All Your Game Are Belong To Us achievement in Party Animals

All Your Game Are Belong To Us

Play all Challenge Events.

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How to unlock the All Your Game Are Belong To Us achievement

  • JayourJayour879,490
    23 Aug 2009 22 Dec 2010
    27 7 3
    For this achievement you need to play each of the 42 challenge events, you don't need to win them you just need to have played each of them.

    The challenges are counted if you play them in practice mode and if you play them online too, so don't feel confined to playing through them on your own.

    Here's a list of the events so that you can mark them off as you play them;
    • Raisant Stomp
    • Red Raisant Blast
    • Ruffian Tumble
    • Bump Bump Boom!
    • Movin' Groovin'
    • Disco Danger!
    • Super Star Smash
    • Swing For The Stars
    • Crouching Stick, Flying Barrel
    • Launching Loathers
    • Run, Ruffian, Run!
    • Bug Blitz
    • Messy Mayhem
    • Raisant Riot
    • Spotlight Mania
    • Flickering Frenzy
    • Who's Left?
    • Quick Candy Colors
    • Ruffians Smack Ahoy!
    • Caramel Apple Gobble
    • As The Whirlm Turns
    • Candy In The Wind
    • Hasty Hoopla
    • Short Fuse!
    • Rough & Rumble Racing
    • Can You Dig It?
    • Tap 'n Tickle Time
    • Bouncy Bowling
    • Tail Time
    • Zumbugs... In Spaaaace!
    • Snow-bowl Dodgeball
    • Turf Toe
    • Ring Around The Candy
    • Spin Cycle
    • Burps Ahoy!
    • Burping Balloons
    • Dangerous Dinghy
    • Bounding Bounty
    • Conveyor Chaos
    • Piñata Mess-terpiece
    • Picture Perfect
    • Color Me Not

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    Foerlyou get a lot of those by idling a long match - it must be online otherwise you get kicked...
    Posted by Foerl on 18 May 12 at 10:29
    Dust Star 101For anyone having trouble getting a specific challenge to play and owns two control pads. (I idled long matches for days trying to get #6 to unlock) As long as the challenge number before it is available on a fresh account, create a new profile on your Xbox and play a long home game.
    With 21 challenges for the game to choose from, (plus the few unlocks over the course of the match) there is a much higher chance of getting the ?????? you need to unlock in a fresh match. Then simply play a 2p practice game with your main and fresh account on the unlocked challenge.
    #6 Disco Danger unlocked first try doing this for me, on the 5th race, but if it didn't, with all the new unlocks, I was just going to delete the new profile, and make a new one.
    Hope this saves someone else more time than I wasted on this game...
    Posted by Dust Star 101 on 19 Dec 13 at 01:32
    WhatsATopherJust want to echo Dust Star, he saved me from spending another god-knows-how-many hours on this awful, awful game.

    You don't even necessarily need an extra pad. I created a dummy offline account and checked it had the last challenge I needed to play and started an offline long play on it. When the one I needed came up, I switched profiles before I started it and it unlocked my missing challenge.

    I'm 99% sure the challenges that unlock as you play don't get put into the rotation until you finish a game. So playing a long play will guarantee you play all 21 challenges that a new account starts with.

    Also, once I switched profiles the game carried on with just the challenges available to the dummy account, so you don't have to keep switching between the profiles if you need more than one from your dummy. Just make sure you start the long play with the dummy and that you switch profiles before you start the challenges you need.
    Posted by WhatsATopher on 27 Oct 15 at 19:19
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  • Saft Und KraftSaft Und Kraft546,638
    05 Aug 2011 05 Aug 2011 05 Aug 2011
    17 7 7
    I got the last game I needed based on a suggestion from a friend that already completed the game. The suggestion was that to unlock a missing game, play the game before AND after the one you are missing in the practice mode (i didnt win either and played offline). Then I played a short round offline in forward and then reverse against all cpu players. I got the game before the one i needed to unlock in the reverse playthrough on challenge game 2. I dont know if this really did anything, but I did what my friend suggested and it unlocked. Whether coincidence or not...I figured for those still paying this game and cant get something to unlock you could try this. I played for HOURS before I tried this method with all different characters and game lengths to no avail.
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    Mr GranstaffI'm going to try this and post my results later. I'm going to play all challenge events in practice round before I do since I heard you can play the events online and still get credit for playing it for the achievement to unlock since I know I've played the missing event (#14) I have online several times.
    Posted by Mr Granstaff on 30 Jan 13 at 15:45
    Kugarenumber 30 was the last challenge i missed... until i tried the way in your solution.
    thank you very much. =)
    Posted by Kugare on 01 Jul 13 at 23:16
    Saft Und KraftYou are welcome!
    Posted by Saft Und Kraft on 02 Jul 13 at 15:32
  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead538,883
    20 Oct 2012 21 Oct 2012 21 Oct 2012
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    You have to unlock all 42 challenge events and then play each event after unlocking it. When you play a challenge event in any game mode (except practice) you unlock the next event in the sequence listed here (event #42 unlocks event #1): Solution for All Your Game Are Belong To Us in Viva Piñata: Party Animals I recommend you play long games by yourself, either local or online. A long game of 7 races with 3 events will have 21 unique challenge events, so you will unlock half of them on your first game. Just let the AI win, that way you do not have to race or take part in the events and if it is an online game you do not even have to press A between races and events. You can check which events you still need to unlock by starting a local game and selecting the practice mode (which you can toggle between races and events). The events you have yet to unlock have ????????? as the name. You have a 1 in 42 chance of a particular event coming up. Your chances increase when you play a long game as the odds become 1 in 22. It took me 20 hours to unlock the last event I needed. Once you have unlocked all the events you will need to make sure you have played each event after it had been unlocked, start with the event you unlocked last.

    When you start working on this achievement, print a list of the events and put a tick in front of all the events you have unlocked (as shown in practice mode) then each time you unlock another event put a tick in front of it (remember it is not the event you just played that unlocks, but the next one on the list). Then each time an event comes up that has a tick in front of it, cross it out (remembering to tick the next event on the list if it isn't already ticked or crossed out.

    I had a problem getting this achievement. All the events were showing as unlocked (none of them were ?????????) and I had played through all of them in practice mode, twice and still I didn't get the achievement. Only when I loaded the game on a different console did one of the events, number #6, show up as ????????? As soon as I had played event #5 (20 hours later) I got the message that a new challenge event has been unlocked. I played event #6 in practice mode and finally got the achievement.

    You may have noticed Viva Piñata: Party Animals does not have any game saves. Clearing the system cache or deleting your profile also does not reset your progress. The events you have unlocked are stored in your profile as when I recovered my profile to another Xbox it knew which events I had unlocked.
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