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  • SoulEngineerSoulEngineer258,408
    16 Oct 2011 16 Oct 2011 16 Oct 2011
    28 3 8
    This is an expansion to "DarkVVind"'s solution

    To expand on 2-1, the fastest I've done that level is 3:10 with a jet w/ pesticide for roughly 20k on inferno. Here's a summary. (It seems long and wordy, but once you try it a few times, it is easy.)

    1. Go the right of where the tank will spawn. Wait for ants to spawn (Ops ends a sentence with "inbound"), then target the top gray trim of a brown building (right next to the white building on the corner.) That should take them all out.
    2. Aim up/right for the carrier, shoot, and both should go down.
    3. Jet toward lander, activate, activate.
    4. Jet toward the next objective. Once you hit the river/ravine, turn around and snipe the the Hector.
    5. Jet toward objective, ignoring everything in the way (they will hide once you get there).
    6. Jump up on the "ledge"/ raised area behind the objective/crew. Turn around and look at the building that the ants are on. Snipe the top portion of building and that should get them all.
    7. More will spawn behind that building you just blew up. Blow all of them up too.
    8. Start jetting to the left, and once they are all gone, a mass will appear on the right. Zap them (either shoot an ant, or the white building on the left of the ants).
    9. Then spiders should be popping up around you, go up the street at the gas station, toward the ravine.
    10. Turn around, shoot a building to kill a wave a spiders.
    11. There is another wave of spiders, take care of them.
    12. A mess of spiders and a bomber-spider spawn. Snipe the wave on the left first while they are together, then get the bomber-spider.
    13. Snipe the last spider wave.

    -AI is useless, so don't need them.
    -My secondary weapon was the skillet just in case there was a straggler.
    -It takes a while to figure out the blast radius; be patient.
    -This is also good if you want to boost a secondary profile. They can live or die, and they are guaranteed 9720 xp. (In fact, I boosted 3 classes to level 7 while earning my money.)
  • PeaceSquidPeaceSquid474,044
    23 Aug 2011 23 Aug 2011
    28 9 5
    It took me nine days of fairly heavy grinding to get this final achievement after already being at 49/50 achvs on this game.

    After doing everything else in the game you'll still need roughly 5 million credits to buy every gun for all four armours. An average level will give you 25k for roughly ten minutes so you're looking at 200 runs.

    My method was to pick a level I felt comfortable beating. Either 1-2 or 3-2 (with AI, they need healing all the way through the level but are useful at the end of each of those levels) were my choices as they have little in the way of air attackers. I always picked my Tier 8 battle armour and gave him the Pesticide Mortar and a homing rocket weapon.

    My best piece of advice isn't that though. This achievement takes ages so to stop yourself going mad, break it down into sub-tasks. I started by clearing all the 250,000CR weapons first. Once that was done, I felt like I'd really dented the achievement.

    Then do the 175,000s. Once I'd cleared the 97,500s I knew I had broken the back of this achievement. Carry on taking out everything in that fashion until the 37,500s are done. Then I just cleared out the remaining weapons of each type in each class.

    It doesn't make it go any quicker but it does give you a structure to follow.
  • DarkVVindDarkVVind137,299
    23 Sep 2011 03 Sep 2011 23 Sep 2011
    14 1 1
    If you don't want to rubber band grind this, the best place I have found for points per minute is 2-1.

    I have been able to use my trooper with pesticide and finish the level in around 7 minutes for about 20k points.

    Still working towards this I have found that 2-4 "Hectored" is also very good points per minute.

    With the Jet and Pesticide I could get 14k in about 4 minutes.
  • 18 8 6
    High Roller & Daddy WarBugs Achievement Solution

    Thanks to DarkVVind for filling out tier 6 and 7 for both Tactical and Trooper class's weaponry.

    The amount of credits you earn is tied directly to your score (similar with experience). So, if you finish a level with a score of 21,000, you will also be 21K credits richer. There is a score cap of 65,500.

    Cost for all purchasable weapons: 8,102,300
    Battle: 2,063,100
    Jet: 2,010,100
    Tactical: 2,064,100
    Trooper: 1,875,000

    Trooper, being almost 200K cheaper than the other weapon sets, makes for a slightly quicker High Roller achievement get.

    Battle (Total Cost: 2,063,100)

    Assault Rifles (Total Cost: 635,200)
    Tier 2
    1,500 Ruchvault-Shystem B-OMG

    Tier 3
    2,100 Boerboel k3
    3,000 Ruchvault-Shystem B-OMG!
    2,100 Qhrqwhqhr Chingon

    Tier 4
    3,500 Boerboel k5
    7,500 Ruchvault-Shystem B-OMG!!

