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Pofai Larntar

19 Jul 11
Pofai Larntar

Magpie achievement in Call of Juarez: The Cartel


Collect at least 75% of secret items on any level, without being caught.

20 July 2011 - 2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeCollectable

How to unlock the Magpie achievement

  • Rowdy185Rowdy185385,056
    01 Aug 2011 13 Aug 2011
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    This is a guide for Ben McCall. It is not complete, but it was enough for me to unlock it. I missed 3 on level 13 because I was doing the Tomb Raider achievement. I unlocked it before level 14 but with the rest you should have more than enough if you miss a few:

    Ben McCall - Item/Agenda Guide

    Chapter 1 (4/4)
    - after you go down the rope, it is to the right next to a van
    - past the fence to the left, where the rope ends
    - the first house you come to on the right
    - before you blow up the second bomb, just past that to the left on a crate

    Chapter 2 (5/6)
    - (Agenda) In the first house you are in, a room to the right downstairs
    - on a bench in front of the stairs
    -just passed the stairs in a closed room on the left
    - in the second house during the first gunfight in the right room on the chair by the window
    - in the second house during the first gunfight in the left room on the bench
    - after you run through the alley, in the building straight ahead, first room on your right

    Chapter 3 (6/6)
    - in the club in the far back right corner
    - on the far end of the bar, next to some beer taps
    - (Agenda) in a room to the right of the bar, talk to Delores
    - when you go upstairs, first room on your right
    - again on third floor, first room on your right
    - at the first garage section, the garage with the triangle racing flags hanging in the door (second to last garage)
    - in the second garage section, second garage from the left

    Chapter 4 (5/6)
    - on the forklift after the first big shootout
    - on a generator on the docks past the shipping containers
    - on top of the crane where you kill the sniper
    - after the ship explodes, on some barrels next to the forklift
    - after you find the girls and kick the door in the first room on your left on the bed

    Chapter 5 (0/2)

    Chapter 6 (2/2)
    -after the crash, to the right as you run into the alley
    -at the very back of the alley to your left

    Chapter 7 (6/6)
    -on the bar rooftop on a table to your right
    - during the rooftop chase on an air conditioner to your left before you go into the second building
    - during the rooftop chase on the wall to your right before you run up the pipes to the next roof
    - after you go up the pipes go all the way to the back
    - after you go through the gate head directly right on some garbage cans
    - after you get out of the warehouse, on some green garbage cans

    Chapter 8 (6/6)
    - when you get through the back door of the club at the booth all the way down on the left
    - (Agenda) talk to the hooker at the bar at the very back of the dance floor
    - on the second floor on the table just left of the bead door (watch the stripper for 30 seconds for another cheevo)
    - on the first table to the right when the gunfight starts
    - after you kick the door, on a table in the middle of the room
    - on the bar to the right in the next room
    - on the far end of the bar past the dance floor

    Chapter 9 (4/4)
    - next to one of the white hummers
    - behind the second broken wagon on the left side halfway down the road
    - after the board bridge, on the dead guy in the barn
    - (Agenda) right outside to the left of that barn
    - as you head back down the main road next to the broken wagon on the right

    Chapter 10 (5/6)
    - when you are running through the motel after your first turn by a TV to the right
    - during the second part of the motels, the first room on the left
    - past the first construction house on the back of the forklift
    - third construction house on the window sill to the right before you kick the doors in
    - fourth construction house on a window framing to the right

    Chapter 11 (2/2)
    - outside the back of the trailer you hide in
    - outside the front of the trailer you hide in

    Chapter 12 (6/6)
    - behind one of the black vans in front of the main house
    - on a bookshelf in the right downstairs room of the house
    - in the center path of the first tunnels
    - right after you exit the tunnels in the next room on a barrel
    - (Agenda) after you kick the door, to the left side near the stairs
    - behind one of the downstairs pillars all the way to the back
    - after you go upstairs, in the room to the left on a window

    Chapter 13 (1/4)
    - the first booth with enemies when you reach the market

    Chapter 14 (4/4)
    - after the chase on the park bench to your left
    - down the long alley there is one open door on the left, take it through to another alley and it is right in front of you
    - before you kick the door, head up the stairs to the right of it
    - (Agenda) towards the end of the market go to the back left corner and through the door
    - Keep going all the way to the north (back end) of the market on a park bench

    Chapter 15
    - (Agenda) In the second part of the mansion past the courtyard shootout go in the door and bedroom all the way to the right
    - In the bedroom all the way at the end of the hall to the left
    - While running from the drone, in the hall of the first house
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  • Rahxepheon101Rahxepheon101283,828
    20 Jul 2011 20 Jul 2011
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    Secret Items will appear on the screen as “eyeball” icons. Simply grab 75% is any one level without being seen, and the achievement unlocks during the level upon collecting the item that puts you over the 75% mark. Theses secret items are very visible, as they appear on your screen without being directly near them. Thus making them very obvious.
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