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Time Travel Will Tell achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Time Travel Will Tell

In Shangri-La, acquire the focusing stone.

Time Travel Will Tell+0.3
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How to unlock the Time Travel Will Tell achievement

  • coreymawfcoreymawf98,097
    01 Jul 2011 01 Jul 2011 11 Jul 2011
    98 3 22
    This is the CO-OP easter-egg method for the ‘Time Travel Will Tell’ achievement and will also unlock two gamer pictures when the focusing stone is acquired.

    The clip at the bottom of this solution is all you should really need

    however I have still explained the steps in detail below.

    This entire method MUST be done in FOUR PLAYER CO-OP. It is NOT possible with only 1, 2 or 3 players in the match.

    a) The eclipse/travelling to the past must be activated before each step is attempted and imposes a time limit for completion of each of the steps.
    b) If you realise you have done something wrong, re-do the process correctly. If it still does not work then complete the next round and make more crawlers and try again. If this does not solve the issue then you may need to restart the game.

    What you will need in order of use:
    + 4 players all with a few hours of free time and connections that wont drop out
    + Juggernog [optional, but highly recommended for all players in the game]
    + PHP Flopper [optional, but highly recommended for players with a ray-gun]
    [!] Shrink-ray from the random box for steps 8., 18. and 19. [must be pack-a-punched for steps18. and 19.]
    [!!] Any explosives to later release a crystal [frags/semtex/ray-gun/china-lake/crossbow]
    [!!!] At least 3 spikemores [4 recommended] to later plug up the 4 waterfall cave holes
    [!!!!] Any explosives to later destroy a trap [frags/semtex/monkey-bomb]

