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How to unlock the Lifer achievement

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    All Dressed Up and Lifer Achievement Solution

    Exp needed for Rank 8: 793,500
    For all four armors, exp needed is 3,174,000.

    The maximum score/exp you can gain from playing a level is 65,500. I've confirmed this on a few levels on both Hard and Inferno difficulties. Predalien90 in the comments confirms Normal has the same cap. 65K is attainable with patience along with any spawn nests, hills, or drop ships.

    If grinding to max score from the start of a class, you would need to play ~12.1 levels, or 48 (plus a bit) total sessions for all armors.

    Score/exp on Normal, Hard and Inferno for regular spawning enemies. (If score/exp on Normal is X, Hard is X*3, and Inferno is X*9.)
    Ticks: 1, 3, 9
    Ants: 5, 15, 45
    Spiders: 6, 18, 54
    Gunships: 6, 18, 54
    Metal Ants: 7, 21, 63
    Metal Spiders: 8, 24, 72

    Some good grinding spots.
    The Cube: Level 2-5. Towards the end, before you fight the four elite "bosses", there is a crater with two broken silos. Here, 3 Metal Ant hills spew out ~15 ants per go. If bored of ants, after you seal off these three, a Metal Spider nest appears, and spawns 16 spiders.

    Invasion Alert: Level 1-1. There are two separate ant hills. The first spawns 6 at a time, the second spawns 12.

    Via Predalien90 in the comments, and Soulrift X on XBL...
    Alternately, if you "speed run" Level 1-1 on Inferno with a higher ranking character and good weapons, you can earn 20K-25K in a short amount of time.
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    Myupyon actually, you should start advancing towards the second hill in 1-1 once you pass the 58k mark. even if you dont hit 65.5k with the run-through, this is better than wasting time by capping out.
    Posted by Myupyon on 07 Aug 11 at 20:35
    HungryWatchWOLF What is the best gun/s to use when going for this goal ?

    I have a level 8 TACTICAL character.
    Posted by HungryWatchWOLF on 11 Aug 11 at 09:26
    OverkillChaos Jet Armor with Pesticide Rifle and Goatshrike e11 6 homing missles. Moves quick, can clear out level 1-1 in 1/4 of the time with rifle takes about 35-40 min of AFK homing missles from a long distance away. After getting all armor to level 8. You have about 60 65K XP runs to do so roughly 50-60 hours of AFK work if you do it legit you could probably shave about 20 hours off that time, but screw that.
    Posted by OverkillChaos on 02 Feb 14 at 14:49
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