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Freedom on a Roll in Captain America: Super Soldier

Freedom on a Roll49 (35)

Obtain 50% of the Gold Medals in Challenge Mode

  • Unlocked by 8,744 tracked gamers (51% - TA Ratio = 1.40) 17,184  

Achievement Guide for Freedom on a Roll

SGT Impaler
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SGT Impaler
Achievement won on 31 Jul 11
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Posted on 21 August 11 at 19:07
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Captain America: Super SoldierCan't Stand Any HigherThe Can't Stand Any Higher achievement in Captain America: Super Soldier worth 75 pointsObtain 100% of the Gold Medals in Challenge Mode

Captain America: Super SoldierTouristThe Tourist achievement in Captain America: Super Soldier worth 36 pointsComplete all Challenge Modes

Captain America: Super SoldierFreedom on a RollThe Freedom on a Roll achievement in Captain America: Super Soldier worth 49 pointsObtain 50% of the Gold Medals in Challenge Mode

Captain America: Super SoldierBegin a TrendThe Begin a Trend achievement in Captain America: Super Soldier worth 18 pointsObtain a Gold Medal in a Challenge Mode

Captain America: Super SoldierTesting WatersThe Testing Waters achievement in Captain America: Super Soldier worth 6 pointsComplete 1 Challenge Mode

This quick guide is intended to be of help for all of the above achievements. I am posting this to all five solutions in the hopes that it can help someone at whatever stage they require help.

As of this writing, I am not 100% certain about what accomplishment unlocks what challenge mode. There is much written that suggests that it is all tied to collections, but there could be levels, achievements, intel scores, or other attributes involved. Most of the literature suggests that collections are the most important however.

1) OVERDUE PENALTIES – (Combat): This is the first challenge you will encounter and is the perfect opportunity to complete the
Captain America: Super SoldierBegin a TrendThe Begin a Trend achievement in Captain America: Super Soldier worth 18 pointsObtain a Gold Medal in a Challenge Mode
Captain America: Super SoldierTesting WatersThe Testing Waters achievement in Captain America: Super Soldier worth 6 pointsComplete 1 Challenge Mode
achievements. You will encounter four waves of basic foot soldiers, mixed with Grunts, Spartans, Sweepers, and Snipers.

To complete the level, defeat all four waves in under 10 minutes and get the bronze. Less than 4 minutes will win the Silver, and 2 minutes or less will earn the gold star.
As a general rule, the more advanced your character is, the better. Unlocking and equipping the Classic Captain Costume will let you build up your focus much faster and thus, you can unleash crippling strikes against the Spartans who come your way. Look out for Sweepers and Snipers taking aim at you and use the LB to deflect the round back for a quick boost to your focus.

2) HEDGE MAZE – (Collection): Find 27 eggs in 10 minutes or less to complete this level. The eggs do not change their location so if you can find a map or a video showing the locations, you can find these more quickly. The key here is to avoid combat as much as possible since you can’t do anything about it except on very limited occasions.

Waiting to tackle this challenge until later in your career will make things easier. If you wait until you have unlocked the 5x Shield throw you will have an easier time of the combat. Rather than getting into hand-to-hand range, use the RT-double-tap to take down enemies from a distance and keep moving.

For Silver, you have to find all 27 in fewer than 6 minutes. Gold requires all 27 in 4 minutes or less.

3) UP AND UP – (Gymnastics): Reach the top in 1:30 or less. Don’t waste any time with combat until you reach the very top. From the start position, move right and jump to Grab Ledge, then sidle right until you can leap across to the next beam. Move fast, as timing is everything for getting to the top quickly. Just keep moving.

Taking more than 1:30 but less than 2:00 earns silver, but you get up to 10:00 for the bronze.

4) PRISONERS OF WAR – (Gymnastics/Combat): While labeled a gymnastics challenge, there is a fair amount of combat involved. If you have the Classic Captain Costume equipped, you can very rapidly fill your focus meter. If you aren’t proficient with the LB deflect skill, you will have some trouble here.

You must defeat all the enemy snipers. There are four primary waves… first a group of three directly at your start point. Then, using your gymnastic skill, move around to the right three platforms. Perfect timing will fill that focus meter for you. There is a second wave of three shooters here. Once they are eliminated (using either LB deflect or RB Focused Shield Throw), continue to move along the platforms to your right.

You will soon come to an area with a Scorcher. Use the LB to deflect his incoming rounds or dodge them and use shield throws to put him down. Move along again, boosting that focus meter with good timing and you will encounter another Scorcher. Once he is down, you have a new threat to deal with… Madame Hydra. She will spend half the fight on one platform, and then move through the center to the opposite side. Use the LB deflect where possible to hit her with her own fire. Save your focus for shield throws against her sniper minions.

You must defeat all waves in 4:30 or less for Gold. 6:00 or less for Silver, and 10:00 or less for Bronze.