    1. Buy the M14, take one window each and do not leave spawn. Allow zombies to enter spawn through the windows before killing them so that they will drop power-ups. Take the power-up if it’s a double points, max ammo or random perk bottle. If not, allow a monkey to randomise it then kill the monkey with your M14s until you receive one of the aforementioned three. Farm points by shooting zombies in the leg multiple times with your pistol and then stabbing them in the early rounds. Start going for headshots with the M14 at round 4. Create crawler(s) near round 5’s end. In order to create a crawler simply aim any explosive at a zombie's legs. If you do not wish to have to babysit your crawlers to prevent them from dying do not lay down any spikemores.
    2. Open all doors and clear all debris on the map EXCEPT the debris beside the spikemore and M16. Follow the chalk lightning bolts to the underground power room. Switch the power on by holding (x) on both of the water-wheel power switches. Find the random box and attain a decent weapon each. If a player receives the shrink-ray[31-79 JGb215] at any point they should keep it and at least some of its ammunition throughout this entire easter-egg.
    3. Activate eclipse. In order to do so each of the 4 players must each stand beside one of the four cylindrical skull buttons at spawn near quick revive and press them by holding (X) all at the same time. A verbal countdown is almost essential for synchronisation and it’s highly advised that each person use the same button each time in the future in order to speed up the process of activating the eclipse/night-time/travelling to the past.
    4. Three players must then proceed past the mudpit to the grassy area near the perks-a-cola machine where one shall stay and the other two go across the bridge to the grassy area near the pack a punch pressure pad. The fourth player proceeds to the mine-cart area and takes a right pressing an eclipse-type cylindrical button on the wall opposite the mine cart perks-a-cola machine [just to the left of the MPL]. This will make 12 concrete slab stepping stones appear at each of the grassy areas players are now at.
    5. The player that just pressed the button will now stand on one stone memorise the symbol/shape and then step off it. This player will then announce what he saw and the other 3 will start walking onto their stones to find it. Each time you complete a stone the symbols are randomised. When it has been found stay on it while the button presser stands back on his matching stone and it will disappear in both locations. The symbols/shapes that appear are listed below with descriptions.
    venn-diagram – centre of a venn diagram / two arcs intersecting / double helix
    semi-circle – semi-circle shape / capital letter d
    letter t – capital letter t with a line/nail across it
    stitches – a long line with three lines across it
    therefore – three dots arranged in a triangle
    female – female gender symbol
    pill – circle with a line across it
    target – circle with a dot in it
    crescent – crescent moon
    diamond – self explanatory
    asterisk – self explanatory
    triangle – self explanatory
    Take care to not stand on any stones accidentally as this will reset your progress and all stones will reappear. Repeat this until all the stones are gone. After a few seconds; eclipse will end, time will return to present and a ding sound will play as crystal 1 will appear above the structure where the button was pressed. If not you have done something wrong, repeat the process.
    6. Activate eclipse. Then all four players will proceed past the mudpit and to the waterfall slide on the left. Three players will then take it down and stand on the pressure grate near where they land. When all three players are on the grate the fourth will take the slide and hold (X) whilst looking slightly to their right and a third of the way down it a lever should be activated as a result. After a few seconds; eclipse will end, time will return to present and a ding sound will play as crystal 2 will appear. If not you have done something wrong, repeat the process.
    7. If no players have received the shrink ray from the box as yet you must survive up to the point that you can afford to hit the box repeatedly until a player gets it. The best way to do this is to camp in the power room by the spikemore wall. This will only work if the spikemore/m16 debris has not been cleared. One player should watch the window and floor on the right side near the power switch whilst one player should watch the other window near to the box. The other two players [ones with the best guns and most ammo] stand side by side between the box and the nearest window to the box and watch the entire left flank of the power room from which the bulk of zombies will appear. Farm points here by killing zombies with headshots and repairing windows. Lay spikemores in the neutral zone between the left and right side (beside where you buy spikemores off the wall) so that when you get in trouble you can fall back slowly and the spikemores will aid your retreat until you recover the upper hand. Create crawlers near the end of each round to easily spend your points on the box. All players should buy Juggernog now if they have not already. If no one has the shrink ray by about round 12 restarting the game is advised.
    >>> DO NOT PROCEED until you have the shrink ray. <<<
    8. Activate eclipse. Proceed to the mudpit and turn left so you are facing the waterfall slide. Look up to the top of the waterfall and slightly to the right – you will notice a large ensnared crystal. Use an explosive such as frags/semtex/ray-gun on it in order to make it fall down. If using frags cook them so they explode right beside the crystal. Once the crystal falls to the ground shoot it with the shrink ray and it will become permanently smaller. Knife the small crystal into the slide and then follow it down. It will roll onto the geyser. Stand on the geyser to activate it which will jettison the crystal into the air and onto its pole. After a few seconds; eclipse will end, time will return to present and a ding sound will play as crystal 3 will appear above the bamboo trap archway between spawn and the mine-cart. If not you have done something wrong, repeat the process.
    NAPALM ZOMBIE – most difficult step
