The Golden Left Shoe Award achievement in Ms. Splosion Man

The Golden Left Shoe Award

Collect all 47 pairs of shoes in Single Player mode.

The Golden Left Shoe Award+0.3
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How to unlock the The Golden Left Shoe Award achievement

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    all credits to John Polson for the guide!

    [World 1]

    1-1 After the second checkpoint, use one triggered barrel to explode up and to the right. The second barrel (this one respawns) leads to the shoes if you explode to the left.

    1-2 Right after the third checkpoint, there’s a big puzzle. After activating the barrel to splode to the cannon, aim the cannon to the upper left to find the shoes.

    1-3 After the third checkpoint, the red danger area to the right teases shoes; however, go left. After surviving the floating car scene, cannons shoot you up and you slide on a blue rail. Eventually you are at a point where you can take a barrel up or go left to the once red danger area. Grab the shoes!

    1-4 After the second checkpoint, maneuver through electricity and use barrels to jump high, you’ll reach a cannon underneath glass that shoots you to another cannon. Instead of shooting yourself through the safe path between the electricity, shoot when the cannon clicks as far down right as it can to get the shoes.

    1-5 After the first checkpoint, splode to another zip on the blue rails. The end of the second rail will present you a choice of two blue rails: go to the higher one and get the shoes and quickly jump down (down plus jump to lower yourself).

    1-6 After the third checkpoint, there’s a lot of freeze traps and a trigger for a radioactive barrel. After falling some, you must time your explosion with this barrel at a heating spot to get to the shoes.

    1-7 After the second checkpoint, slide down the wall after the purple sploding background area with the electricity. There is actually a slight gap between the wall and the electricity. This leads to the shoes.

    Hidden exit: After the fourth checkpoint, you face a difficult longer purple sploding area. Instead of crossing the regular exit, drop down the large wall again where there is a gap from the electricity. This leads to the hidden exit.

    1-8 At the beginning of stage, when you bounce off the third trampoline keep moving all the way right. You will find the shoes!

    1-9 At the beginning of level, when you approach green goo, use the rotating vertical platform to reach the upper left wall. You can actually climb up and get on the roof to the left of the green goo to get the shoes.

    1-10 After the second checkpoint, advance to a purple background area where there are lasers above and below you and five platforms alternating up and down. You must get above the top laser (using the wall) and use the alternating platforms to avoid the top laser and get the shoes. I found it easier to not jump one platform at a time, but clear a few quickly.

    1-11 After the second checkpoint, get into Mandy, then walk left and drop below the freezing traps. You can now explode right through the glass and get the shoes.

    1-12 After the second checkpoint, right before third, there are two red buttons. Hold the one you can stand near for a few seconds until a platform drops down to the left, so that you can hit the further red button. This will drop another platform, which will get you up to the barrel and reach the top left area. The shoes are at the end of that tricky left hall with the spiked walls closing in from the top and bottom.

    1-13 Hidden exit: After the second checkpoint, there is a puzzle that leads to bouncing on two floating green headed robots. Instead of bouncing through glass on the right, bounce to the left to find a conveyor belt. If you go through the glass, wait a few seconds and a green headed robot will respawn in mid air. This leads to alternate exit.

    Shoes: In the area with the long ascension up with green robot heads, once u reach the “top” and go through glass, there is actually a explosion charger on the right wall (unseen) beyond where the last green robot hovers. You can make out some of the particles at the top of the screen. In other words, keep going up the tall walls. the explosion recharger will help you traverse up and after a quick bounce on another green head shoes will be to the left.

    1-14 After the first checkpoint, shoes are to the right of an area with missile and red wall. Where there’s a platform switch and a cannon above it, use the cannon to shoot you down right past most of the red danger area (with a laser trap). Aim such that you can stand underneath the vertical platform while waiting for the horizontal to give you cover. there will be another switch that gives you a horizontal platform for cover to kill a scientist and get the shoes!

    1-15 After the third checkpoint, there comes a point where a wheelchair waits behind glass and there is a little higher more glass. Take that path without sploding the wheelchair guy that seems to impede your way. this will allow you to walk across a long strip and get the shoes.

    [World 2]

    2-1 After the second checkpoint, proceed to the third aiming rocket (when you are above green goo). Instead of shooting to the right, aim slightly up left. Immediately keep bouncing from wall to wall to make it to the top of a level. You can next walk off to the left and use the weight to bounce you further left to get the shoes.

    2-2 In the beginning, after ascending past the tall wall of blades, you will hit a couple barrels in mid air and trigger a radioactive barrel. Don’t use it. Keep walking right, jump and avoid death until you fall down and eventually you will get the shoes on top of an area covered with freeze traps.

    2-3 After the third checkpoint, use Mandy to walk left to checkpoint splode near checkpoint. Use walls and heating pads to reach shoes.

