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Build an 80 rated MUT team

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How to unlock the This One is Hard achievement

  • Johnny SkillzJohnny Skillz803,635
    15 Dec 2011 16 Dec 2011
    23 0 3
    I decided to write a guide to highlight some of the strategies i used as well as the pitfalls i encountered. Here are the cliff notes:

    1) Set the game up in your favour. My solution adds a few points to the guide that CoolJoeItaliano's wrote
    2) Play 24 games with the team you start with. Don't buy cards until you have played 24 games. If you buy cards and put them in your lineup, their contracts will expire and you will waste time and money (coins, not real money) getting them back into your lineup.
    3) Once you have played 24 games, decide how to spend your money put the players in and hope you get a rating of 80.

    Long version:

    Game setup:

    CoolJoeItaliano's solution outlines a few tips on how to setup your game. I'm going to repeat/expand upon that solution.

    1) All-madden difficulty - Do not touch the player sliders. You can change the CPU sliders, kicking power sliders and offsides in your favour. .

    2) Game length - 5 minute quarters maximizes the coins. There is no bonus to play longer and there is minimal bonuses for scoring a lot of points. And playing 4 minutes incurs a pretty stiff penalty so leave it at 5 minutes

    3) Accelerated Clock - Leave it on and set the timer to 10 seconds. This means that after you select a play, there will only be 10 seconds on the game clock. This will speed up the games. Please note, this does not apply after the 2 minute warning and i will cover that later in the solution.

    Playing style:

    1) Defence - The sure fire way to win the game is to turn offsides off and sit in the backfield. You can also use this to tackle punters and kickers. The clock will keep moving since it is a running play. This will give you great field position and allow you to score when the ball is turned over. There is only one downside and i will cover that when i talk about coins collected per game.

    2) Offence - To speed up the games, run as much as possible. If your play ends in an incomplete pass, the clock doesn't move. Believe me, you are going to want to keep the clock moving. I used the gameflow to select plays and whenever i got a passing play, i just ran with the QB. I was surprised have effective this was at gaining yards. However,
    your QB is very fumble prone so be warned. I got in the habit of diving (X button) when defenders approached me.

    3) Kicking - With the sliders maxed out, you will have enough leg to hit 70 yard FGs, assuming you line them up properly. This means you only need to get to mid field to score and that is important because gaining yards on offense is tough.

    4) Punting - With the sliders maxed out, it will be difficult NOT to get touchbacks when you punt the ball. I would even punt on non-4th down just so i could pin my opponent deep and go back on defense.

    5) 2 minute warning - The CPU will try to do clock management and/or hurry up offense during the 2 minute warning. This will be annoying as it will extends the game. My best advice is to have the ball during the 2 minute warning. Easier said than done.

    Coins per Game:

    With this game setup, you should have able to get >1000 coins per game. The actual number of coins varies (I don't know how) but below I listed the ranges I observed

    1) All-madden difficulty (350 to 400): This is for winning the game
    2) Beating CPU: (~250): This is for beating the CPU
    3) winning by x points (375-450): Winning by a certain number of points. You get 375 for winning by 10. This is why i recommend only playing 5 minute quarters as there is minimal reason to run up the score.
    4) Allowing between 0-100 yards rushing (100): Note that i said BETWEEN. If you do the offside cheat, their total offense will be negative and you will not get this. I recommend you do not do the offside cheat on every down. In fact, i usually only used the offside cheat on 4th down. My defense did a surprisingly good job. Also, this will limit how much meddling you will have to do.
    5) 3 rushing TD (25), 3 receiving TD (25), 100 yards rushing (25): These rewards are paultry and are not enough to warrant playing long games. But if they happen, great.
    6) Defensive TD (25): This is luck based. You can improve your chances by creating fumbles using the offside cheat but the 100 coins for limiting their offense to 0-100 yards is more appealing.
    7) Supersim penalty (-300): Pretty stiff penalty for supersim. Be advised.

    These are the only ones i saw. There are rewards for 2 rushing or receiveing TD but those only get you 5 points. There may be more (IE beating a player instead of the CPU)

    Spending coins / Team Management

    If there is one thing to take away from this guide it would be this: Make sure the contracts of your bought players do not expire. i made the mistake of playing my new players and then i had to spend a lot of effort acquiring contracts to get them on the field. They didn't help me win games because i was able to win with the starting team and the setup modifications. If you need to buy contracts, they are available
    for 600 coins and they will get a player back on the field.

    The reason i suggest 24 games is because all your starting players are on 25 game contract and if you play 25 games, the contracts will expire and you will have holes in your lineup. It isn't a big deal as you should have some contracts to throw around but it is a headache.

    You will then have to decide how to spend your money. When you buy a package, you will usually get 6 players. The other cards will be coaches, stadiums, contracts, jerseys and playbooks.In order words, they are useless for team rating.

    After 24 games, you should have ~24K coins. You will have to decide if you want to buy gold packs and get more players or buy premium packs and get better players. Honestly, i think it will be a wash. i ended up needing 1 premiums, 3 gold, 1 silver (bad purchase), 2 bronze (ran out of offensive lineman) and 5 contracts. I was stuck at 79 and bought a silver but that didn't get me over the hump. I then bought a gold and got up to 80.