    This step can be extremely frustrating and requires seamless teamwork and communication in order to complete. It is by far the hardest of all the steps. My following strategy seems to work more or less perfectly time and again if executed correctly.
    9. Kill your crawlers and return to your camping spot. Hold out until a napalm zombie spawns. When a napalm zombie takes enough damage he will die in a ball of fire and the napalm will burn a small area where he died for a few seconds damaging anything that touches it. Napalm zombies also die if you let them get too close to you - so stay far away from it at all times in order to keep it alive. He will occasionally spawn on the right side with the single player guarding the window in which case you all simply run away from him and shoot your way out up the left side. He will usually however spawn on the left side at the back of the firing line near the bowie knife. When this happens remain in your position killing zombies but taking care not to shoot at the napalm zombie. As soon as you can notice your screen go slightly blurred from heat move back until you are all four between the spikemores and right side window still killing zombies. Try to make a few crawlers now even if the wave is far from over. When he is between the box spawn and the left side window you just retreated from all together RUN and gun at the same time out up the right hand side past the power switches, past the perks-a-cola machine, past the bowie knife and out the exit then make a left and make sure all four of you take the geyser at the same time. You will be shot up into spawn.
    10. Get to your assigned switch and activate eclipse quickly. Now is not the time to mess up synchronisation. Run past the bamboo trap to the mine-cart side - this can be difficult if you happen to get stuck in the bamboo. The second you make it through, cover the area behind you and your teammates still trying to get past it. Proceed with your team down the tunnel with two players covering the front and two players covering the back until you reach the valve beside the pack-a-punch pressure pad. Turn the valve anti-clockwise four times by holding and releasing (X) while beside it and looking at it. There should now be a visible gas leak near the tunnel entrance, one further down beside the box spawn and mine-cart geyser, and two above the M16 beside the debris you didn’t open. Move back to the tunnel entrance and hold there until the napalm zombie becomes visible making his way from spawn towards the tunnel entrance. Note that if you don’t do this he will drop down the geyser behind you making ignition of all four gas leaks still possible just more difficult and forcing you to take him out of the tunnel then back down the geyser then to the m16 leaks. Assuming you have him coming slowly down the tunnel, keep your distance and stay alive. As soon as you can see the walls of the cave lighting up you can move back towards the geyser. When you make visual contact from the geyser/ak74 room the player with the shrink gun and the two with the second best guns should take the geyser out and leave the fourth player to lure him past the geyser/random box leak and then slowly back him down into the M16 leaks killing zombies and keeping yourself alive all the while. When he reaches the M16 room your inclination would be to open the debris but instead stand in the corner below the leak with your back right up against the debris. He will easily ignite the first leak above the M16 but only just ignite the fourth and final leak above your head as he reaches you and explodes. If you try to run past him at this point you will make him explode possibly without igniting the final leak so don’t chicken out.
    11. With the fourth and final leak ignited your three teammates can come back down the tunnel and hold (X) on the lever beside the valve and it will be pulled down. If you didn’t get lucky and survive your suicide mission they should now come revive you. After a few seconds; eclipse will end, time will return to present and a ding sound will play as crystal 4 will appear. If not you have done something wrong, repeat the process.
    12. At least two players should buy two spikemores each off the wall near your camping spot for 1000 points. Activate eclipse. Proceed to the tunnel between the bridge and the waterfall. You will notice four holes in the walls of the tunnel. Stand up against the opposite wall facing a hole and aim your gun at it, without touching your aim at all switch to your spikemore and plant it. Repeat for all four holes. Note that if you plant a spikemore while aiming at the wooden beam between the two holes nearest the waterfall it will fill both holes with one spikemore. It is possible to camp in this tunnel with 2 players watching each side until the spikemores are tripped by zombies and all four holes are filled or simply lure your three or more crawlers there before activating eclipse as waiting for them to crawl to you in the tunnel to activate the spikemores will take too long during the limited eclipse. You will be able to clearly see a black bamboo shoot plugging up each hole when it has worked. With all four holes plugged quickly go to the waterfall and press the brick sticking out of the rock in the centre of it by holding (X) even though it says don’t hold x. If this is being done during a wave run back to your camping spot and create more crawlers at the end of the round to start the next steps. After a few seconds; eclipse will end, time will return to present and a ding sound will play as crystal 5 will appear. If not you have done something wrong, repeat the process.
    13. Activate eclipse. The stepping stones from step3. are now scattered around the map. There are 12 in total. Players must activate all 12 in a timely manner by knifing the top half of the slab until it glows light blue. There is no specific order. The slabs’ locations are listed below.
    spawn area and bamboo traps - 5 slabs
    power room and adjacent geyser area - 3 slabs
    mud-pit temple area - 2 slabs
    mine-cart area - 2 slabs
    14. Once all 12 slabs are activated go to the mine-cart. In the grassy area to the left that cannot be accessed there should be a trap. Throw an explosive such as a grenade/semtex/monkey-bomb at it. After a few seconds; eclipse will end and time will return to present - there is no crystal for this step. If not you have done something wrong, repeat the process.
