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How to unlock the Title Master achievement

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    Quest 1: Hero's Departure
    Straying - Once the Time Goddess resets your clock the first time, have time run out 3 more times before finishing the Evil Lord (the Goddess will warn you that she won't turn back time anymore at the beginning of the last 30sec)
    Forgotten - Head over to the boat to the East of the 1st town and press A while aboard it for a free Herb and this title.

    Quest 2: Continental Bridge
    Barely - Finish the quest in under 30sec
    Kelp Lover - I get this every single time, so I'm assuming you just have to fight any kelp you run into on the beach and not flee the fight(s)

    Quest 3: Lord Hadears
    Red Diamond - Finish the level within 30sec of retrieving the Red Diamond from the cave in the SE (simple with the boat)
    Ear Killer - Find the Boom Sword and finish the level with it. You'll need to fight passed the giant Crab and pay the boat captain in the western town 200g to take you to the central island where you'll find the Boom Sword

    Quest 4: Caves and Forests
    Cave Lover - Use the cave to quickly travel down to the Evil Castle. (Level up a bit before trying it)
    Bug Lover - Do not get the flyswatter from the man in the southwest part of the map.

    Quest 5: Firestarter
    Woods Guard - Finish the Quest after dealing with the pyro in the northern cave.
    Fasting - Finish the Quest without eating any food. Herbs are fine.

    Northern Path - Defeat the buffoon in the northern cave before the forest is torched
    Southern Path - Let the forest burn! Just focus on beating the Evil Lord.

    -Northern Route-

    Quest 6: Through the Forest
    Solo Trekker - Finish the stage without hiring Richard.
    Lonely - Hire Richard and head toward the castle with Richard. Before you drop him off at the second village like he wants keep heading to the castle, before you enter he will remind you a promise is a promise then drop him off at the 2nd town

    Quest 7: Courage Mountain
    Gorgeous - Buy the Lavish Mail for 3000g. Simply level up a bit and then head to the small plains area in the bottom right to fight a rare giant bird that will drop 3000g for you.
    Coward - After getting the valour medal you will hear a voice and be given the option to drop it and run, select to do this and then go back and get it

    Quest 8: Infinite Desert
    Lost - Reset to the beginning of the desert at every possible wrong turn. 1. Go North from the entrance (The path is South), 2. Take the first left after going south (it's the second/last path left/West), 3. Take the northern exits from the area with Village 2 (it's the west exit), 4. Take the southern or Northern entrance to the castle (it's the middle one)
    Bird Hunter - Kill the bird in the very small wooded area in the SW corner of the map.

    Quest 9: Village in Danger
    Town Savior - Reset the clock after the first village gets destroyed by lightning and finish the quest before it gets destroyed again (which happens when the clock reaches 15s, after blowing up initially once you leave the NW camp)
    Kind Heart - Give the medicine to the sick person in the tent in the southern village.

    -Southern Route-

    Quest 6: Through the Cave
    Caretaker - Head through the cave between 20 and 10s for safe travel, after which you will gain the Rubber Boots. Return through the cave and head to the cottage in the west to give the Rubber Boots to the old man, who will let you keep them.
    Gourmand - You need to eat all the food available. The first village offers 2 kinds of food, Eel Stew for 150g between 30s and 20s or 10s and DEATH, and Loach Stew between 20s and 10s for 30g. Next you can grab a Loach Pie for 30g in the village that is (normally) at the other end of the cave. The last two meals are tricky, you need to enter the cave just as it turns from hard enemies to weak ones, or vice versa, so around 20s or 10s (20s obviously preferred), and you'll exit through a different tunnel that will land you on an island next to a village where you can purchase Ancient Meal for 200g and Ordinary Meal for 50 (eat the Ancient Meal, then run off and get hit, return and buy the Ordinary Meal). If you're having trouble getting the secret cave exit, clear out the easy enemies so you skip to the opposite end without running through the tunnel again. Keep pressing A around 20s and 10s (by killing the easy mobs only you make the 10s opening easier, but not the 20s, defeat all of the enemies in the cave and just keep pressing A for very quick results).

