Frontier Colonies Map Pack

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Frontier Colonies Map Pack

Desolator achievement in Section 8: Prejudice


Win a ranked match on Desolation. Requires Frontier Colonies Map Pack.

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How to unlock the Desolator achievement

  • CourseOfActionCourseOfAction246,412
    07 Aug 2012 08 Aug 2012
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    It’s pretty hard to find a server with at least three other players playing this specific DLC map, so I did this solo on a custom ranked Swarm game. It’s hard, but doable. Just don’t expect to finish this on your first try! Oh, and as you can see, it’s a long read…

    Go to Swarm, custom match and press X. Make it a ranked game with medium difficulty (unfortunately the lowest difficulty to count as ranked) and pick the right map.

    For my loadout I used an Assault Rifle with Automation Mod and a Shotgun with Incendiary Rounds, the Riot Mortar and Repair Tool. I maxed out Composite Plating and put some points into Tungsten Coating, Gyro Stabilizer and Repair Field. A Rocket Launcher could also be a good idea for use against the Mechs and Bikes instead of a Shotgun.

    Before you start hacking, press start, go to DCM and turn on VIP. This will force the VIP mission during the second third of the match, instead of the Recover mission. The VIP will then fight alongside you during the rest of the match.

    The Control Point in this map is on a round platform surrounded by lava with two metal bridges. In my experience the enemies NEVER flew towards the platform, but always used the bridges. So I camped at the end of the eastern bridge during the whole match.

    The first five minutes shouldn’t give any problems, so just use that time to gather enough money for the next ten minutes. Place a Minigun Turret in the middle at the end of the bridge, between those raised blast shield thingies. This way it can overlook the CP platform and defend it from attacks from the east side. Attacks from the north you can handle yourself and if it gets too hot you can crouch behind the blast shield till you’re healthy again. Build a Supply Depot next to your Turret and after that build a Missile Turret next to your Supply Depot. The bots in your team should be defending the CP platform and defusing any hack attempts.

    When you’ve reached the first airstrike, use this moment to repair everything. The reason for building a Missile Turret is that during these next five minutes two Mechs and some bikes will appear. You will need that Missile Turret to keep them busy and hopefully even kill them. Using only Miniguns will not work. During this time the VIP mission should become available. In my experience the VIP is strong enough to finish the mission on his own, so I always ignored helping him.

    When the map is wiped clean by the second airstrike repair everything and heal the VIP, but replace your Minigun with a second Missile Turret. If you’re feeling adventurous order a Mech for those last five minutes. There will be three Mechs and some bikes appearing. Those three Mechs will be your main concern now. Try to keep them busy so the bots can focus on the regular enemies and defuse those hacks. Money should be of no concern now so if you keep dying just get back and place another Missile Turret until the time’s up. If the CP gets hacked with less than 20 seconds to go, you’ve already won. The final airstrike will kill all leftover enemies, even Mechs and you should have enough time to defuse the hack.

    Good luck!
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  • XevtesXevtes253,889
    23 Jul 2011 24 Jul 2011
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    Its not mentioned in the achievement, but you need to play Swarm to get this achievement, where most assume that its for Conquest and that the achievement is glitched, but its not.

    Start a custom ranked Swarm match on the maps and dont hack the control until other players have joined because my experience is that if the timer has started players joining in wont recieve credit.

    For Desolation, place turrets and supply depots around the control's ramps for help, sniping on the giant pipe with a supply depot really helps, and around half way you should try to get two players in mechs. Use rapid fire or frag sniper and anything that has incendiary mods for extra damage.
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