    15. Whilst listening to radios is not necessary, it seems to prevent the easter-egg from reaching a standstill during step 18. so proceed to the mine-cart area in the present and locate the radio on the box to your right beside the mine-cart itself. Wait for the transmission to end. Activate eclipse. Proceed to the mudpit and locate the four large brown dials with gold symbols on them. Set each to its correct number by pressing (X) near it to rotate the desired symbol into the top position on the dial. Each one has only one number from the sequence 1, 3, 4, 16. The symbols are explained below.
    C = 10
    | = 5
    . = 1
    dial # =_number_=___description___= code
    dial 1 =___01___=____one dot_____= .
    dial 2 =___03___=___three dots____= . . .
    dial 3 =___04___=___four dots_____= . . . .
    dial 4 =___16___=_C, line and a dot_= C | .
    After a few seconds; eclipse will end, time will return to present and a ding sound will play as the 6th and final crystal will appear. During the present; the mine-cart radio should now have disappeared and another radio will appear on the circular stone rubble right beside the bottom of the pack-a-punch steps and water feature dragon statue on the right side. If not you have done something wrong, repeat the process. Wait for the transmission to end.
    16. Attain enough points to pack-a-punch the shrink ray [5000points]. Go back to the camping spot and play another round if necessary then create crawlers at the round’s end and proceed. One person must stand on each of the pack-a-punch pressure pads beside a spinning statue so that all four pads are depressed and all four partitions of the statue stop spinning. There is one at spawn, the end of the bridge, the power room and the fire/gas tunnel. The steps from spawn will now be open to pack-a-punch. Pack-a-punch the shrink ray before you get washed down the steps the star shaped stones on each side of the steps show how much time u have left – when they reach the top water will be released and you may lose your gun in the machine so make sure you have the person pack-a-punching the shrink ray on the spawn pad. With the pack-a-punched shrink ray you can now finish the easter egg.
    17. Activate eclipse. Knife each of the gongs around the map in order to locate the ones which make a smooth singing sound rather than a cracking sound. If you knife it and the crystals turn red you have the wrong gong. Four gongs will ring a harmonic tune the other four are useless. Which gongs make what sound is random so you have to use trial and error to locate them. There are 8 gongs in total; 3 in the mine cart area + 1 at spawn + 3 near the mudpit + 1 on the far end of the bridge. When you have located the four gongs assign one to each player placing the person with the shrink ray and the person to catch the dynamite on the closest gongs to the mine-cart. Let eclipse expire.
    18. Activate eclipse. All players should run to their gong and then knife them at the same time with an audible countdown over mics much like the one used to sync the eclipse buttons. All six crystals should now be glowing brightly with a pale yellowish colour and a treyarch-symbol-like aura. The person with the shrink ray must then use it to quickly shoot the crystal between the mine-cart and the bamboo trap [right beside where you land when you come up from the mine-cart geyser]. This crystal should have dynamite hanging off of it. When you shoot it with the shrink ray and the beam reflects/refracts back to it from crystal 1 the dynamite will be ejected off of the crystal pole and will fall to the ground between the pole itself and the rubble directly opposite it near the bamboo trap. A player must be standing in this position looking up at the dynamite in order to compensate for incorrect judgement and strafe to catch it before it hits the ground. The player catching it does not need to press anything. The dynamite must simply touch the player’s character before it touches the ground – much like the vodka bottle from cotd. When you have the dynamite it will be visible on your HUD in your inventory to the left of you ammunition readout much like the golden rod from cotd and that richtofen spawns with on Shangri-La. If not you have done something wrong, repeat the process.
    19. If the crystals are still lit up and the gongs are ringing and you are still in eclipse mode then the person with the shrink ray must quickly shoot the crystal above the mud room visible from spawn [crystal 6]. If not, return to step 18.. The shrink rays should then reflect/refract around all six crystals culminating in amplification and dispersion at crystal 3 which ultimately results in the massive meteor above the pack-a-punch machine being shrunk into a stone.
    20. Activate all four pack-a-punch pressure pads again. Take the stairs up to the wall behind where pack-a-punch used to be and wait for the dialogue to end then the person with the dynamite must pass it through to them by holding (X). If it disappears from your inventory you have successfully given them the dynamite. Pack a punch time will now run out and you will be washed downs the stairs. Eclipse will end and time will return to present. Eclipse cannot now be reactivated and doesn’t need to be.
    21. Activate all four pack-a-punch pressure pads again. Take the stairs up to where the wall used to be and you will notice a glowing miniature version of the meteorite that was above pack-a-punch. That’s the focusing stone! Retrieve it by holding (X). The player that retrieves the stone will receive all seven perks permanently, not losing them even when downed or even when dead and respawned into the game! The other three players do not receive the perks however this entire process can now be repeated in order to award the other players the seven permanent perks. All four players unlock the achievement and two gamer pictures; one of Dempsey and one of Richtofen.
    22. Congratsss you just completed the longest blops zombie easter egg to date! Now see how long you can survive with our golden camping spot and a damn near invincible player... XD
    Massive shout-out for help on Shangri-La goes to the amazing Claymore who also discovered the spikemore area camping strat by herself!