    Tier 5
    10,000 Boerboel k6
    28,000 Shystem Arms B-OMG
    10,000 Qhrqwhqhr Chingon le2

    Tier 6
    37,500 Boerboel k7
    85,000 Shystem Arms B-OMG II

    Tier 7
    97,500 Boerboel k9
    250,000 Shystem Arms B-OMG III
    97,500 Qhrqwhqhr Chingon le3

    Rocket Launchers (Total Cost: 493,600)
    Tier 2
    500 Brougham nx-Pyro

    Tier 3
    2,100 Brougham ox-Le

    Tier 4
    3,500 Brougham ox-LeBR
    7,500 Armachd Reamhar

    Tier 5
    10,000 Brougham ox-G

    Tier 6
    37,500 Brougham ox-R
    85,000 Armachd Reamhar V

    Tier 7
    97,500 Brougham ox-ox
    250,000 Armachd Reamhar VX

    Missile Launchers (Total Cost: 283,100)
    Tier 2
    500 Wallagis DB
    500 Leviticus Dobro

    Tier 3
    2,100 Leviticus Dobro L

    Tier 5
    10,000 Wallagis LC

    Tier 6
    37,500 Wallagis MC
    37,500 Leviticus Dobro LH

    Tier 7
    97,500 Wallagis AD
    97,500 Leviticus Dobro M

    Grenade Launchers (Total Cost: 299,600)
    Tier 2
    500 Armachd Scrios mk2

    Tier 3
    2,100 Brux Fab

    Tier 4
    3,500 Brux Fab HOG
    3,500 Armachd Scrios mk2.2

    Tier 5
    10,000 Brux Fab BOAR
    10,000 Armachd Scrios mk3

    Tier 6
    37,500 Brux Fab JAVELINA
    37,500 Armachd Scrios mk4

    Tier 7
    97,500 Brux Fab TUSKER
    97,500 Armachd Scrios mk4.4

    Shotguns (Total Cost: 351,600)
    Tier 3
    2,100 FL017 BullenBeisser
    2,500 CG-CPL "Burner"

    Tier 4
    3,500 FL104 BullenBeisser
    5,500 CG-CPL "Beehive"

    Tier 5
    10,000 FM171 BullenBeisser
    18,000 CG-CPL "Burnhive"

    Tier 6
    37,500 FM226 BullenBeisser

    Tier 7
    97,500 FS270 BullenBeisser
    175,000 CG-CPL "AirBurner"

    Sniper Rifles
    Battle armor does not use sniper rifles.

    Jet (Total Cost: 2,010,100)

    Assault Rifles (Total Cost: 554,600)
    Tier 2
    1,000 Neptanzer Q
    500 Flenser Plaz T

    Tier 3
    2,100 Hasslex C/PX
    2,500 Neptanzer Qt

    Tier 4
    3,500 Hasslex D/PX
    5,500 Neptanzer Qu
    3,500 Flenser Plaz TD

    Tier 5
    10,000 Hasslex E/PX
    18,000 Neptanzer Qv
    10,000 Flenser Plaz TR

    Tier 6
    37,500 Hasslex F/PX
    53,000 Neptanzer Qw
    37,500 Flenser Plaz TX

    Tier 7
    97,500 Hasslex G/PX
    175,000 Neptanzer Qz
    97,500 Flenser Plaz TZ

    Rocket Launchers (Total Cost: 192,600)
    Tier 2
    500 Leichenzeit 0W11
    500 Leichenzeit AP 1

    Tier 3
    2,100 Leichenzeit 0W13

    Tier 4
    3,500 Leichenzeit 0W27
    3,500 Leichenzeit AP 2

    Tier 5
    10,000 Leichenzeit 0W38

    Tier 6
    37,500 Leichenzeit 0W40
    37,500 Leichenzeit AP 3

    Tier 7
    97,500 Leichenzeit 0W41

    Missile Launchers (Total Cost: 541,700)
    Tier 2
    500 AT-11 Skillet

    Tier 3
    2,100 Goatshrike 28
    2,100 AT-12 Skillet
    3,000 Jagiri Systems ADD-P

    Tier 4
    3,500 GoatShrike 36

    Tier 5
    10,000 GoatShrike 67
    10,000 AT-13b Skillet
    28,000 Jagiri Systems ADD-P II

    Tier 6
    37,500 GoatShrike 82

    Tier 7
    97,500 GoatShrike 110e
    97,500 AT-14 Skillet
    250,000 Jagiri Systems ADD-P III

    Grenade Launchers (Total Cost: 289,600)
    Tier 2
    500 PI9 Pestilox

    Tier 3
    2,100 Bohampscious Xc

    Tier 4
    3,500 Bohampscious Xd
    3,500 P20 Pestilox

    Tier 5
    10,000 Bohampscious Xq

    Tier 6
    37,500 Bohampscious Xr
    37,500 P21 Pestilox

    Tier 7
    97,500 Bohampscious Z
    97,500 P22 Pestilox

    Jet armor does not use shotguns.

