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With Distinction in Toy Soldiers: Cold War

With Distinction20 (10)

Earn 11 Decorations.

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If you haven't started yet- there are 22 decorations total (asides an apparent 23rd for collecting items- but is nevertheless irrelevant for the game's achievements). Each mission has 2 decorations- most of which are easily achievable upon your first playthrough only playing each map once. A couple rely on luck and a couple are easier once great access to upgraded weapons has been unlocked through completion of subsequent campaign missions.

Also, note that almost ALL decoration are not achievable on General difficulty. For best results, play in either Casual or Normal difficulty modes.

This is a list of all 22, so the achievement for achieving 11 decorations will be unlocked at your half way stage.

Basic Training

Upgrade Any Turret
Self explanatory. Simply upgrade any turret and this decoration is yours. Essentially unmissable.

Pilot an Attack Helo
Also self explanatory. Cannot be achieved on General difficulty.

Jungle Heat

Destroy 3 Helicopters with Commando

Straight forward on Casual difficulty. Simply target each helicopter at the beginning of the level spamming the machine gun and rockets. Should take 10 seconds. Also unobtainable on General difficulty.

Earn a Barrage with a Machine Gun Turret

Place at the front and mow down enough infantry to achieve a barrage. Fairly simple- if struggling come back later when you can have it upgraded to level 3 or wait until most infantry are next to your turret and mow them down quickly.


Shoot down 10 helicopters with an Anti-Air Turret

Easiest on second playthrough/return as you can use a level 3 anti air. Achievable in playthrough 1 also. Play as normal with turrets guarding your base and when heli's comeby- jump in and muller them out the sky.

Destroy 100 units with a Helo Gunship

Very very very easy. heli is on the right side of the map- take control when infantry and coming out- can be done early on in the mission.

Panic at the Wall

Destroy 20 parked cars

Self explanatory- get in the tank on the left side of the base- turn around and destroy 20 cars in the rear car park (behind the toy box)

Destroy 5 medium tanks using an Artillery Turret

Build turrets up directly in front of your base as normal- put artillery at the front. Playthrough 1 or 2, i find level 2 turrets the best to use as level 3 take too long to reload. Wait until heavy tanks are on the field and duly unload.

Mind the Gap

Overkill 25 infantry with an IFV

As it says. Grab the IFV and take out 25 infantry. Easy.

Overkill 10 ATVs with an Artillery Turret

ATVs are the weakest unit in the game- even more so than infantry. Arty on level 2 is ideally required, unload as they spawn- use shell cam to increase accuracy.


Earn 15 thrill rides against infantry

Use the heli to rack up the kills and points at the beggining of the game. I recommend waiting for 2nd playthrough so you can use level 3 anti tank gun. Simply kill infantry with the anti tank gun- all infantry that go skyward give you a 'thrillride' kill. This requires pushing forward on the L stick to increase the speed of the shell.

Earn 50 assists

Not very fun but fairly straight foward. Again (on a different playthrough from the above decoration) use the heli to rack up kills and $. Place a mortar turret (ONLY level 1) on the smaller turret space at the end of the road from which ever direction the troops are being dropped. Upgrade to a level 3 machine gun (ideally). When the mortar hits the infantry- they will glow red- here when you kill them with the machine gun it will count as an assist. It will take a number of waves to complete this one. When the next bunch of troops arrive on a different area- sell the last mortar and build a new one at the subsequent road. Having 2 or more mortars is not recommended as they can often hit the same targets killing them before you can 'assist' the kill.

Trouble at the Canal

Torch 30 infantry with Napalm

Not apparently a very well explained decoration. You start in the fighter- go up and grab as many stars as you can before the other fighters arrive. When they do shoot them all down with one locked on missle salvo then drop out your jet. Next wave infantry will come. Delay this as long as you can. They will land on the front of the ship- hopefully by now your jet will be usable again- head up and go into 'bomb mode'n (click down Right Thumb Stick). This will give you a top down view of the fighter and you cannot climb or drop height, simply hit the right trigger to drop napalm bombs. The first wave of infantry isn't plentiful so you will need to wait for another further wave to complete. Have sufficient anti air so you can shoot down the waves of fighters but not too much so that they shoot down the transport planes/heli's.
(the standard plane controls are awful- i ended up using inverted south paw, which is still not great but meant i could control it)

Do a Barrel Roll

Easy. As you start in the fighter, hit RB or LB in flight. You will do a barrel roll.

