Effective Tactician achievement in Toy Soldiers: Cold War

Effective Tactician

Earn a Platinum medal while playing on General.

Effective Tactician+0.1
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How to unlock the Effective Tactician achievement

  • TonedefexTonedefex519,650
    20 Aug 2011 20 Aug 2011 20 Aug 2011
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    Got this one in co-op with my buddy ShadyShall last night on Jungle Heat. We tried lil devilz method a few times, but always got overrun during the last 2 waves. The method that worked for us was a slight variation on a Gamespot YouTube video by Justin Calvert (linked below). All credit goes to him.

    Basically, you use every emplacement. Here was the setup we used (same as the video).

    1. Place your Artillary on the big square in the back.
    2. Place a machine gun on the circle next to the Toybox entrance on the back right. This is the only unit you need to upgrade.
    3. Place 4 Anti-tank Rockets. All four go next to the main road leading to your Toybox, two in the front and two along the left side of the road.
    4. Place a Makeshift on the last spot, on the left closest to the rock.
    5. Place several pieces of barbwire on the road, right in front of the Toybox entrance (click down on left thumbstick, rotate with RB). This will slow down infantry if they walk through it.

    Your build order should be Artillary first, followed by the machine gun and then two Anti-tank rockets. The last two Anti-tank and Makeshift can be built whenever. As far as upgrades, only upgrade the machine gun. The video shows him doing it with only one upgrade. We kept having issues with one or two soldiers getting through on the last infantry wave, so we upgraded it to level 3. The key to the whole thing, as previously stated on the other solutions, is to keep rotating your artillary to where the action is. Also, the two front Anti-tank Rockets will take the brunt of the damage, so repair them when needed. Also, don't forget to hit x to bring in the next wave when prompted to help keep your mission time down. Don't forget that the Final Wave has no infantry, so feel free to sell the Makeshift and machine gun if you are a little short on money. When the achevement popped for us, we actually had not sold anything back, so you you do not have to do that part if you feel you have enpugh money for gold. Basically, it you just follow the video, you should have your achievement in a few tries.

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    tornprince2012No. Thank you! toast
    Posted by tornprince2012 on 14 Jul 15 at 14:34
    David ConnorsJust got this first try solo...I even lost an anti tank and had to rebuild one and still got 77% profit....thanx for the guide!
    Posted by David Connors on 13 Dec 15 at 16:52
    mosin360I only upgraded the anti-infantry once and no enemy made it past. I also sold that and the fog thing and got the platinum. I hit X instantly on infantry and pretty quick on armor unless I was fully engaged. Great layout!
    Posted by mosin360 on 13 Jun 17 at 02:45
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  • FliptriqFliptriq35,188
    19 Aug 2011 20 Aug 2011
    85 5 22
    I found it easier to get this achievement on the basic training level as well. Here is my video showing and explaining the easiest way to do it in my opinion.
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    napoearthGood method, I got it on the third try only because during the second phase with the boss, I was unable to kill him fast enough and after he drove over the anti-tank turret, he parked between to artillery turrets and opened up right in front of the toy box. Simply aim both artillery turrets to the rear and you should be able to kill the smaller vehicles he releases before they get in to the toy box.
    Posted by napoearth on 16 May 16 at 15:38
    lucas1987+1 first try. Jungle wouldn't work for me
    Posted by lucas1987 on 28 Jul 17 at 19:41
    Armstrong x360aExcellent solution, got it on the first try solo.
    Posted by Armstrong x360a on 23 Mar 19 at 05:14
  • OakCcTrkOakCcTrk134,714
    18 Aug 2011 18 Aug 2011
    42 5 12
    Ok so the stipulation for getting a platinum is as follows you must get three gold medals in 1) toy box health must be 20/20 2) you must have your aggression high enough which means that you do not wait for any waves you must hit x quickly to force send them 3) the amount of money you save at the end has to be at least 70% of what you earned, if going for this on co-op bear in mind that it totals both of yours for this and finally 4) you must not have any wave resets I only did one reset and got 3 golds but no platinum overall

    Also a note is that on general you cannot operate the turrets

    The level I did this on was jungle start of looking towards where the enemies are coming from and

    1) immediately build a gas on the right of the entrance then upgrade it immediately

    2) now on the left there should be three small encampments place a level one anti-tank one the middle one

    3) now save up to 900 for the artillery and then rotate it ( lb or rb) till it faces the entrance. The only time you should rotate it away from this spot is on heavy tanks don't move it on the guys or light tanks

    4) alternately upgrade the anti-tank to level two then the artillery to two as well finally upgrade the anti-tank to level three and your done spend except maybe a heal

    As long as you don't move your artillery too much you should be golden
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    Shadow 00 Fox1st try!!
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 29 Aug 15 at 00:25
    PinskiMake sure you only do ONE repair. Two repairs and you'll be playing the level over again.
    Posted by Pinski on 25 Sep 15 at 00:50
    Posted by Proscaline on 27 Nov 17 at 10:18
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