    Sniper Rifles (Total Cost: 431,600)
    Tier 3
    2,100 Rhinoctor Plaz D6f
    3,000 Cepuelta-EPS v4

    Tier 4
    3,500 Rhinoctor Plaz D7

    Tier 5
    10,000 Rhinoctor Plaz D9
    28,000 Cepuelta-EPS v5

    Tier 6
    37,500 Rhinoctor Plaz DN9

    Tier 7
    97,500 Rhinoctor Plaz DV
    250,000 Cepuelta-EPS v6

    Tactical (Total Cost: 2,064,100)

    Assault Rifles (Total Cost: 440,700)
    Tier 2
    500 Ruchvault-Shystem PDW-T
    500 Bx-18 Fonbisco H

    Tier 3
    2,100 VanSnaster 11-2
    2,100 Ruchvault-Shystem PDW-T6

    Tier 4
    3,500 VanSnaster 11-3
    3,500 Shystem Arms PDW-T7
    3,500 Bx-18 Fonbisco HII

    Tier 5
    10,000 VanSnaster 11-4
    10,000 Shystem Arm PDW-T8

    Tier 6
    37,500 VanSnaster 11-5
    37,500 Shystem Arms PDW-T9
    37,500 Bx-18 Fonbisco HIII

    Tier 7
    97,500 VanSnaster 11-6
    97,500 Shystem Arms PDW-TP
    97,500 Bx-18 Fonbisco H4

    Rocket Launchers (Total Cost: 299,600)
    Tier 2
    500 Wennyn-Seltura B28

    Tier 3
    2,100 Wennyn-Seltura B28b

    Tier 4
    3,500 Wennyn-Seltura B29
    3,500 T-18 Nungus

    Tier 5
    10,000 Wennyn-Seltura B30
    10,000 T-19 Nungus

    Tier 6
    37,500 Wennyn-Seltura B32
    37,500 T-20 Nungus

    Tier 7
    97,500 Wennyn-Seltura B33
    97,500 T-21 Nungus

    Missile Launchers (Total Cost: 494,600)
    Tier 2
    1,500 O/DMS-M1

    Tier 3
    2,100 Leviticus 02W

    Tier 4
    3,500 Leviticus 03W
    7,500 O/DMS-M2

    Tier 5
    10,000 Leviticus 04W

    Tier 6
    37,500 Leviticus 05W
    85,000 O/DMS-M3

    Tier 7
    97,500 Leviticus 06W
    250,000 O/DMS-M4

    Grenade Launchers (Total Cost: 397,600)
    Tier 2
    1,000 d442 Stickerburr

    Tier 3
    2,100 C73 Maldoror

    Tier 4
    3,500 C81 Maldoror

    Tier 5
    10,000 C88 Maldoror
    18,000 d443 Stickerburr

    Tier 6
    37,500 C90 Maldoror
    53,000 d444 Stickerburr

    Tier 7
    97,500 C93 Maldoror
    175,000 d445 Stickerburr

    Shotguns (Total Cost: 431,600)
    Tier 3
    2,100 SV Diablero mk1 mod2
    3,000 Cavatrix 410

    Tier 4
    3,500 SV Diablero mk1 mod3

    Tier 5
    10,000 SV Diablero mk2
    28,000 Cavatrix 20

    Tier 6
    37,500 SV Diablero mk2 mod 2

    Tier 7
    97,500 SV Diablero mk3
    250,000 Cavatrix 12

    Sniper Rifles
    Tactical armor does not use sniper rifles.

