:49
    IanuvanFor some reason the above removed my spaces between the last repeaters and the spike rock. The spike rocks should be in the first square
    Posted by Ianuvan on 21 May 14 at 07:51
    argusyoungApart from the general strategy using spikes, here is my tip for bobsled: stars work incredibly well! Cheap (125 sun), quick recharge and they shoot quickly and in multiple directions. Give it a try
    Posted by argusyoung on 31 Oct 14 at 08:13
    T0rn3ssI tried several different strategies for the bobsled one, and the stars worked the best with the setup Ianuvan laid out, but using stars in lieu of repeaters. I found myself starved for way too much sun power with other strategies, plus I was getting overwhelmed with not being able to take out bobsled after bobsled. I eventually had enough star power that I started replacing some of my sunflowers with extra stars to speed things along. as well as a second column of spikeweed -> spikerock.
    Posted by T0rn3ss on 09 Jul 15 at 19:12
    GeoffistophelesComing in with my endorsement of the starfruit strategy for Bobsled Bonanza. You want Sunflower, Lilypad, Starfruit, Squash, Jalapeno, Imitater Jalapeno, Spikeweed, Spikerock. Sunflowers in the first two columns except in the pool, jalapenos to take out bobsleds, squash to destroy Zombonis. Once you have 150 sun, put down a lily pad and a star fruit. Once you've got a 3x2 setup of stars in the pool, it'll take out both zombonis and bobsled teams. Just keep building those up so that most of the pool is taken up by starfruit, and if you have the opportunity after a jalapeno, place a spikerock at the zombie entry point to permanently close off the ice.

    Pogo Party, you need Sunflower, Tall-nut, Imitater Tall-nut, Coffee Bean, Fume-shroom, Gloom-shroom, and Pumpkin. First column is sunflowers, as always. When a pogo zombie comes down a row, prioritize getting a tall-nut in front of him on the second column. Third column is Fume-shroom, coffee bean, gloom-shroom, pumpkin, in that order. Once you've got full columns of all three, it's effectively done.
    Posted by Geoffistopheles on 13 Dec 15 at 17:58
    Hysteria89For Last Stand, I'll list a very simple but effective solution. Start off with the repeaters (green pea shooters that cost 200 sun) and upgrade them with the Gatling pea (costs 250 sun), then have the torch wood plant (it turns the peas into fireballs) in front of the Gatling pea (costs 175 sun) - only add these in once everything else has been added. In front of the torch wood plant, place a magnet-shroom and energize it with the coffee bean (costs 75 sun) and then place a tall nut at the front of the row. Do this for each row - you'll need lily pads for the water rows. You won't have enough sun for everything at the beginning, so update the rows as you go along. Make sure you have everything except for the torch wood (you can add these in later). I would also recommend picking the squash, in case a ladder zombie climbs over your tall nut (I only had this happen once). I completed the mini-game on my first attempt with this method.

    TLDR - here's the layout:

    Gatling pea; Torchwood; Magnet shroom (energized by coffee bean); Tall nut. x6 rows.
    Posted by Hysteria89 on 04 May 16 at 20:06
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