Multi Ending Master achievement in Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax

Multi Ending Master

Reached every ending in Hero 30.

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How to unlock the Multi Ending Master achievement

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    To get this achievement you need to witness all possible ending screens of Hero 30 mode. Generally you'll need to actively seek this out as many of them involve failing a level or doing something you wouldn't think or want to do. Whilst the above guide is very good, I just wanted to provide a little more detail on how to get to some of the levels seeing as there are multiple branches throughout the game and also in order roughly of when you'll find them.

    Ending 1: Quest 9 "Change the Current". Don't defeat the Oaf "Cully" in the northenmost cave and you'll have a depressing game over screen to "enjoy". To get this level, you need to let the forest burn in Quest 5 "Fire Starter"

    Ending 2: Quest 16 "Treasure Island". You need to solve the riddle Gramps gives you in the starting village and then wear the hat when you confront the Evil Lord. When he offers you the treasure, take it. You get to this level from Quest 12 "Road to Land or Sea" by paying the Captain to use his boat after recovering the mast. After that Quest 13 "Past the Ocean" requires you to find the hidden ship to unlock the path to "Treasure Island". Phew!

    Ending 3: Quest 17 "Ancient Riches" You need to NOT get enough money from the caves before fighting the evil lord. Get to this level from Quest 12 "Road to Land or Sea" by NOT paying the captain to use his boat and taking the long route. Then on Quest 14 "Nun and the Devil" you need to take the South route and follow the strange girl's advice and accept a pact.

    Ending 4: Quest 18 "Grail and Evil Lord". You need to defeat the Evil Lord without a grail or with a fake one, or the real one but not filled with water. Get to this quest from Quest 12 "Road to Land or Sea" by NOT paying the captain to use his boat and taking the long route. Then on Quest 14 "Nun and the Devil" you need to go North and follow the Nun's request.

    Ending 5: Quest 22 "The Have-nots". You need to reach level 18+ then visit Mo in the South-East town and agree to his plan. All succesful routes end up at Quest 21 "Floodgate Panic". You need to wear the Swimmer's Ring and visit the beach resort in the South-East of the starting area and agree to the man's deal. When you defeat the Evil Lord you will unlock "The Have-nots"

    Ending 6: Complete the standard story, either by finishing Quest 31 "The Last Battle" or Quest 32 "The Hero of All Time". Either will do though Quest 31 is the easiest and fastest to get to.

    Hopefully this helps some people find a few of the quests they hadn't unlocked. If you need any further help then leave a comment and I'll get on it.

    *Credit goes to Kennansoft for additional information regarding Endings 4 and 5, thank you very much :D*

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    JotaroRaidoAwesome, thanks for the list, makes this a cinch!

    I mostly just wanted to add that ending 2 (Treasure Island) is hilarious. I want that picture of Hero as a gamerpic!
    Posted by JotaroRaido on 01 Aug 11 at 02:44
    AkkonShinigamiPretty lame/non existent "ending" after defeating Nexus -.- But great guide thx
    Posted by AkkonShinigami on 20 Aug 11 at 22:33
    EarthboundXYeah, this explains a lot more, I wasn't sure if I needed to do something, then beat the last boss again, most of these are just take different paths and do something specific, much easier to understand.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 11 Jul 17 at 09:15
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    1) Clear Hero 30 - Going through Last Battle and The Hero of All Time give you the same ending sequence.
    2) Side with Mo in Quest 22, The Have-Nots (Beach branch of Quest 21, Floodgate Panic)
    3) Defeat the Undead Queen (Quest 18, land branch from Quest 12 Road to Land and Sea) without a grail - no special ending is shown, but it boots you back to the menu.
    4) Don't find enough treasure in Quest 17, Ancient Riches (Devil branch of Quest 14, Nun and the Devil)
    5) Don't defeat Cully in the cave in Quest 9, Change the Current
    6) Find and take the Pirate Treasure in Quest 16, Treasure Island (Ocean branch of Quest 12, Road to Land or Sea)
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    Petit VerI have a question (that might be dumb for those who have already gotten this achievement) : when you've beaten the game once and gotten an ending, do you have to redo all the quests or just the ones mentionned by Vision x Thing to get a different ending ?
    Posted by Petit Ver on 11 Jul 11 at 15:02
    PeteOzzyYou just have to do the ones mentioned in the description thankfully! You don't need to do 6 full playthroughs!
    Posted by PeteOzzy on 11 Jul 11 at 18:06
    Petit VerOK thanks for your answer. I figured that you just had to redo those ones but, you never know how some developers can be sadistic with achievements ;)
    Posted by Petit Ver on 12 Jul 11 at 10:11
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