    2-4 At the beginning of the stage, you will eventually explode a wheelchair man. Quickly and safely get through the automated rockets and land down below and to the right of the wheelchair. Explode at the wheelchair to make him go in the opposite direction (left). This allows him to hit a lever so you can get the shoes.

    2-5 After the first checkpoint and 6 or 7 barrels and passing one short line of electricity, you will land on platform. To the right will be green goo. Use one barrel and a triple explosion to cross green goo to find shoes.

    2-6 After third checkpoint dodge lasers on 3 moving platforms, activate barrel early, don’t use first radioactive survive on platforms until second barrel come down then proceed left to shoes

    Hidden Exit: After the fifth checkpoint use barrels to get up left side wall and run along the roof to the left until you fall through glass for secret exit.

    2-7 At the beginning of stage, make sure you don’t splode!! Run ACROSS glass, jump platforms and get shoes.

    2-8 After the first checkpoint, fall down into area with freeze traps. After proceeding further and activating a timed rocket ship, proceed up and back to where the ship awaits. After you ride the rocket ship and kill the enemy with the switch, do not go up to the where the gate just opened. Instead, go back to the hole nearest you and drop down. You can then explode to the right and find the shoes.

    2-9 After the second checkpoint, large vertical splode-activating switching platform and two laser shooting hovering robots. Use them to climb up left wall to recharge exploding spot and keep going up to get shoes.

    2-10 At the beginning of the stage, after navigating through electric area and using Mandy to get through red, slide down wall to the right of the last vertical electricity column. On the slide down, wait to splode to turn the door open to get the shoes.

    2-11 At the beginning of the stage, after flying through the air and landing on purple explosive background, use green robot heads to launch over radioactive barrel. Land in an aircraft that will take you to shoes between two spiked walls, grab shoes and bounce back!

    2-12 After the second checkpoint, instead of using conveyor belts to get Mandy down, jump up them to find shoes a little higher.

    2-13 After third(?) checkpoint, jumping back and forth on 3 red/blue platforms over radio goo, bounce up to the right, bounce blades back to kill enemy, then instead of getting on the rocket too early, fall right by rocket, get shoes and immediately jump once to board rocket. It seems you can get on the rocket maybe around 5 seconds left.

    Hidden exit: After the fourth checkpoint, proceed further until you are jumping on barrels and green head robots while green goo rises and falls, you can make it to the end and hit the next checkpoint before you slide down the wall and see the hidden exit accessible further down when the green goo is lowered.

    2-14 After the third checkpoint, you have one rocket that drops down far and then you jump to another rocket ship. Then after gliding on blue pipe and jumping down, hop on enemies and junp to third rocket ship. With this ship, once it starts to fall down, jump far right and slide down the wall. Smash through the glass and you will get shoes.

    2-15 A the beginning fall down, and get to the end of the right purple exploding wall. Instead of going back left after hitting the switch, you can make it through the hole on the right, then proceed up and over to get shoes.

    [World 3]

    3-1 After the first checkpoint, aim well to knock the purple orb into the device to the left of the explosion source in the air. Use that source to stay bouncing in midair. A new bridge will form allowing you to get the shoes

    3-2 After the third checkpoint, you will splode from the foreground and background often, (trying to shut off a laser that has a weight sensitive seesaw like contraption. When sploding back to the foreground a second time into a room where a large death machine/ball rolls at you from the left, use the wall to jump over it. A barrel switch will give you the barrel you need to get the shoes in the upper left corner.

    3-3 After the second checkpoint (after purple ball bouncing into six switches), large platforming area where you ride two rockets and eventually bounce on a net, delivering you to the next checkpoint. Don’t hit that. Instead jump as far \right as possible, and you’ll get a explosion recharger mid air, proceed to the right and land on ground. You need the barrel to drop to the left to avoid the rolling death machine.

    3-4 After the third checkpoint, proceed to the right and eventually use Mandy to reach a switch to shut off electricity to release a radioactive barrel in the air. This explodes you to a very high ledge. Hit the barrel back to the right to kill guy and then carefully triple jump (from very high ledge) over the green goo to the left for the shoes.

    3-5 After the third checkpoint, you’ll jump up two ferris wheels and start jumping midair with falling barrels while a laser chases your tail. Make it to the top then before hitting the next checkpoint, slide down the right. Get shoes!

    3-6 Right before second checkpoint, there are freezing traps on the lower left. If you slide down the wall to the right of them, you will build your explosion back up in time to get the shoes and jump to the radioactive barrel.

    3-7 At the end of stage, instead of going through the gate, wait to use the barrel below you to the left. That barrel will help you clear the red moving lasers. Aim for the bottom of the two holes so you don’t hang and get snagged. Get shoes!

