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Vigilante achievement in Bastion (Xbox 360)


Complete at least 50 percent of the Vigils in the Memorial.

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How to unlock the Vigilante achievement

  • Mr PaNtsONhEaDMr PaNtsONhEaD
    22 Jul 2011 22 Jul 2011
    1. The Valediction
    Construct a Memorial to Caelondia.

    2. The Dynasty
    Earn First Prize in the required number of Proving Grounds.
    There are 11 in total but you only need to do 7

    3. The Culture
    Gain a required number of Mementos
    Can be found on the lands and can be bought in Lost & Found

    4.The Service
    Learn at least 20 secret skills.

    5. The Country
    Restore 13,000 pieces of land.

    6. The Mercy
    Defeat 15 different foes.

    7. The Masons
    (Cael Hammer) Deal 70 damage with one blow to a single foe.

    8. The Breakers
    (Breaker's Bow) Defeat 3 fos with one shot.

    9. The Trappers
    (Fang Repeater) Defeat a foe with the last bullet.

    10. The Menders
    (Bullhead Shield) Defeat a foe with a counter under 20% health.

    11. The Gravers
    (War Machete) Achieve 15 hits in a row without getting hurt.

    12. The Marshals
    (Scrap Musket) Defeat 10 foes at once.

    13. The Slingers
    (Dueling Pistols) Achieve 12 hits in a row.

    14. The Brushers
    (Brusher's Pike) Throw the stab and a foe and hit it with a normal blow.

    15. The Triggers
    (Army Carbine) Get a kill at a very long distance

    16. The Cinders
    (Flame Bellows) Defeat 20 foes with one blow.

    17. The Skippers
    (Galleon Mortar) Deal 999 damage with one shot.

    18. The Mancers
    (Calamity Cannon) defeat 5 foes with a single shell.

    19. The Inspiration
    Upgrade 5 weapons to level 3.

    20. The City
    Spend 10.000.

    21. The Conscience
    Reach level 5.

    22. The Sanctuary
    Build and upgrade all 6 buildings.

    23. The Faith
    Complete a trip to Who Knows Where with at least 1 god activated.

    A good guide for some of the Vigils can be found here
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    ItsChillMurrayI take it you have to complete 12? Im at 11 currently. Once I finish one more, Ill post with a definite answer.
    Posted by ItsChillMurray on 24 Dec 11 at 03:47
    ItsChillMurrayYep. You need to get 12 to get this achievement. Kind of confusing since its an odd number but easy irregardless.
    Posted by ItsChillMurray on 24 Dec 11 at 04:14
    BadMoney883I currently have 18 out of 23 and it won't pop... Wth?!? Help??
    Posted by BadMoney883 on 07 Jan 12 at 18:34
    Vito084just to let any other players know. you have to go to the momorial and actually have to hit the A button on the compleated challenge for it to count :)
    Posted by Vito084 on 03 Feb 12 at 14:12
    Kid VranicThank you vito. I needed that :-)
    Posted by Kid Vranic on 12 Feb 12 at 10:30
    Ninja ScrollThis dude so called solution sucks. All he did was list the obvious, which is listed in the game. He gives no solutions on how to unlock them. Fail. Thumbs down. =/
    Posted by Ninja Scroll on 11 Jul 12 at 02:34
    BlackMage FelixI had assumed this was buggy, I had no idea I had to click on the star to receive credit for it. So thanks for that Vito
    Posted by BlackMage Felix on 02 Aug 13 at 14:19
    The Fury I84IThumbs down. Instead of just typing over the list, try to explain the achievement a bit more and maybe people stop giving you negative voted.
    Posted by The Fury I84I on 27 Feb 17 at 16:57
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