    Good Luck!

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    NmE War EagleThis is the solution that helped me the most.

    Just to give you some more info, here's how it went for me:

    I played 25 total games before I bought my first pack (all games played were against the CPU). I had probably five games where I didn't "max" out my points (by playing on All-Madden & making sure that the opposing team had between 0 & 100 yards). Most of those came early (when I was experimenting), but one came because the game locked up, and I had to turn the Xbox off to get it to reset (0 coins for that game - but it still counted against my contracts - total bummer).

    At the end of 25 games I had somewhere around 22 or 23k coins. I bought two Gold Premium packs. I got Eli Manning (99 player) in one - and various 90 & 80 players for the rest of my cards. I also got a couple of contract cards. Because a bunch of my initial players had their contracts expire, I ended up having to purchase a couple of lower level contracts (600 coins each) to fill out my roster. When it was all said and done, I had a team rating of 79 - which just annoyed the hell out of me. I ended up playing 5 or 6 more games (I had to buy a couple more 600 coin contracts during this part), and got back up to 6044 coins. I debated trying to play a few more games so I could buy another Gold premium pack, but I had some contracts running out - so I went ahead and bought a 6000 coin Gold pack. That was enough to get me over the hump - as the cards in the pack got me from a 79 rating to an 82.

    So in the end in meant I played somewhere in the neighborhood of 32 games (all against the cpu), bought 2 Gold Premium & 1 Gold Pack, and about 5 (600 coin) contracts to get to the 80 rating threshold. Overall time was somewhere around 16 hours of churning to get here (although a lot of that time I would run one play, then go do something else for five minutes while the time ran down - DEFINITELY turn the play clock off - it helps A LOT.)

    Glad this one is over.
    Posted by NmE War Eagle on 20 Jan 13 at 07:47
    AnotherSadPandaA+ on this guide.

    I was getting 1200-1350 coins per game using this method, more than enough to get the necessary packs and not have to play any additional games, or to buy any contract cards.

    My only addition, and this was CRUCIAL to not having to play any additional games, is to assemble your team after you've purchased your Gold packs, and then press the back button to auto reorder the lineup. This bumped me from a 79 overall team to an 80, giving me the achievement.
    Posted by AnotherSadPanda on 07 Nov 14 at 04:52
    codomojumpGreat method! Saved me a ton of headache.
    Posted by codomojump on 03 Jun 15 at 01:58
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  • Bear5 Fan 4EverBear5 Fan 4Ever2,040,499
    01 Sep 2011 31 Aug 2011 15 Sep 2011
    13 2 17
    Alright here we go. Before you spend your hard earned money to get gold coins, don't. Put difficulty to all madden, quarters to five minutes, and change the sliders in your favor. You will get about 1200 gold coins at least a game. You could even play at three or four minute quarters, just don't play on one minute quarters because the penalty is too harsh at the end of the game. So if you do the math, you'll probably have enough to buy 2 gold premium packs by the end of your 20 games. It'll save you about six bucks if you put q little time in. I know I haven't yet achieved it but the game just came out.

    Also, as noted from our helpful fellow gamers below, do NOT touch player sliders. It will reset and the game will no longer be on All Madden difficulty.
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    KillrNutthanks for the tips.
    Posted by KillrNut on 28 Feb 12 at 00:07
    BRGoBlue95anybody know how to create a totally new MUT? i can't play anymore games bc i dont have enough players on the depth chart and dont have enough coins to buy another pack!! please help :(
    Posted by BRGoBlue95 on 04 Apr 12 at 03:34
    I Ebon Hawk II personally bought 3 Gold and 1 Silver card pack using MS Points to unlock this achievement. I have no regrets. I'm a believer in the saying "Time is Money" - and buying packs was an easier option for me than grinding MUT on All-Madden for 16 hours or more. If you're determined not to spend any MS Points, then have fun grinding. I myself was already bored with the game by the time I got to MUT.
    Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 11 Aug 12 at 05:09
  • Mr J1mMr J1m424,321
    16 Feb 2012 16 Feb 2012
    9 0 2
    This is a supplement to the other solutions.

    By turning off the play clock, you also considerably reduce the amount of actual playing you need to do to get 900 coins on all-madden difficulty.

    One rushing play takes care of the first quarter, a second gets you down to the 2 minute warning. If you take on another run you can occassionally burn the rest of the clock leaving a really long field goal. The opposition will disrupt this with timeouts sometimes so be aware of this. This means you only need one possession to pretty much consume the whole clock in each half.

    Also putting the kicking stats up to 99 enables 100+ yd field goals!

    A 3-0 win on all-madden against the CPU with 5 minute quarters is worth 900 points.
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    Priit3Nice clock tip, thnx!
    Posted by Priit3 on 14 Feb 13 at 03:36
    zoilus68Best tips here! Thanks!
    Posted by zoilus68 on 02 Dec 16 at 14:27
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