Food bank achievement in Feeding Frenzy

Food bank

Awarded for accumulating 40,000 points in the food bank.

Food bank0
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How to unlock the Food bank achievement

  • jaodjaod110,421
    07 Apr 2009 14 Mar 2009
    141 0 5
    Play Stage 21: Deep Water Dreams

    Focus on eating the school's of small red fish. When you are close to finishing the level get eaten by a shark or whale. Continue this until you have used your last continue. Finish the level before you run out of lives on your last continue. You can get 1000+ each time doing this.

    -Avoid the frenzy bubbles when you are in the third growth stage. They can end the level quickly.
    -Bite the whale's tail to increase your score faster and get more lives. Just be careful when it turns around to try to eat you.

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    Draco719Still don't understand how to "bite the tail" of the largest fish. Nothing happens and they just eat me.
    Posted by Draco719 on 06 Oct 16 at 06:14
    The S bot 9000Just wanted to point out the following:

    1.) You can only bite the tail of the killer whale, you cant bite the regular shark tail
    2.)The points for the bite get multiplied with each successful bite, meaning that once you get to around 10 bites in a row you will start earning around 4000-5000 points PER BITE. I would recommend doing this as soon as a whale comes in so you can stock up on lives and then focus the rest of the stage on grinding out your fish bank!
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 01 Sep 19 at 18:00
    planchetflawTook me exactly 45m longer than the 10 hours to get this.
    Posted by planchetflaw on 12 Nov 20 at 10:26
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  • Shadow KisuragiShadow Kisuragi598,672
    05 May 2011 25 Apr 2011
    82 3 22
    I haven't seen this posted anywhere, and I don't remember where I found out about it, but this method can get you ~7000 fish per hour.

    Play Barracuda Buffet (Level 36) and finish the stage. Before transitioning to the Bonus Stats screen, position your Orca so that it will die by an oyster while the Bonus Stats screen is up - the oysters continuously open and close in the background. If done correctly, you'll see the screen flash while counting up your Food Bank and Score and it'll reset the screen, doubling your Food Bank and Score (since it thinks you completed the stage twice).

    This method will work for any stage, as long as you can find a way to die while the Bonus Stats screen is up and tallying your score. If anyone can find a non-Bonus stage that this will work on where the Food Bank can be easily doubled, please let me know and I'll update the solution.
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    Shadow KisuragiGood to know. I did get it to work on a separate bonus stage back in the day, but it didn't give me any where near the same amount for the effort.
    Posted by Shadow Kisuragi on 22 Apr 19 at 19:24
    ShadowEchelon91So it does work on barracuda buffet, but I havent got it to work on any other levels.

    Thanks for the help.
    Posted by ShadowEchelon91 on 23 Apr 19 at 21:10
    SeitzzI found this way faster than doing 37, probably about half the time for about the same amount of progress. Great solution!
    Posted by Seitzz on 18 Dec 19 at 00:37
  • Tasty PastryTasty Pastry410,560
    20 Sep 2009 01 May 2009 01 Dec 2009
    56 3 2
    I don't know where they pulled the number 40,000 from, but getting this achievement is sure an achievement. This means that you must eat 40,000 fish and accumulate them in your foodbank. *sigh*. I NOW have it, and to be honest, very few do. You have to have extreme dedication to keep playing this game this long for such a measly amount of achievement points. Here's some basic strategies.
    1) Combine this achievement with 10 Hours, Frenzy Fanatic, and Shark Eater.
    2) You can do one of two things. You can either just keep replaying through the game or you can keep replaying certain levels. I recommend altering between the two to make it less repetitive.
    3) Start by working towards "Shark Eater" by replaying a level with Sharks in it. I recommend one that has "Mines" in it so that you can kill yourself before you beat the level so you can eat some more sharks with your plentiful lives. Level 37 is a good level to do this on. NOTE: YOU MUST BEAT THE LEVEL TO HAVE THE SHARKS COUNT TOWARDS THE ACHIEVEMENT. DO NOT LOSE ALL YOUR LIVES BEFORE BEATING THE LEVEL.
    4) You don't get points in your foodbank while playing Time attack mode, so make sure you're in adventure mode.
    5) I've heard a lot of people recommending level 21. I've heard reports of people getting up to 800 fish added to the foodbank before completiting this level with their last life.
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    SwervinCurvinI just kept playing through the game until I got the 10 hours. After that I went to level 21, was getting 400-800 per by using the strategy of dying until one life left.
    Posted by SwervinCurvin on 16 Oct 10 at 15:22
    Lazy with StyleIts so boring. I am at ~21.000 fish in the foodbank playing lv. 21 a lot. I switched back to playing through all levels again because that is slightly more exciting. I hope to get around 10.000 fish per playthrough...
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 04 Feb 18 at 09:30
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