NOTE: You will see some ladders and some shield slide areas. While you COULD use these to quickly move to the opposite side of the room, it’s actually much faster, efficient, and profitable (from a focus standpoint) to stay on the platform level and use your flips!

5) BALLROOM BLITZ – (Combat): Simply put, the goal is to survive infinite waves of Scorchers, Spartans, Grunts, Kobolds, and Sweepers. The longer you live, the better your score. If you have unlocked alternate costumes, The Ultimate version will let you take less damage. If you are like me though, offense can be the best defense, and using the Classic Captain costume is a better choice.

Live for 5:00 to earn gold, 4:00 for silver, and more than 1:00 for bronze.

This should be one of the easier levels to gold for most people, just so long as you keep on the move, use your shield block, and use your LB deflect to earn focus and send Scorcher rounds back where they came from.

6) DOMO – (Collections): There are five artifacts hidden throughout the level. Areas of green smoke are impassible until the nearby area is cleared (treasure found) so avoid that until you are ready to move on. Follow the scaffolding path up and around from artifact to artifact, engaging in melee combat along the way. The combat portion shouldn’t be too challenging for most players, so just keep moving and hitting, using crippling strikes and shield throws as often as you need to rapidly clear the area.

Find all five in 3 minutes or less for Gold; 3:01-4:00 for silver, and 4:01-10:00 for bronze.

7) BUNKHOUSE BLITZ – (Combat): You must face four waves of infantry to complete the stage. The first wave is a lone scorcher with miscellaneous grunt/Spartan/sniper support. Wave two features two Scorchers and their buddies. If you time it right, you can trick the Scorchers into firing on their own troops with concussive rounds. Wave three is in the upstairs area and through the fog you’ll fight a Scorcher, 6 Spartans, and 2 snipers. If you’ve saved your focus, the Super Soldier attack makes short work here. Round Four is only Spartan/Sniper foot soldiers, but there are many of them. They seem to come in waves, so once you clear one group, expect the next.

Defeat all four waves in under 4:00 for gold. 4:01-5:00 for silver. Simply defeat everyone regardless of time for the bronze.

8) TRIPTYCH – (Combat): This is one of the more challenging, er, um, challenges due to the durability of the main “boss” bots. You will have three rounds of Zolabots with Kobold/Sweeper support. Using the B button to block incoming blockable attacks is the way to go here. If you wait until the Zolabot begins a horizontal attack (arms to side, not above) start tapping B. This will evade the first strike. Keep tapping and Cap will shield-block the second strike, putting you in good position for two or three solid counters or even a Crippling Strike. As soon as the health reaches a critical stage (you can tell because the Zolabot torso will spark and it will just stand there) move in for the Y-tap kill! Do this three times for victory.

4:00 or less for gold, 4:01-6:00 for silver. 6:01-10:00 for bronze.

9) ST VITUS DANCE – (Combat): You will battle three waves of advanced enemies here. Wave one has two Screamers and attached support. Wave two has two screamers and a Warden. Wave three gets really fun, with 3 Screamers, 2 Warden, and support. A quick way to deal with all this is to use the LB deflect on incoming Screamer attacks. They will always attack in bursts of three. Once the third attack has been sent back at them, their shielding will drop and you can rush in. This is a great way to get your 101 Advanced kills, your 50 Crippling Strikes, or just bust some heads.

Finish the three ways in under 3:01 for gold. 3:01-4:00 earns silver. 4:01-10:00 brings the bronze.

10) ROBOTO – (Combat): A second fight with boss-level bots with attached support. This one also features three waves of advanced boss-level baddies. Wave one includes a Warden and several grunts. Wave two is yet another Zolabot with Kobold support. Wave three is that old favorite, Iron Cross, complete with Sweeper support. Using the tips in the TRIPTYCH section above, you can handle Zolabot fairly easily. Iron Cross tends to be a bit more troublesome for some, so here are a couple hints:

Iron Cross has an omnidirectional sonic based attack, similar to a Screamer, but a little harder to time. If you keep just out of arms reach, you will be close enough that a deflected sonic attack will stun IC. Take advantage of his downtime and get in some strikes. If you have the focus for it, use some Crippling strikes to chew away at his health. Often when he gets up, he will do a quick 360 horizontal swing, so make sure you don’t stand around TOO long.

Finish round three under 4:00 for the gold. 4:01-6:00 will earn Silver. 6:01-10:00 will get bronze.

Okay, that’s that. A lot of ground to cover in a short amount of space. I hope this proves helpful, especially on some of the more frustrating levels. I spent a good deal of time on Prisoner of War, Hedge Maze, Triptych, and Roboto before finally getting the Golds. It can be frustrating, but with some practice, some patience, and a little luck, you’ll soon add these achievements to your collection and be that much closer to 100%-ing Captain America: Super Soldier.

Good luck!
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