Helped a Lady Across the Street achievement in Ms. Splosion Man

Helped a Lady Across the Street

Complete Multiplayer level 2-14 without one of the players 'sploding.

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How to unlock the Helped a Lady Across the Street achievement

  • GidrakosGidrakos187,832
    16 Jul 2011 16 Jul 2011
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    **In order to play multiplayer level 2-14, you must find the secret route located in 2-13. There is an area in 2-13 where a deep hole with a light bridge covering it seems to have no significance. Find and press the button that allows you to fall down the hole, and there's your secret level.

    This achievement isn't as bad as it may first look. It can be done relatively easy with 2 players, as long as they both know what they're doing.

    The achievement states that only 1 of the players is unable to splode. I do not know if both players accidentally splode, and then die, if the achievement still counts.

    The toughest part is the beginning with the moving ramps, after this the level sort of shows you what you need to do. I do not have a video for this so bear with me.

    To get this first part done, the player who IS sploding should hit the bouncer and land on the TOP ramp, furthest to the LEFT. This player waits while the non-sploding player hits the bouncer.

    From here on out I will be referring to the sploding player as P1 and the non-sploding player as P2.

    When P2 gets close to P1, but is still in the air, P1 must splode and knock P2 to the TOP CENTER ramp. Once completed, P1 will move to the BOTTOM CENTER ramp.

    **Note, there is no BOTTOM RIGHT ramp.

    P2 now falls off the RIGHT side of the ramp, and P1, who is below, splodes P2 to the TOP RIGHT ramp.

    At this point, P2 continues to activate the barrels below for P1 to splode and press the wheel which eventually brings the platform down. The two players are easily able to just walk off the platform, when it reaches it's highest high, and land on the following platforms.

    Like I said above, the rest of the level is fairly self-explanatory. The laser rappelling section requires P2 to just hang on, the game will do the work for you.

    There is a section where both players are falling between sets of lasers, and eventually are shot from a cannon at a wall. This part is somewhat difficult because as you slide down the wall, if you go too fast you will hit the lasers below, and being unable to splode makes it tricky.

    To beat that part, P2 must use the wall for a little while, until they are able to fall off and start sliding again on the vertical platforms. There are several times that the player must switch between sliding down the wall and a platform, then back. At the bottom there is a cannon positioned just about in the middle of the lasers you've been falling between.

    The final test for the players is the finish, where once you have opened the light bridge, P2 must use the bouncer on the left to launch to P1, and P1 will splode P2 to the finish.

    I hope this helps, and if there are any more difficult sections that I remember, I will add a solution to them.

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    Flopsy86Yes indeed, you can self destruct. We got in a situation where our "no exploding" guy was trapped between 2 scientists and we had no choice but to hold RT to suicide. Both players got achievement at the end :)
    Posted by Flopsy86 on 29 Jul 14 at 20:32
    AhayzoJust had it bug on my partner and I. He definitely 100% never sploded but it didn't pop...
    Posted by Ahayzo on 23 Apr 16 at 04:41
    CortanaramaReplaying this on Switch on 2 girls, 1 controller mode. Having no issues apart from deactivating the lasers while riding the rails at the end of the 1st section. I can't see how to deactivate top laser without non-sploder sploding. Any ideas?
    Posted by Cortanarama on 08 Feb 20 at 21:24
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  • More CredibleMore Credible271,941
    04 Aug 2011 28 Jul 2011 01 Aug 2011
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    I found this video on 360A. The idea that one player has to never jump/splode throughout the level. If you watch the video, it's the Yellow Ms. Splosion man who is the one who doesn't splode. It is unconfirmed whether it has to be on one playthrough, or you can use check points...

    CONFIRMED: You CAN die (or use checkpoints) as many times as you like while going through the level. It does NOT have to be one life. Just as long as the one player doesn't splode.
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    ScHruBbelYellow doesn't splode! Its a great Video guide, thanks for posting!
    Posted by ScHruBbel on 28 Aug 11 at 14:16
    LordjiJust did it with oO Macclad Oo and I can CONFIRM that the one that doesn't splode MUST NOT use RT to kill himself. Good luck guys, once you learn the techniques it only takes five minutes.
    Posted by Lordji on 09 Sep 12 at 20:55
    Ginn0rzThe video is no longer available, please can you update your solution?
    Posted by Ginn0rz on 29 Jan 19 at 15:18
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