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Mind Voyager achievement in Bastion (Xbox 360)

Mind Voyager

Complete each trip to Who Knows Where.

Mind Voyager0
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How to unlock the Mind Voyager achievement

  • GesterXGesterX339,730
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    There are 3 trips to complete in total all accessed from the items collected and added to the Bastion.. The first is activated by using the Pipe. The second by using the stockpot. The third by using the Bedroll.

    The first two are easy. If you have difficulty with them then simply wait until you progress with the story and upgrade your weapons until you can beat them.

    The final trip can be troublesome but I've found a decent setup which makes it fairly easy...

    Your main weapon will be the flamethrower. I reccomend having at least 3 upgrades on it. I had 4 which were:
    +20% Fuel
    +1 Damage Per Flame
    +20% Fuel
    +25% Attack Speed

    For your secondary weapon I reccomend the Fang Repeater. We won't actually be using it that much, we just want it's Secret Skill available to us. However it's still a good idea to upgrade it as you see fit.

    The secret skill you want to equip is the snooze dart. This is obtained by winning first prize at the fang repeater proving ground which is easy enough once you've upgraded it a few times (Thanks to "neeker75" for confirming how to obtain Snooze Dart).

    Now for tonics. The most important one is Leechade which enables you to regenerate health as you damage enemies. I also used Bastion Bourbon (Extra Health Tonics), Black Rye (Extra Black Tonics), Heart Punch (Extra Death), and Squirt Cider (Extra Max Health).

    With this setup you are going to be using a lot less health tonics as the flamethrower + leechade will mean you are regening health at a decent rate.

    So now for some tips on the enemies you'll encounter:

    - The toughest guys are the Ulra Soldiers as they continually teleport around the arena. This is where the snooze dart skill comes in handy. Simply use it and flamethrower them to death. For the guys with the Spear/Sword simply hold block and wait for them to attack you. Once you block the attack they will stun themselves for a second giving you chance to flame them.

    - The weird white dragon (rabbit??) things are easy enough. Just use the flamethrower and keep rolling around.

    - On a few waves you will encounter giant plants that shoot out the spikey eye enemies. Simply focus on the plants and then take out the remaining eye dudes. Try not to let the giant spikey eyes touch you as they can deal some nasty damage.

    - The gaint leaping frog guy is easy enough too. Just roll every time he jumps in the air and focus on attacking his behind.

    - For the "security statues" which shoot the lasers, just get rid of them with your flamethrower as quick as possible. As long as you only have 1 or 2 attacking you at a time your health regen should negate the damage they do.

    - FINAL TIP FOR THE FINAL WAVE. Try to save up some black tonics for the final wave as it's easy to get overwhelmed and heavily damaged due to the poison crossbow guy. I would focus on him first and then take out the others. With 3 or 4 snooze darts saved up this is easy.

    That pretty much covers it. Leave any questions or corrections in the comment section and I'll do my best to get back to you.

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    T360UK SMILEYBefore the "You can't turn back" level. Talk to the old guy, I think he causes the bedroll to pop. Says something about not being able to sleep lately with everything going on.

    Once you start that "final" level, you can't come back to the bastion so you need it before you go off to rescue Zia.
    Posted by T360UK SMILEY on 05 Apr 12 at 16:00
    HmizzzDied twice at the final wave ... angry
    Posted by Hmizzz on 28 Jul 14 at 12:13
    HaunshaulI had a really easy time on New Game Plus with the bedroll area using the Repeater with the target-seeking shots. Used this weapon almost exclusively, but switched to the Fire Bellows when the bird-things were clustered together. The Leechade was also very helpful. Good suggestions, I just tweaked the strategy a bit.
    Posted by Haunshaul on 26 May 15 at 07:02
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  • mcnoltymcnolty1,056,733
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    There are a total of 3 trips to Who Knows Where. You can access these from three different items within the Bastion. They are the...
    - The Pipe (After rescuing the first survivor)
    - The Stockpot (After rescuing the second survivor)
    - The Bedroll (After the third major act in the story)
    These are unlocked at specific times throughout the story.
    In order to complete each trip you must survive a total of 20 reflections per trip. They consist of enemies from that section of the story and as such are arranged in increasing difficulty.
  • pezza888pezza888139,927
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    (Possible minor spoilers ahead.. spoiler tags used for the most egregious)

    Completing three trips to who knows where is the requirement for this achievement. They begin through the lamp, cooking pot and bedroll respectively. The final final one becomes available shortly after you get the following achievement:
    Bastion (Xbox 360)Secret Achievementpezza888The Secret Achievement achievement in Bastion (Xbox 360) worth 26 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The third trip is by far the hardest. This is the setup I used to finally beat the it after several attempts - all of which ended on the final wave/reflection.

    Fire Bellows (sustainable fuel, napalm reservoir, modified intake, contoured grip, streamlined furnace)

    Fang Repeater (speed clip, heavy bolts, hollowed chamber, reinforced piston, tracking critters)

    Snooze Dart

    Distillery (I was level 6 so had 6 slots): Hearty Punch, Bastion Bourbon, Werewhisky, Lifewine, Graver Gimlet, Leechade

    Strategy for the third trip:
    -Save your Snooze Darts (RT) for the 'ninja' Ura with swords. Hit them with the dart, then with the Fire Bellows and they should go down easily.
    -Use shield extensively throughout (with LT). It blocks the laser turrets and the gun Ura very easily.
    -When the birds spawn, try to get up close and use the Bellows. Keep moving around or you'll get hit.
    -The 'beast' type monster that jumps up and down is usually only vulnerable from the back, but if you use the bellows it doesn't matter from which direction you fire on him. Wait for the jumps, then dodge.
    -Leave your Black Tonic bottles on the ground until you have an empty spot for them. No point converting them to exp, you'll need them to get through the trip.
    -The Napalm Reservoir upgrade for the bellows is vital as you can set the enemies on fire, then hide behind your shield and be protected while they take damage.
    -Coming into the final wave/reflection you should ideally have full health, full tonics, and some healing potions. The tonics are probably the most important part.
    -For this wave itself, try to stay around the edges of the map, behind the spike rocks on each side - then the poison dart Ura won't be able to hit you as easily. Take out the ninjas as soon as possible, use your black tonics but make sure you go for it fully and take them out once you've used a tonic. -It is very easy to get overwhelmed. Once you've dealt with the ninjas you have a bit of breathing room. Keep your shield up and take out the remaining Ura.

    If you can complete the third trip (bedroll), the other two should be relatively straightforward. Use the same setup listed above and you should have no problems.

    The achievement unlocks when you get back to the Bastion after completing your final trip.

    Hope that's helpful, any questions post a comment below and I'll get back to you.
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