    Quest 7: Castle Over the Sea
    Sea King - Defeat every monster at least once (There is a bee, coral, lizardman, blob, and pelican).
    Getbacker - Get knocked by every tidal walkway at least twice each and do not move while being pushed around. (This means the eastern path, northern and the small one next to the castle)

    Quest 8: Good Ol' Days
    Four Eyes - Acquire the Mage Glasses
    Sepia Master - Stop the spread of the Sepia.

    Quest 9: Change the Current
    Sucker - By all of the Evil Combo meals at the village in the forest, they'll cost 200g, 400g, 800g and must be purchased before moving the rock. Move the rock and then finish the quest. (I bought the last meal, moved the rock, and beat the Evil Lord in 30sec if that makes a difference)
    Gold Lover - Buy the Gold Scudetto.

    -Both routes meet-

    Quest 10: Beautiful Evil Lord
    Max Power - Reach level 30 and defeat the Beautiful Evil Lord (required if you attack him without Milennia anyway). To do this, grind out your xp and gold on the turtles in the SE portion of the forest, near the village. This will give you a steady stream of both XP and Gold, but in the end time will catch up with you so be sure to rush (you can just dash at this point) from the castle, to the building in the SW corner of the map, back to the castle upon turning the Beautiful Evil Lord Sane. The quest won't end until they are reunited.
    Metro - Purchase the charisma wig

    Quest 11: Bandit Valley
    Bandit Buddy - Level out around the first town until you hit lvl 7. Reset the clock and head to the North cave. Fight (easier to Dash imo, even with the HP loss) through Donovan's waves of enemies in the cave and hit him once to call him an ally. He can break the rocks blocking the main path to the Evil Castle.
    Going My Way - Level up to 7 or so and then head to the Northern part of the map, be sure to stop off at the Northern village to buy the Silver Spear and reset the clock if you need to. Continue South from there.

    Quest 12: Road to Land or Sea
    Barely - Finish the entire quest in the first 30 seconds.
    Bug's Horn - Kill the giant bug along the Western path.

    Ocean Path - Help the sailor get his mast back from the bandit in the NW tower and he'll give you his boat.
    Mountain Path - Do Not help the Sailor

    -Ocean Path-

    Quest 13:Past the Ocean
    Tragic - Once you reach level 12 or 13, grab an herb and head to the middle North of the map, from the first island you'll see an opening in the rocks that goes farther North to a cave of sorts. Head into the cave, kill the skeleton's and find yourself a new ship. Now head to the first village and talk to the old woman who was waiting for her husband to arrive on that ship. He was probably one of the skeletons, but she doesn't need to know that.
    Full Outfit - Finish the Swimmer's Set. See the Equipment section right below this.

    Deep Ocean - Level up until you are around 13 and head to the cave in the North of the map for a boat, finishing the quest with the boat will open up the Deep Ocean path.
    Island Path - Stick to your swim floatie through the quest and you'll be on a path heading to a large island in the West.

    -Deep Ocean-

    Quest 14:Battle Ocean
    Wave Rider -Ride the waves 5 times. I did this without Hank and rode all of the waves and one wave within 30sec of beating the Evil Lord, just to be safe though.
    Pirate Buddy - Hire Hank and help with his task to get him to stick with you.

    Quest 15: Lizardman Nation
    Lizard Lover - Save the Lizard Prince. Head to the Lizardman castle and speak with the king. Then make your way to the village he pointed out in the woods to the far North and you'll find Rex. Return him to his castle and he'll decide to help you. He's useless, but the Evil Lord's guards will flee when they see the Prince.
    Lizard Hater - Don't save the Lizard Prince. He sucks anyway.