Deadly Dunes

Destroy 25 units with the Makeshift III's Roman Candle

Bit of a bitch as it's a very weak turret- despite it being upgraded to level 3 (tanks destroy it quickly). Place it in the middle at the front of your group of turrets. Have it backed up by machine guns further back that can cover the units you can't hit (it's range is pooooor). Be prepared to repair it often and make sure you use the LT and not RT. RT is its other weapon. LT will get you the decoration.

Destroy 100 units while using Night Vision

Another easy one. Once your time in the AC-130 is up. Grab the chopper (should be an infantry round next) put on night vision (push down Right Thumb Stick) and rain down hell from above. Should take 10 seconds.

Rainy City

Destroy 5 aircraft with the Anti-tank III

As soon the mission starts, grab the tank and destroy the 3 Soviet turrets on your left. The middle one is an upgraded Artillary turret, if it can see your tank over the buildings/walls it will muller you quickly. If you lose the tank. Quickly build your own artillery on your left point- rotate it towards the left and upgrade it to level 2. It should destroy the Soviet one (repair if need be). It is tempting to put your own Arty there- however put a level 3 Anti Tank turret in instead. Make sure to keep repairing it as need be as the heli gunships will take its health down fast. This point is highest on the map and so you can hit heli's above you most from this point. The transport heli's are easiest to hit (but the gunships are not impossible) as they stay still to drop off infantry- use the shell cam (or rather missile cam) to make sure your shots hit. Again, as in similar missions- make sure you have anti air elsewhere- but not too strong as to destroy the heli's before you can. Some will help weaken- too much will make your job too hard.

Repair 5 times

Repait 5 turrets. You will HAVE to do this far more than 5 simply to complete the mission anyway.

Monumental Defence

Call in a Nuclear Strike

This one appears to be random. You will receive a barrage once you destroy enough units quickly enough. Make sure to remove the Soviet turrets at the beginning of the game. In the first few waves i built a level 3 Artillary in front of my toy box- once a large number of infantry were in the middle, i unloaded on them and got the nuclear barrage. The decoration will only unlock once you use it- i suggest you save it for the latter waves as those darn laser tanks are annoying. (a note- you really only need 2 artillary and anti tanks turrets, perhaps 1 machine gun in front of your base. Repair turrets often- i lost A LOT my first play through, and as ever use the chopper as often as you can)

Destroy 4 Helo Gunships with an Attack Helo

Self explanatory (for a change!). The Attack Helo will become available to you once you've destroyed the Soviet turrets. Remember- this is ONLY against the 'Gunships' and not the transport Helo's. As previously mentioned, having anti air turrets will probably make your job harder here as gunships aren't immensely strong. Just use your Heli when any air units come.

Capitol Crisis -Final Mission!

Earn a 100x Combo

Best way to do this is to use the Gunship and not the Attack Helo. Destroy all of the first wave. Once the second wave arrives, kill a few outliers and wait for the 'hit X to start next wave' option is given. BEFORE you hit X', start tearing into the troops in the reflection pool below, once you're just about finished hit X and then turn your attention to the Lincoln Memorial(?) (big white building with a dome and steps). Your combo will carry on (90 spawn there), 2 seconds of machine gun fire and a few rockets will kill them all if you time it right.
If you fail just restart the level. You'll definitely get it the second time.

Upgrade 10 times

Incredibly easy for your last decoration! Simply upgrade 10 turrets.
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This guide will tell you the easiest way to get all the decorations. This guide is complete. If you have a strategy for getting a decoration feel free to post it below. You can use this guide in your guide as long as you give me credit.

Basic Training

Engineer's Debut: Upgrade any turret.

To easily get this wait till you have at least 1500 points then build a Machine Gun I. Hover over the machine gun and press then choose the upgrade option on the right side.

Earning Your Wings: Pilot an Attack Helo.

This cannot be missed* Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Jungle Heat

Over the Top: Destroy 3 helicopters with Commando.

At the very beginning shoot down the 3 helicopters in front of you. If you miss one you can restart the level and try again. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Rat-a-tat-tat: Earn a Barrage with a Machine Gun turret.

After you play as Commando place a machine gun at the very front and 1 at the very back. Take control of the one at the front and shoot the incoming waves of enemies. Unobtainable on General difficulty.


Hard Counter: Shoot down 10 helicopters with an Anti-Air turret.

Build an Anti-Air turret and some other turrets to protect from the ground forces. Only build one Anti-Air turret. Take control of it and shoot as many of the helicopters down as possible. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Air Support: Destroy 100 units with the Helo Gunship.

The Helo is on the right side of the map. Take control of it and shoot as many enemies as possible. Try to shoot infantry and make sure you are fully charged before an infantry round. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Panic at the Wall

Collateral Damage: Destroy 20 parked cars.