    The clip below is brilliantly helpful, watch it!

    Hope this helps
    Happy gaming


    All credit for this youtube video demo goes to Rooster Teeth.

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    ChiefEclipseSearching german players to do this, message me
    Posted by ChiefEclipse on 10 May 20 at 14:45
    mannnanam48963There is a session planned for upcoming tuesday. If you are interested, feel free to join:
    Co-op Gaming Session for Call of Duty: Black Ops
    Posted by mannnanam48963 on 17 May 20 at 15:44
    CopSyrupMay be a long shot. but this game is still in my backlog if anyone still plays or requires achievements. Looking to boost most zombie achievements. drop me a message on XBL: CopSyrup
    Posted by CopSyrup on 29 Jan at 16:18
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  • I am WoopooI am Woopoo350,657
    29 Jun 2011 30 Jun 2011 07 Jul 2011
    70 16 23
    I did this achievement today with the help of the videos of ngtzombies,

    1st Step: First you will need to go to the power room and activate the power, when you do this 4 switches in the spawning room will pop out. Now all of you will have to hit the switches at once to go into eclipse mode.

    2nd Step: Go out of the spawning room and head towards the MPL, once at the MPL you notice there is a demolished building, one the side of the building with the mummy statue there will be a button that just appeared. Now push the button.

    3rd Step: Once you have pushed the button you should notice on the ground there would have been some stone tiles appear from out of the ground, when you stand on one of these tiles you should notice a symbol will appear on it, now have one/two of your teammates to go onto the other side of the map where the bridge and the waterfall is. If you go to way to the water slide and drop off the little ledge, there will be 9 tiles here, one will be in front of the gong to, now if you go across the the bridge there will be three on the other side need to the mud room. Now the person still on the side where you pushed to button should step on one of them and see what the symbol is, then step off of it and tell the people on the other side of the map, and get them one at a time to check the stones until they find the match, then will there still standing on there tile step onto your and it should sink back into the ground, but make sure two people aren't on the tiles and the same because if you mess up you have to restart this step.

    4th Step: Now if you did the step above correct, it should bring you back to the present, you will need to go back to the spawn area and push the buttons to go back into eclipse mood, once u do that get 3 of your teammates to seat at the entrance to the water slide, while you go to the base of the water. Once there you should see this rock thing in the middle of the water, if you go on one side of it there should part of a destroyed brick wall. When you get close to it, it should come up "Don't Hold X", when u see this hold X and tell your team to go down the slide, once there at the bottom tell them to stay where the land, once you hit it run back up the hill and across the bridge then threw to mud house to the water slide, once there go down it and look at the right wall and hold X all the way down. When you do this you should hit a lever on the way and complete the step.