    Quest 16: Treasure Island
    Gourmet King - Eat the 3 time-related meals in the Southern Town: Morning Fish Set 30-20s for 30g, Fish Lunch 20s-10s for 60g, Fish Dinner 10s-0s for 120g.
    Pirate King - Get the Pirate's Booty! Check the tree on the cape between 30s and 15( bit NW of town), check the forest monument between 15s and 10s (island immediately S of town), check abandoned ship (West of town, Southern boat) between 10s and 0s. NOTE: Don't say yet to keeping the money and screwing the world over, you have to say no to get credit for finishing the quest.

    -Island Route-

    Quest 14: Dragon Island
    Miser - Sell the Dragon Egg but don't buy the lance. To get the dragon egg you need to head from village 1 just after a reset and dash to the cave and over to village 2 before the clock reaches 20s.You'll get all your lance money from selling the egg to the Scholar, just don't buy the lance with it.
    No Plan - Don't get the egg OR the lance. Just grind, grind, grind.

    Quest 15:Tiny Sailing Strip
    Octo Hunter - Defeat the Kraken (It appears when you go on the ship in the afternoon)
    Ship Lover -Ride the boat several times.

    Quest 16:Flower in the Dusk
    Flirty - Have Natalie join you. See allies.
    Tough - Fly solo, no Natalie for you.

    -Mountain Path-

    Quest 13:Hero in the Dark
    Sheriff - Deal with the useless Bandit Trio that's occupying the 2nd village, then return to the 1st village to tell them it's all clear.
    Candid - Beat the Evil Lord while he is asleep. Just get to the level where it says you're >Evil and you should get this no problem. Going beforehand is possible cause he's sleeping, but he'll wake up eventually during the fight.

    Quest 14: Nun and the Devil
    Wishy-Washy - Finish the quest without getting help from either the Nun, or the Devil. Go figure.
    Collector - Collect the egg and the mineral. Dranium is in a cave to the North. When you get to the cave, don't take the first left as there will be a dragon there and you can only kill it with backup, so no wish-washy. The correct, dragon free, path is No, Yes, Yes. Be cautious, though, both this and the tower for the egg will take about 10s of actual fighting as they are multiple areas(well, doing the tower 2nd is less than 10s but you get the idea). The Egg is from the tower along the beach, head South and then West. Reset at the town to the East of the middle path if you need to first, this multi-level area ends in a boss, which should be a pushover at this point.

    Northern Desert - Chosen by default, and also when you finish the quest with Elena.
    Western Plain Coast - "The South Route Looks Gloomy", so side with the Demon for this one.

    -Western Plain Coast (Devil Route)-

    Quest 15: Lord's Counterattack
    Forest Guard - Completely restore the forest.
    Unlucky - Encounter the correct ghost of each section last. The swirls you need to save for LAST: SW Desert, N swirl. SE Desert, third swirl. NW Desert, N most swirl. NE desert, E most swirl (this one is a dinosaur)

    Quest 16: Twin Valley
    West Hero - Finish all 4 tasks at the Western village. Deliver lunch to man in left cave between 30s and 20s (morning),get a Rhino Beetle in the left cave between 15s and 0s (dusk), get the prized possession from the hole in the right cave (around dusk), and finally put the offering at the shrine in the right cave during the morning. Easiest to go left cave, right cave, wait til 15s, left cave, right cave (or vice versa, but go back and forth)
    East Hero - Finish all 4 tasks at the Eastern village. Get the bucket from town and head to the spring in the left cave, dig for silver in the right cave. Then talk to their siblings for: Get firewood from the lumberjack in the left cave, sell the silver ore in the right cave.

    Quest 17: Ancient Riches
    Booty Getter - Get all THREE treasures, one from the Northernmost hole in the ground, the other from the Easternmost hole and once you have those two, head to the SE crater the rocks falling from the sky open to retrieve the third one (SE of the 2nd village, enter the hole from the East side.)
    Bomb Master - Use a bomb to destroy every rock once you've stopped the earthquakes. For the best results, run in and hit the rock once and then flee back a bit and throw the bomb with x.

    --Northern Desert (Nun Route)--

    Quest 15: Mummy Desert
    Sword Guide - Have Dain the Swordsman join you. Pray at the SW and E monuments to make the castle appear.
    Frantic - Try to pray at all of the monuments.