At the very beginning turn around and shoot all of the parked cars in the lot with the tank. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Stopping Power: Destroy 5 Medium Tanks using an Artillery turret.

Build an Artillery at the very front. Also build some anti-air and turrets in the back for protection. Before a tank wave take control of the Artillery and destroy all the tanks. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Mind the Gap

Intimidation: Overkill 25 infantry with an IFV.

At the very beginning build some turrets in the very back. Then take control of the IFV in the middle of the map and run infantry over with it for Overkills. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Necessary: Overkill 10 ATVs with an Artillery turret.

Build 2 Artillery in the very front and place turrets everywhere else for protection. Upgrade the Artillery to at least level 2. Before an ATV round take control of an Artillery turret and shoot the ATVs. Make sure to use Shell Cam for better accuracy. Unobtainable on General difficulty.


Oomph!: Earn 15 Thrill Rides against infantry.

Build one Anti-Tank in the middle and 2 Anti-Air. Put 2 turrets in the back for protection. When you see a group of infantry shoot a missile at them and push foward to make it go faster. If you can upgrade the Anti-Tank to level 3 for more Thrill Rides. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Helpful: Earn 50 assists.

Place machine gun turrets and mortars in every other spot. KEEP THE MORTARS AT LEVEL 1. Wait for the planes to drop paratroopers. Take control of the machines gun turret nearest to where they are being dropped off. Wait for the mortar to gas the infantry. Then shoot the infantry that are red and slowly dying. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Trouble at the Canal

Ardor: Torch 30 infantry with Napalm.

Build turrets near the toybox for protection. Also build some anti-air turrets. Wait for a plane to drop off paratroopers. Before they drop off, get in the plane and use the Napalm by pressing down then press to use Napalm to then kill the paratroopers. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Like a Fox: Do a barrel roll.

At the beginning of the level while piloting the jet simply do a barrel roll. Press / to do a barrel roll. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Deadly Dunes

Roman Holiday: Destroy 25 units with the Makeshift III's Roman Candle.

Build Makeshift's on the frontlines and build some turrets in the back for protection. Make sure to upgrade the Makeshift's to level 3. On an infantry wave take control of the Makeshift closest to the infantry. Use the mortar the Makeshift shoots NOT the main weapon. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Light's Out: Destroy 100 units while using Night Vision.

There is a helicopter on the left side of the map. Get in the helicopter and turn on Night Vision by pressing down. Then kill 100 enemies with Night Vision on. Try to do this on an infantry round because there are more kills. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Rainy City

UnderTOW: Destroy 5 aircraft with the Anti-Tank III.

Build Anti-Tank turrets near the toybox and build other turrets everywhere else for protection DO NOT build Anti-Air turrets. Make sure you upgrade the Anti-Tanks to level 3. Before a helicopter round take control of a level 3 Anti-Tank turret. Make sure to use Shell Cam for better accuracy. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

The Sound: Repair 5 times.

When a turret you own has been damaged simply repair it. Do this 5 times for the decoration.

Monumental Defense

Danger Close: Call in a Nuclear Strike

First, destroy the Soviet turrets on the other side of the map. Take over the spots and makes sure to build an Anti-Tank on the left spot. Do this BEFORE wave 13. Survive until wave 13. On wave 13 take control of the turret where the Soviets orignally were. Keep retrying the wave until you see a ATV with a star over it's head. Once you have found it YOU MUST DESTROY IT. If you don't get a Nuclear Strike keep trying until you finally get it. Make sure you use it as it only counts once you use it. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Hip Fracture: Destroy 4 Helo Gunships with an Attack Helo.

To get the Attack Helo you need to take over the turrets on the other side of the map. Once you have done that you should get a helicopter on the Soviet side of the map. DO NOT build Anti-Air turrets as they can destroy the Helo Gunships. Make sure to keep the Attack Helo charged. The Helo Gunship does not drop enemies so keep that in mind. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Capitol Crisis

Miserable Pile of Soviets: Earn a 100x combo.

Place a turret near the large building in the front. When the infantry wave comes get in the turret and try to get a 100x combo. Use the level 1 turret as it doesn't reload. Unobtainable on General difficulty.

Spared No Expense: Upgrade 10 times.

You should get this without going for it. If not continously build a machine-gun turret upgrade than destroy it. Do this until you get the decoration.

Credit to gamerdude4458
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Ok the 3 Textguide sind simpel easy and totaly right.

2 Decorations from the 24 are find in all Levels the Golden Slots, each at one Level. I´m not sure count this 2 to the Achievement but it easy to earn ;) HF

The Videoguide is here :)

PS: sry german, english horrible
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