    5th Step: Next go hit the buttons to go back into eclipse mood, when you do that there will be a meteor smash into the map, now go to the water slide. On the top right side of the mountain there will be this silver orb there now. First you want to hit it with an explosion to knock it down, once you do that his it will the shrinker gun to make the orb smaller, then knife it in the direction of the water slide. Once u do this it should go down the slide into the geyser and up the geyser to land on top of a pole. This is the end of this step

    6th Step: This next step will involve a napalm zombie, at the end of the round you will want a crawler and the napalm zombie, but make sure you don't get to close to the napalm zombie, if you do he will just explode and you will have to wait for another, but once you have both go hit the buttons to go back into eclipse mode, next head into the cavern and then you will start hearing them coughing, there should be a value and a switch on the ride side wall. The first thing you will wan to do is to turn the value, after you do this there will be gas coming out of some pipes. Lead the napalm zombie in to the cavern you will need him all the way through the underground area until you are in the power room. 2 of the 4 leaks are hit on the stairs near the power room. Once all 4 leaks are ignited go back to where the value is and hit the switch, this will end the step and send you back into the present.

    7th Step: The next step you will want to save the napalm zombie and 4 spikemores. You will need to place the spikemores in front of the holes in the cavern near the waterfall. Once you do this run back to the spawn room and hit the buttons. Once in eclipse mode go to the base of the waterfall and you should start hearing them talk.
    Now go lure the napalm into you spikemores and they should plug the holes in the cavern. Once all 4 of the holes are plugged by the spikemores, go back to where the "Don't Hold X" message is, one there hit/hold x until the water pressure picks up again. This should end this step

    8th Step: For the next step when you go into eclipse mode, when you do this there will be 12 stone tiles to spawn across the map, the same ones in which you step on in the 3rd step. In order to get them to activate, "light up", you have to knife them. Which some of them take a couple more knifes than other. But they are 2 in the minecart area, 3 in the spawn room, the is one in each of the passage ways with the spikes that come out of the floor. There is two near the mud room, and some down stairs. Once all of them have been activated go to the minecart, if you look past it there will be this trap looking thing, all you need to do is blow it up and that ends this step.

    9th Step: Now go back into eclipse and head into the mud room the next step is to set the dials, the code for these dials is;16,1,3,4; the pictures for each one is, 1 = one dot, 3 = 3 dots, 4 = 4 dots, and 16 - [| and one dot. Once you do this your character should say it worked.

    10th Step: When we did this we did all these steps in one, but make sure you have the upgraded shrinker gun. The first thing you wanna do if find the right gongs, the ones that just make the ringing sound, to activate the poles/orbs. Now you can start. You first want to go into eclipse mode, then run and hit the right gongs to make the orbs glow. Then go to the orb next to the geyser opening, you should notice there is something hanging from there, this is your dynamite, you want who ever has the upgraded shrinker gun to shot that orb, when the laser comes back and hits that orb it drops the dynamite, you want to catch it. Then run back into the spawn room and go infront of the mud room mud room in the top right on the roof of the mud room, shot that orb with the upgraded shrinker gun, this should bounce off all orbs and shoot the giant meteor and shrink it. Once u do that quickly run and activate the way to the PaP, once u do this run up there and they will start talk, once they are done talking hold x on the wall to give them the dynamite that you got just a few mins ago, after this u probably have to reactivate the PaP but once u get up there the wall will be blown up and there will be a rock spinning on the table up there, hold x on it to pick and up and unlock your 75G and gamerpic :D

    In case you don't want a written guide i will attach there video of a complete walk through. I take no credit all credit goes to NGT
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    WilkdYou watched NGTZombies, for this you get a thumbs up.
    Posted by Wilkd on 11 Nov 11 at 23:15
    OHMER69it looks harder than piss
    Posted by OHMER69 on 07 Mar 12 at 13:58
    Un4given RaiderSTILL looking to do this achievement. Add me if interested Un4given Raider
    Posted by Un4given Raider on 01 Jun 12 at 06:01
  • AntonysjAntonysj276,168
    29 Jun 2011 30 Jun 2011 01 Jul 2011
    33 2 10
    Ok so from what i've seen some people are still struggling with some of the steps so i will write down the solution, the exact way that i got the Achievement..