    Quest 16: Spinning Castle
    Fort Stopper - Press A at the center of the forest in the area of trees that's different from the rest, to fight some demons. Hit A again to find a hut with the button to stop the castle.
    Fort Chaser - Kill the Evil Lord without stopping the castle.

    Quest 17: Bust the Wall
    Bomber - Blow up the giant rock protecting the Evil Lord. You can get the bomb by following the West-most caves until you see a man by himself, he'll have a bomb.
    Explorer - Explore every cave. You'll need a bomb to kill the rock enemy in the East most cave.

    Quest 18: Grail and Evil Lord
    Detective - Beat each bandit Trio in their hiding spots. There's one in each of the three swamps, just roam around a bit until they attack you.
    Trendy - Get the trendy bandana. To get both titles at once, head to the boat on the SE coast (after 10s remain, dusk) after you find the 3 bandits in their swamp hiding spots. Defeating them on the boat will grant you the Trendy Bandana.

    --Deep Ocean and Island Merge at Quest 17: To the Snowy Country, West Plain at Quest 18:Avalanche Pass and Northern Desert at Quest 19:White Earth---

    Quest 17: To the Snowy Country
    Generous - Save Karen.
    Cold-Blooded - Don't save Karen.

    Quest 18: Avalanche Pass
    Snow Stopper - Kill Yetas and Yeta in the Eastern cave.
    Underwear - Get caught in the avalanche and lose your clothes, then finish the quest (getting the hat from the girl in town is ok)

    Quest 19: White Earth
    Duty Bound - Fight the monsters until you are >Evil, then stop and go fight the Evil Lord.
    Monster Hunt - Keep fighting a ways after you become >Evil (I fought about 5 more enemies)

    Quest 20: Great Plains
    Minimum Time - Finish the quest in under 30s
    Solitude - Don't have your allies help you for the fight, Cannons are great and easy XP, don't forget the boss either.

    Quest 21: Floodgate Panic
    Tunnel Lover - Go in and out of the tunnels 25+ times (the ones with the ladders). Simple to do, just keep spamming a since you won't move from the tunnel when you exit it so you'll enter and exit as long as you keep pressing A and time won't run out.-
    Nonsense - Use the floodgate and bridge after talking the rich guy into letting you use his beach.

    North to Lava field - Use the handle to close the flood gate DO NOT say you'll go to the private beach with the rich guy.
    South to Private Beach - Use your Swimmer Ring to reach the hut on the island SE of village 2 and tell the rich man you want to go to his beach.

    --South Private Beach Job--

    Quest 22: The Have-Nots
    Rock Breaker - Do the rock smashing job 10 times. Stop in at the 2nd village and get the job from the man in the house to go into the tunnel just North of town to destroy rocks.
    Battle Lord - Do the battle job 10 times. Same deal, just village 3 this time.

    --North Lava Field--

    Quest 22: Giant Evil Lord
    Cat Snake - Defeat the Cat Snake in the secluded wooded area to the East. He'll flee on approach so be prepared to dash after it (He's very easy so no worries)
    Gift Giver - Finish the quest with more than 1500g remaining.

    ----North Lava Field and South Private Beach Routes converge----

    Quest 23: Fire Mountain
    Rescue - Travel through the caves in the NW and beat the gray rocks to toss them in front of the lavas path to divert it away from village 2. After 10s/volcano erupts, talk to the people in the tents East of village 2 to send them home.
    Pre-Eruption - Beat the Evil Lord before the clock hits 10s. You don't need to do the rescue.

    Northern Plateau - Block the lava from hitting the village to open the Northern pass that goes through the now dried up lake.
    Southern Valley - Screw the village, let it burn and head South.

    ----Northern Plateau----

    Quest 24: Turtle and Hermit
    Next Hermit - Beat the master. (See strategy below)
    Hard Worker - Meet neither student. Just train with the Hermit enough times to level you up so you can fight the Evil Lord.