    Trooper (Total Cost: 1,875,000)

    Assault Rifles (Total Cost: 674,100)
    Tier 2
    1,500 Fleebus M-ARS a4

    Tier 3
    2,100 Norwood AR-F.1
    3,000 Fleebus M-ARS a5

    Tier 4
    3,500 Norwood AR-F.2
    7,500 Fleebus M-ARS a6
    3,500 Norwood AR-F.2 B

    Tier 5
    10,000 Norwood AR-F.3
    28,000 Fleebus M-ARS a7
    10,000 Norwood AR-F.3 B

    Tier 6
    37,500 Norwood AR-G
    85,000 Fleebus M-ARS a8
    37,500 Norwood AR-G B

    Tier 7
    97,500 Norwood AR-H
    250,000 Fleebus M-ARS a9
    97,500 Norwood AR-H B

    Rocket Launchers (Total Cost: 350,100)
    Tier 2
    1,000 Tustin Albedo

    Tier 3
    2,100 Beezy Remhod u/01a

    Tier 4
    3,500 Beezy Remhod u/02
    5,500 Tustin Qualdano

    Tier 5
    10,000 Beezy Remhod u/03
    18,000 Tustin Pentardo

    Tier 6
    37,500 Beezy Remhod u/04

    Tier 7
    97,500 Beezy Remhod u/x
    175,000 Tustin Septimuth

    Missile Launchers (Total Cost: 151,600)
    Tier 2
    500 Hammurabi LAW
    500 y-12 Gorgona

    Tier 3
    2,100 Hammurabi LAW Mk. 2

    Tier 4
    3,500 Hammurabi LAW Mk. 3

    Tier 5
    10,000 Hammurabi LAW Mk. 4

    Tier 6
    37,500 Hammurabi LAW Mk. 5

    Tier 7
    97,500 Hammurabi LAW Mk. 6

    Grenade Launchers (Total Cost: 409,600)
    Tier 2
    1,500 Dunruh Brickbat

    Tier 3
    2,100 Clontarf GL2

    Tier 4
    3,500 Clontarf GL3
    7,500 Dunruh BrickBat m2

    Tier 5
    10,000 Contarf GL4

    Tier 6
    37,500 Clontarf GL5

    Tier 7
    97,500 Clontarf GL6
    250,000 Dunruh Brickbat m3

    Shotguns (Total Cost: 150,600)
    Tier 3
    2,100 Povros SSG12m

    Tier 4
    3,500 Povros SSG12n

    Tier 5
    10,000 Povros SSG12o

    Tier 6
    37,500 Povros SSG12p

    Tier 7
    97,500 Povros SSG12r

    Sniper Rifles (Total Cost: 139,000)
    Tier 2
    500 Deinveld TR-359

    Tier 4
    3,500 McGurgen FZ611

    Tier 6
    37,500 Reinveld TR-559

    Tier 7
    97,500 McGurgen FZ
  • Scorpionxx0Scorpionxx0308,181
    08 Oct 2015 09 Oct 2015 09 Oct 2015
    5 0 0
    Here's a very easy method that I used to get this achievement.
    1. Turn the bots off and put the difficulty on inferno.
    2. Pick stage 2-5 the cube. I chose the cube because there's no dropships, hector mk2's or aerial enemies making it easy to blow through rather quickly.
    3. Pick your battle class and equip it with the pesticide mortar, it doesn't matter what your other weapon is cause you won't be using it all that much.
    4. Just kill all the enemies using the pesticide mortar and don't forget to use your battle classes shield to stop the blast radius from killing you.
    5. By the end of 2-5 I ended up getting 32k for about 10 minutes work and usually only died when I didn't run from enemies while waiting for my mortar to reload.
    6. Rinse and repeat the above steps till you get the points needed to buy all the weapons you have left up.

    Oh and I used PeaceSquid's method for buying up the weapons but you buy them in whatever order you feel is best for you

    If you feel this deserves a thumbs down then please leave a comment telling me why.
  • Brandon oh noBrandon oh no311,111
    09 Apr 2015 05 Mar 2015
    3 0 0
    I didn't see anyone else post an idle boosting guide, so I thought I'd share mine.

    Start the first level on Inferno difficulty with no bots. You will want to use the Jet class, and have the Goatstrike equipped. You can use other classes/weapons, they just need to be powerful homing weapons. I haven't tried the homing Shotguns, but I'm sure some of them work very well.

    Now, play until you reach the second anthill. This is the spot you will want to farm. What I did is I would go back to the beginning of the level, but still be able to see about where the anthill is. You just want to make sure your missiles are reaching them.

    Now slap that rubber band on your trigger, sit the controller down, and watch it go to work! The score caps at around 65,000, so check back in about an hour to finish the level. Make sure you don't die to the hector! You will lose your points if you do.

    It's a slow method, but you can do it without having to grind out the game, and if you're on the last achievement like me, you're probably getting pretty burnt out on it -_-
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