    3-8 Before first checkpoint, and before being chased by the big spiky death ball, you will fly through two rows of green headed robots. Jump but don’t explode on the head of the upper right one. After a few bounces, once the green robot is as high as it can go, bounce on its head to the wall, bounce from the wall to the floating wall on the left, and find the shoes after bouncing from that floating wall.

    3-9 After the third (?) checkpoint, you’ll use a black and red barrel to hit a vertical revolving platform and then be surrounded by three laser shooting mid-air robots while waiting for a radioactive barrel to float down. Use the robots (not the radioactive barrel) to jump up to the right and find the shoes.

    Hidden exit: After fifth checkpoint, you hang from one of two floating platforms, use mandy to get to a higher floating platform and shoot into a cannon that shoots you to a rotating cannon. Instead of aiming to the right, aim to the left and you will get shot to another area. Aim yourself to shoot towards the laser robot and bounce on it to get to the hidden exit area.

    3-10 After passing the star shaped object and the purple wall areas, make sure you have all your explosions to get the shoes in the middle of the electricity and explode to get away from it.

    3-11 At the beginning of the stage (before first checkpoint), the game wants you to use a moving platform to catch a radioactive barrel on top of it while avoiding the purple lasers that come and go. Instead of exploding on the radioactive barrel, wait on top of the platform for the lasers to disappear that proceed to the right to find the shoes.

    3-12 These are at the beginning of stage, when you use the large spike death ball above you to trigger the platforms that have ice traps on them. Instead of running across the bottom path, first lure the spike death ball from the right by exploding with the barrel. Once spike has passed, explode up top and run to the right (on top of the blue platforms that trigger the ones below them). Shoes are in upper right corner. Time your jump to get shoes and jump over spike death

    3-13 Before the second checkpoint, after using the ferris wheel platforms to get up to where the checkpoint is, hit the barrel switch and use the top barrel bomb to jump left. Well time your jumps (I did two quick jumps at the apex of my first exploding jump) to get to the new barrel bomb to get to the shoes.

    3-14 After the third checkpoint, (in a rest area with two gunmen, wheelchair guy, and radioactive barrel), after about 5 radioactive barrels, you will trigger a regular barrel switch. Use that to get to the purple explosion background above you. Use both switches to raise platforms above the purple area. After bouncing on those, you will explode on some more radioactive barrels to reach the shoes.

    3-15 After the third checkpoint, spiked walls will chase you left and right while you explode up. After passing the first two spiked walls wait on the third level, when the second wall rescinds, go down one level, wait again to go down to the bottom once the first spiked wall goes back. Now you can run all the way to the left to get the shoes.

    Hidden Exit: After fifth(?) checkpoint, explode across the pit using humans and get to a point where there is a platform that switches from explosions and a blue background with a laser that shoots missiles. Guide the missile to the black platform and fall down to the left to make the missile explode on the platform. You can now go down the hole and get to the hidden exit!

    3-16 At the very beginning of stage, walk left, explode through boxes. Hit the barrel button inside the chamber to switch to the background. Proceed left to get the shoes.

    3-17 After the second checkpoint, when you get Mandy, instead of falling down at the end of the red background, use her to go up (there is a platform above where the glass can be shattered) and get on the rocket, by exploding and bouncing off the upper left wall. This will lead to the shoes

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    LostNoAnswer@JJ Buggz only for the achievement if i remember right
    Posted by LostNoAnswer on 10 Jun 13 at 07:35
    JJ Buggz@me ... after beating 1-13 normally, I only saw level 1-15 available next. Had to go back and use the SECRET EXIT for 1-14 to appear on the map. So it seems they must all be found to get 100%.
    Posted by JJ Buggz on 11 Jun 13 at 02:33
    NINja2772-12 the mandy section is after the 3rd checkpoint not the 2nd
    2-13 is 4th checkpoint not 3rd
    Posted by NINja277 on 24 Jul 13 at 16:14
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  • destructors63destructors63135,906
    16 Jul 2011
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    You just need to follow those videos. Nice shopping.

    It's Fragger and Geoff who show you where to find the 47 pairs of shoes hidden throughout Ms. 'Splosion Man, to get the The Golden Left Shoe Award Achievement on XBLA.
    So, credits is for them.
    Showing both comments.
    DragonFangDanGeoff only does the first video. Jack is doing the other 2.
    Posted by DragonFangDan on 30 Dec 13 at 01:11
    MattiasAndersonI was looking for a video guide but does not look promising as each time they make a video they just talk shit and don't say after what checkpoint they are on so many times I have to guess. I will give either tumbs up or tumbs down. I will have to see first.

    EDIT: Gave it a tumbs up! I had a lot of use with this guide but sometimes they miss to tell a lot of things that could help. Like what checkpoint it is but combine this with the above written guide made it fairly easy to get them all.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 26 Mar 18 at 11:15
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