    Quest 25: Swamp and Witch
    Romance - Get the Witch her staff. Have the Witch join you (W edge of the NW forest, press A), then head to the E forest to the sparkling area to find the Hermit, and her staff.
    Careless - Get stuck in the swamp...multiple times (6 works). Don't get Catherine her staff until you have gotten caught enough times, otherwise they'll disappear and you'll miss out.

    Quest 26: Isolated Castle
    Bridge-adier - Finish the quest with no bridges left. You need to follow the path to get the Thunder Hat in order to reach the island when there are no bridges, and I recommend grabbing the power up food from the NE village before charging across the drawbridge.
    Bridge Lover - Beat the stage with at least one bridge remaining.

    ----Southern Valley----

    Quest 24: Golem Valley
    Item Getter - Once you get Slowpoke, head back to the crater you got the screw in to fight a Wood Golem and get a circlet.
    Golem Getter - Have Slowpoke the Golem join you.

    Quest 25: Treasure Land
    Mimic Killer - Kill of the Mimics (the fake chests) NE cave, mid-Eastern cave,
    Booty Hunter - Get the Gale Shoes (Southernmost cave)

    Close North to Quest 27 - Clear the stage without returning to the cave the Thief was in
    Far North to Quest 26 - Check every cave and after doing so check the cave that the Thief was in after to find a rock (pretty tough to kill, lots of HP so set time aside), break the rock and finish the level for the hidden path.

    Quest 26: The Return of Hol
    Bond of Alliance - Kill the dragon that appears to the East of the 2nd village after you clear out all of the black visible enemies from the castle approach.
    Defeated Hero - Get beat by Hol, alone. You'll get split up from your friends when you go to attack Hol. You. Will. Die.

    Quest 27: Time Destroyer
    Backtracker - Get pushed around a lot by the Time Storm
    Chrono Hero - Beat the level in under 30s

    Quest 28: No Turning Back
    Hero's Courage - Kill all of the rock enemies that appear on the screen
    Hero's Spirit - Help the man in the West village by taking the letter to his wife.

    Quest 29: The False Hero
    Speed Star - Use Fleet Feet to catch your double. In a cave all the way to the North you'll find a man selling a speed powerup called "Fleet Feet" that will greatly increase your speed. Once you have it, I recommend talking to the old lady in village 3 for the water bucket task, then head to the spring to confront your double. Just catch him and hit him once and you'll get Speed Star and Real Hero.
    Real Hero - Set everything right in each town. (see Speed Star)

    Quest 30: When Time Stood Still
    Crossing Expert - Talk to the man in the second village and haul to the tide area just down the beach, you need to cross it at exactly as the tide goes out (This happens at 20 and 10), and not a split second too soon or too late.
    Crossing Klutz - Walk into the tide covered walkway about 20 times and then successfully cross and finish the quest.

    Quest 31: The Final Time Beast
    Stealth Killer - There is a chicken Evil Lord being a chicken in the cave to the North. Kill him!
    Evil Lord Killer - Make a pit stop at every castle and kill the Evil Lord inside of each before confronting the last Time Beast.

    Quest 32: The Hero of All Time
    Overlord Killer - Choose to finish the Overlord off with only 3 Time Beasts helping you. You'll need a Silver Sword for this, and a lot of luck. Once you get Glahs, Orka, and Tokimaru, head to the castle and once you're on the castle grounds, dash to the castle and then dash to the boss as you will only have 1s to kill the boss from the instant you cross the red circles in front of the castle, thus why you have the Silver Sword.
    Hero of All Time - Ask for the assistance of all 5 Time Beasts. You can see the places where each needs to be summoned on the minimap (4 darkened squares in the formation of a large square). SE,SW (Orka),2 in the NW (Tokimaru and Golmetas)and one in the E (Lagord). You'll need to get them in roughly the same order, but Lagord is required to get to Golmetas. Once you reach the castle, Golmetas will freeze the boss to pause the 1s countdown he makes, however, he is still very tough and thus having the Silver Sword is fantastic (although makes the rest of the level suck).