    Things you need:

    - FOUR Players
    - 31-79 JGb215 (Shrink Ray) THIS MUST BE PACK-A-PUNCHED FOR THE FINAL FEW STEPS. (It will become 'The Fractilizer')
    - Spikemores
    - Explosives

    - The Eclipse must be activated for EVERY step.
    - The Eclipse is on a timer so be quick but careful for each step.
    - If you have correctly completed a step the Eclipse will end.

    Step 1: Turn on the power. I assume everyone knows how this is done.

    Step 2: Activate the Eclipse. On the four walls surrounding Quick Revive are circular buttons with a skull on them. These must all be pressed to activate the eclipse.

    Step 3: This step requires 2 players. One player (P1) must go through the spike trap on the Olympia side of spawn, go through the mud trap and over the bridge. The other player (P2) must go through the spike trap on the M14 side and go down to the bottom of the hill by the perk machine. A button with a skull will have appeared on the small structure next to the perk machine, where the two men can be heard, press the button. Twelve pads will appear on the floor.
    Now one player must stand on a pad and see what the shape is, then step off the pad and tell your parnter on the other side what the shape is, they must then find the pad on their side that corresponds with yours. When the match has been found both stand on the pad and it will sink into the ground. Repeat for all of the pads.

    Step 4: The two men are now drowning and you need to rescue them. To do this go through the tunnel at the bottom of the hill next to the perk machine, opposite the small structure (where P2 activated the pads in Step 3) and go all the way to where the water is spilling through. There is a Pressure Pad in this room, one of the grates above the water spillover compartment. Three players must lie/stand on the Pressure Pad. The other player must go to the top of the slide (Through the spike trap on Olympia side of Spawn, jump through the mud and to the left) the player must slide down and pull a lever by hitting X. The lever is on the right of the slide and about halfway down, you will see a small chute as a reference. A small click will signal youve done this right. You will then hear the two men telling you they're safe.

    Step 5: A crystal ball will have appeared at the top of the slide from the previous step. Shoot it with the shrink ray, it will fall to the ground. You must then knife it into the slide and follow it down. when it reaches the bottom it will fly into the geyser, jump in with it and it will fly up onto a perch.

    Step 6: The two men are now stuck in the catacombs and are choking on gas, go into the tunnel by the perk machine once again and find the pipe and connected valve (it is next to one of the PaP pressure pads) turn the red valve until the man tells you he can breathe. Now the gas should be leaking into the tunnel.. You must now get a Napalm Zombie to follow you from the tunnel entrance, all the way to the power room, ensuring the four gas leaks are on fire. When this has been done return to the valve and pull the lever to the right of it.

    Step 7: Now you must assist the men in getting out of the catacombs. They are trapped by the big waterfall. You reach this by going through the mud trap and over the bridge, take the bottom path and go through the tunnel. Now, along the left side of the wall are 4 holes, place a spikemore directly in front of each hole and get a zombie/crawler to set them off, the hole should be plugged with the spikes. Make sure all 4 holes are plugged. Now run through the waterfall to the small pile of bricks in the middle of the water, there will be a protruding brick, and the message, 'Do Not Press X' obviously press it, it will fill the resevoir and aid the travellers escape.

    EDIT: A napalm zombie can also be used to trip the Spikemores as he won't die from the damage. Thanks to 'exhaled again' for pointing this out.

    Step 8: Once you activate the eclipse 12 panels will appear on the walls around the map. You must knife each panel (near the top of the panel itself) until they light up. The panels are located as follows, 5 in spawn (one on the walls of each of the spike traps, one opposite each of the spike traps, and one next to the big statue to the left of the giant staircase) 1 in the power room (to the left of the left power switch) 1 in the room with the Stakeout, elevator and all the water ( this room can be reached through the power room and also through the debris at the waterfall from Step 7.. the panel is on the left) The rest are on either side of the spike traps, on the Olympia side they are next to the pm63 ( straight over the mud trap ) and one over the bridge (by the PaP pressure pad) also there is one by the water slide entrance.
    On the M14 side there is one on the wall directly past the spike trap, and one near the bottom of the hill (i think, not 100% on the last one but it is on that side.) Once all are glowing go to the minecart, (past the M14 spike trap and at the top of the hill) once there you will see a snare trap on the grass outside the map, throw an explosive at it to destroy it.