    ----Northern Plateau and Southern Valley converge----

    Quest 27: Grand Wings
    Grinder - Beat the stage at lvl 30 or higher
    Cursed Shoes - After getting your dragon and leveling up a bit, head to the SE cave to fight a Manticore and get the Dual Greaves.

    Quest 28: Farewell Bandit Trio
    Silver Lover - Get the Silver Sarit
    Fake Killer - Kill at least 10 of the clones that Larrie shoots at you. He's the Evil Lord now, and a bit of a pushover after running around, and having a mount to speed up the fight makes this even less likely. So keep tapping the flee buttons to stay in the middle of the room while you fight off the 10 clones, then finish off Larrie.

    Quest 29: Infinite Weapon Lord
    Sword Keeper - Get the axe and the spear. Francisca will also be working toward collecting the weapons, and the first one you'll need to beat her to is in the Eastern town (actually, you can reset time to return the weapon to it's owner). The spear owner will ask you to kill a large fish to the North, a Shark with 6 eyes, once you do so, head back to town and reset the clock, then talk to him. The guy in the Western village simply wants 5000g, which you can easily get from the cave to the North.
    Sword Killer - Don't get either weapon. Just follow the Sword Keeper path, destroy the required enemies, but don't claim the weapons. She's still a pushover.

    Quest 30: Cursed Hero
    True Hero - Don't kill Zombie Sasha. When you fight the zombies, just keep fleeing and stopping to stay on screen for about 5s and you will be taken out of the fighting without killing Sasha. (You need to say Yes to staying her friend for her to appear)
    Achievement - Kind Hero - Not bulldozing Sasha will grant you this achievement
    Liar - Kill Zombie Sasha..it's a 2D game, she was in the way.....right?... (You need to say Yes to staying her friend first)

    Quest 31: Last Battle!
    Brave - Get all the Brave armor
    Portable - Finish the quest with the portable goddess still in one piece. You get the Porta-Statue from Sebastian's cave in the West, just don't use it.

    Credit to IIShiftieII

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    EarthboundXQuest 17: Ancient Riches - Bomb Master.

    As far as I can tell that not correct, you have to destroy the the rocks with just the bombs, you can't use any melee.

    I've tried over 10 times now, and that title will just not unlock. You have to get super lucky and get a bomb crit each time, or the bomb won't destroy the rocks. I've been able to do maybe half. Gonna try to level to 50 or so, see if that will make my crit chance high enough for all of them in a row.

    You need to use the Quick Knife and the Flower Crown, for thier extra crit chance, but even with them, you still won't get a bomb crit each time.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 12 Jul 17 at 09:33
    EarthboundXOK, this title clearly glitched.

    Found this video.


    He manged to destroy each rock, in one bomb, except for one, which he destroyed with a melee hit, but you he still got the title.

    Nope, I followed what he did in the video and it still won't unlock!
    Posted by EarthboundX on 12 Jul 17 at 09:43
    EarthboundXGot it, figured it out! Use a bomb on the Evil Lord as well!

    Finally! Only took me 2 hours or so...

    Please update the guide to include this fact.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 12 Jul 17 at 09:57
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    An excellent guide by ExitMoose for the original PSP version is here : http://www.gamefaqs.com/psp/956931-half-minute-hero/faqs/567...

    One that will prove to be a pain is Getbacker on Quest 6, which Moose has not covered. To get this, you must let the sea push you back on the land bridges the entire way - if you move Hero at all it invalidates the try. The easiest way to do this is the southeastern bridge twice, then the northern bridge twice, the bridge to the castle standing on the right, then the bridge to the castle standing on the left (just to make sure).
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    L0k0hThe guide is missing all the titles of new secondary road around the end.

    The mission that opens this way is Treasure land
    Posted by L0k0h on 03 Jul 11 at 01:48
    SzasssWho knows how to unlock the extra quests?
    Posted by Szasss on 03 Jul 11 at 09:59
    DankSoundwavethis guide is missing a bunch of extra quests
    Posted by DankSoundwave on 04 Aug 11 at 23:30
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