    Step 9: There are 4 circular dials in the mud trap room. These must be swiveled so that they display the numbers 1, 3, 4 , 16. The numbers are in Mayan and correspond as follows..

    A dot = 1
    A line = 5
    A rotated C = 10

    You are looking for the dials with, one dot, three dots, four dots and one with a slanted C under a line and a dot. Roate until these are at the top.

    Step 10: Now you need to get the dynamite and shrink the meteor. Firstly you need to hit the gongs that make a low sound, there are 4 you need to hit. There are 8 gongs on the map and the 4 required are random. Once all four are hit the orbs will begin to glow. The dynamite is regularly on the orb atop the structure past the M14 side spiketrap, to dislodge it you must shoot one of the orbs with the Pack-A-Punched Shrink Ray, the ray will ping off the orb and dislodge the dynamite, stand underneath it and catch it.
    Now, to shrink the meteor shoot the orb that is furthest on the right (the room on the olympia side, above the mud trap) the ray will then ping between all the orbs and finally shoot towards the meteor shrinking it. (NOTE: If the Eclipse ends which it did for me, re-activate it and shoot the orb again.) Once the meteor is shrunk you must get up the steps. To do this you must stand on the four PaP pressure pads around the map, these are in spawn, by the bridge, in the tunnel, and by the power. A spinning statue will signal that you're near. Once all have been activated return to spawn and run up the steps. You will hear some dialogue and eventually the dynamite will be removed from your 'inventory' they tell you to stand back while they blast the wall open. (Normally the water pushes you back down, simply re-activate the steps and return to the top, also the eclipse may have ended and you cant reset it. that is Normal) Go all the way to the top and the newly opened wall and you will see an altar with an interesting inscription at the bottom, and a floating rock on top. Grab the rock and the achievement is yours.

    Final Notes: The person who grabs the rock will get all 7 perks PERMANENTLY, even if you down and bleed out they remain with you.
    Also this Easter Egg can be repeated!! When it is complete a radio will appear at the bottom of the giant staircase, listen to the dialogue and you can then start the Easter Egg all over again, meaning someone else (and eventually all players) can get permanent perks.

    This solution is the EXACT way i got this Achievement with 3 friends. If you have any questions just ask me, and if you leave a negative vote please say why so i can amend the solution.

    Many Thanks, Hope This Helped
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    AntonysjListening to the Radios is NOT mandatory, i can confirm this as we didnt listen to them. Firstly you need to ensure the 'Shrink Ray' has been Pack-A-Punched. There is a possibility of the Dynamite either not dislodging or not being on the orb. I believe the dynamite can be dislodged with explosives, (semtex or a Ray Gun) however i cannot fully confirm. You may want to try doing it before hitting the gongs. Failing that check the wooden bridge past the mud trap as Dynamite can also spawn there on occassion.

    This is all i can suggest, if none of the above work then it is most likely a rare fault in that specific match.

    If you have any further queries feel free to message me on here or on XBL and i will be willing to assist as best i can.
    Posted by Antonysj on 01 Jul 11 at 13:03
    Lazrxa tip for closing the holes with the spikemores.dont use crawlers use a napalm zombie,he can trigger them all without being killed.hope this helps.
    Posted by Lazrx on 01 Jul 11 at 16:03
    TJ016EliteWhen you have to knife the plates on the walls there is in fact no plate at the bottom of the bridge by the pressure pad. It is instead in the room with the stakeout behind the wall the stakeout is on. And to confirm, the second pad on the minecart side is just to the left of the first in the little room thing on the right side of the left wall hidden a bit by vines. I had a lot of trouble with this part so I thought I would just clear up some confusion.
    Posted by TJ016Elite on 05 Jul 11 at 21:13
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